Words and phrases that rhyme with state:   (2960 results)

1 syllable:
-gate, -mate, aicte, aight, ate, aydt, bait, bate, beit, blate, brait, brate, cate, chait, clate, crate, cv/gate, date, eight, eyght, fait, fate, feight, fete, flate, fraight, frate, freight, gait, gate, grate, great, great-, haight, hait, hate, jdate, kate, krait, l-plate, late, leight, maite, mate, mayte, nate, ncate, p-plate, pait, pate, pdp-8, plait, plate, playte, pleyt, prate, rait, raitt, rate, rf ait, saite, sate, scate, skate, slate, spate, speight, straight, strait, strate, streight, tait, taite, taitt, tate, thwaite, trait, traite, trate, twaite, wait, waite, waitt, wayt, weight, whate

2 syllables:
8eight, abate, ablate, abstrait, affreight, age-mate, agemate, agnate, air-freight, airdate, airfreight, aldgate, algate, all-state, allstate, altaite, ambreate, and gate, apate, arcate, arzate, astate, attrait, aurait, au fait, avait, await, backdate, backplate, baldpate, bank rate, baseplate, bathgate, baud rate, bedmate, bedplate, belate, benlate, berate, bienfait, bipeltate, birthdate, birthrate, birthweight, birth rate, bistate, biteplate, bitrate, blind date, blue-plate, bookmate, bookplate, borate, braithwaite, brathwaite, breakmate, breastplate, breedbate, bromate, bullate, bunkmate, cadbait, calaite, campmate, casemate, castrate, catchweight, cavate, cellmate, cerate, cermait, cetate, chainplate, charge plate, cheapskate, checkmate, chip-8, choclate, cholate, chordate, chromate, church-state, churchgate, ciate, cirrate, citrate, class-mate, classmate, clathrate, clean slate, clickbait, clodpate, club-mate, co-mate, coate, coestate, cognate, colate, collate, comb-plate, conepate, conflate, connate, constate, copemate, copesmate, cordate, corestate, costate, cowgate, create, crewmate, cribrate, crime rate, crispate, cristate, cross-mate, crow-bait, crowbait, cultrate, cuspate, cut-rate, cut rate, dacait, dawngate, deadweight, deathrate, debate, deflate, derate, dictate, digate, dilate, dimate, distrait, distraite, dogate, donate, doorplate, dose rate, downrate, downstate, drawplate, dubplate, duck pate, due date, e-date, ean-8, edate, efate, efflate, elate, elbaite, emate, empate, enate, end-plate, endplate, ensate, enstate, equate, ergate, est, estate, ex-date, extrait, f/a-18, face-plate, faceplate, fassaite, fellate, fermate, ferrate, fifth-rate, filegate, filtrate, first-rate, first mate, fishplate, fixate, flagrate, flak-bait, flamebait, flat-rate, flatmate, floodgate, flow rate, fluate, flustrate, fluxgate, flyweight, footplate, foredate, forfait, fosfate, fourth-rate, freegate, fregate, freight rate, frustrate, fucate, fulcrate, furcate, gamate, garthwaite, gbu-28, gemmate, gestate, glabrate, glabreate, gold-plate, goldplate, goldthwaite, gold plate, gray skate, grch38, groundbait, ground bait, growth rate, gsh-18, guate, gyrate, hamate, hardgate, hastate, headgate, head gate, heart-rate, heartrate, heart rate, hekate, helpmate, highgate, holgate, homestate, home plate, hotplate, hot plate, housemate, hydrate, hyemate, ice-skate, iceskate, ice skate, idate, igate, ilvaite, implate, inflate, ingate, ingrate, ingreat, inmate, innate, instate, irate, irrate, iwate, jailbait, josh pate, jugate, juncate, jwh-018, karaite, kh-28, kh-38, kh-58, kinate, kinngait, koi-8, kuwait, lampate, landstreight, latrate, liate, librate, lich-gate, lichgate, lifemate, liftgate, light-weight, lightweight, linkbait, liquate, locate, lock-gate, lose weight, ludgate, lustrate, luxate, lych-gate, lychgate, lydgate, lymphate, lysate, m-8, magnate, mainfreight, makeweight, mammate, mandate, mansuete, margate, mccreight, mcfate, mellate, messmate, metate, migrate, misstate, mitrate, moate, moorgate, mucate, mutate, myplate, nameplate, narrate, negate, nidate, nitrate, northgate, notate, not late, novate, oblate, odate, of late, ornate, or gate, osmate, outdate, outgate, outwait, page eight, palprbrate, pay rate, peltate, pennate, perflate, phenate, phonemate, phthalate, picrate, playdate, playmate, plebgate, plicate, ploughgate, polegate, poor rate, porate, portate, postdate, postnate, predate, primate, pro-rate, probate, prolate, prolegate, pronate, prorate, prostate, pulsate, punctate, pupate, quilate, quinate, racemate, rain date, ramsgate, rebate, redbait, refait, reflate, regrate, relate, remate, replate, restate, retrait, retraite, rg-58, room-mate, roommate, rotate, rugate, rutate, saltate, sash