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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to make:   (3020 results)

break, undo, unmake

Often used in the same context:
get, give, render, create, bring, produce, prove, deliver, find, become, spoonfeed, forge, convince, translate, turn, come, but, assure, provide, put, achieve, add, prepare, secure, incorporate, send, encourage, undo, keep, see, let, build, negate, orchestrate, persuade, accomplish, establish, mean, ensure, reach, entice, fulfill, allow, justify, happen, facilitate, ignore, tell, inspire, cobble together, parlay, steer, insure, sustain, motivate, deny, formulate, erase, scrutinize, satisfy, take, crystallize, impress, overlook, naysay, equate, push, remind, prompt, defer, accept, represent, arrange, enact, earn, accompany, makin, seem, leave, transform, realize, assemble, scuttle, smarten, adjust, generate, recreate, swallow, try, finagle, rile, prearrange, garner, avoid, spur, retool, inform, introduce, pave, wrap, ask, deem, makes, breed, brand, breeds, con, tailors, cf, company, ex, potter, pre, stock, sub, well, *, affords, authors, commercial, ibid, pro, look, damn, dictate, else, lastminute, own, buy, how, litde, made, save, unwise, why, wiser, your, curricular, dictated, goddam, irrevocable

More specific:
access, actualize, arouse, bear, beget, bootleg, bottom out, breast, breed, bring, bring about, bring forth, bring home, bring up, build, call down, call forth, cantilever, catch up, cause, chelate, choreograph, churn out, clap together, clap up, come through, compile, compose, concoct, confect, conglobate, conglobe, conjure, conjure up, constellate, construct, cook up, cooper, copy, corduroy, create, create by mental act, create from raw material, create from raw stuff, create mentally, create verbally, culminate, custom-make, customise, customize, cut, cut out, derive, design, determine, devil, direct, distil, distill, do, drive, dummy, dummy up, dung, educe, eke out, elaborate, elicit, encourage, engender, enkindle, erect, establish, evoke, exaggerate, extract, extrude, fabricate, fashion, father, film-make, find, fire, foam, force, forge, form, frames, frame up, froth, fudge together, generate, get, get at, get through, give, give rise, groin, gross, ground, have, impel, incite, incorporate, influence, initiate, inspire, instigate, institute, invoke, kick up, kindle, laminate, lard, lay down, lead, leave, let, machine, make for, make over, manufacture, mark, mother, motivate, move, multiply, occasion, organize, originate, output, overdo, overproduce, pay, persuade, pioneer, play, preassemble, precook, prefabricate, prepare, press, print, procreate, produce, profit, prompt, proof, propel, provoke, publish, pulsate, pulse, puncture, put forward, put on, put out, put up, raise, rake in, rake off, re-create, realize, rear, rebuild, reconstruct, redo, refashion, regenerate, regulate, remake, rename, render, reproduce, reshuffle, reshuffling, return, riffle, run aground, scale, scrape, set, set up, shape, short, short-circuit, shovel in, sire, slap together, spawn, spume, squeeze out, stale, start, stir, strike, style, suds, surmount, tailor1-make, take home, throw together, track, turn in, turn out, wattle, wet, whip up, whomp up, work, wreak, write, yield

Appears in the definition of:
