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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to house:   (810 results)

attic, box office, circle, claque, dressing room, dress circle, garret, greenroom, library, loft, orchestra, orchestra pit, parquet, parquet circle, parterre, pit, porch, stage, standing room, study, theater stage, theatre stage, ticket booth, ticket office, tiered seats

Often used in the same context:
bungalow, bedroom, apartment, townhouse, residence, mansion, farmhouse, duplex, homes, garage, maisonette, villa, fourplex, terraced house, cottage, upstairs, chicken coop, attic, abode, carport, shack, condo, manse, outbuilding, porch, triplex, rabbit hutch, downstairs, front porch, basement, rowhouse, parsonage, barn, homeowner, bedsit, master bedroom, guesthouse, condominium, summerhouse, castle, neighbor, manor house, kitchen, room, mews, cowshed, dwellings, rooming house, cabin, weatherboard, driveway, wendy house, hut, motel, premises, camper trailer, property, crawlspace, cul de sac, neighborhood, backyard, hutment, building, dorm, vicarage, crackhouse, brownstone, hostel, dormer window, sunroom, flats, livingroom, chalet, family, hovel, landlord, saltbox, washhouse, loft, penthouse, inn, homestead, dormitory, door, convent, apts, firetrap, rectory, verandah, terrace, stoep, courtyard, treehouse, woodpile, corncrib, houseboat, manor, rumpus room, fireplace, bunkie, nightclothes, shanty, bouse, houses, lodge, clubhouse, courthouse, dwelling, saloon, parlour, inhouse, infirmary, school, tavern, arsenal, called, club, commissary, organized, quarantine, wellorganized, backroom, city, era, home, hours, insured, municipal

More specific:
accommodate, accounting firm, adobe house, aquarius, aquarius the water bearer, arena theater, aries, aries the ram, auction house, bagnio, bathhouse, beach house, boardinghouse, boarding house, boathouse, bungalow, cabin, cancer, cancer the crab, capricon the goat, capricorn, chalet, chamber, chapterhouse, cinema, conjugal family, consulting company, consulting firm, cottage, country house, courthouse, dail, dail eireann, dealer, detached house, dollhouse, door, duplex, duplex house, extended family, farmhouse, field house, foster home, fraternity house, frat house, gatehouse, gemini, gemini the twins, guesthouse, hacienda, hall, home, house of commons, house of lords, house of representatives, hunting lodge, icehouse, law firm, leo, leo the lion, libra, libra the balance, libra the scales, lodge, maisonnette, manse, mansion, mansion house, meat house, movie house, movie theater, movie theatre, music hall, nuclear family, oast house, opera, opera house, picture palace, pisces, pisces the fishes, publisher, publishing company, publishing firm, publishing house, pumping station, pump house, ranch house, rehouse, residence, royalty, royal family, royal house, royal line, sagittarius, sagittarius the archer, saltbox, scorpio, scorpio the scorpion, seanad, seanad eireann, semidetached house, single dwelling, smokehouse, soddy, sod house, solar house, sports arena, take in, taurus, taurus the bull, theater in the round, vaudeville theater, vaudeville theatre, villa, virgo, virgo the virgin

