Words and phrases that have a meaning related to area:   (1247 results)

Often used in the same context:
region, vicinity, neighborhoods, metropolitan, downtown, suburbs, north, corridor, south, environs, city, east, northeast, location, northwest, communities, southeast, catchment area, west, ares, valley, southwest, eastside, near, metro, town, zone, locality, district, enclave, places, metroplex, alkali flat, tableland, residents, park, riverside, proximity, urban, cottonade, culdesac, shoreline, locale, epicentral, conurbation, municipality, residences, outskirts, vlei, oxbow lake, where, thoroughfare, hinterland, subdivisions, hamlet, metropolis, basin, counties, creeks, westside, peninsula, hot spots, townships, greenbelt, site, heronry, packsaddle, radius, hotbed, floodplain, chichagof island, waterfront, riverfront, ciy, hotspot, waterway, amenity, cluster, flood plain, cowskin, musquash, spaces, thickly settled, houses, inland, lakeshore, downton, lake, river, dockland, hills, parkland, land, streets, hub, foothills, okefenokee swamp, village, riverbanks, garry oak, fenceless, facility, areas, constituency, watershed, catchment, range, ranges, districts, inlet, regions, watersheds, group, section, subregion, acreage, zones, acreages, allometric, sharing, content, demand, sales, aggregative, unimodal, areal, hierarchical, interindustry, logistic, regionalized, structural, synchronic, transactional, benefit, climatological, correlation, imbalanced, interregional

More specific:
acreage, aisle, anchorage, anchorage ground, area of cardiac dullness, arena, areola, auditorium, bedground, bema, blank space, block, box, broadcast area, bullpen, center, centre, chancel, choir, city block, clear, cleavage, corner, cortical area, cortical region, danger, dining area, disaster area, distaff, erogenous zone, eye, fireside, free port, free zone, front, goalmouth, groin, half-moon, hangout, haunt, heart, hearth, hideaway, holiday resort, hunting ground, kingdom, land, land area, lap, layby, loins, lunula, lunule, macula, macular area, macula lutea, middle, midriff, midsection, nave, no-man's-land, nook, no man's land, open, orchestra pit, palm, patio, perineum, pit, place, plane section, playground, political arena, political sphere, preserve, press gallery, province, pubes, pubic region, pull-off, quad, quadrangle, quadrant, quick, realm, refuge, repair, resort, responsibility, retreat, ring of color, room, sachsen, safety, sanctuary, saxe, saxony, scene, section, shrubbery, side, sole, space, staging area, stamping ground, storage space, terrace, territory, threshing floor, turnaround, vacation spot, waist, waistline, winner's circle, yellow spot

