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Words and phrases whose definition contains provide:   (407 results)

., accommodate, account, accounting firm, accouter, accoutre, accredit, agriculture, agriculture department, air cover, alleviate, allow, allowance, allowance account, allow for, alphabetize, annotate, apparel, applet, application, applications programme, application program, arms deal, articulate, arts, assuage, attest, aviation, bankroll, banquet, barb, bastardy proceeding, bear witness, bedding, bedding material, berth, beyond, billet, bind, blow, board, border, borrow pit, bottom, breakfast, bring around, bubbler, budget for, bulldog wrench, bunk, bush, business relationship, button, calk, canadian security intelligence service, canal, canalise, canalize, canton, caption, care, care for, caseworker, cater, cause, causeway, certify, channelise, channelize, charge, charity, child neglect, cleat, clothe, clue in, coat, cog railway, combustible, combustible material, comfortable, commemorate, comment, computerise, computerize, connect, constitutionalize, contribute, copper-bottom, correspondent, cosigner, cover, covering letter, cover crop, cover for, cover letter, csis, cure, curtain, dado, date, daylight-savings time, daylight-saving time, daylight saving, daylight savings, deadbeat dad, dead sea scrolls, decorate, demonstrate, dental hygienist, department of agriculture, detail, dildo, dining-room attendant, dish, dish out, dish up, domatium, domiciliate, double-glaze, dress, drinking fountain, dub, edge, emergency room, emplace, enclothe, enrobe, entertain, enthrone, equip, er, evidence, exercise device, extend, extension, feast, federal home loan mortgage corporation, federal protective service, feed, fellate, ferroconcrete, fertilise, fertilize, fhlmc, finance, finish, fire, fit, fit out, flag, fly, fly sheet, fps, freddie mac, fret, frost, fuel, fund, furnish, fuse, garb, garment, give care, gloss, gnetum, gnetum gnemon, go down on, grab bar, grid, groove, gutter, habilitate, hans holbein, headline, heal, heat, hem, holbein, holbein the younger, home, horse, house, humanistic discipline, humanities, icu, immortalise, immortalize, index, intensive care unit, intent, inter-service support, interleave, invest, ipv, jacket, jaws of life, joint, junket, justify, keel, key, kite tail, lath and plaster, lay out, leave, lecanopteris, leverage, liberal arts, licensed practical nurse, lightly armored, lightly armoured, litter, load, lodge, lpn, lucretius, lunch, lung, mak, maktab al-khidmat, malnourish, man, manifest, match, mattress cover, memorialise, memorialize, memory chip, milldam, millpond, mismate, narrate, nasdaq, national association of securities dealers automated quotations, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newswriter, nourish, nurture, oblige, offer, old boy network, omnidirectional radio range, omnidirectional range, omnirange, operating microscope, operating system, opv, oral poliovirus vaccine, os, outfit, pack, palliate, partner, patch, paternity suit, pension fund, photo op, photo opportunity, pile, piling, ply, poet laureate, poliovirus vaccine, poorhouse, porker, posit, postulate, practical nurse, pressman, prove, provoke, put up, quarter, rack railway, rafter, rail, raiment, rainfly, rebind, reconstitute, record, redundancy, reface, reference grid, reflectorise, reflectorize, refrigerant, refuel, regale, reharmonise, reharmonize, reinforced concrete, reinforcement, reinsure, relieve, reline, remedy, remount, render, rendition, reseat, reserve account, reserve fund, restaurant attendant, restructure, retool, retrofit, revamp, rewire, roof, rotary wing, rotor blade, sabin vaccine, salk vaccine, sanitate, scaffold, seat, self-sufficient, self-sufficing, self-sustaining, serve, serve up, serviceability, serviceableness, shelter, ship money, shore, shoring, show, shower, shunt, signalise, signalize, silk, snag, social worker, sonograph, spike, spile, staff, stent, stilt, stimulate, stock, straw, strengthener, string, stringed instrument, strip lighting, stud, sufficiency, supply, sustain, tag, take in, tent-fly, tent flap, terrace, terrasse, testify, theme, ticket, tickler coil, titus lucretius carus, tog, toggle, tonality, top, topv, tracheostomy, tracheotomy, transverse process, treat, trivalent live oral poliomyelitis vaccine, tube, unchivalrously, underlay, undernourish, uniform, united states cabinet, upholster, usableness, usda, us cabinet, utility, valuation account, valuation reserve, vamp, vest, vesture, vet, visa, warrant, water, water fountain, water wings, weatherstrip, welfare worker, wharf, wheels, wine and dine, wire, wive, works program, writing arm, xeric

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