weight, savate, schoolmate, scopate, scratchplate, scutate, scyphate, sea-gate, seagate, seatmate, sebate, sebayt, secstate, sedate, sensate, serrate, shipmate, shoemate, shumate, sixth-rate, skainsmate, sleep late, smilegate, sobeit, solate, soleplate, soulmate, soul mate, soup plate, southgate, southstate, speedskate, speed skate, spf-18, splitgate, spymate, squamate, stagflate, stagnate, stalemate, stannate, stardate, stargate, steel plate, steersmate, steins;gate, stellate, striate, sts-8, substate, substrate, sufflate, sulcate, sulfate, sulphate, sumgait, summate, sunstate, sv-18, svt-38, swashplate, sygate, tailgate, tail gate, tannate, tartrate, tat-8, tax rate, team-mate, teammate, teate, testate, textmate, thermate, third-rate, throw-weight, thumrait, thx 1138, thymate, tin-plate, tinplate, tin plate, titrate, tollgate, tomate, torquate, to date, trandate, transfreight, translate, tri-state, triflate, tristate, troy weight, truncate, tun-great, tungstate, turnplate, ulmate, uncrate, undate, ungrate, unstate, unweight, update, upstate, utf-8, vamplate, vastate, venait, vernate, virgate, wall plate, wastegate, waveplate, waygate, welkait, westgate, whitebait, wingate, workmate, yamate, yj-18, yokemate, yoplait

3 syllables:
10-9-8, 7mate, abdicate, aberrate, abjugate, ablegate, abligate, abnegate, abnodate, abrogate, acaudate, acclimate, accolate, acephate, acerate, acerbate, acetate, achordate, achromate, activate, actuate, acuate, addle-pate, adequate, adipate, adjugate, adrogate, adulate, adumbrate, aduncate, advocate, aestivate, aggerate, aggragate, aggravate, agitate, aglossate, agminate, aguacate, alcohate, algenate, alginate, alienate, allatrate, alligate, allocate, alphanate, altercate, altern-8, alternate, aminate, ampliate, ampullate, amputate, anapaite, anastate, angulate, angustate, anhydrate, animate, anisate, annotate, annulate, antedate, antiquate, antliate, apostemate, appellate, applegate, applicate, apricate, ar-18, arbitrate, archontate, archprimate, arcuate, arelate, argentate, arillate, aristate, armor plate, armour-plate, armour plate, arrogate, ascidiate, asperate, aspidate, aspirate, astrogate, atomweight, atterrate, aucupate, augurate, august 8, auscultate, automate, autoplate, avocate, avolate, baldur's gate, bantam-weight, bantamweight, barak-8, barbellate, bargain rate, base58, bassenthwaite, bering strait, biaxate, bicaudate, bichromate, bicornate, bicostate, bicrenate, bidentate, biforate, bifurcate, bijugate, billingsgate, bipalmate, bipennate, bipinnate, biplicate, bipunctate, birostrate, biscutate, biserrate, bishopsgate, bisulcate, bisulfate, bisulphate, bitartrate, bletherskate, bloviate, body weight, boilerplate, bombilate, boncilate, bottlegate, breviate, bridgerweight, busticate, butterweight, cachinnate, caffeinate, calcitrate, calculate, calibrate, califate, caliphate, calyptrate, cancellate, cancerate, cannulate, cantharidate, cantillate, canulate, capistrate, capitate, capsulate, captivate, carafate, carbamate, carbolate, carbon-date, carbonate, carinate, carucate, caseate, castigate, catenate, catkinate, cavitate, celebrate, cellulate, censorate, cephalate, cerebrate, chapelwaite, charles the great, chaturbate, chinese date, chlamydate, chloridate, chlorinate, chocalate, ciliolate, cinestate, cingulate, cinnamate, circulate, city-state, clarigate, clarivate, clavellate, clofibrate, clypeate, cocreate, coffee-mate, cogitate, colligate, collimate, colliquate, colocate, combinate, comicsgate, commentate, commigrate, comminate, commodate, commutate, compensate, complicate, concentrate, concordate, concreate, conculcate, condensate, confiscate, conflagrate, congregate, conjugate, connotate, consecrate, consolate, conspurcate, constellate, constipate, consumate, consummate, contemplate, contristate, conversate, convocate, cooperate, copperplate, copulate, corelate, corollate, corotate, corregate, correlate, corrivate, corrugate, corticate, cortinate, coruscate, costellate, cosubstrate, counterwait, counterweight, cover-date, cover plate, cowperthwaite, craniate, crenelate, crenellate, crenulate, crepitate, cribellate, cripplegate, crotonate, cruciate, cruentate, crufomate, cruiserweight, cucullate, culminate, cultivate, cumulate, cuneate, cupulate, curvulate, cuspidate, cyanate, cyclamate, data