Appears in the definition of:
., about, abrasion, acre, acreage, action, action officer, adapted, addition, adirondacks, adirondack mountains, african hunting dog, agropyron cristatum, agrostis, aid station, air current, al-iraq, all over, ambit, amen corner, antechamber, anteroom, apalachicola rosemary, appalachia, ar, are, areal, area code, area of cardiac dullness, arena, areola, arisarum, around, arpent, arteria circumflexa scapulae, arteria rectalis, article of furniture, artist's loft, asahikawa, athos, atrium, auditorium, auditory area, auditory cortex, austria-hungary, background, backstage, backwoods, back country, bailiwick, balk, balkan wars, ballota, bambusa vulgaris, barbados, barn, barrage, barrage fire, barrio, base, baseball diamond, basin, bataan, batter's box, battery, baulk, be, beach, beachlike, beachy, bed-ground, bedground, bed ground, beer garden, bema, benight, berkshires, berkshire hills, bermuda triangle, bidet, big bend, bilges, biogeographical region, biomass, bird of paradise, birthrate, birth rate, biu-mandara, black sea, black tree fern, blanket jam, blank space, bleeding tooth, block, blockade, block anaesthesia, block anesthesia, bluegrass, bluegrass country, bluegrass region, bohemia, bombardment, bomb site, boondocks, booth, border, borderer, borderland, border collie, border district, borscht belt, borscht circuit, borsht belt, borsht circuit, bosk, bound, boundary, boutonneuse fever, box, brake, bridgehead, bridge agent, broadcast, broadcast area, broaden, broca, budorcas taxicolor, burn, burn mark, bush, cabin, caboose, caledonia, cali, callosity, callus, calvary clover, camphor dune tansy, canon, canopy, canyon, cape cod, cape hunting dog, caries, carolina, carpathians, carpathian mountains, carpet bomb, carrel, carrell, cashmere, catchment area, catchment basin, cavity, cell, cellarage, cellphone, cellular phone, cellular telephone, center, center stage, central, centre, centre stage, chancel, chief constable, choir, chordamesoderm, chordomesoderm, chrysanthemum cinerariifolium, circuit, circulation, circumflex scapular artery, circumscribed, circus, cisalpine, city, cityscape, city block, city limit, city limits, clark, clearing, cluster bomb, coast, coaster, coastland, coefficient of drag, coefficient of expansion, coeur d'alene, coincidence, colony, comb, combat area, combat zone, common, commons, common bamboo, community, compartment, compass, concentrated fire, concrete jungle, conduction anaesthesia, conduction anesthesia, conformal projection, connect, conradina glabra, constituency, cookhouse, cordage, corner, corregidor, country, course, court, crested wheatgrass, crested wheat grass, crime rate, croatia, cross, crosshatch, crossing, crotch hair, crucifix fish, cubicle, current of air, cursed, cyathea medullaris, dakota, dale, dalmatian pyrethrum, dalmatia pyrethrum, danger zone, dark, darkness, dead-air space, dealership, deathrate, death rate, death valley, deep-set, delimited, delta, demarcation, demarcation line, dental caries, dependency, desert, desktop, dessiatine, development, diamond, diffuseness, dig in, dining area, dispersion, distribute, distributed fire, distribution, drag coefficient, drainage area, drainage basin, dressing station, driftfish, drip, drip mold, drip mould, dropping zone, drop zone, easterner, eastern spruce, east africa, ecchymosis, edge, emptiness, encirclement, encroachment, endemic, enter, entrance hall, entrench, environment, environs, epiphytotic, epirus, equal-area map projection, equal-area projection, erasure, erogenous zone, ethernet, ethnic cleansing, euxine sea, evenki, ewenki, excitable area, excoriation, expanding, expanse, expansivity, exploitation, extend, extent, extrapolate, exurbia, eye, fairground, fairway, fairway crested wheat grass, family circle, farming area, farmland, farmyard, fatality rate, fault, felon, fence, fencing, fertile crescent, fertility, fertility rate, field, field of fire, field of view, fig, figure, fireside, firestorm, firewall, fire warden, flittering scotoma, flowage, flux, flux density, flux density unit, flux unit, fly, focalisation, focalization, foothold, footprint, force per unit area, ford, foreign-born, forest, forest fire, forest fire fighter, for sale, fovea, fovea centralis, foyer, franchise, free port, free zone, fresno, fringed, frontier, furnishings, furniture, g-string, galilee, gallery, galley, gateway to the west, genista, genital herpes, genus agrostis, genus andryala, genus arisarum, genus ballota, genus genista, genus triticum, geographical area, geographical region, geographic area, geographic region, geologically, gerrymander, gibson desert, gila desert, glaciate, glade, glove anesthesia, gnu goat, goalmouth, godforsaken, golan, golan heights, gold coast, golf course, golf links, grassfire, gray, gray area, green, grey area, gros ventre, haemorrhagic fever, half-moon, hall, harbor patrol, heart, hearth, hectare, hemorrhagic fever, hero, heron, hero of alexandria, herpes genitalis, hidatsa, hideaway, higher national diploma, highlight, highlighting, hinterland, hiroshima, hnd, holiday resort, hollowness, home range, home territory, homolosine projection, hopscotch, housing development, housing estate, hrvatska, hunt, hunting ground, hydraulic press, hydromantes shastae, hyena dog, icecap, ice cap, icing, icing the puck, ile-de-france, iliac vein, illuminance, illumination, indian tick fever, infield, infiltration, infrared therapy, infrastructure, inland, integrator, intensive, interdiction fire, interoperability, intertidal, intrusion, intussusception, invasion, irak, iraq, island, jammu and kashmir, jurisdictional, kashmir, kenya fever, killing field, killing zone, kill zone, kiosk, kodiak, kodiak island, koine, kordofanian, lakeland, lake district, lake mead, lake tahoe, lanai, lanai island, lancashire, landfill, land area, land development, language area, language zone, lao, laotian, lap, latrine, lay-by, layby, leon, levant, levanter, light, limit, line, line of duty, lingua franca, links, lithocarpus densiflorus, lobby, local, localise, localize, locally, local anaesthesia, local anaesthetic, local anesthesia, local anesthetic, local call, local