., 1-dodecanol, 2-methylpropenoic acid, abate, aboulic, abstract, abulic, aby, abye, accept, access, accession, accommodate, accuse, accustom, acerbate, acetify, achilles, acidify, acidulate, acquaint, acrid, acrilan, activate, actualise, actualize, act up, acuminate, adapt, add, additional, add on, add together, adjoin, adjust, administration, adorn, adulterate, advert, advertise, advertize, advise, aertex, affect, affected, african tea, age, aggravate, air, alamo, alcoholise, alcoholize, alert, alerting, alkalinise, alkalinize, allegorise, allegorize, alleviate, allow, allow for, alloy, allude, allyl alcohol, alnico, alps, alter, ameliorate, amend, amends, amenities, americanise, americanize, aminobenzine, amplify, amuse, anaesthetise, anaesthetize, analogise, analogize, analyse, analyze, anastomosis, anesthetise, anesthetize, anger, anglicise, anglicize, anguish, angulate, aniline, aniline oil, animadvert, animalise, animalize, animate, announce, anonymous file transfer protocol, anonymous ftp, anticipate, antihero, antiquate, apologise, apologize, appearance, appease, apply, apprise, apprize, approach, apraxia, arabian tea, arrange, arrogantly, arrogate, arrow wood, arteria communicans, article of furniture, artificer, ascertain, ascii character set, ask, ask out, aspalathus cedcarbergensis, aspalathus linearis, assay, assemble, assign, assimilate, assist, assisted suicide, associate, assume, assurance, assure, astrodome, astronomical year, atone, attempt, authorisation, authority, authorization, automate, automatise, automatize, autophytic, autotrophic, aversive stimulus, avouch, avow, awaken, ayapana, ayapana triplinervis, backdate, backing, backpedal, backroom, back away, back out, back up, bailiff, bake, bale, baling wire, ballast, ball up, bang up, bank account, barbarise, barbarize, barbecue pit, bare, bark, barrier, batter, bawl, bear down, bear out, beat, beatify, beautify, becalm, becloud, bedim, bedraggle, beef up, beep, befog, befool, befuddle, beg, beget, begrime, bellow, bellows, bemire, benight, benumb, besmirch, besot, best, bestialise, bestialize, better, bid, bidding, bind, binder's board, binder board, binge, biomedical cloning, birr, bitter, bitter cassava, black, blacken, blare, blast, bleach, blear, blemish, bless, blind, bloat, blob, blot, blot out, blow, blower, blow up, blueprint, blueprint paper, blunder, blunt, blur, bob, bobble, body english, bollix, bollix up, bollocks, bollocks up, bolshevise, bolshevize, bolt, bombilate, bombinate, bomb out, bonanza, boob, boom, boom out, bore, botch, botch up, bother, brace, bracelet wood, brace up, braid, brass, brattle, breach, break, break down, break even, break in, break up, briar, briarwood, bribe, bridge, brier, brier-wood, brierwood, brighten, brilliantine, bring about, bring around, bring down, bring forth, bring home, bring out, bring up, broaden, brutalise, brutalize, budget, buff, build, build in, build up, bulletin, bullying, bumble, bunce, bundle, bundle up, bungle, bunt, buoy up, burlesque, burnish, bust, buttress, buy, buzz, cabbage, cackel, calculate, calibrate, call, calling card, callous, call in, call on, calm, calm down, cambria, camo, camouflage, cancel, candor, candour, cannon, capacitate, captive finance company, caracole, carbon black, cark, carom, carter, caster, castor, cast down, cast off, cast on, cat, catalog, catalogue, catch up with, catha edulis, cause to sleep, cauterise, cauterize, cement, cement mixer, center punch, centralise, centralize, cerebrate, ceroxylon alpinum, ceroxylon andicola, cfo, chafe, chain, chalk line, chalk out, change, change integrity, change over, channelise, channelize, charcoal burner, charge, chart, chatter, check, cheep, chief financial officer, chill, chink, chirk, chirp, chirr, chirrup, chitter, chronicle, chug, churn, churr, cider mill, cinch, cinematise, cinematize, cipher, circuit, circularize, cite, clack, claim, clamor, clamour, clang, clangor, clangour, clank, clap together, clap up, clarify, classicise, classicize, clatter, claxon, clean, clean up, clear, clear up, cleave, click, clink, clitter, clone, clop, close, close out, cloud, cluck, clump, clunk, coarsen, cobble, cobblestone, coffee, coffee