Words that rhyme with extenuate:   (1055 results)

1 syllable:
ate, bait, bate, blate, cate, chait, crate, date, eight, fait, fate, fete, freight, gait, gate, grate, great, hate, kate, krait, l-plate, late, mate, pate, plait, plate, prate, rate, sate, skate, slate, spate, state, straight, strait, tait, tate, thwaite, trait, wait, waite, weight

2 syllables:
abate, ablate, agnate, allstate, await, backdate, backplate, baldpate, berate, birthrate, biteplate, bookplate, borate, breastplate, bromate, bullate, bunkmate, campmate, casemate, castrate, cerate, cheapskate, checkmate, cholate, chordate, chromate, church-state, cirrate, citrate, classmate, clathrate, cognate, collate, conflate, connate, cordate, costate, create, crispate, cristate, crowbait, cuspate, cut-rate, deathrate, debate, deflate, derate, dictate, dilate, distrait, donate, doorplate, elate, enate, equate, est, estate, faceplate, fellate, ferrate, filtrate, first-rate, fishplate, fixate, flatmate, floodgate, flyweight, footplate, foredate, frustrate, furcate, gemmate, gestate, glabrate, goldplate, gyrate, hamate, hastate, helpmate, hotplate, housemate, hydrate, inflate, ingrate, inmate, innate, instate, irate, irrate, jailbait, jugate, kuwait, librate, lichgate, lightweight, liquate, locate, lock-gate, lustrate, luxate, lychgate, magnate, makeweight, mandate, margate, messmate, migrate, misstate, mutate, nameplate, narrate, negate, nitrate, notate, oblate, ornate, peltate, pennate, picrate, playmate, plicate, postdate, predate, primate, probate, prolate, pronate, prorate, prostate, pulsate, punctate, pupate, quinate, racemate, rebate, reflate, relate, restate, roommate, rotate, saltate, schoolmate, scutate, sedate, sensate, serrate, shipmate, soleplate, squamate, stagnate, stalemate, stellate, striate, substrate, sulcate, sulfate, sulphate, summate, tailgate, tannate, tartrate, teammate, testate, third-rate, throw-weight, titrate, tollgate, translate, truncate, tungstate, uncrate, update, upstate, virgate, whitebait, workmate