rate, deaminate, deansgate, debategate, debellate, decaudate, decimate, decollate, decorate, decussate, dedicate, defalcate, deflagrate, degustate, dehonestate, deitate, dejerate, delegate, delibrate, deligate, deliquate, demarcate, demigrate, demonstrate, denegate, denigrate, denitrate, denotate, deodate, dephlegmate, deprecate, depredate, deprostrate, desecate, desecrate, designate, desolate, desponsate, despumate, desquamate, dessert plate, destinate, detestate, detonate, detruncate, deturbate, deturpate, devastate, deviate, dichromate, digammate, digitate, dihydrate, dilatate, dinergate, dinner plate, diplomate, discount rate, discreate, disgregate, disinflate, dissertate, dissipate, distilate, distillate, disulfate, disulphate, dodipate, dolabrate, dominate, double-date, douglas dc-8, dubitate, dulcorate, dunderpate, duplicate, ecaudate, echinate, ecostate, edentate, educate, eigenstate, eighty-eight, elaidate, elbowgate, elevate, elixate, elsagate, eluate, eluxate, emanate, embrocate, emendate, emigrate, emirate, emmigrate, emulate, enervate, enielate, enolate, epilate, erogate, erostrate, erugate, escalate, estimate, estivate, estuate, ethergate, evitate, exaltate, exarate, excaudate, excavate, exchange rate, excitate, excreate, exfiltrate, exorate, exosstate, expiate, expiscate, explanate, explicate, exprobrate, exsufflate, extirpate, extricate, exundate, fabricate, fabulate, falculate, fasciate, fascinate, fashion plate, fatigate, featherweight, fecundate, federate, felbamate, feminate, fenerate, fenestrate, fibrillate, fifty-eight, figulate, figure eight, figure skate, filiate, fimbriate, fimbricate, fimbrillate, fingerplate, finger plate, first estate, fistulate, flabellate, flagellate, flagitate, flavoxate, flocculate, fluctuate, fluoborate, fluoridate, fluorinate, focillate, foldimate, foliate, folinate, forcipate, formulate, fornicate, forty-eight, fossulate, fourth estate, foveate, fragmentate, frigerate, frobnicate, fulminate, fumigate, fustigate, gabexate, gamergate, gamersgate, gangliate, gangrenate, gastrulate, geminate, generate, germinate, glabriate, glaciate, gladiate, glutamate, glutinate, glycerate, glycolate, golden gate, graduate, granulate, gratinate, gratulate, gravitate, gross estate, guestimate, gurgitate, hakodate, hamulate, harrogate, haustellate, heavyweight, hebetate, herniate, hesitate, hetmanate, hibernate, holidate, hospitate, hundredweight, hyphenate, ideate, id est, illustrate, imamate, imavate, imbricate, imitate, immigrate, immolate, immutate, imparfait, impennate, impetrate, implicate, imprecate, impregnate, impunctate, in-migrate, inaquate, incarnate, incrassate, increate, incremate, increpate, incrustate, incubate, incudate, inculcate, indagate, indicate, inescate, infiltrate, infinate, infucate, infumate, infuscate, inhumate, innervate, innodate, innovate, inornate, inquinate, inquorate, insolate, instigate, insudate, insufflate, insulate, integrate, intensate, interest rate, interstate, intestate, intimate, intonate, intrastate, inundate, invocate, iodate, ionate, iphone 8, ipodate, irangate, iraqgate, irrelate, irrigate, irritate, irrorate, irrugate, isolate, iterate, jactitate, jaculate, jenny slate, jitomate, jonas pate, jubilate, judicate, jugulate, juniorate, kalifate, katastate, khalifate, kongregate, labellate, lacerate, lachrymate, laevigate, lamellate, laminate, laniate, lapidate, latinate, legislate, lemniscate, levigate, levirate, levitate, liberate, license plate, lie in wait, life-estate, life estate, ligulate, lime hydrate, limitate, lineate, line of fate, lingulate, lionsgate, liquidate, lithonate, litigate, littermate, little skate, lituate, locellate, lochtegate, loculate, lubricate, lucubrate, lunulate, macerate, machinate, macrostate, magicgate, magistrate, majorate, malamate, malaxate, malonate, mamillate, mammillate, mancipate, manducate, manganate, mannitate, margravate, marinate, marmorate, marquessate, marquisate, mas-38, masculate, masterbate, mastergate, masticate, masturbate, mazda rx-8, mediaite, mediate, medicate, meditate, meliorate, mellitate, memorate, mendicate, meniscate, menstruate, mesostate, metricate, mi-28, microplate, microstate, middleweight, militate, miltomate, mil mi-8, ministate, minorate, miscreate, mistranslate, mithridate, mitigate, moderate, molybdate, monkeygate, monoclate, monserrate, month-to-date, morcellate, motivate, mucronate, multimate, multistate, munerate, munnerate, muriate, muricate, muscle-plate, mussitate, mutilate, myristate, naphthalate, narco-state, nation-state, nauseate, navigate, neonate, nethergate, net