Words and phrases that rhyme with line:   (762 results)

1 syllable:
-cline, aisne, b-line, b-spline, brine, bryne, chine, cine-, cline, clyne, crine, deine, dhein, digne, dine, dwine, ein, fein, feine, feyen, fine, fly-in, grine, guynn, hein, heine, heyen, hine, huynh, jain, klein, kleine, kline, kyne, lign-, ligne, lyne, lysne, miene, mine, nine, pine, prine, pruyn, pyne, quine, rhein, rhin-, rhine, rhyne, rine, rn cine, schein, schien, schiene, schlein, schneien, schreien, schwein, scrine, sein, seyen, shein, shine, shrine, shyne, sign, signe, sine, skeine, spine, spline, spyne, stein, steine, stijn, stine, strine, styne, suine, svein, swine, syene, teine, thein, theine, thine, tie-in, tine, trein, trine, twine, tyne, vigne, vine, whine, wine, wyne, zine

2 syllables:
#pound-sign, #sharp-sign, a-line, affine, airline, alewine, align, aline, alline, alpine, alwine, angine, antwine, archine, arline, arlyne, arnwine, aryne, ashine, ashline, asine, assign, axline, azbine, babine, baline, baseline, benign, bergstein, berkline, berline, bistline, black pine, blondine, bloodline, bluestine, blush wine, boehnlein, bornstein, bovine, brandwein, braunstein, brillstein, bronstein, brookline, brownstein, brown pine, bull pine, burdine, burnstein, byerlein, byline, cabine, cafine, canine, caprine, carbine, chahine, champine, choline, cloud nine, coastline, colline, combine, compline, condign, confine, coniine, conine, consign, consigne, cosine, crossnine, cross vine, darline, dateline, deadline, decline, define, design, destine, devine, dewine, didine, divine, dragline, drinkwine, earthshine, eccrine, eckstein, emlynne, enseigne, enshrine, entwine, epstein, equine, errhine, erskine, extine, feinstein, feline, fierstein, fischbein, fishbein, flourine, forpine, francyne, friedline, fromstein, frontline, gardyne, gladstein, glickstein, goeglein, goldfine, goldmine, goldstein, goodstein, goodwine, gorsline, gourdine, gourd vine, gradine, gralline, grapevine, graveline, greenstein, grinstein, ground pine, grubstein, grumbine, guideline, gutwein, hainline, hairline, hardline, hartline, hartstein, headline, healthdyne, heinlein, hemline, henline, heublein, high sign, holstine, hoop pine, hornstein, hot-line, hotline, huffine, hygeine, ice-nine, imine, in-line, incline, indigne, infine, inline, insigne, intine, intwine, jack pine, jade vine, jardine, jug wine, juliane, karline, kathline, kichline, komine, l-cystine, l-proline, landmine, land mine, levine, lifeline, limine, lipstein, love vine, lupine, mainline, malign, may wine, melvine, midline, millstein, milstein, mondschein, moonshine, morein, mulled wine, murrhine, myrrhine, nadein, neustine, nightline, nothstein, nut pine, off-line, offline, oline, on-line, online, opine, outline, outshine, pearlstein, pearlstine, pernine, pfundstein, pink wine, pipeline, pipe vine, pitch pine, plus sign, polline, pond pine, port wine, praline, prefine, propine, punchline, quinine, ralline, ramstein, rankine, re-sign, recline, redwine, red pine, red wine, refine, reichwein, reinstein, reline, repine, rereign, resign, retine, rheinstein, rhine wine, rhone wine, richwine, rootstein, roseline, rose wine, rutstein, salt mine, sciurine, scotch pine, scots pine, screw pine, scrub pine, sevigne, shampine, sharline, sharp-sign, shinbein, shoeshine, shoreline, shore pine, sideline, silk vine, sinn fein, skyline, smithkline, spruce pine, squash vine, staff vine, stanline, stecklein, stoecklein, stone pine, strandline, straw wine, streamline, street sign, strip mine, strychnine, subline, sunshine, supine, susswein, swamp pine, swiss pine, sylvine, tagline, trapline, trautwein, trendline, trimedyne, troutwine, true pine, trunkline, turdine, twonshein, undigne, unline, untwine, ursine, vahine, vandine, vanduyn, vanduyne, vandyne, vase vine, verdine, v sign, waistline, weinstein, wetstein, white pine, white wine, wickline, wireline, withvine, withwine, woolwine, zumstein