bean, coffee berry, cogitate, coil, collage, collect, colligate, collimate, colly, come across, come forward, come on, come out, come to the fore, comfit, comforted, comforts, comfrey, command, comment, commentate, commercialise, commercialize, commit, common dandelion, communalise, communalize, communicating artery, communise, communize, compact, compel, compensate, complain, complement, complexify, complicate, compose, compound, compress, compromise, compromising, compute, concede, concentrate, conciliate, conciliatory, conclusive, concoct, concrete mixer, concretize, condense, condescension, condition, conditioner, condone, cone, confect, confection, confess, confirm, confuse, conjoin, connect, consolidate, constitutionalise, constitutionalize, construct, construction, construe, consummate, contact, contaminate, contend, content, contest, contract, contraindicate, contrive, control, conveniences, conventionalise, conventionalize, convert, convey, convince, convulse, cook, cook up, cool, cool down, cooper, copulate, copy, copyist, core, cork, correct, corroborate, corrupt, counterattack, counterbalance, counterfeit, counterplot, counterstrike, country doctor, couple, court, cover, coy, crabapple, crack, crackle, craft, crash land, crawfish, crawfish out, creak, cream, crease, create, create from raw material, create from raw stuff, creature comforts, crepitate, crib, cribbage, crimp, crinkle, cripple, crisp, croak, croaker, crochet, cross-index, cross oneself, crude, crump, crunch, crush, crystalise, crystalize, crystallise, crystallize, cumfrey, cure, curtsy, custom-make, customise, customize, cut, cut back, cut corners, cut down, cut off, cut short, cymru, cypher, daisy print wheel, daisy wheel, damp, dampen, dance step, darken, dark matter, day, daytime, de-ice, deactivate, deaden, deaf, deafen, debase, debilitate, debrief, debut, decanedioic acid, decentralise, decentralize, decide, declaration, declare, declassify, deconcentrate, decorate, decorativeness, decrease, decriminalise, decriminalize, deduct, deepen, defaulter, defile, deflower, deform, defrost, degauss, dehumanise, dehumanize, dehumidify, deice, deject, delegating, delegation, delete, delineate, deliver, deliverer, deliveryman, delivery boy, demagnetise, demagnetize, democracy, demonise, demonize, demoralise, demoralize, demystify, denaturalise, denaturalize, denature, denote, dent, depersonalise, depersonalize, depict, depone, depose, depress, deputation, derange, derestrict, describe, desensitise, desensitize, desex, desexualise, desexualize, design, destabilise, destabilize, determine, develop, developing, development, devilfish, devilise, devilize, devitrify, diabolise, diabolize, diagram, dibber, dibble, digest, dilute, dim, din, dinge, dirty, disable, disarm, discerning, discernment, disclaim, disclose, disconnect, discontent, discover, discoverer, discriminate, discriminating, disenable, disguise, dish, disincarnate, disincline, disjoin, disjoint, dismantle, dismay, disorder, dispirit, display, dispose, disqualify, disquiet, disquietude, disrupt, dissect, dissemble, dissimilate, dissonate, distinction, distinguish, distort, distract, distribute, ditch, dither, diversify, divide, divulge, dizzy, docket, doctor, doctor up, dodge, domesticate, domesticise, domesticize, domicile, domiciliate, dominance, done, doodle, doom, dot, double, double-barreled, double crochet, double stitch, dovetail plane, do a job on, draft, drag a bunt, drain, draught, draw, draw out, dress down, dress up, drill, drive, drive home, drone, dropkick, drown, drown out, drum, drumfish, dry, dry out, dubbin, dulcify, dulcorate, dull, dumb, dummy, dummy up, dun, dunk, dunker, duplicate, dwarf, dwell, dynamise, dynamize, ease, ease