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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to cause:   (1687 results)

Often used in the same context:
culprit, trigger, provoke, reason, precipitate, exacerbate, prompt, aggravate, contributing, cure, affect, causers, predispose, induce, avoidable, afflict, wreak, ignite, suffer, occur, impede, result, factor, ensue, consequence, dampen, instigate, incite, spark, imperil, stoke, hinder, portend, endanger, source, alleviate, inflict, contributory, postural hypotension, irreparable, symptom, prone, harmful, arouse, hamper, motive, persist, blamed, fueling, contain, catalyst, unpreventable, arterial sclerosis, inflame, stem, attribute, accidental, paralyze, harm, overexcitement, precipitant, occasioned, prevent, remediable, remedy, hastened, inhibit, irritate, pose, psychogenic, flaccid paralysis, sequela, engender, concern, susceptibility, caus, aetiology, foment, root, ebola hemorrhagic fever, impair, incurability, forestall, etiology, underdose, causative, mean, due, heighten, subside, abate, correctible, detrimental, nucleoli, causal, premature, susceptible, causation, magnify, atelectasis, incoordination, extent, causes, canse, objection, purpose, aim, motivation, caufe, fault, inducement, deterrent, incentive, safeguard, claim, difficulty, grievance, impediment, form, example, a., context, effect, obvious, ultimate, ~, category, detail, dialogue, option, ulterior, <, answer, argument, competency, component, counterintuitive, description

More specific:
advertising campaign, ad blitz, ad campaign, aetiology, agent, antecedent, breed, bring, call forth, campaigning, candidacy, candidature, catalyst, danger, destiny, determine, deus ex machina, ecumenical movement, electioneering, encourage, engender, engine, etiology, evoke, factor, fate, feminism, feminist movement, first cause, force, fund-raising campaign, fund-raising drive, fund-raising effort, gay lib, gay liberation movement, impel, incite, influence, initiate, inspire, instigate, kick up, lead, let, life principle, make, manipulator, motivate, move, nature, occasion, occult, operator, persuade, pioneer, political campaign, power, prime mover, primum mobile, producer, prompt, propel, provoke, reform, regulate, shape, spawn, spiritual being, supernatural, supernatural being, vital principle, war, women's lib, women's liberation movement, youth crusade, youth movement