3 syllables:
actodine, adeline, aerodyne, akamine, alamein, alkaline, allgemeine, altar wine, amrhein, ancient pine, anticline, apolline, aronstein, asinine, asselstine, ballantine, balloon vine, bankverein, barentine, barrentine, bartlestein, bishop's pine, bishop pine, bodenstein, boeschenstein, boomershine, bordeaux wine, borderline, borenstein, brandenstein, brandywine, brisendine, byzantine, by design, calamine, caroline, casterline, celandine, ceradyne, chemdesign, chile pine, clementine, clozapine, columbine, compudyne, concubine, conradine, considine, constantine, cooperstein, copper mine, coraline, coral vine, crystalline, cypress pine, cypress vine, dealerline, dessert wine, digidyne, disincline, dobberstein, dollar sign, dopamine, douglas pine, duberstein, earlywine, eberlein, eberwein, edelstein, eglantine, emeline, emmeline, endocrine, enterline, equals sign, esterline, etheline, false lupine, feuerstein, field lupine, finkelstein, firesign, fleckenstein, floating mine, frankenstein, genuine, geodyne, georgia pine, gillentine, goberstein, goldenstein, grabenstein, groundnut vine, grudenstein, hammerstein, haneline, hartenstein, hazeltine, heberlein, heseltine, hineline, ianthine, incombine, inosine, interdyne, interligne, intertwine, intestine, iodine, jacobine, jeffrey's pine, jeffrey pine, jennewein, jersey pine, josceline, joscelyne, karoline, kiwi vine, knotty pine, kudzu vine, leontine, lichtenstein, liechtenstein, limber pine, lodgepole pine, longleaf pine, lowenstein, macalpine, marine mine, mcalpine, melon vine, mesorrhine, microdyne, minus sign, missildine, moneyline, mountain pine, multiline, negro vine, non-align, nonalign, noscapine, oil pipeline, orgotein, oxidyne, paeonine, palatine, palestine, paradyne, peanut vine, pepperdine, pepper vine, percent sign, porcupine, prickly pine, prince's pine, princess pine, pumpkin vine, pycnocline, railroad vine, realign, realine, reassign, recombine, redefine, redesign, river tyne, rocketdyne, rosenshine, rosenstein, rubinstein, rudenstine, running pine, russian vine, saberbein, sabine pine, saccharine, safferstein, schottenstein, serpentine, silberstein, silverstein, silver mine, silver pine, silver vine, socotrine, soledad pine, sophrosyne, sparkling wine, spectradyne, stanadyne, storyline, sulphur mine, surface mine, swiss stone pine, table wine, tara vine, technodyne, teledyne, teradyne, threonine, timberline, torrey pine, tree lupine, trumpet vine, turpentine, unbenign, uncombine, underline, undermine, undivine, valentine, vanalstyne, vogelstein, wallenstein, wallerstein, wasserstein, wendeline, westland pine, weymouth pine, white lupine, wild lupine, wild quinine, wine and dine, winterstein, yellow pine

4 syllables:
amantadine, australian pine, babinski sign, be on cloud nine, black cypress pine, blue columbine, burgundy wine, canary wine, cantaloupe vine, capitoline, celery pine, china fleece vine, cinnamon vine, clomipramine, common grape vine, count palatine, cucumber vine, dwarf mountain pine, eastern white pine, econoline, el alamein, envirodyne, evangeline, fortified wine, frankincense pine, goa bean vine, guinea gold vine, heterodyne, hickory pine, king william pine, loblolly pine, magnetic mine, masseterine, monterey pine, northern pitch pine, opianine, oregon pine, oxyrrhodine, percentage sign, port jackson pine, potato vine, prairie gourd vine, radical sign, red cypress pine, running headline, silver lace vine, spirits of wine, summer squash vine, sundial lupine, sweet melon vine, swiss mountain pine, tasman dwarf pine, textile screw pine, tree celandine, umbrella pine, virginia pine, western white pine, white cypress pine, yellow lupine

5 syllables:
alaskan pipeline, allegheny vine, california wine, celery top pine, cholestyramine, common sickle pine, county palatine, easter lily vine, egyptian lupine, greater celandine, isodesmosine, japanese black pine, japanese red pine, lesser celandine, matrimony vine, mexican nut pine, moreton bay pine, newspaper headline, new world porcupine, new zealand white pine, norfolk island pine, oil of turpentine, old world porcupine, ponderosa pine, southern yellow pine, southwestern white pine, sweet potato vine, watermelon vine, western prince's pine, western yellow pine, white potato vine, wild potato vine, winter melon vine

6 syllables:
alpine celery pine, american white pine, australopithecine, azidothymidine, canada porcupine, canadian red pine, carolina lupine, european nut pine, interior design, japanese table pine, new zealand mountain pine, phosphatidylserine, sierra lodgepole pine, spirit of turpentine, sulfaquinoxaline, superheterodyne, tincture of iodine, wild sweet potato vine, willard van orman quine

7 syllables:
capital of liechtenstein, common matrimony vine, dideoxycytidine, japanese umbrella pine, new caledonian pine, uruguay potato vine

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