estate, nhibernate, nickel-plate, nictitate, nidulate, ninety-eight, nippitate, nivellate, nizamate, nodulate, nominate, nubilate, nucleate, numberplate, numerate, nunciate, nuncupate, nundinate, obclavate, obcordate, obfirmate, obfuscate, objurgate, oblatrate, obligate, obovate, obrogate, obsecrate, obstipate, obtruncate, obumbrate, obvallate, obviate, occrustate, occupate, ocean's 8, ocellate, ocreate, odd-pinnate, offuscate, omoplate, onerate, openweight, operate, opinlate, oppilate, orchestrate, orotate, oscillate, oscitate, ostentate, ouarzazate, out-of-date, out-of-state, overate, overdate, overfreight, overgreat, overlate, overrate, overstate, overweight, oxalate, oxamate, oxidate, oxycrate, paginate, palamate, palmitate, palpebrate, pamoate, papermate, paperweight, papillate, patellate, patinate, patriate, patrizate, payment rate, pectinate, peculate, pencillate, pendulate, penetrate, pennyweight, pepsinate, peragrate, perborate, percolate, perennate, perforate, peritrate, perlustrate, permeate, permutate, perorate, perpetrate, personate, persulfate, persulphate, pertinate, perturbate, pertusate, phenolate, phosphonate, pico-8, piece of eight, pignerate, pistillate, pivalate, pixelate, pixellate, pizzagate, plastinate, pollenate, pollinate, pollybait, populate, postillate, postulate, potentate, potestate, prebendate, predicate, pregravate, preisolate, premonstrate, principate, priorate, pristinate, proclinate, procreate, prodigate, profanate, profligate, propagate, properate, prorogate, proto-state, pruinate, pullulate, pulmonate, pulverate, pulvinate, pumicate, punctuate, pustulate, pyruvate, pyxidate, quantitate, quarter plate, quasi-state, rabbinate, radiate, radicate, raffinate, ratitate, rattlepate, re-create, real-estate, realestate, real estate, recreate, reestate, regelate, registrate, regulate, reigate, reinflate, reinstate, relegate, religate, remigrate, remonstrate, remorate, renovate, rent-rebate, replicate, researchgate, reserate, resinate, resonate, restagnate, resultate, retranslate, revocate, rhipidate, rider plate, roller-skate, rollerskate, roller skate, roominate, rostellate, rosulate, rotavate, rotundate, rubricate, ruinate, ruminate, runagate, running mate, rusticate, ruthenate, rutilate, saccharate, sacchulmate, saginate, salad plate, salinate, salivate, salsalate, sandwich plate, sanitate, sarabaite, satiate, satisfait, satterthwaite, saturate, scituate, scopulate, scutellate, second-rate, section eight, secundate, segregate, sejugate, seminate, separate, seperate, septennate, septulate, sequestrate, serenate, serrulate, shadowgate, sibilate, siffilate, sigillate, silicate, silver-plate, silverplate, silver plate, simulate, sinapate, siniate, siphonate, situate, sixty-eight, sluicegate, sofagate, solid-state, solidate, solmisate, solmizate, soporate, sparring mate, spartiate, spathulate, spatulate, speciate, speculate, sphacelate, spherulate, spiderbait, spinnerbait, spinulate, spin the plate, spirulate, spoliate, sporulate, squamellate, squamulate, squidgygate, stabilate, stablemate, stanegate, starting gate, statuate, steady-state, stellionate, stellulate, stimulate, stipellate, stipitate, stipulate, stolonate, storiate, strangulate, stridulate, strigate, sts-118, sts-28, sts-38, styramate, subcordate, subcultrate, subjugate, subluxate, subnitrate, subovate, subrogate, subsulphate, sucralfate, suffocate, suffragate, suggilate, suggillate, sulfamate, sulfonate, sullevate, sulphamate, sulphonate, sulphydrate, supernate, superstate, superstrate, supplicate, supputate, surculate, suricate, surrogate, suscitate, sustentate, syncopate, syndicate, tablemate, tabulate, tacuate, tagnicate, tantalate, tartramate, telerat, telerate, tenuate, terebate, terebrate, terminate, terneplate, tertiate, tesselate, tessellate, thinsulate, third estate, thirty-eight, thoriate, thorny skate, threshold gate, titanate, titillate, titivate, tittivate, tolerate, toluate, transmeate, transmigrate, trapezate, travelgate, tressilate, tribulate, triclinate, tricostate, tridentate, trifurcate, trihydrate, trijugate, trinitrate, tripennate, tripinnate, trisnitrate, trisulcate, trivirgate, tubulate, tumulate, turbinate, twenty-eight, twice-pinnate, twillingate, uintaite, ulcerate, ululate, umbellate, umbonate, uncarnate, uncreate, under-rate, underrate, understate, underweight, undulate, ungulate, uniate, unimate, up-to-date, uptodate, uranate, urcelate, urinate, urticate, vacillate, vacuate, valerate, valuate, vaporate, vapulate, vegetate, venditate, venerate, ventilate, veratrate, verberate, verminate, vertebrate, vestigate, viciate, virgulate, virtuate, viscerate, vitiate, vizierate, volitate, water-rate, watergate, water gate, welterweight, wi-38, wicket gate, windows 8, winterweight, yak-38, year-to-date, zinc sulfate, zinc sulphate, zippergate