up, eat into, ebonise, ebonize, ecobabble, edginess, edify, edulcorate, efface, eke out, elaborate, electrode, elongate, elucidate, embellish, embrangle, embrown, emend, eminently, employ, empty, emulsify, encrimson, endear, endeavor, endorsement, enfeeble, engage, engender, englut, engorge, enhance, enlarge, enlighten, enliven, ennoble, enrage, enrich, enslave, ensure, enter, entitle, entitlement, entrepreneurial, epenthesis, equal, equalise, equalize, equate, equinoctial year, erica arborea, err, error, essay, establishment, etch, eternalise, eternalize, eternise, eternize, etherealize, etherialise, etiolate, eupatorium aya-pana, europeanise, europeanize, even, even off, even out, even up, exacerbate, example, exasperate, excoriate, excuse, exert, exhibit, existent, existentialism, existentialist philosophy, expand, expiate, explain, explanatory, explicate, explode, exploit, exploitative, exploitatory, exploitive, expose, expression, extend, exteriorise, exteriorize, externalise, externalize, exude, eye contact, fabricate, facilitate, fair-mindedness, fairness, fake, falsify, familiarise, familiarising, familiarize, familiarizing, fan, fashion, fasten, fast buck, fat, father, fatten, fatten out, fatten up, faultfindinga, fear, fecundate, feel, feign, felt, fern seed, fertilise, fertiliser, fertilize, fertilizer, fibrillate, fictionalise, fictionalize, fight, figure, filch, fill, fill out, fill up, film, film-make, finalise, finalize, financial backing, financial support, find, findings, find oneself, fine-tune, fireproof, firm, fit, fix, fixate, fix up, flap, flash, flatten, flaw, fleck, flesh out, flexible, flick, float, flub, fluff, fluff up, flush, fog, folio, fool, force-land, forebode, foreground, foretell, forge, form, formalise, formalize, formula, fortify, foul, foul up, fountain of youth, frap, fraud in the inducement, free, frenchify, french honeysuckle, freshen, freshen up, fresnel lens, fret, fricassee, froth, fructify, fuddle, full, full complement, fumble, fun, funding, furbish, furnishings, furniture, furrow, fuse, fuss, gag, gaggle, galileo, galileo galilei, gall, gamma acid, gap, garble, gari, gauffer, gear up, generalise, generalize, general assembly, generate, gentle, gentrify, get, get down, get even, get to, gift, gilding metal, gild the lily, ginger up, give, give and take, give away, give it a try, give way, gladden, glamorise, glamorize, glamourise, glamourize, glare, globalise, globalize, glow, glug, glut, gnarl, go, gobble, godsend, goffer, gold rush, goof, gorge, gormandise, gormandize, gouge, gouge out, gourmandize, governance, governing body, go for, grab, grace, graduate, grain, grate, gratify, graven image, gravy, gray, grease one's palms, green fingers, green thumb, grey, grime, grind, groove, grope, ground out, grumble, guarantee, guggle, gull, gulp, gurgle, gypsum, gypsum board, habituate, hadj, haj, hajj, hamstring, hand-build, handbuild, handcraft, hang together, haoma, harden, harry, harshen, have, have a go, hawala, haymaking, hazelwood, haze over, heal, healing herb, hear, hearing, heat, heat up, heave, hebrews, hectograph, hedysarum coronarium, heighten, heliotype, heroics, hew, hew out, hibernation, hiccough, hiccup, hide, high-speed steel, highlight, hiss, hit, hive off, hole, holography, homeland security, home loan bank, homologise, homologize, homo sapiens, hone, honeycomb, honk, honker, hook, hop, hop up, horizontally, hot, hot-work steel, hot up, houston, howl, hum, humanise, humanize, humidify, hurl, hurt, hurtle, hydrolise, hydrolize, hygienise, hygienize, icing sugar, idiom, idiomatic