3 syllables:
abdicate, aberrate, ablegate, abnegate, abrogate, acaudate, acclimate, acerate, acerbate, acetate, activate, actuate, acuate, adequate, adulate, adumbrate, advocate, aestivate, aggravate, agitate, aguacate, alginate, alienate, allocate, altercate, alternate, amputate, angulate, animate, annotate, annulate, antedate, antiquate, appellate, applicate, arbitrate, arcuate, arillate, aristate, arrogate, asperate, aspirate, astrogate, auscultate, automate, bantamweight, barbellate, biaxate, bichromate, bicornate, bidentate, biforate, bifurcate, bijugate, billingsgate, bipennate, bipinnate, biserrate, bisulcate, bisulfate, bitartrate, bloviate, boilerplate, bombilate, cachinnate, calculate, calibrate, caliphate, cancellate, cantillate, capitate, capsulate, captivate, carafate, carbamate, carbonate, carinate, carucate, caseate, castigate, catenate, celebrate, cerebrate, chlorinate, cingulate, circulate, city-state, clofibrate, clypeate, cogitate, colligate, collimate, commentate, commutate, compensate, complicate, concentrate, condensate, confiscate, congregate, conjugate, consecrate, constellate, constipate, consummate, contemplate, cooperate, copperplate, copulate, corelate, correlate, corrugate, corticate, coruscate, counterweight, craniate, crenelate, crenellate, crenulate, crepitate, cruciate, cruiserweight, cucullate, culminate, cultivate, cumulate, cuneate, cupulate, cuspidate, cyanate, cyclamate, deaminate, decimate, decollate, decorate, decussate, dedicate, defalcate, deflagrate, delegate, demarcate, demonstrate, denigrate, deprecate, depredate, desecrate, designate, desolate, despumate, desquamate, detonate, devastate, deviate, dichromate, digitate, diplomate, dissertate, dissipate, distillate, dolabrate, dominate, double-date, dulcorate, duplicate, ecaudate, echinate, edentate, educate, elevate, eluate, emanate, embrocate, emigrate, emirate, emulate, enervate, epilate, escalate, estimate, estivate, excavate, expiate, expiscate, explicate, extirpate, extricate, fabricate, fascinate, featherweight, fecundate, federate, fenestrate, fibrillate, filiate, fimbriate, fistulate, flabellate, flagellate, flocculate, fluctuate, fluoridate, foliate, forcipate, formulate, fornicate, foveate, fulminate, fumigate, fustigate, geminate, generate, germinate, glaciate, gladiate, glutamate, graduate, granulate, gratulate, gravitate, guestimate, heavyweight, hebetate, hesitate, hibernate, hundredweight, hyphenate, ideate, illustrate, imavate, imbricate, imitate, immigrate, immolate, impetrate, implicate, imprecate, impregnate, incarnate, incrassate, incubate, inculcate, indagate, indicate, infiltrate, infuscate, innervate, innovate, insolate, instigate, insufflate, insulate, integrate, interstate, intestate, intimate, intonate, intrastate, inundate, invocate, iodate, ionate, irrigate, irritate, isolate, iterate, jactitate, jubilate, jugulate, lacerate, lamellate, laminate, lapidate, latinate, legislate, lemniscate, levigate, levirate, levitate, liberate, ligulate, lingulate, liquidate, lithonate, litigate, lubricate, lucubrate, macerate, machinate, magistrate, mammillate, manducate, manganate, marinate, masticate, masturbate, mediate, medicate, meditate, meliorate, menstruate, middleweight, militate, miltomate, miscreate, mistranslate, mithridate, mitigate, moderate, molybdate, motivate, mucronate, muriate, muricate, mussitate, mutilate, nation-state, nauseate, navigate, neonate, nictitate, nominate, nucleate, numberplate, numerate, obcordate, obfuscate, objurgate, obligate, obovate, obsecrate, obumbrate, obviate, odd-pinnate, operate, oppilate, orchestrate, oscillate, out-of-date, overate, overrate, overstate, overweight, oxalate, oxidate, paginate, palmitate, paperweight, papillate, patinate, pectinate, peculate, penetrate, pennyweight, percolate, perennate, perforate, permeate, perorate, perpetrate, personate, phenolate, pistillate, pollinate, populate, postulate, potentate, predicate, preisolate, priorate, procreate, profligate, propagate, pullulate, pulmonate, pulvinate, punctuate, pustulate, rabbinate, radiate, re-create, recreate, regulate, reinstate, relegate, remonstrate, renovate, rent-rebate, replicate, resinate, resonate, retranslate, rubricate, ruminate, runagate, rusticate, saccharate, salinate, salivate, satiate, saturate, second-rate, segregate, separate, sequestrate, serrulate, sibilate, silicate, silverplate, simulate, situate, sluicegate, solid-state, solmizate, spathulate, spatulate, speculate, sphacelate, spoliate, sporulate, stablemate, stimulate, stipitate, stipulate, strangulate, stridulate, subjugate, subrogate, sucralfate, suffocate, sulfonate, supplicate, suricate, surrogate, suscitate, syncopate, syndicate, tablemate, tabulate, terminate, terneplate, tesselate, tessellate, thirty-eight, thoriate, titanate, titillate, titivate, tittivate, tolerate, transmigrate, travelgate, tridentate, trifurcate, tripinnate, trisulcate, tubulate, turbinate, twenty-eight, ulcerate, ululate, umbellate, umbonate, underrate, understate, underweight, undulate, ungulate, uniate, up-to-date, urinate, urticate, vacillate, valuate, vegetate, venerate, ventilate, vertebrate, vitiate, water-rate, watergate, welterweight

