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Words and phrases whose definition contains music:   (485 results)

aaron copland, accelerando, accept, acid rock, adagio, add, aficionado, anton bruckner, apollo, arioso, arrangement, arranging, athleticism, audio cd, audio compact disc, austrian, away, bach, bachelor of music, bagatelle, ballad maker, ballet, ballroom music, band, barrel organ, bass, bass part, beat, beats per minute, beethoven, beguine, berg, blasting, bluegrass, bmus, bolero, bpm, brage, bragi, brahms, break dance, break dancing, byrd, cadenza, cage, canon, canto, capital of tennessee, carioca, ceilidh, chamber music, chamber orchestra, chavez, chopin, chord, chordal, choreograph, choreography, church music, clap, classical music, collapse, color, coloratura, compose, composer, concert, concerted music, concert dance, conga, copland, country and western, country music, crescendo, crossover, cut, dance, danceroom music, dance band, dance music, dance orchestra, dancing, decreasing, decrescendo, department of music, diatonic, diminuendo, disc, disco, discotheque, disc jockey, disk, disk jockey, dj, dmus, doctor of music, dominant, doo-wop, dulcimer, ecdysiast, electric organ, electronic organ, elgar, elizabethan, enchanting, enlivened, enraptured, entr'acte, ethnic music, euterpe, exotic dancer, expressive style, fanfare, fastidiously, feeling, feminine, fierce, figure, flamenco, flourish, flower people, folk, folk music, forte, fortissimo, gavotte, genre, gilbert and sullivan, good, gospel, greek mode, greet, grind organ, habanera, habituate, haley, hammond organ, handel, handy, hand organ, harmonisation, harmonise, harmonization, harmonize, harmony, haydn, hearing, heavy metal, hendrix, heraldic, high mass, hillbilly music, hip-hop, hippies, homophony, hop, hornpipe, hungarian, hurdy gurdy, idea, impressionist, incidental music, inclination, increasing, instrumentation, interest, interlude, intermezzo, intro, jackson, jazz, jazzman, jazz musician, jig, jive, johannes brahms, johann sebastian bach, juke, juke joint, key, keynote, kwela, landler, larghetto, largo, lauder, leading tone, legato, leipzig, lennon, lento, liakoura, librettist, ligature, lilt, loud, loudly, low mass, ludwig van beethoven, macumba, march, marching music, marriage, martial music, masculine, master class, mazurka, mccartney, mediant, melodic theme, metronome, metronome marking, military march, mingle, minuet, mixed, modern, mods, modulate, monody, monophonic music, monophony, motif, motive, mount parnassus, mozart, musd, mushiness, musical, musicality, musicalness, musical arrangement, musical box, musical chairs, musical drama, musical harmony, musical performance, musical rhythm, musical scale, musical soiree, musical theme, musician, musicianship, musicogenic epilepsy, musicology, music box, music department, music lesson, music of the spheres, music paper, music rack, music school, music stand, music teacher, nashville, neoclassicism, nocturne, noise, nonmusical, notate, note value, oboe d'amore, opera, orchestration, organ, overture, pacing, parnassus, part, part music, paso doble, pastel, pavan, pavane, peeler, penetrate, percussive, performance, philharmonic, phoebus, phoebus apollo, phonograph record, phonograph recording, pianissimo, piano, pibroch, piping, platter, play, point, polka, polyphonic music, polyphony, polytonalism, polytonality, pop, popular, popularism, popular music, pop music, prelude, preparation, presley, processional, profane, prosodion, publisher, pulsate, punk, punks, punk rock, put, pyrotechnics, quadrille, quality, rag, ragtime, rap, rapper, rapt, rapture, rap music, rave, realisation, realise, realization, realize, recital, record, recorded, record hop, reel, reggae, register, registration, reharmonization, reinvent, relaxer, release, religious music, religious song, resolution, rhumba, rhythm, rhythmicity, richard wagner, rock, rock-and-roll, rockabilly, rocker, rock 'n' roll, rock and roll, rock band, rock concert, rock group, rock music, rock star, romanian, rotation, roulade, royal national eisteddfod, rumba, saltation, salzburg, samba, saraband, scale, schmaltz, schmalz, school of music, schottische, score paper, secular, segno, segue, serial, serialism, serially, serial music, serious music, serve, sessions, set, set to music, sforzando, share, shimmy, sight-read, singing, skank, skiffle, slide, slowly, slur, snake charmer, soft, softly, soiree musicale, songster, songwriter, soundboard, sounding board, spanish, special, square-dance music, staccato, staff, statement, stave, stop, stravinsky, street organ, strip, stripper, striptease, stripteaser, striptease artist, strip show, style, subdominant, subdued, submediant, subtonic, supertonic, swell, swing, swoop, syncopation, synesthetic, synthesize, synthesizer, tallis, tango, tarantella, taylor, tempo, tenor clef, terpsichore, theme, tie, timber, timbre, time value, tin pan alley, tonality, tone, tone-deaf, tone ending, tonic, track, transcribe, transcription, transfer, transfuse, transpose, transposition, tremolo, tucket, tuning, tweedle, twelve-tone music, twist, unison, unmusical, uplift, value, van beethoven, very loudly, very softly, vibrato, vivace, vocal, vocalizing, vocal music, voice, volume, wagner, wagnerian, waltz, wilhelm richard wagner, words, world premiere, write, young, zydeco

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