expression, illume, illuminate, illumine, illustration, imitate, immobilise, immobilize, immortalise, immortalize, impair, impart, impoverish, impregnably, impregnate, impress, improve, imprudently, inactivate, inappreciable, incapacitate, incarnadine, incarnate, incense, incise, incline, incorporate, increase, incur, indemnify, indent, indexing, indiscriminate, indispose, individualise, individualize, indurate, inebriate, inflate, infuriate, ingurgitate, inhabit, inosculation, inquietude, inspissate, instruct, insure, integrate, intensify, intercalary, interferometer, interiorise, interiorize, internalise, internalize, internationalise, internationalize, interpret, interrupt, intertwine, intimidate, intimidation, intoxicate, invent, inventor, inventory, invert, invest, invigorate, invite out, involve, israelites, issue, jacquinia armillaris, jaeger, jag, jangle, jaunt, jazz up, jellify, jelly, jellyroll, jerk, jingle, jingle-jangle, job action, join, jostle, joy, joyful, judgement, judgment, juice up, jump, jumper, jumping bristletail, jurisprudence, justify, kat, khat, kibbitz, kibitz, kick, kick back, kill, killer bee, knead, knell, knit, knock, knockout drops, knock up, knot, labor, labour, lace, lampblack, land, lateralize, lath, lauryl alcohol, law, law-makers, layer, leaf fat, leaf lard, leave, leg-pull, leg-pulling, legalise, legalize, legal philosophy, legislate, legislative assembly, legislature, legitimate, legitimatise, legitimatize, legitimise, legitimize, lengthen, lessen, let, let on, let out, level, lexicalise, lexicalize, liberalise, liberalize, lift, light, lighten, lighten up, light up, limber up, limn, line, linearise, linearize, line one's pockets, link, link up, linoleic acid, linolic acid, liquefy, liquidise, liquidize, liquify, list, literalise, literalize, lithograph, litter, live, liven, liven up, loan participation, loop, loop knot, loose, loosen, loosen up, lord, lose, lour, louse up, love-philter, love-philtre, love-potion, low, lowball, lower, lubricate, lull, lunar day, lunge, lute, luting, machilid, machine, macrame, maculate, madden, mag, magazine, magnetise, magnetize, magnify, majority rule, make-believe, make a point, make clean, make full, make good, make it, make out, make over, make possible, make sure, make unnecessary, make up, make up one's mind, make way, maleic acid, male plug, malvasia, man, mandate, mandioc, mandioca, mangle, manifest, manifold, manifold paper, manihot esculenta, manihot utilissima, manioc, manna from heaven, manta, manta ray, manufacture, map, mar, marbleise, marbleize, marcel, mark, market, marshal, matador, match, match plane, mate, maximise, maximize, mean solar day, mechanise, mechanize, meet, melanise, melanize, meliorate, mellow, mention, mess, mess up, methacrylic acid, miaou, miaow, mickey finn, midas touch, milldam, mince, minify, minimise, minimize, misally, miscreate, mishandle, misplay, mist, mistake, miter, mitigate, mix, mobilise, mobilize, moderate, modernise, modernize, modify, moisten, moisturise, moisturize, mold, molest, mollify, monologue, moo, mop, mother, motley, mould, move, move in on, move over, mow, muck up, mucous secretion, mucus, muddle, muddy, muff, mull, murder, murk, murmur, muscle, muss, mustard seed, mutilate, mutter, myofibril, myofibrilla, mystify, mythicise, mythicize, mythologise, mythologize, nail down, nail enamel, nail polish, nail varnish, name, narrow, nationalise, nationalize, naturalise, naturalize, nauseate, negate, net, neutralise, neutralize, ni-hard, ni-hard iron, nigrify, nobble, nock, nohow, noisemaker, noose, normalise, normalize, notch, note, notice, nullify, numb, obfuscate, objectify, obliterate, obnubilate, obscurantism, obscure, observe, occidentalise, occidentalize, offer, office of homeland security, officialise, officialize, offset, oilskin, ommatidium, only, opacify, opalise, opalize, open, open frame, open