government, loge, long-distance, long-distance call, lumbosacral plexus, luminous flux unit, lunula, lunule, lusatian, lycaon pictus, macula, macular area, macula lutea, magnetic field strength, magnetic flux, magnetic flux density, magnetic flux unit, magnetic induction, magnetic intensity, maharashtra, mall, manchester, mantoux test, march, marchland, margin, marketplace, marseilles fever, mart, masa, massed fire, maxwell, medicago echinus, medicago intertexta, melospiza georgiana, memory, metropolis, metropolitan, microphotometer, middle, middle east, mideast, midriff, midsection, mire, mittelschmerz, mobile phone, mohave, mohave desert, mojave, mojave desert, mons, mons pubis, mons veneris, morass, morbidity, mortality, mortality rate, motor area, motor cortex, motor hotel, motor inn, motor lodge, motor region, mount athos, mx, nagasaki, narco-state, natality, nave, near east, neophyte, nerita peloronta, nerve block anaesthesia, nerve block anesthesia, net, neutron flux, new town, no-go area, nonnative, north-central, north africa, north cascades national park, nova scotia, no man's land, numidia, off-broadway, off-limits, offing, offside, offsides, offstage, okefenokee swamp, onside, onstage, open up, operative field, orbit, orchestra pit, orphan site, orthomorphic projection, ostrava, outdoor, outfield, outwork, out of work, over, overflight, over here, ozarks, ozark mountains, ozark plateau, ozone hole, palestinian, pandemic, panhandle, panopticon, parade ground, parafovea, parcel, parcel of land, park, parkland, patch, patio, patrol, patroller, patrol boat, patrol ship, pavage, pavement, paving, peacekeeper, peanut gallery, periarteritis nodosa, perimeter, peripheral, peristylar, picea rubens, piece of furniture, piece of ground, piece of land, pierre-paul broca, pinetum, pioneer, pit, pittsburgh, place, plane section, planimeter, planking, planting, plat, playground, plaza, plot, plot of ground, polyarteritis nodosa, popliteal, populate, populated, populated area, population, portico, potamogeton gramineous, precentral gyrus, pressure, pressure level, pressure unit, press gallery, prevalent, problem solving, proliferate, promenade, property, prospector, provost court, pseudoperipteral, pubic hair, public square, pull-off, punctum, putting green, pyrethrum, quad, quadrangle, quadrant, quadrature, quag, quagmire, quarterdeck, quick, rabbit warren, radius, railway yard, rain shadow, range, ranger, re-afforest, reach, recessed, recreational, rectal artery, red-ink, red spruce, reef, regulator, republic of croatia, republic of iraq, resort, resort area, resort hotel, rest area, rest stop, retreat, ring of color, river basin, riviera, robotics, rolando's area, room, rural area, sachsen, safari park, safety island, safety isle, safety zone, sago fern, saint louis, saleroom, salesroom, sanctuary, sanitary landfill, sanson-flamsteed projection, santa clara, sargasso sea, saxe, saxony, scanner, scatter, schmidt camera, schmidt telescope, scintillating scotoma, scope, scotoma, scouring, scrape, scratch, screen background, scythia, search and destroy mission, seating, seating area, seating room, seats, second balcony, second growth, section, selva, sensorimotor area, sensorimotor region, serigraph, settlement, settlement house, shadow, shasta salamander, shelling, ship's galley, shopping center, shopping centre, shopping mall, shovelboard, shower curtain, showroom, shrubbery, shuffleboard, sidewalk, sikkim, silkscreen, silk screen print, silver tree fern, sinusoidal projection, sketch map, skin graft, slenderly, sloping, soil, sorbian, soreness, south-central, spa, space, space writer, span, spandrel, spandril, spanish sahara, specialise, specialize, spectacularly, sphenoidal fontanel, sphenoidal fontanelle, sphenoid fontanel, sphenoid fontanelle, sphere, sphere of influence, spot, spotlight, spread, spreading, spread out, square, square foot, square inch, square mile, square yard, sq ft, sq in, sq yd, st. louis, stage door, staging area, stalk, stall, stand, sterile, storage space, storm center, storm centre, straddle, strand, stress, stretch, stretcha, stretched, stretch along, subdivision, suction, sumer, sunken, superficies, surround, surroundings, swamp sparrow, sweep, sweeping, takin, tamburlaine, tamerlane, tanacetum camphoratum, tanacetum cinerariifolium, tanbark oak, tank farm, telerobotics, temperate rain forest, temple, tenderness, terrace, terrain intelligence, territory, theater of war, theatre of war, thenal, thenar, the indies, thickly, threshing floor, thyroid vein, tidal zone, times square, timur, timur lenk, tine test, toll plaza, tooth decay, topically, topical anaesthetic, topical anesthetic, tortoise, tour, tourist court, town, tract, traffic island, transalpine, transcortical aphasia, transit zone, traverse, triangulation, triple frontier, triticum, tropical rain forest, trunk call, turnaround, turn off, ulterior, untimbered, upper balcony, up here, urban, urbanize, urban area, urban center, vacancy, vacation spot, vacuum, variously-leaved pondweed, vena iliaca, vena thyroidea, vestibule, vet, vhf, vicar apostolic, victoria land, viral haemorrhagic fever, viral hemorrhagic fever, visual area, visual cortex, void, vx gas, waikiki, wall, wan, warren, war zone, waste, waterfront, water development, water program, water project, wats, wats line, weald, welcome wagon, wellpoint, well point, westerner, western sahara, west africa, west bank, west indies, wetland, whitlow, wide-spreading, widen, wide area network, wifi, wild, wildcat, wilderness, william clark, wind, wing, wing loading, winner's circle, wireless fidelity, wireless local area network, wlan, wood, woods, woody, work, yard, yellowstone national park, yellow spot, yellow spruce, zone, zoning, zoning board

More general:
body part, construction, environment, extent, issue, matter, region, structure, subject, topic

arena, country, domain, expanse, field, orbit, region, sphere, surface area

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— Nouns for area: networks, network, method, projection, ratio, curve, relationship, tutoring, relationships, residents, more...

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