Appears in the definition of:
., abase, abash, absorb, accelerate, accelerating, accident, acerbate, achillea ptarmica, acquaint, act, addict, adenovirus, adherence, adhesion, adopt, adsorbent, adsorptive, advance, advocate, advocator, aegilops triuncalis, aetiology, afflict, affliction, afford, affright, aftereffect, agent, ageratina altissima, agglutinogen, aggrieve, agitate, agitating, agitative, agonise, agonize, agrobacterium, aid, ail, ailment, alarm, aligned, allergen, allow, allow for, alphavirus, alter, ammonify, anastomose, angiotensin, angiotonin, anguillula aceti, anguish, annoy, antecedent, apostasy, apostate, apostle, appal, appall, appease, appropriate, arborvirus, arbovirus, ardor, ardour, armillaria, arouse, arrest, asbestos, ascription, ask for it, ask for trouble, assault, assuage, assure, atmospherics, atmospheric static, atrazine, attach, attachment, attribution, autopsy, autotomise, autotomize, awaken, back, backfire, back up, bad fairy, battle cry, bayes' theorem, bear down, bear on, beat back, becharm, bedazzle, bedevil, befuddle, begin, beguile, bemuse, bend, benefit, benefit album, benefit concert, bergson, besiege, bethink, betray, bewilder, bewitch, bias, bilge, bind, biopsy, biosafety level 1, biosafety level 2, biosafety level 3, birl, birle, bite, black-necked cobra, blacklist, black bile, blastomycete, blaze, blend in, blight, blighty wound, blister, blow, blow up, bluebonnet, bog, bog down, boil over, bond, bookfair, book fair, boot, bore, boring, borrelia, borrelia burgdorferi, bother, bowl over, brace, brake, break, break down, break up, breathless, breathtaking, bring, bring about, bring around, bring down, bring forward, bring on, bring oneself, bring round, bring together, bring up, broadcast, brouhaha, brutal, buffalo clover, bulge, bulk, bunch, bunch up, bundle, burke, burn, burst, burweed marsh elder, bust, bustle, bustle about, calcium bicarbonate, callus, call back, call in, calm, campaign, capacitate, captivate, capture, carcinogenic, cardiac insufficiency, care, cark, carotenemia, carry, carry on, catalyse, catalyze, catch, catholicise, catholicize, causal, causeless, central, chafe, chagrin, champion, chance event, change, change surface, channelise, channelize, charge, chargeable, charge up, charm, cheer, cheer up, chemical weapon, chilling, chip in, chlamydia, chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile, choke, choke off, choler, chukaku-ha, churn up, circularise, circularize, circulate, circumvolve, cirrhosis, cirrhosis of the liver, citrate, clap, click, clog, clog up, close, closed universe, close down, clostridial myonecrosis, clot, cloud, cloy, clump, cluster, cmv, coagulate, coalesce, coapt, coerce, coercion, cohere, collapse, collide, combust, come to, comma bacillus, commence, commit, committed, commove, complaint, compulsion, concenter, concentre, conciliate, condense, conflagrate, confound, confuse, congenital megacolon, congest, conglutinate, consecrate, conspire, constipate, contentious, continue, contribute, contribution, control, conversion disorder, conversion hysteria, conversion reaction, convert, convincingness, convulse, coronary insufficiency, corrode, corrosive, cosmological, costia, costia necatrix, counterchange, cover, cox-2, crack, crackle, crash, craze, create, crook, cross-fertilise, cross-fertilize, crowd, cruel, crusade, cry, crystalise, crystalize, crystallise, crystallize, cs gas, curve, cut, cut down, cut short, cycle, cyclooxygenase-2, cytomegalovirus, dander, danger, dangle, dash, daunt, daze, dazzle, deadening, deafening, death toll, deceive, decertify, decide, decrepitate, dedicate, dedicated, deduction, deductive reasoning, defect, defection, deflagrate, deflationary, deform, delay, delayer, demulsify, deoxidise, deoxidize, depreciating, depreciative, depreciatory, depress, derail, derecognise, derecognize, desensitise, desensitize, desert, deserter, destroy, destruct, desynchronise, desynchronize, detach, detain, determinate, dethaw, detonate, detribalise, detribalize, develop, deviate, devil, devote, diagnosing, diagnosis, diffuse, digestive, dilatory plea, direct, disband, discernible, discharge, discolor, discombobulate, discomfit, discommode, discompose, disconcert, discourage, discredit, disembowelment, disgorge, disgust, disintegrate, disintegrative, disloyal, dismay, disoblige, disorder, disorient, disorientate, dispel, disperse, displace, disquiet, disseminate, dissimilate, dissipate, dissolve, distend, distract, distress, distribute, do, donate, donated, donation, down, draw, draw out, draw together, draw up, dribble, drift, drip, drive, drive in, drop, drumbeat, dull, dynamics, dynamiter, dynamitist, earmark, earsplitting, eat, eat on, eclipse, economic aid, edmund burke, egg on, eject, elan, elan vital, emaciate, embarrass, embitter, embrace, embrown, emotionless, emphysematous gangrene, emphysematous phlegmon, emulsify, enamor, enamour, enchant, endogenous depression, energise, energize, engraft, enkindle, enlisting, enthuse, entrance, envenom, erect, ergotism, erythrocytolysin, erythrolysin, espouse, essential hypertension, essential tremor, eternize, etiology, eupatorium rugosum, european wolf spider, evangelical, evangelistic, evaporate, evil, evil spirit, evisceration, exasperation, excite, excuse, expel, explain, explode, exponent, export, extend, extenuation, extinction, extort, extravasate, faith, false