up, opportune, opsonin, opsonisation, opsonization, opsonize, optical glass, optimise, optimize, order, organisation, organization, orientalise, orientalize, ornament, ossify, outcall, outmode, over-correct, overcast, overcloud, overcompensate, overdrive, overeat, overestimate, overgorge, overhaul, overheat, overindulge, overrate, overshadow, oversimplify, overuse, overwhelm, paba, packaging, pack together, paganise, paganize, pain, paint, paint the lily, pair, pan, panderer, panting, par, parallel, paralyse, paralyze, para aminobenzoic acid, parcel, parody, parti-color, participation financing, participation loan, pass, pass across, pass over, pass through, patchcord, patent, patter, pave, pay, peep, penetrate, penetration, people, pep up, perambulate, perfect, perforate, permed, permit, perplex, personableness, personalise, personalize, perturb, petrify, phenylamine, philter, philtre, phone card, photocoagulation, photographic film, photomechanical, photomechanics, photosensitise, photosensitize, photostat, phrasal idiom, phrase, phthalic acid, picador, piece, piece of furniture, pierce, pig out, pilfer, pilot cloth, pinch, ping, pink, pinkify, pitter-patter, place, plait, plan, plane, plant food, plasterboard, plasticise, plasticiser, plasticize, plasticizer, plat, play, playfulness, play up, plead, plot, plug, plumb, plump, plump out, plump up, plunk, ply, pointedly, point out, poke, policy maker, polish, pollute, polychrome, polychromise, polychromize, polypropenonitrile, poor, pop, popularise, popularize, populate, portray, potassium carbonate, potboiler, pother, pout, powder, powderise, powderize, power-dive, practical joke, prang up, preamble, precious metal, precis, preclude, predicate, predict, predispose, preempt, prepare, prepossess, present, press, press home, pretend, prettify, prickle, print, prise, procrustes, production, profess, professionalise, professionalize, profit, profiteer, prognosticate, progress to, project, promise, promote, proof, propenyl alcohol, propitiate, propose, prorate, prospectus, prosperous, provide, pry, publicise, publicize, puddle, puff, puff up, pull back, pull down, pull in one's horns, pulpwood, pulverise, pulverize, pun, punch, puncture, purge, purify, purl, purloin, purl stitch, purr, push, put, put down, put in, put on, put out, put out feelers, put together, put to sleep, put under, pyramid scheme, qat, qualify, quat, quest, quick, quicken, quick buck, quiet, quieten, quilting bee, quip, racket, raffia, raft, raid, rainmaker, raise hell, ram home, rankle, rap, raphia, rarefy, rarify, rase, rationalise, rationalize, rattan, rattan cane, rattle, ravage, raze, re-create, reach, read, ready, realise, realize, reassert, recall, recess, reckon, reclaim, recognition, recommend, recompense, reconcile, record, recoup, recover, rectify, recuperate, redden, redesign, redo, redouble, redress, reduce, reduplicate, red gum, reenforce, refashion, refer, refine, reform, reformation, refresh, refreshen, refurbish, regenerate, regression analysis, regularise, regularize, reinforce, reinvent, rejuvenate, relate, relax, release, relegating, relegation, remake, remark, remit, remunerate, render, renew, renormalise, renormalize, renovate, reorder, repair, repay, repeat, replicate, report, reproduce, repugn, require, requisition, requite, reside, resisting arrest, resize, resolve, restrengthen, restrict, retaliate, retch, retell, retie, retire, retreat, retrench, return, reveal, revise, revolt, rewrite, rhetorical, rhetorical question, right, rigidify, rile, ring, rise, ritualise, ritualize, roadblock, roar, roil, roll over, roll up, romance, romanticise, romanticize, roneo, rooibos, roughen, round, roundsman, round off, round out, rout, router plane, rubify, ruckle, rudder, rudolf wurlitzer, ruffle, rule, rule