4 syllables:
abalienate, abbreviate, aberuncate, abirritate, abjudicate, ablaqueate, absentee rate, absquatulate, acamprosate, accelerate, accommodate, accomodate, accumulate, acelomate, achlamydate, acidulate, acuminate, adjudicate, administrate, adulterate, affatuate, affiliate, agglomerate, agglutinate, agnominate, albuminate, alendronate, alfred the great, alkalizate, alleviate, allineate, amalgamate, ameliorate, amplificate, annihilate, anthranilate, anticipate, antifolate, antimonate, antiprostate, apocopate, apophysate, apostolate, appendicate, appreciate, appropinquate, appropriate, approximate, areolate, arietate, aristulate, arseniate, arsenicate, articulate, asiphonate, asphyxiate, assassinate, assibilate, assimilate, assimulate, associate, assubjugate, astipulate, async/await, atomic weight, attenuate, attrition rate, at any rate, authenticate, autolysate, autorotate, averruncate, avunculate, balbutiate, barbituate, batterygate, benficiate, biangulate, bibracteate, bicapitate, bicarinate, biciliate, bicolligate, biconjugate, bicornuate, bicuspidate, biflabellate, biflagellate, bigeminate, biloculate, biltmore estate, binoculate, binoxalate, biocellate, bipectinate, bipupillate, biradiate, bisilicate, bisphosphonate, bituminate, boeing 747-8, bracteolate, brevicaudate, brevipennate, bursiculate, cacuminate, calamistrate, calceolate, caloriemate, calumniate, calyculate, can't hardly wait, canonicate, capaciate, capacitate, capitellate, capreolate, carbazotate, carbohydrate, cardinalate, carunculate, catenulate, centuplicate, centuriate, chalybeate, chelicerate, chromium-plate, circumgyrate, circumrotate, circumvallate, clavulanate, clithridiate, clorazepate, co-educate, co-operate, coagulate, coeducate, coelomate, cogenerate, cohabitate, coinquinate, cointegrate, collaborate, collection plate, columellate, combining weight, commemorate, commiserate, communicate, communion-plate, compaginate, companionate, computerate, concamerate, concatenate, concelebrate, conciliate, concolorate, concorporate, conduplicate, confabulate, confederate, confusticate, conglaciate, conglobulate, conglutinate, congratulate, consolidate, contaminate, conterminate, contiguate, contorniate, contraindicate, conviciate, coordinate, copper sulfate, copper sulphate, corbiculate, corniculate, corroborate, covariate, crebricostate, crebrisulcate, cross-pollinate, cryohydrate, curvicaudate, curvicostate, curvidentate, cyclandelate, cyclostomate, cypionate, de-escalate, deactivate, deallocate, debilitate, debulliate, decaffeinate, decahydrate, decapitate, decapsulate, decarbonate, decelerate, decemdentate, decerebrate, dechlorinate, deciduate, decompensate, deconcentrate, deconsecrate, decorticate, decrepitate, dedecorate, deescalate, defatigate, defenestrate, defibrillate, defibrinate, deflategate, degenerate, deglutinate, deintegrate, delaminate, delapidate, deliberate, deliciate, delimitate, delineate, delitigate, demodulate, demotivate, demyelinate, denominate, denunciate, deonerate, deoppilate, depatriate, depauperate, depeditate, depopulate, depreciate, depreicate, depucelate, depudicate, dequantitate, desalinate, desaturate, desegregate, detenebrate, determinate, detoxicate, devaluate, devenustate, dextrogyrate, diacetate, dialysate, dialyzate, difficultate, digital8, digladiate, dijudicate, dilacerate, dilaniate, dilapidate, dilucidate, diluviate, dimidiate, dinocerate, discalceate, discolorate, discommodate, disconsecrate, disconsolate, discriminate, discruciate, disincarnate, disintegrate, disoppilate, disoxidate, dispersonate, dispropriate, disseminate, dissentiate, dissimilate, dissimulate, disterminate, diverberate, domesticate, ebulliate, ecarinate, eccoriate, echinulate, edentulate, edituate, edulcorate, effascinate, effectuate, efflagitate, effluviate, egerminate, ejaculate, elaborate, elaqueate, electroplate, elicitate, eliminate, eloignate, elucidate, elucubrate, elutriate, eluviate, emacerate, emaciate, emancipate, emasculate, emendicate, emolliate, enavigate, enbucrilate, encapsulate, ennialate, enturbulate, enubilate, enucleate, enumerate, enunciate, episcopate, equilibrate, equipensate, equivocate, eradiate, eradicate, essentiate, estipulate, etazolate, ethinamate, etidronate, etomidate, evacuate, evaluate, evaporate, even-pinnate, eventilate, evestigate, eviscerate, exacerbate, exacuate, exaggerate, exagitate, examinate, exannulate, exarillate, exasperate, exaugurate, exauthorate, excalceate, excogitate, excoriate, excorticate, excruciate, excursion