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Words and phrases whose definition contains short:   (1159 results)

1 letter:

2 letters:

3 letters:
act, ape, auk, bit, bob, cob, ern, fed, fob, gyp, jab, jot, nap, oft, pin, run, tab, tee, wee

4 letters:
bang, beep, body, boll, bunt, cavy, cell, cony, crab, crop, curt, dock, down, doze, duck, erne, fail, fund, gasp, gull, hawk, hold, hook, jerk, lash, lead, life, line, lynx, mini, mods, most, near, nigh, note, obit, pant, peep, peke, pika, pile, ping, plop, puff, quiz, raid, rail, rale, rare, rest, road, saki, scut, shyp, skit, snub, song, spin, spot, step, stob, stub, tack, teal, trna, turn, tutu, vole, weka, wink, wren, yips, ziti, zizz

5 letters:
about, acute, allow, balky, billy, bison, bleep, boxer, breve, brief, brush, bryum, cheep, chink, clash, click, clink, close, clout, coney, corgi, crake, crisp, ditty, divvy, dumpy, eland, elves, etude, fable, faddy, fault, finch, flare, flash, foray, force, gnome, gorki, gorky, grace, grunt, haiku, hasek, idyll, indri, jemmy, jiffy, jimmy, light, lyric, morse, munro, often, panty, patch, penne, piece, pitch, pitta, pivot, plunk, podgy, pudge, pudgy, pulse, rally, rough, runup, scull, serif, serow, spell, squab, squat, story, swine, terse, thumb, trice, tubby, undue, visit, whiff, while, whisk, wroth, x ray

6 letters:
airbus, airing, almost, apercu, arioso, autism, awhile, barbet, basset, beagle, becket, billet, bolero, borges, breath, briefs, catnap, chunky, cilium, coatee, cookie, credit, curtal, cutlas, dagger, direct, docked, drowse, dudeen, durham, epilog, errand, france, fulmar, guimpe, indris, ipidae, jacket, jacobs, little, locust, maraud, marmot, minute, moment, mortar, nanism, nearly, nerita, notice, number, paddle, pantie, parrot, peeper, petite, phrase, pigeon, pollex, portal, porter, prevue, puffin, pulsed, rabbit, rattle, report, resume, run-up, scanty, second, seriph, sickle, siding, sketch, skibob, snooze, sprint, squeak, staple, stubby, stumpy, sudden, survey, t-bill, tabard, tinkly, topper, trivet, tucket, twitch, uakari, valise, waddle, weasel, wilson, zigzag

7 letters:
account, acridid, all but, arietta, awnless, b-meson, balking, bettong, bobsled, bobtail, breathe, briefly, bristly, bucolic, bulldog, buzzard, calvino, capsule, cestida, cheever, chlamys, clipped, collect, custody, cutlass, dachsie, decapod, demerit, dovekie, duckpin, dustpan, eclogue, esmolol, eyelash, faddish, fairway, fanfare, foxtrot, garland, griffon, hamster, hatchet, hobnail, holiday, hypoxia, instant, jodhpur, laconic, lardner, lemming, lessing, low-set, macaque, manakin, maugham, mention, morceau, mouflon, neritid, not far, novella, parable, passage, passing, penguin, playlet, pop fly, preface, preview, primula, pulsate, rat-tat, red haw, routine, saroyan, seagull, shorten, shortly, shotgun, siamese, sidebar, silicle, spirula, squabby, squally, squatty, squeeze, step-in, sticker, stipple, stubbly, syringa, terrier, tersely, touring, trailer, turnout, vandyke, vaquita, variety