out, rumble, run, run up, rustle, sack, sack up, sacrifice, sad, sadden, safeguard, sagaciousness, sagacity, samite, samoa, samoan islands, sampler, sampling station, samuel houston, sam houston, sanctify, sandbag, sandman, sandwich, sanitise, sanitize, saponification, saran, sarcostemma acidum, sarcostyle, satiate, satin walnut, satisfy, sauce, save, savings and loan, savings and loan association, say-so, scale, scale down, scan, scarf out, schedule, scorch, score, scotch, scotland, scramble, scranch, scrap, scrape, scraunch, screak, scream, screech, screw up, scribe, scrivener, scrunch, scrunch up, seal, sealing, seal off, sear, season, sebacic acid, second, secularise, secularize, secure, see, seek, see to it, self-report inventory, self-report personality inventory, selfish, semi-automatise, semi-automatize, sensibilise, sensibilize, sensify, sensitise, sensitize, sentimentalise, sentimentalize, separate, serrate, service, set, sett, settle, set aside, set off, set phrase, set up, sexualise, sexualize, shack, shadow, shake up, shakily, shallow, sham, shape, sharpen, sharpener, shave, shed light on, sheep, shell stitch, shift, shine, shirting, shittimwood, shoal, shoehorn, shoe leather, shoot, shorten, shot tower, show, show up, shuffle, shunter, shut, sibilate, sicken, sidereal year, siding, sign, signalise, signalize, signify, silver, silver bullet, silver iodide, simplify, simulate, sin, sing, single crochet, single stitch, sire, siss, sit tight, size, sizz, sizzle, sketch, skid, skilled, skirl, skreak, slack, slacken, slack up, slake, slam-dunk, slapstick, slap together, sleek, slenderise, slenderize, slice, slick, slicker, slick up, slip, slip up, slit, slosh, slur, slush, smarten up, smear, smirch, smoke bomb, smoke grenade, smooth, smoothen, smudge, smut, smutch, snap, snapline, snap line, snare, snarf, snarl, snarl up, snatch, sneak, snort, soak, soap-rock, soaprock, soapstone, soap flakes, sobering, socialise, socialize, soften, softener, soil, solar day, solar telescope, solar year, solemnise, solemnize, solicit, solidify, soliloquy, soma, someway, soot, sophisticate, sort out, sound, soup up, sour, southern arrow wood, speak, specify, speechify, spell out, spice, spice up, spider, spiff up, spin, splash, splosh, spoil, spondaise, spondaize, spoof, spot, spot-weld, spotlight, spotweld, spruce, spruce up, spume, sputter, squall, square, square up, squeak, squeeze out, squelch, squiggle, squirrelfish, stabilise, stabilize, stain, stamp, starter, steady, steamroll, steamroller, steatite, steepen, stellite, step, step forward, step to the fore, step up, sterilise, sterilize, stiffen, still, stipple, stipulate, stoop to, straighten, straighten out, strain, strengthen, stretch, stretcher, stride, stridulate, strike, strike back, strike down, strobe, strobe light, stroboscope, struggle, stuff, stultify, stumble, stump, stun, stupefy, style, subdue, subject, subjugate, sublimate, submerge, submit, subordinate, subornation of perjury, substantiate, subtilise, subtilize, subtle, subtract, suburbanise, suburbanize, suds, suggest, sulla, sully, summon, supple, supplement, supplemental, supplementary, supplementation, supplicate, support, surface, survey, suspend, swash, swear, sweep, sweeten, sweetener, sweetening, sweet gum, swing, swing out, swipe, swiss roll, switch, symmetrise, symmetrize, symposium, sync, synchronise, synchronize, tack, tack together, tailor, tailor's chalk, tailor-make, take, take advantage, take apart, take down, take in, take off, take out, take the floor, tame, tamp, tap, tapdance, tapioca plant, taraxacum officinale, taraxacum ruderalia, tarnish, tat, tauten, tax, tea, teakettle, tear down, tease, tea leaf, tee