Appears in the definition of:
., access, accrue, acheta, address, adiantum tenerum farleyense, adobe house, advocate, ahead of time, air-condition, alarm, andrew jackson downing, apartment, appoint, appointed, apportionment, archduchess, archduke, ascetically, ask over, ask round, assess, astor, attack, attic, available, back, backbench, backbencher, backyard, baiomys taylori, bank, banking game, barbados maidenhair, bare, barrack, bay window, beach house, bethel, big top, blueprint, board, boarder, boardinghouse, boarding house, boathouse, bog, bog down, bow window, bravely, breathe, bristly, british house of commons, british house of lords, brothel keeper, brownstone, bungalow, burn, burst, cabin, capitol, capitol building, carpet, carpodacus, casual, cat burglar, chalet, chapterhouse, chateau, chatelaine, circle, circus tent, clatter, clean, clean house, clear, cleek, climb, climb up, close, common mosquito, company, condominium, congressional district, congressman, congresswoman, cottage, country doctor, country house, court, cover, covet, crash, crossbench, crossbencher, culex pipiens, cursory, curtilage, custody, dacha, dail, dail eireann, darkened, decay, deceive, delightfully, design, destined, destroy, detached house, devices, disclose, disinfest, disparaging, do-it-yourself, doll's house, dollhouse, door-to-door, dooryard, dosshouse, downing, dress circle, drippage, dripping, drive, driveway, drop by, duplex, duplex house, earl of warwick, effects, embowered, emplace, engulfed, envelop, escape, expand, fall, family room, farley maidenhair, farley maidenhair fern, farmhouse, farther, filled, first, fixer-upper, flat, flophouse, flybridge, flying bridge, fly bridge, forewarn, for a song, fraternity house, frat house, free house, frontbencher, front bench, front room, front yard, furnish, garden, gardner, garret, gate, gatehouse, genus acheta, genus carpodacus, genus mus, genus rattus, glory fern, go out, grotesquely, grounds, guesthouse, hacienda, hall, hands, hanover, hanoverian, hanoverian line, haunted, heat, helpful, henry tudor, henry vii, hewn, home buyer, house-proud, house-to-house, housebreak, housebreaker, houseclean, housecleaning, housedog, houseful, houseguest, housekeeping, housepaint, houseroom, houses of parliament, housetop, housework, house guest, house husband, house of cards, house of commons, house of hanover, house of lancaster, house of lords, house of representatives, house of york, house paint, house painting, house party, house sitter, housing start, hunting lodge, icehouse, imprison, improvise, invite, isabella stewart gardner, jeannette rankin, lackadaisically, lancaster, lancastrian, lancastrian line, land, lethargically, light-haired, live, live in, live out, living-room, living room, lock up, lodge, lodger, lodging house, loft, look, lord chancellor, lord high chancellor, lucky, lumber room, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, madam, maisonette, maisonnette, malathion, manageably, manor, manse, mansion, mansion house, manufactured home, mary ludwig hays mccauley, mary mccauley, master bedroom, mccauley, meat house, megabucks, member of parliament, mercilessly, mess, messuage, metamorphosis, mobile home, mod con, mold, molly pitcher, monkey bridge, mortgaged, move in, move out, mus, nancy witcher astor, nearer, neglect, negotiate, neighbor, nicely, old, operation, ordered, orient, oriented, other than, oval office, overrule, overshadow, painting, parliamentarian, parlor, parlour, part, pass, passer montanus, peel, peeling, peer of the realm, percolate, personal effects, pitter-patter, planter, playhouse, plaza, possess, poster, post horse, potboy, potman, pressure-wash, press corps, pretentious, private road, probable cause, projectionist, property, publican, pumping station, pump house, pump room, pygmy mouse, raid, ranch house, rankin, rationalize away, rattus, reason, rebuild, reception room, recommit, reconstruct, redecorate, redo, relinquish, remodel, remodeled, renovation, rental, renting, rent collector, representative, residence, resident commissioner, retrofit, revamp, richard neville, rid, ridicule, roofless, room, roomer, rooming house, round top, row house, run, rusticate, safe house, saltbox, scantling, seanad, seanad eireann, secured, semidetached, semidetached house, senate, separate, serenade, set, shoddily, shooting box, shooting lodge, shutter, side, side yard, silent, single-handed, single-handedly, single dwelling, sitting room, slam-bang, sleep in, sleep out, smokehouse, sneak, snot-nosed, snug, soddy, sod house, soiree, solar house, sold-out, solidly, speaker, spring-clean, spring-cleaning, spruce, spruce up, stagger, startling, stash house, stillroom, still room, stipulate, stoep, stoop, stop, structural, strut, stud, subordinator, substantially, summer house, super, superannuated, superintendent, tame, tastefully, tastelessly, tatty, tavern keeper, tenement, tenement house, terrace, terraced house, terrasse, thatch, thatched roof, theatrically, the kingmaker, top, town house, to a t, track, trailer camp, trailer park, transit, tree sparrow, u.s. house, u.s. house of representatives, u. s. code, unattainably, uncut, underfoot, underneath, under the circumstances, unhelpfully, unhewn, united states code, united states house of representatives, united states senate, unknown, unmanageably, unpainted, unrentable, unsold, update, us house, us house of representatives, us senate, valois, vegetate, villa, viscountess astor, void, waggish, warmth, wars of the roses, warwick, war of the roses, wash, washout, ways and means committee, weathered, welcome, wendy house, whisk, widow's walk, wire, wired, woman, working, wreck, yard, yon, yonder, york

Part of:

More general:
abode, audience, bear, bield, building, business, business concern, business organization, carry, child's play, community, concern, contain, domicile, dwelling, dwelling house, edifice, family, family line, folk, general assembly, habitation, hold, home, kinfolk, kinsfolk, law-makers, legislative assembly, legislature, part, phratry, play, region, sept, shelter, social unit, unit

business firm, family, firm, home, household, mansion, menage, planetary house, put up, sign, sign of the zodiac, theater, theatre

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