rate, exestuate, exheredate, exhilarate, exoculate, exonerate, exorbitate, expatiate, expatriate, expostulate, expropriate, exsanguinate, exscutellate, exstipulate, exsuscitate, extenuate, exterminate, extimulate, extortionate, extrapolate, extravagate, extravasate, extravenate, exulcerate, exungulate, exuscitate, exuviate, facilitate, fantasticate, fasciculate, faveolate, febricitate, felicitate, fenofibrate, ferruminate, fertilitate, figure of eight, fivethirtyeight, flexicostate, fluorine-18, fluosilicate, foliolate, foraminate, format18, foveolate, frederick the great, gelatinate, geniculate, glochidiate, glomerulate, glucosamate, glucuronate, glufosinate, glycerinate, glycocholate, google translate, governorate, gs1-128, habilitate, habituate, halogenate, hariolate, hemichordate, hemihydrate, heptahydrate, herod the great, hexahydrate, hexanitrate, homogenate, homologate, horripilate, humiliate, hydnocarpate, hydriodate, hydrofluate, hydrogenate, hydrolysate, hydrolyzate, hydrosulphate, hyposulphate, hypothecate, illaqueate, illegimate, illuviate, imbreviate, immiserate, imperforate, impersonate, impinguate, imposthumate, improvisate, inactivate, inactuate, inadequate, inamorate, incapsulate, incarcerate, incinerate, incommodate, inconsummate, incoronate, incorporate, incriminate, indoctrinate, indubitate, induplicate, induviate, inebriate, inequitate, inexpiate, infatuate, infinitate, inflation rate, infraspinate, infuriate, ingeminate, ingenerate, ingerminate, ingratiate, ingravidate, ingurgitate, inhabitate, initiate, inlapidate, innoculate, inoculate, inodiate, inopinate, insalivate, insaniate, insatiate, insatisfait, inseminate, insimulate, installment rate, instantiate, instimulate, instipulate, intemerate, intenerate, interestrate, interminate, interpolate, interpretate, interrelate, interrogate, intimidate, intoxicate, inturbidate, inusitate, invacuate, invalidate, invertebrate, investigate, invigilate, inviscerate, invitiate, irradiate, irradicate, irregulate, isocitrate, italianate, junior lightweight, khediviate, koreagate, korean strait, korea strait, laciniate, laevogyrate, lanceolate, landed estate, landgraviate, laticostate, lcm-8, lead acetate, lead carbonate, leb128, lenticellate, levogyrate, levulinate, licentiate, light-heavyweight, light-welterweight, light heavyweight, lineolate, linolenate, lixiviate, longipennate, long hundredweight, louis the great, lubricitate, lying in wait, machicolate, mandarinate, manipulate, manupilate, margraviate, marocchinate, martin braithwaite, materiate, meprobamate, merthiolate, mesoxalate, metastannate, metatungstate, methotrexate, minimumweight, misallocate, miscalculate, miscegenate, misconsecrate, miseducate, mispunctuate, misregulate, modificate, monicagate, monohydrate, morigerate, mucronulate, multicostate, multijugate, multinodate, multiplicate, multistriate, multisulcate, multungulate, munificate, necessitate, negociate, negotiate, nidificate, nobilitate, noviciate, novitiate, nucleolate, nudicaudate, obcuneate, obequitate, obimbricate, objectivate, obliterate, oblong-ovate, obnubilate, obstetricate, obtenebrate, octodentate, officiate, opiniate, opinionate, oppignerate, orbiculate, originate, osmiamate, overhydrate, oxanilate, oxygenate, pamidronate, paniculate, pantothenate, participate, parturiate, patriciate, pedicellate, pediculate, pedunculate, pentahydrate, perendinate, periclitate, periodate, permanganate, perpetuate, pertechnetate, pervaporate, pervestigate, pete postlethwaite, philosophate, phlogisticate, picolinate, planipennate, playboy playmate, polycerate, polychromate, polydentate, polysorbate, polytungstate, pompey the