8 letters:
allegory, anatidae, anecdote, aphorism, apologue, apothegm, approach, blessing, bootboys, box coat, breather, camisole, chickpea, citation, clean up, cocktail, cold war, curlicue, daviesia, demijohn, dendrite, dogwatch, dumbbell, duration, dwarfism, epilogue, falchion, flashing, flaubert, flourish, foreword, fox-trot, frequent, glareole, golf tee, gordimer, grunting, haftarah, haftorah, hot-wire, howitzer, inferior, jot down, low beam, mackinaw, malinois, mantelet, mantilla, manx cat, megapode, melville, mole rat, moufflon, newsreel, notation, not long, nuthatch, o. henry, obituary, ofttimes, operetta, peepshow, pekinese, pembroke, personal, primrose, pug nose, rattling, red poll, rigatoni, sawn-off, scrubber, sea gull, shortish, silencer, skirmish, slapshot, sprinter, squiggle, staccato, step out, stubbled, sycamore, theropod, tinkling, undocked, versicle, violence, vonnegut, well-set, wood-rat, wood hen, wood rat, write up

9 letters:
acrididae, aloe vera, anapestic, apiculate, aspergill, bagatelle, blue star, bobsleigh, bobtailed, body hair, brevibloc, briefness, broadbill, brush cut, bull neck, burlesque, by inches, capsulise, capsulize, catamount, catatonia, cat sleep, cellphone, chaffweed, chihuahua, clip lead, cut short, dachshund, deficient, derringer, detention, downy haw, dryadella, dumpiness, encounter, ephemeral, ephemerid, epicardia, for short, fugacious, gamma ray, goatsfoot, guano bat, half-term, haphtarah, haphtorah, hawthorne, heartbeat, hedgefund, herpangia, hot pants, impatient, impromptu, inclusion, itinerant, jacksnipe, knobkerry, mansfield, maori hen, microwave, miniskirt, mongolism, moonshell, mugo pine, necrology, newsbreak, newsflash, notepaper, novelette, overnight, pekingese, petit mal, pine vole, profiteer, prolusion, quillwort, quotation, rat-a-tat, reap hook, reference, rehearsal, rock wren, sawed-off, short-run, shortcake, shortened, shorthorn, shortlist, shortness, sidetrack, skinheads, slip road, squalling, squatness, stub nail, telescope, terseness, theropoda, tomentose, tomentous, transient, traveling, truncated, truncheon, twinkling, velveteen, very fast, virtually, well-nigh, wild pink, womaniser, womanizer, yesterday

10 letters:
abyssinian, adaptation, anapaestic, andrenidae, apophthegm, baby tears, badger dog, bestubbled, billystick, billy club, blue tulip, bullnecked, burn plant, butterfish, ceratosaur, chimneypot, clout nail, club steak, crescentia, cuckoopint, dedication, developing, flare pass, flashflood, fraser fir, frequently, golgi cell, grass tree, half snipe, hedge fund, infrequent, intermezzo, in no time, jenny wren, just about, kingfisher, knackwurst, knobkerrie, knockwurst, lambrequin, leger line, little auk, locustidae, lumberjack, lycaenidae, lyric poem, matchstick, maupassant, miscellany, moon shell, morse code, mound-bird, mound bird, mouse hare, mugho pine, natterjack, nightstick, nutcracker, o'flaherty, oftentimes, oregon fir, pine mouse, pinus mugo, plesiosaur, pleurocarp, polo shirt, pratincole, recommence, red clover, refutation, regulation, rottweiler, scattergun, scolytidae, scrub fowl, scrub pine, short-term, shortgrass, short aria, short iron, short line, sound bite, stromateid, stubbiness, tapotement, time frame, tongue tie, transitory, trisomy 21, truncation, undershoot, unstressed

11 letters:
abbreviated, access road, air cushion, all the way, alpine gold, annual fern, battlesight, blunderbuss, boat paddle, brunch coat, bullterrier, burmese cat, burr-headed, buteo buteo, ceratozamia, compendious, curtailment, douglas fir, drag a bunt, dumpy level, encapsulate, field mouse, flash flood, florilegium, forty winks, for a while, genus bryum, goat's foot, golden mean, grab sample, ground bass, h. h. munro, imperiously, indri indri, infatuation, infomercial, inscription, jersey fern, jersey pine, joshua tree, jumper lead, keyhole saw, ledger line, light opera, maltese cat, maxim gorki, mock orange, news report, oregon pine, philanderer, portal vein, porterhouse, puff of air, queen's cup, racquetball, reduplicate, riding crop, rock rabbit, sarcochilus, screen pass, scrub brush, short-grass, short-lived, short-order, short-range, short sleep, siamese cat, soluble rna, sport shirt, squattiness, streamlined, strip steak, substandard, telegraphic, transiently, underbodice, vena portae, watch chain, watch guard, welsh corgi, whisk broom, wild crocus, worm lizard, x-radiation

