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Words whose definition contains after:   (913 results)

., 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 2d, 2nd, 30th, 31st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, abel, absorption, acclaim, actually, ad, adulthood, advantage, aeneid, after-hours, after-shave, afterbirth, afterdamp, aftereffect, afterglow, afterimage, afterlife, afterpains, afterpiece, aftersensation, aftershock, afterworld, agalactia, agalactosis, aggeus, agrippina, alcoholize, alendronate, ali, alimony, almoner, alveolitis, americanize, amnio, amniocentesis, ananias, angiocardiogram, angiogram, angiography, anglicise, anticlimactic, anticlimax, applaud, appropriate, apres-ski, aragon, archetypal, archetypical, arduous, argyle, argyll, arminianism, arrive, arthrogram, arthrography, ascend, ascension, ascertain, assibilate, assimilation, athens, athinai, atopy, augustine, available, ayah, babyminder, back-to-back, bagasse, bail, balance, ballottement, bargain, base, bathrobe, beaujolais, beethoven, belated, bequeath, best, bevin, birth, bite, bizonal, blast, blastula, blimp, blocadren, blowback, bolivia, bombay, boo, bounce, brainchild, breakdown, breathe, bring, brown, burr, butt, byzantium, cackle, cackly, caduceus, caesura, cain, calais, call, call-back, calm, canonize, capture, carom, carpetbagger, carrier, carry, carry-forward, carry-over, cassava, catch, cavell, chain-smoke, change, chase, chaser, check, checkmate, china, chinook, chip, cholangiography, church, cicatrise, cicatrize, cinder, circumcision, clap, claudius, clean, clear, climb, clinker, cloud, coachwhip, cogitation, coherent, coherently, coke, colon, colostrum, colpocystocele, column, combust, commit, complacent, completed, compulsively, concede, concentrate, conciliation, conclude, conclusion, condition, confidence, congee, conquer, consecutive, consternate, constitutionalize, constructivism, consubstantiation, contact, continental, continue, contrive, convalescence, convalescent, conversion, convert, convey, cool, cordial, countersign, cracklings, craniometry, cremains, creon, crisis, curfew, cystocele, dark, day, day-after-day, daylight, daytime, dazedly, deactivate, deal, decentralize, decide, decision, deducted, degage, delayed-action, delouse, derecognize, deserve, details, detention, determination, determine, deutschland, development, devise, difference, dink, disavow, discerp, discontinue, dismiss, disposable, dissolve, divorce, dog, dormancy, dottle, downcast, drive, drop, dropkick, dump, ease, easter, ec, echo, eclampsia, eec, effortlessness, egress, eighteenth, eighth, either, ejector, elastic, elasticity, eleventh, elysium, emersion, empty, enalapril, encaustic, encephalography, end, endgame, epanalepsis, epigenesis, epiphany, ergonovine, erosion, erupt, escrow, esq, esquire, ethelred, ether, eu, europe, evacuate, evaporite, event, eventually, evict, evil, exchange, excogitate, expendable, expired, ezra, fail, fallout, federate, felt, fend, fentanyl, fermi, fetch, fifteenth, fifth, finally, find, finder, finding, finished, firm, fit, fix, floss, follow, following, foremilk, forge, formulate, fosamax, found, fourteenth, fourth, fragmentation, frazzle, free, freshen, frg, fugue, functional, futile, gadabout, gal, galactosemia, garibaldi, gasteromycetes, gastritis, gastromycetes, gazump, gehenna, germany, get, glance, go, goal-kick, gradual, grappa, ground, guided, gully, gulp, habilitate, haggai, hangover, harlequin, harrison, heaving, heliac, heliacal, help, hereafter, hereupon, hesitation, hideously, hijacking, hindsight, hirohito, hiss, holdover, honeymoon, honorably, humiliation, hurt, huston, hyperpnea, idealize, imago, immaterial, immediate, immortality, improvise, independence, indiscreetly, indulgence, inflation, inherit, initial, install, inundate, invent, inversion, involution, irritate, iseult, ishmael, ivp, iww, jacobite, jan, january, january 