up, telescope, temper, tender, tenderise, tenderiser, tenderize, tenderizer, tense, tense up, terrace, terry, terrycloth, terry cloth, test, theologise, theologize, therapeutic cloning, the alps, thicken, thin, think, thin out, throw, thrum, thrust, thud, thump, thunder, tick, ticktack, ticktock, tie, tie in, tie up, tighten, till, ting, tink, tinkle, tiptoe, titivate, tittivate, toast, tolerant, tone down, tonguing and grooving plane, toot, totalise, totalize, touch, touchy, toughen, tour, toweling, towelling, trace, tracer, track, tranquilize, tranquillise, tranquillize, transcribe, transit, transitivise, transitivize, translate, travel, travesty, tread, tree heath, trek, trespass, trim, trim back, trim down, trip, trip up, trivialise, trivialize, tropical year, trouble, trousering, true, true up, truncate, try, try for, tuck, tug, turn, turn a loss, turn a nice dime, turn a nice dollar, turn a nice penny, turn a profit, turn down, turn in, turn off, turn one's stomach, turn up, tussle, tweet, twenty-four hours, twine, twirp, twitch, twitter, type metal, uglify, unapologetic, unbalance, unbend, unblock, unchain, uncover, underdress, underestimate, undergird, underpin, underrate, understand, uneasiness, unfashionably, unfit, unfreeze, unhinge, uniformise, uniformize, unitise, unitize, universalise, universalize, unnatural, unpacific, unsanctify, unscramble, unscrupulously, unsex, unveil, uprise, urbanise, urbanize, use, utilise, utilize, validate, vamp, vamp up, variegate, vary, vascularise, vascularize, veil, vein, verbify, vertically, viburnum dentatum, victimise, victimize, visualise, visualize, vitalise, vitalize, vitiate, vivify, vocalization, volatilise, volatilize, volley, vote, vow, vroom, vulgarise, vulgarize, wake, wales, walk, war, warlike, warm, warm up, warp, wash, water, waterproof, waterproofing, water down, waul, wawl, wax palm, way, weaponize, weatherproof, weather ship, westernise, westernize, wet, whet, whir, whirr, whish, whistle, whiteface, whiz, whizz, widen, wince, windfall, window-dress, win over, wire, wisecrack, wish, withdraw, woo, woodcut, wood block, wood engraving, work, work at, work on, work out, worsen, wrench, wrinkle, write out, wurlitzer, x-ray film, yawp, year, yield, yielding

Part of:
cards, card game

More general:
accomplish, achieve, act, alter, ape, appear, appoint, assemble, assure, attain, bang, be, become, bed, behave, be intimate, bonk, cause, change, charge, clean up, commit, comprise, constitute, copy, create, create by mental act, create from raw material, create from raw stuff, create mentally, develop, direct, do, do it, egest, eliminate, ensure, excrete, form, gather, get it on, get together, go, grow, guarantee, have a go at it, have intercourse, have it away, have it off, head, hit, hump, imitate, insure, jazz, kind, know, lie with, locomote, look, love, make out, make up, move, neaten, pass, perpetrate, pull, rack up, reach, reordering, represent, score, screw, secure, seem, sleep with, sort, square away, straighten, straighten out, tally, tidy, tidy up, travel, variety

arrive at, attain, brand, bring in, build, ca-ca, cause, clear, constitute, construct, cook, crap, create, defecate, do, draw, earn, establish, fix, form, gain, get, get to, give, have, hit, hold, induce, lay down, make up, make water, micturate, name, nominate, pass water, pee, pee-pee, piddle, piss, prepare, produce, progress to, puddle, pull in, reach, ready, realize, relieve oneself, score, seduce, shuffle, shuffling, spend a penny, stimulate, take, take a crap, take a leak, take in, throw, urinate, wee, wee-wee

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— Nouns for make: believe, way, your, utility, room, friends, money, ahead, use, sure, more...

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