ragweed, fanatic, fanatical, fascinate, fasta, fasten, fatality, federal deficit, fell, ferment, fiend, fight, fighter, filoviridae, finish, fire, firm, first cause, fix, flash, flex, flick, flip, flocculate, flow, floxuridine, fluctuate, flurry, flush, fluster, fly, focalise, focalize, focus, fold, fomes, force, force back, force out, forte-piano, fortuitous, fortuity, foul, fox, fragment, fragmentise, fragmentize, francis peyton rous, fraud in fact, fray, freeze, fret, fright, frighten, frighten away, frighten off, frost, fruit, fuddle, fulminate, functional disorder, fund-raise, fund-raising campaign, fund-raising drive, fund-raising effort, fundraise, fund raise, gag, gallop, gangrenous emphysema, gas gangrene, gas phlegmon, gentle, genus agrobacterium, genus armillaria, genus fomes, genus fusarium, genus neurospora, genus rickettsia, genus sclerotium, genus thielavia, genus tubercularia, genus verticillium, germinate, get, get at, get off, get to, get up, giardia, give, give rise, glide, glorify, go-slow, goat grass, graft, gratuitous, gravel, great attractor, grieve, grow, gruntle, guillain-barre syndrome, haemagglutinate, haemolysin, hale, halt, hang, hang up, harden, harm, harmful, harriet beecher stowe, harriet elizabeth beecher stowe, harsh, hasten, have, haymaker, hay conditioner, heave, heavy, helen adams keller, helen keller, hell, hemagglutinate, hemolysin, henri bergson, henri louis bergson, herd, hero, herpes, herpes simplex 2, herpes virus, hideyo noguchi, hirschsprung's disease, hit, ho-hum, hold, hold up, homogenise, homogenize, hook, horrify, horripilate, hs2, hsv-2, human action, human activity, humble, humiliate, hurt, hush, hush up, hustle, hydrate, hydrocephalus, hydrocephaly, hyperpiesia, hyperpiesis, hypertensin, hyperventilation, hysteresis, idiopathic, idiopathic disease, idiopathic disorder, idiopathy, ignite, ill, immediate, immerse, immobilise, immobilize, impel, impregnate, imputation, impute, incandesce, incinerate, incite, incommode, inconvenience, incurious, incurvate, indictable, indispose, induce, indurate, infatuate, infectious polyneuritis, infective, infiltrate, inflame, inflate, inflationary, ingraft, injure, injurious, inosculate, inquest, inspire, instigate, institution, institutionalise, institutionalize, interchange, interconnect, interlink, intrigue, introduce, inure, iodinate, irksome, irritate, islamise, islamize, isomerise, isomerize, itch mite, iva xanthifolia, jar, join, jolly along, jolly up, jolt, jump, jumping bean, jumping seed, just, kamikaze, kawasaki disease, keep in, keller, kick in, kick up, kill, kindle, kinetics, klebsiella, knock down, knock over, l. monocytogenes, labyrinthitis, land, landry's paralysis, lap, latinise, latinize, lay, leach, lead, leaded gasoline, lead astray, lead off, lean, leap, lease-lend, leave, leaven, legionella, legionella pneumophilia, lend-lease, lenify, leprosy bacillus, leptospirosis, let, lethal dose, levitate, levy, libel, life force, light, limber, lime disease spirochete, list, listeria monocytogenes, loathsome, loosen, loosen up, lost cause, louden, lower, loyal, luddite, lupinus subcarnosus, lycosa tarentula, lysin, macerate, macular degeneration, madden, magnesium bicarbonate, mail, make, make for, make grow, make pass, make relaxed, malignance, malignancy, malignant hyperthermia, march, martyrdom, masculinise, masculinize, mature, meander, melancholy, melt, melt down, meteorologist, metrazol, mexican jumping bean, miff, mire, mitigation, mix in, mix up, mobilise, mobilize, modify, mollify, mongrelise, mongrelize, monition, morbific, morph, mortify, motivea, motor, move, move out, mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome, muddy, mycobacterium leprae, mycobacterium tuberculosis, mycoplasma, myxovirus, naja nigricollis, nark, nauseate, nauseating, nauseous, nazify, necessitate, necropsy, nettle, neurodermatitis, neurospora, nocent, noguchi, noisome, nonadsorbent, nonadsorptive, nonaligned, nonspecific urethritis, normalise, normalize, nsu, nuclear terrorism, obligate, oblige, occult, odorize, odourise, offend, offensive, offset, open, open up, operate, opportunistic infection, oppress, organise, organize, orient, ossify, otitis interna, outclass, outface, outstare, overboil, overcrowd, overpopulate, overthrow, overturn, overzealous, oxidized ldl cholesterol, pacify, packaging, paget, pain, paladin, pall, palliation, palpitate, panic, paracelsus, paralyse, paralyze, parch, partisan, partizan, pass, pass around, pass off, pass on, pass through, pathogenic, peep, peeve, pentamethylenetetrazol, pentylenetetrazol, pepper spray, perch, percolate, perforated eardrum, perfuse, perk up, perpetuate, persecute, persuade, perturb, pervaporate, pestiferous, pestilent, pestilential, petrify, peyton rous, pflp, philippus aureolus paracelsus, phlegm, phonograph, piano, pianoforte, pique, placate, placenta previa, place down, plague, plaguey, play, plunge, pm, poise, polarise, polarize, polymerise, polymerize, pop, popular front for the liberation of palestine, position, positive fraud, post, postmortem, postmortem examination, potato scab bacteria, pour, powder, powderise, powderize, poxvirus, prance, predetermine, prepossess, present, preserve, press, pressure, prevention, prickle, prime mover, primum