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blur, bounce, cloud, cloudy, clutter, clutter up, confuse, convict, ill-defined, obscure, opaque, overcast, unclear

Often used in the same context:
crystal clear, obvious, unambiguous, unclear, evident, sure, unequivocal, apparent, definite, aware, straightforward, categoric, visible, unmistakable, adamant, explicit, definitive, indisputable, discernable, consistent, understandable, equivocal, convinced, simple, conclusive, precise, stark, plausible, incontrovertible, murky, irrefutable, credible, twofold, debatable, wrong, categorical, vague, imperative, overriding, insistent, intelligible, forceful, sensible, hazy, comprehensible, correct, tenable, muddled, blunt, uncontestable, serious, ominous, unaware, possible, mindful, logical, cloudy, cognizant, underlined, uncertain, overarching, compelling, difficult, moot, unsure, realistic, emphatic, undebatable, definable, perceptible, bridgeable, legible, decisive, coherent, acceptable, unmistakeable, persuasive, untenable, succinct, undeniable, irrelevant, easy, right, glaring, true, defensible, informed, explicable, formal, foregone conclusion, reassuring, conspicuous, broad, strong, ambiguous, careful, vivid, saveable, concise, meaningful, impossible, transparent, c., next, c, d., is, coincident, geo, int, reset, aug., cent, co., com, comp, ex, feb., fig, mo, napoleon, reg, clearer, clearest, clearcut, def1nite, lucid, elear, simplistic, nuanced, oversimplified, clouded, convincing, cut

More specific:
approbate, approve, bare, bear, bring home, certificate, certify, commission, declare, denudate, denude, eke out, empower, entitle, formalize, gross, hop, licence, license, ok, okay, pay, profit, purge, rake in, rake off, sanction, shovel in, squeeze out, strip, take home, validate, whitewash, yield

Appears in the definition of:
., accounting, acer pennsylvanicum, actually, ageratum, apologise, apologize, articulate, atrip, avoid, aweigh, azure, bangalore torpedo, bedazzle, block, blockage, blue, blue-black, blueish, blueness, bluish, blur, bold, bouillon, brainstorm, brainwave, bright, brighten, bright blue, brilliant, bring home, buffer, burn off, callistephus chinensis, calochortus amabilis, cephalaspida, cerebrospinal fluid, cerulean, china aster, chlorophyceae, chlorophyte, church of scientology, clarified butter, clarify, clarifying, clarion, clarity, class chlorophyceae, clean-cut, clear-cut, clear-eyed, clear-sighted, clearly, clearness, clear and present danger, clear out, clear the air, clear the throat, clear up, click, clinker, coast, coconut milk, coconut water, coherent, come home, confusedness, confusion, conoclinium coelestinum, conodonta, conodontophorida, consomme, cowcatcher, crisp, crystalise, crystalize, crystallise, crystallize, crystal clear, dark, dark-blue, dawn, daze, dazzle, decipherment, decoding, decryption, deforestation, deterge, dingy, dining table, dirty, disarray, display, distinctly, distinctness, downy yellow violet, drawn butter, drive home, drive out, dull, eccrine, education, elucidate, elucidation, elucidative, emmetropia, emmetropic, engrossed, enigmatic, enigmatical, enlighten, equivocator, erythrina lysistemon, eschew, eupatorium coelestinum, evasion, excuse, expectorate, explanatory, explication, fall into place, fender, film over, florida pompano, focused, frosty, fuzz, get across, get through, glaze over, golden cup, golden fairy lantern, golden rule, goosefoot maple, green algae, ground substance, h2o, hawk, hedger, heterostraci, hog molly, hog sucker, hunnemania fumariifolia, hyaline, hyaloplasm, hypentelium nigricans, hyperfocal distance, hypophosphorous acid, illuminate, illustration, imagism, impression, incisive, incoherent, indication, insight, insightful, in focusp, iridesce, ironic, irregular, justify, kaffir boom, karyolymph, keen, keep one's distance, keep one's eyes off, keep one's hands off, knock, knowing, lactic acid, lead tetraethyl, lens implant, light-blue, light up, limpid, limpidity, limpidly, line, liquid, logical, lucid, lucidity, lucidly, luculent, lysol, macula, macular area, macula lutea, manifestation, mental confusion, mental picture, mexican standoff, mexican tulip poppy, milklike, milky, mist-flower, mistflower, moose-wood, moosewood, muck, muddied, muddy, muffled, muted, no, nongranular, opaque, open, opened, operating microscope, optical glass, order conodonta, order conodontophorida, order ostracodermi, orthophosphorous acid, osteostraci, ostracodermi, pellucid, pellucidity, pellucidly, penetrate, penetration, pentanoic acid, perspicuous, perspicuously, phosphorous acid, picture, pilot, press home, propanol, propyl alcohol, purge, purposelessly, puzzling, quixotically, ram home, rationalise, rationalize, ravenala, ravenala madagascariensis, re-afforest, read, red-handed, regular, resolution, resolving, reveal, rock candy, rock crystal, roving, saliva, scientology, serene, settle, shadow, sharp, sharpness, shed light on, shine, show, shun, significance, sink in, sky-blue, softened, sort out, speech pattern, spinal fluid, spit, spittle, stand back, static line, stay away, steer, straighten out, strike hard, striped dogwood, striped maple, suborder cephalaspida, suborder heterostraci, suborder osteostraci, tear, teardrop, tetraethyl lead, thudding, ting, tinkle, trachinotus carolinus, transparence, transparency, transparentness, transparent quartz, transvaal kafferboom, traveler's tree, traveller's tree, unclear, unclearness, uncloudedness, understood, unexplained, unstated, urea-formaldehyde resin, vagabondage, vaginal discharge, valeric acid, vindicate, viola pubescens, visibility, vision, vitreous body, vitreous humor, vitreous humour, void, wandering, water, watercress, water blister, weed, whitish, yellow globe lily, yellow spot

More general:
allow, alter, area, benefit, change, come through, construe, countenance, country, determine, disappear, discharge, disembarrass, empty, free, gain, go away, innocence, interpret, judge, let, overhaul, overtake, pass, permit, profit, remove, rid, sell, settle, square off, square up, succeed, take, take away, vanish

absolved, acquit, all the way, assoil, authorise, authorize, bright, brighten, bring in, broad, clarify, clean, clean-cut, clean-handed, clear-cut, clear-thinking, clear up, cleared, clearheaded, clearly, cloudless, crystal clear, crystalline, crystallize, decipherable, discerning, discharge, distinct, earn, elucidate, enlighten, exculpate, exculpated, exonerate, exonerated, fair, free, gain, guiltless, hyaline, illuminate, innocent, legible, light, light up, limpid, liquid, lucid, luculent, make, net, nett, open, pass, pellucid, percipient, perfect, perspicuous, prima facie, pull in, pure, readable, realize, sack, sack up, semitransparent, serene, shed light on, shining, shiny, sort out, straighten out, sunny, sunshiny, take in, top, translucent, transparent, trenchant, unblemished, unclouded, unclutter, unencumbered, unfrosted, unmistakable, unmortgaged, unobstructed, unqualified, unsubtle, untroubled, vindicated, vivid, well-defined

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— Nouns for clear: evidence, water, understanding, idea, distinction, picture, sky, view, cut, indication, voice, more...

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