12 letters:
acceptor rna, ancient pine, angular vein, appreciation, baby's tears, ballet skirt, basset hound, battle sight, bengal tiger, brachycranic, bull terrier, ceratosaurus, closeup lens, conciliation, disconnected, douglas pine, egyptian pea, ephemerality, finger grass, fisheye lens, fleetingness, fresnel lens, genus pyrola, golgi's cell, greasy spoon, head cabbage, hunting crop, hypogonadism, informercial, jodhpur boot, jodhpur shoe, john cheever, jorge borges, jumper cable, lion's beard, maksim gorky, mobile phone, money market, mongolianism, mulberry fig, ommastrephes, ovis musimon, picea glauca, plautus alle, plesiosaurus, protactinium, psittacosaur, rabbit punch, reaping hook, ring lardner, roentgen ray, short-haired, short-handed, short-winged, short letter, short shrift, skye terrier, split second, straight pin, swamp locust, sycamore fig, t-bone steak, thanksgiving, transfer rna, unrecognized, variety show, viola blanda, w. w. jacobs, water locust, white spruce, white violet

13 letters:
abies fraseri, alpine hulsea, ankyloglossia, approach shot, bar billiards, brachycranial, brachypterous, breeches buoy, bristle brush, broad hatchet, buffalo grass, bufo calamita, butterfly ray, classified ad, close-cropped, coccobacillus, credit crunch, detroit river, donkey jacket, doris lessing, down syndrome, dramatization, ephemeralness, family ipidae, fulmar petrel, galiella rufa, genus andrena, heinrich boll, hulsea algida, italo calvino, jockey shorts, kurt vonnegut, levant cotton, lumber jacket, mackinaw coat, malacanthidae, mound builder, mountain pine, news bulletin, order cestida, parfait glass, pleurocarpous, popular music, protoactinium, purple clover, rat-a-tat-tat, serial killer, short-circuit, short-handled, short account, stone's throw, swagger stick, temporariness, thundershower, treasury bill, trench mortar, underexposure, upland cotton, vandyke beard, virginia pine

14 letters:
abyssinian cat, acknowledgment, alligator weed, anatole france, arum maculatum, bermuda shorts, black mangrove, brachycephalic, brachydactylic, breathing time, bride's bonnet, bromus inermis, cellular phone, chickpea plant, coronary sinus, curtain raiser, douglas spruce, ephemeropteran, gazania rigens, genus daviesia, golden section, gray sea eagle, high-angle gun, home loan bank, in short order, jamaica shorts, jaroslav hasek, linoleum knife, mountain pride, musical phrase, new york strip, oxalis caprina, phocaena sinus, pinus aristata, pinus echinata, pinus longaeva, psittacosaurus, shortleaf pine, short covering, sussex spaniel, trichys lipura, underdeveloped, vena angularis, vienna sausage

15 letters:
alligator grass, belgian griffon, blink of an eye, brachydactylous, breathing place, breathing space, breathing spell, cicer arietinum, delmonico steak, douglas hemlock, down's syndrome, elizabeth river, english bulldog, epilepsia minor, false pimpernel, family anatidae, ficus sycomorus, gamma radiation, genus dryadella, herman melville, liam o'flaherty, linoleum cutter, listera cordata, magnetic stripe, metatarsal arch, musical passage, nadine gordimer, new york minute, norwich terrier, prairie anemone, railroad siding, scrubbing brush, serial monogamy, serial murderer, short-leaf pine, spanish bayonet, spirula peronii, stromateid fish, take a breather, telegraphically, treasure flower, wide-angle lens, william saroyan, yucca aloifolia