6, jell, joshua, josue, jumpsuit, junta, keep, kerensky, key, keypad, kick, kickoff, kid, lam, lamentations, landfall, landing, languedoc-roussillon, last, late, lazarus, leave, leftover, legionnaires' disease, lest, liberalize, lifeless, limitation, lion, liqueur, lisinopril, live, liveborn, logger, lorca, lothario, luteotropin, lymphangiogram, lymphangiography, lymphography, magi, maintenance, maintenon, maitreya, makin, malt, manage, mandate, mandatory, manioc, marc, mate, maturity, metempsychosis, mikvah, militarize, minder, minos, mizen, mizenmast, mizzen, mizzenmast, monition, monocarpic, moonlight, mourn, mt. st. helens, mubarak, mumbai, mushroom, mustache, myelography, myotonia, nap, nehemiah, neither, neonatal, nerva, nest, nestorianism, nestorius, net, nett, new, nidicolous, nidifugous, night, nightrider, nighttime, nihil, nineteenth, ninth, nixon, nondisposable, noticeable, ocotillo, oddment, odysseus, odyssey, olympian, omphalocele, oocyte, ootid, operate, oppression, osteoarthritis, ottoman, oust, ovule, painlessly, palimony, panel, panting, pantingly, paradise, paraph, parole, part, party, patroclus, pentecost, perceptible, perinatal, period, perseverate, pflp, phosphorescence, piece-dye, pinatubo, pleven, plevna, ploddingly, plunder, pm, point, pop, popularity, port, postexilic, postgraduate, posthumous, posthumously, postmeridian, postmillennial, postmortal, postmortem, postnatal, postnuptial, postoperative, postoperatively, postpartum, postpose, postposition, postpositive, postscript, postwar, pousse-cafe, practiced, practised, pravachol, pravastatin, precipitate, premature, prim, prinivil, proactive, prolactin, promote, pronucleus, prototypal, prototypic, prototypical, prox, proximo, ps, puddle, pyelography, quaternary, quellung, quintessence, radical, rally, re-afforest, re-assume, re-examine, readjust, readmit, realign, rearm, rearmament, reassemble, rebirth, rebound, rebuild, recapture, reception, reclassify, recommence, reconciled, reconsecrate, reconstruction, recount, recover, recoveredp, recovering, recovery, recrudescence, recuperate, recuperation, recycle, reduce, reduplicate, reexamination, reflate, reflation, reforest, regain, regroup, regrow, regulation, regurgitate, regurgitation, reincarnate, reinstall, relax, relaxation, relearn, relict, relief, relocation, remain, remainder, remember, remnant, remount, renew, reorganise, reorganization, reorganize, reorient, reorientate, repaint, reparation, replace, replication, reprocess, reproduce, republish, reseal, resell, reset, resettlement, resid, residency, residual, residuary, residue, residuum, resile, resilience, resiliency, resolve, respire, rest, restructure, resurrection, resuspension, retainer, retake, retire, retreat, retroactively, retrofit, return, reusable, reuse, revenant, reverberation, revisit, revive, right, rivet, romanesque, romulus, root, rose, round, roundel, rubberneck, ruin, rumination, rush, ruth, sa, sack, sacrifice, saddle-sore, sahib, sanguinary, sapphic, sashay, scalawag, scallywag, schenectady, school, scott, scramble, scrap, sea-poose, sea-purse, sea-puss, season, second, seeker, seize, self-sealing, sennacherib, separate, sequence, seriatim, series, serve, service, set, seventeenth, seventh, shade, shanghai, sharp, sharply, shelter, shibah, shiva, shivah, shock, shower, shute, sic, simvastatin, sinking, sixteenth, sixth, skip, sleep, smash, snap, snowshoe, soar, sober, sockeye, sought, spare, spat, spatchcock, spell, spendable, split, splitsville, spore, squawky, st. augustine, stagger, stalinize, stay, stem, stent, stentor, stm, stop, stover, stravinsky, strike, stub, stud, stump, sturmarbeiteilung, subdivided, sublimaze, subnormal, succeedinga, succession, successiveness, superfetation, surrender, survive, suture, tag, tail, taiwan, take-home, tarawa, tarawa-makin, tardy, tartarus, tartufe, tartuffe, tarzan, task, taxpaying, telomerase, tend, tenth, tenure, terminable, terminate, tertiary, tet, thalidomide, theme, thereupon, therewith, thermoplastic, thickly, third, thirster, thirsty, thirteenth, thirtieth, thirty-first, through, throwawayp, tiberius, timolol, tito, tomorrow, torr, tough, tour, track, trail, transmigrate, transmigration, transplantation, tristan, tristram, troll, trophoblast, trouble, tumble, turn, tussaud, twelfth, twentieth, twenty-eighth, twenty-fifth, twenty-first, twenty-fourth, twenty-ninth, twenty-second, twenty-seventh, twenty-sixth, twenty-third, twig, twist, twisting, ultimately, undertow, undomesticated, unguided, unpunctual, unsettled, upbeat, urbanize, urinate, used, usurp, vandyke, vasotec, vasovasostomy, vegetate, vicksburg, volta, vomit, wahabi, wahhabi, walk, wander, wandering, waning, washing-up, washout, waste, weaken, weariness, well, westernize, whit-tuesday, whitmonday, whitsunday, will, wordnet, work, yet, yorktown, young, zacharias, zechariah, zestril, zocor

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