mobile, pro-inflammatory, probable cause, process of monition, prod, produce, progressive emphysematous necrosis, proinflammatory, project, proliferate, prolong, promotion, promotional material, prompt, propaganda, propagandist, propagate, propel, proponent, protract, protuberate, prove, provide, provoking, psyche, publicity, puff, puff out, puff up, pull, puller, pull down, pull off, pull up, pulsate, pulse, pulverise, pulverize, puncture, push, push back, push down, put, put down, put forward, put off, put out, put to work, pyrectic, pyrogen, quieten, rabid, race, radial keratotomy, radiate, radiation, radiation sickness, radiation syndrome, rag, raise, rallying cry, ratter, rattle, rear, reason, reasonless, reassure, reboot, recall, recline, recombine, recommence, reconnaissance by fire, reconstruct, record player, recreant, recruit, recruitment, recycle, reduce, referred pain, reincarnate, rejuvenate, relax, rem, remove, render, renegade, renew, renormalise, renormalize, renunciation, reorient, repel, repercuss, repression, repulse, rerun, reserve, resolve, responsible, responsible forp, resurrect, resuscitate, retard, retire, revive, revolt, revolve, rickettsia, rickettsias, rigorous, rile, ripen, roaring, rock, roll, root, rotate, rous, rouse, rout, rout out, rub, rue, ruin, rumpus, run, rupture, rush, rust, rust mite, sag, sag down, sallow, salmonella, sarcoidosis, saturate, saxitoxin, scald, scare, scarey, scare away, scare off, scary, scatter, scent, scire facias, sclerotium, sclerotium disease, sclerotium rot, scratch, screw, sear, secure, sedate, sedition, seed, self-generated, selfish, send, send in, send out, sensitise, sensitize, serratia marcescens, set, settle, set ablaze, set afire, set aflame, set aside, set down, set off, set on fire, sexual abuse, sexual assault, sex crime, sex offense, shake, shakeout, shame, shed, sheer, shipwreck, shivery, shock, shoestring fungus, shoot, shot, shuddery, shut down, shut up, sicken, sickening, silence, sink, sinter, sir james paget, skim, skip, skitter, slack, slake, slippery, slippy, sloganeer, slop, slow, slow down, slow up, smell up, smite, smugly, snafu, snap, sneezeweed yarrow, sneezewort, sober, solidify, solvate, soothe, soul, sound, speed, speed up, spill, spin, spitting cobra, splash, splatter, splosh, spontaneous, spread, sprinkle, sputter, sputum, square, squeeze, squeeze out, squirt, stagnate, stall, stampede, standardise, standardize, staph, staphylococcal enterotoxin, staphylococci, staphylococcus, stare down, start, startling, starve, static, stem, step, sternutatory, stick, still, stimulate, sting, stink out, stink up, stop, stowe, strep, streptococci, streptococcus, streptomyces scabies, strike, strike down, strike out, stultify, stump, subject, sublimate, sublime, subvert, suffuse, sugarcoat, superannuation, support, suppurate, surface-assimilative, surprise, suspend, swamp fever, sway, sweep up, swell, swish, switch, switch off, switch on, swoosh, swosh, sympathetic, synchronise, synchronize, synthesis, take back, take out, tarantula, tear, tedious, tensor, tergiversation, texas bluebonnet, thalidomide, thaw, theophrastus philippus aureolus bombastus von hohenheim, thielavia, thread, thrill, thrombocytosis, thrombolytic therapy, throw, thunderous, thundery, tickle, tickling, tide, ting, tingle, tingling, tip, tip over, tire, tiresome, titillate, titillating, topple, touch, toxic industrial waste, toxic waste, trance, tranquilize, tranquillise, tranquillize, transduce, transfer, transit, transpose, treat, tribute album, trichomonad, trip, trip up, troll, trot, trouble, true, truehearted, tubercle bacillus, tubercularia, tumble, tumefy, tump over, turbatrix aceti, turn, turncoat, turn around, turn off, turn on, turn out, turn over, turn the tables, turn the tide, twang, twinge, twirl, twist, twitch, uncaused, unclog, understanding, undo, unexplained, unfasten, unfreeze, unhinge, unhygienic, unkind, unknot, unlax, unman, unpick, unravel, unreassuring, unscramble, unstrain, unstuff, untangle, unteach, unthaw, untie, untune, untwist, unwind, uphold, upraise, upset, urticate, vaporise, vaporize, vasomotor, vellicate, ventricular septal defect, vesiculate, vex, vexatious litigation, vibrio comma, vibrio fetus, vile, vinegar eel, vinegar worm, virilise, virilize, virino, virulence, virulency, virulent, vitality, vital force, volatilise, volatilize, votary, wake, waken, wake up, wander, warm up, war cry, waste, watchword, water pump, wearisome, weather, weave, wet, wherefore, whirl, white sanicle, white snakeroot, why, widow, wind, wind bells, wind chimes, wise up, withdraw, work, work off, work to rule, worrisome, worryingly, wound, wreak, wring from, xanthemia, yellow bile, yield, zeal, zymase

More general:
breathe, create, entity, genesis, inception, judicial proceeding, justification, legal proceeding, make, origin, origination, proceeding, proceedings, respire, something, take a breath, venture

campaign, case, causa, causal agency, causal agent, crusade, do, drive, effort, get, grounds, have, induce, lawsuit, make, movement, reason, stimulate, suit

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— Adjectives for cause: common, good, major, primary, main, real, probable, immediate, underlying, important, frequent, more...

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