16 letters:
alligator lizard, atomic number 91, avicennia marina, bristlecone pine, brittany spaniel, brussels griffon, by small degrees, castanea crenata, columbiform bird, commercial paper, coraciiform bird, crataegus mollis, erysimum asperum, family acrididae, four-letter word, genus crescentia, granny's bonnets, gustave flaubert, jones' penstemon, lesser twayblade, liquidity crisis, little by little, lords-and-ladies, penstemon dolius, pinus virginiana, pit bull terrier, sinus coronarius, sir angus wilson, somerset maugham, yucca brevifolia

17 letters:
bastard pimpernel, brabancon griffon, capital gains tax, doris may lessing, erysimum allionii, eurasian woodcock, family andrenidae, family locustidae, family lycaenidae, family scolytidae, genus sarcochilus, green douglas fir, guy de maupassant, hector hugh munro, hymenoxys acaulis, japanese chestnut, jorge luis borges, neritid gastropod, noonan's syndrome, northwest passage, pitymys pinetorum, porterhouse steak, pulsatilla patens, purple rock brake, sawed-off shotgun, tasman dwarf pine, tetanus antitoxin, theropod dinosaur

18 letters:
aquilegia vulgaris, awnless bromegrass, carpenter's mallet, catch one's breath, cellular telephone, clintonia uniflora, clitocybe dealbata, discina macrospora, european sea eagle, fulmarus glacialis, gleditsia aquatica, gossypium hirsutum, haliatus albicilla, head cabbage plant, helxine soleirolia, jack-in-the-pulpit, labrador retriever, manchester terrier, pleurocarpous moss, scolopax rusticola, silene caroliniana, stemless hymenoxys, suborder theropoda, sweet white violet, trifolium pratense, zinnia grandiflora

19 letters:
american pulsatilla, anemone ludoviciana, buchloe dactyloides, cheiranthus asperus, cryptogramma crispa, dwarf mountain pine, english toy spaniel, erysimum arkansanum, gossypium herbaceum, hepatic portal vein, indri brevicaudatus, katherine mansfield, limnocryptes minima, nathaniel hawthorne, penstemon newberryi, popular music genre, prime interest rate, rhodesian ridgeback, suillus albivelatus, swiss mountain pine, tetraneuris acaulis, w. somerset maugham, western wall flower

20 letters:
bird-footed dinosaur, calochortus kennedyi, cheiranthus allionii, compression fracture, davidson's penstemon, family malacanthidae, little golden zinnia, mexican freetail bat, mononychus olecranus, old english sheepdog, pellaea atropurpurea, pembroke welsh corgi, penstemon davidsonii, siberian wall flower, xenicus gilviventris

21 letters:
advance death benefit, american pasqueflower, anogramma leptophylla, australian grass tree, black-and-tan terrier, desert mariposa tulip, eastern pasque flower, european parsley fern, heinrich theodor boll, hygrophorus caeruleus, katherine anne porter, long-tailed porcupine, mountain parsley fern, pseudotsuga menziesii, shortleaf yellow pine, soleirolia soleirolii, staffordshire terrier, tadarida brasiliensis, william sydney porter, william wymark jacobs, woodland white violet

22 letters:
acrocentric chromosome, reactive schizophrenia, tetanus immunoglobulin, white-tailed sea eagle

23 letters:
amsonia tabernaemontana, catatonic schizophrenia, philadelphus coronarius, ringgold wilmer lardner, tetanus immune globulin

24 letters:
chesapeake bay retriever, classified advertisement, clustered lady's slipper, cypripedium fasciculatum, international morse code, microstrobos niphophilus, musculus adductor brevis, short-horned grasshopper, william somerset maugham

25 letters:
american pit bull terrier, crataegus coccinea mollis

26 letters:
aleksey maximovich peshkov, brassica oleracea capitata

27 letters:
acute schizophrenic episode, aleksey maksimovich peshkov, alternanthera philoxeroides, shortwave diathermy machine

28 letters:
angus frank johnstone wilson, catatonic type schizophrenia, four-letter anglo-saxon word, kathleen mansfield beauchamp

30 letters:
american staffordshire terrier

31 letters:
rocky mountain bristlecone pine

33 letters:
jacques anatole francois thibault

35 letters:
henri rene albert guy de maupassant

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