great, pontificate, potentiate, precalculate, precipitate, precogitate, preconizate, predesignate, predominate, prefabricate, pregravitate, preindicate, prejudicate, premeditate, prenominate, preoccupate, presentiate, prime interest rate, proboscidate, procrastinate, professorate, progenerate, prognosticate, proliferate, promagistrate, propitiate, protochordate, provinciate, ptenoglossate, public debate, pyroborate, pyrogallate, pyrolysate, pyromalate, pyromucate, pyrosulphate, pyrotartrate, quadricostate, quadripennate, quadrisulcate, quadruplicate, quinquedentate, quintuplicate, re-educate, reactivate, recalcitrate, recalculate, recalibrate, recelebrate, recidivate, reciprocate, recirculate, reconcentrate, reconsecrate, reconsolate, recriminate, recuperate, redecorate, rededicate, redemonstrate, redintegrate, reduplicate, reeducate, refocillate, reformulate, refrigerate, regenerate, regerminate, regurgitate, reimpregnate, reincarnate, reingratiate, reintegrate, reiterate, rejuvenate, reliquidate, remasticate, remediate, rememorate, remunerate, renavigate, renominate, renumerate, renunciate, repatriate, repayment rate, repopulate, reporting weight, repristinate, repudiate, reradiate, reregulate, reseminate, restimulate, resuscitate, retaliate, retroserrate, revalidate, revaluate, revegetate, revendicate, rhomboid-ovate, risedronate, saccharinate, sailor's breastplate, santoninate, scepterellate, scholasticate, scrobiculate, second estate, securitate, seleniate, self-conjugate, self-medicate, self-pollinate, self-replicate, semi-prostrate, semicastrate, semiovate, semipalmate, septemplicate, septuplicate, seraskierate, sesquiplicate, seventy-eight, sexradiate, sextuplicate, short hundredweight, silver nitrate, siraskierate, solemnizate, solicitate, sophisticate, stabilitate, statuminate, stielhandgranate, strophiolate, subacetate, subaduncate, subalternate, subarcuate, subcarbonate, subdelegate, subduplicate, subhumerate, subindicate, subirrigate, subliterate, subministrate, subordinate, subsilicate, substantiate, subtiliate, subungulate, succinamate, suffumigate, sulphostannate, sulphotungstate, super-flyweight, superfetate, supersulphate, suppeditate, supraspinate, suroxidate, surrealestate, suspercollate, syllabicate, tamzin outhwaite, taurocholate, telegramgate, tergeminate, testudinate, tetraborate, thc-o-acetate, the hateful eight, thiosulfate, thiosulphate, topiramate, totipalmate, tralineate, transactivate, transaminate, transpeciate, transverberate, triacetate, triangulate, tribracteate, tricuspidate, trimetrexate, trinucleate, tripalmitate, triplicostate, tripudiate, triradiate, tristitiate, tuberculate, tumultuate, turnover rate, ultrafiltrate, unallocate, uncompensate, uncomplicate, unconsecrate, unconsummate, unicostate, unijugate, unimplicate, uniovulate, unipennate, uniplicate, unmagistrate, unmasculate, unruinate, unsatiate, unsaturate, urceolate, urocanate, urochordate, ustulate, vacancy rate, vacunagate, vanadiate, varicellate, variolate, vasoligate, verbigerate, verticillate, vertiginate, vesiculate, vitrificate, vitriolate, vulcanizate, xanthogenate, yandex.translate, zoledronate, zooflagellate

5 syllables:
abruptly-pinnate, acoelomate, aculeolate, acuminulate, adipocerate, angulo-dentate, appendiculate, arachidonate, archegoniate, archiepiscopate, assibiliate, atmega328, at an equal rate, autoconfiscate, barium sulphate, beneficiate, beryllium-8, biacuminate, bifoliolate, bilaciniate, binarseniate, binucleolate, borosilicate, calcium hydrate, calcium nitrate, calcium sulphate, catechumenate, catherine the great, cellulose nitrate, cephalochordate, chloroplatinate, circumagitate, circumaviate, circumnavigate, circumstantiate, circumundulate, cnn-news18, conferruminate, consubstantiate, contortuplicate, counterirritate, cross-contaminate, cyclopentolate, cyclosilicate, decontaminate, dehydrogenate, dentate-ciliate, deoxycholate, deoxygenate, dephlogisticate, depotentiate, desophisticate, deteriorate, diagnosticate, differentiate, difficilitate, diisocyanate, dimenhydrinate, dinoflagellate, disaccommodate, disaffiliate, disambiguate, disappreciate, disappropriate, disassimilate, discapacitate, disequilibrate, dishabilitate, dishabituate, disincarcerate, disincorporate, disintoxicate, disinvigorate, disorientate, disoxygenate, dissassociate, domiciliate, ebracteolate, equivalent weight, ethylphenidate, ethyl acetate, excarnificate, excommunicate, exercising weight, exponentiate, ferricyanate, ferrocyanate, fertility rate, fluoroacetate, galericulate, glucosinolate, glycopyrrolate, grade-appropriate, gregory the great, haemagglutinate, hemagglutinate, hemoflagellate, homogangliate, human body weight, hydrocarbonate, hydrocyanate, hyperventilate, imbecilitate, imprejudicate, inanitiate, incapacitate, incontaminate, inosilicate, insubordinate, intercorrelate, interlineate, interpenetrate, interseminate, interungulate, involucellate, isocyanate, junior featherweight, junior middleweight, junior welterweight, kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate, kugelhandgranate, laciniolate, lignosulfonate, linearensate, lm358, maleficiate, maturity date, meclofenamate, mesitylenate, metabolic rate, metasilicate, methylphenidate, metric hundredweight, misappropriate, miscommunicate, mithridates the great, molecular weight, monounsaturate, mortality rate, multicandidate, multicarinate, multicuspidate, multigranulate, multinucleate, multiradiate, nesosilicate, nondegenerate, oblanceolate, occupancy rate, orthosilicate, ovate-rotundate, overagitate, overcompensate, overcomplicate, overcultivate, overdecorate, overestimate, overmedicate, overregulate, oversaturate, overstimulate, oxalacetate, oxygen-18, oxymuriate, personal estate, petiolulate, phosphoglycerate, photoduplicate, photographic plate, phyllosilicate, phytoflagellate, plantlike flagellate, polycarbonate, polychlorinate, predeterminate, preindesignate, protosilicate, pseudocoelomate, quantum logic gate, radiolocate, re-evaluate, re-incorporate, re-reiterate, read-copy-update, reappropriate, reassimilate, recapacitate, recapitulate, reconsolidate, reevaluate, rehabilitate, rehypothecate, reilluminate, reincorporate, reinoculate, reinterrogate, reinvestigate, reinvigorate, renegociate, renegotiate, rpg-18, rpg-28, self-perpetuate, septentrionate, sesquialterate, sesquicarbonate, sesquiduplicate, sodium nitrate, sodium sulphate, solidungulate, sorosilicate, specbaserate, spinii-spirulate, squarroso-dentate, suborbiculate, subpedunculate, succenturiate, sulphantimonate, sulphocarbonate, sulphocyanate, super-bantamweight, super-featherweight, super-heavyweight, super-middleweight, supercarbonate, supererogate, superheavyweight, supersaturate, superseminate, tectosilicate, terebinthinate, thermoregulate, thiocarbonate, thiocyanate, tintinnabulate, transelementate, transilluminate, transubstantiate, trifoliolate, ufc on espn 28, ultracrepidate, unadulterate, unaffiliate, unappropriate, undecylenate, underestimate, undeterminate, undomesticate, unemployment rate, unicornuate, uniflagellate, unifolliate, unifollilate, uninitiate, unisilicate, unregenerate, unsophisticate, valerianate, variable-rate, viacom18, vitilitigate, walking delegate, y-coordinate

6 syllables:
12.38, a42128, acetoacetate, alexander the great, amanohashidate, ammonium nitrate, amphetamine sulphate, aquatic vertebrate, bioaccumulate, calcium carbonate, capital of kuwait, cellulose acetate, choanoflagellate, cryoprecipitate, dedifferentiate, dehydrochlorinate, depreciation rate, dexmethylphenidate, dichloroacetate, dithiocarbamate, even-toed ungulate, forisfamiliate, heterogangliate, hydrofluosilicate, hydrogen carbonate, immunoconjugate, intercommunicate, invasion of kuwait, lenticulostriate, lithium carbonate, macroinvertebrate, magnesium sulfate, mercury fulminate, metropolitanate, microencapsulate, misunderestimate, multituberculate, opisthopulmonate, ovate-acuminate, ovate-lanceolate, ovato-rotundate, overexaggerate, oxaloacetate, peroxydisulfate, persulphocyanate, phosphoenolpyruvate, plurifoliolate, potassium nitrate, radioactivate, rashidun caliphate, rhineland-palatinate, sedimentation rate, semiverticillate, sodium carbonate, sodium dichromate, telecommunicate, tomato concentrate, unifoliolate

7 syllables:
alkylbenzenesulfonate, aluminosilicate, ammonium carbonate, basal metabolic rate, bmw i8, elliptic-lanceolate, hyperoxymuriate, immunoprecipitate, infant mortality rate, isosulphocyanate, isothiocyanate, komi can't communicate, ovato-acuminate, p-azobenzenearsonate, phentermine/topiramate, plutonium-238, polyoxometalate, polyvinyl acetate, potassium carbonate, potassium dichromate, sukhoi su-75 checkmate, uranium-238

8 syllables:
bmw b58, list of cities by murder rate

9 syllables:
4-fluoromethylphenidate, de havilland canada dash 8

10 syllables:

11 syllables:

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