4 syllables:
abbreviate, abirritate, absquatulate, accelerate, accommodate, accumulate, acidulate, acuminate, adjudicate, administrate, adulterate, affiliate, agglomerate, agglutinate, alendronate, alleviate, amalgamate, ameliorate, annihilate, anticipate, apostolate, appreciate, appropriate, approximate, areolate, articulate, asphyxiate, assassinate, assibilate, assimilate, associate, attenuate, authenticate, averruncate, bicornuate, bicuspidate, biflagellate, biloculate, bracteolate, calceolate, calumniate, calyculate, capacitate, capreolate, carbohydrate, cardinalate, carunculate, catenulate, chalybeate, chelicerate, chromium-plate, circumvallate, coagulate, collaborate, commemorate, commiserate, communicate, companionate, concatenate, concelebrate, conciliate, conduplicate, confabulate, confederate, conglutinate, congratulate, consolidate, contaminate, contraindicate, coordinate, corniculate, corroborate, cross-pollinate, de-escalate, deactivate, debilitate, decapitate, decarbonate, decelerate, decerebrate, deconcentrate, deconsecrate, decorticate, decrepitate, defenestrate, defibrillate, degenerate, deglutinate, delaminate, delapidate, deliberate, delimitate, delineate, demodulate, denominate, depauperate, depopulate, depreciate, desalinate, desegregate, determinate, detoxicate, devaluate, dilapidate, dimidiate, dinocerate, discalceate, disconsolate, discriminate, disincarnate, disintegrate, disseminate, dissimilate, dissimulate, domesticate, echinulate, edentulate, edulcorate, effectuate, ejaculate, elaborate, electroplate, eliminate, elucidate, elutriate, emaciate, emancipate, emasculate, encapsulate, enucleate, enumerate, enunciate, episcopate, equilibrate, equivocate, eradiate, eradicate, evacuate, evaluate, evaporate, even-pinnate, eviscerate, exacerbate, exaggerate, exasperate, excogitate, excoriate, excruciate, exhilarate, exonerate, expatiate, expatriate, expostulate, expropriate, exstipulate, exterminate, extortionate, extrapolate, extravasate, exuviate, facilitate, fasciculate, faveolate, felicitate, fluosilicate, foliolate, geniculate, habilitate, habituate, homogenate, homologate, humiliate, hydrogenate, hydrolysate, hypothecate, imperforate, impersonate, inactivate, inadequate, incarcerate, incinerate, incorporate, incriminate, indoctrinate, induplicate, inebriate, infatuate, infuriate, ingeminate, ingratiate, ingurgitate, initiate, innoculate, inoculate, insatiate, inseminate, instantiate, intenerate, interpolate, interrelate, interrogate, intimidate, intoxicate, invalidate, invertebrate, investigate, invigilate, irradiate, italianate, laciniate, lanceolate, licentiate, lixiviate, manipulate, meprobamate, merthiolate, methotrexate, miscalculate, miscegenate, monohydrate, necessitate, negociate, negotiate, nidificate, noviciate, novitiate, obliterate, obnubilate, officiate, orbiculate, originate, oxygenate, paniculate, participate, patriciate, pedicellate, pediculate, pedunculate, permanganate, perpetuate, polysorbate, pontificate, potentiate, precipitate, predominate, prefabricate, premeditate, procrastinate, prognosticate, proliferate, propitiate, quadruplicate, reactivate, recalcitrate, recalculate, recidivate, reciprocate, reconsecrate, recriminate, recuperate, redecorate, rededicate, redintegrate, reduplicate, reformulate, refrigerate, regenerate, regurgitate, reincarnate, reintegrate, reiterate, rejuvenate, remediate, remunerate, repatriate, repudiate, resuscitate, retaliate, scrobiculate, seventy-eight, sophisticate, subalternate, subordinate, substantiate, superfetate, syllabicate, thiosulfate, totipalmate, triacetate, triangulate, tuberculate, urceolate, urochordate, ustulate, verticillate, vesiculate, zooflagellate

5 syllables:
abruptly-pinnate, archegoniate, assibiliate, beneficiate, bifoliolate, borosilicate, cephalochordate, circumnavigate, circumstantiate, consubstantiate, decontaminate, dehydrogenate, deoxygenate, deteriorate, differentiate, dimenhydrinate, dinoflagellate, disambiguate, disorientate, dissassociate, domiciliate, excommunicate, hemagglutinate, hyperventilate, incapacitate, insubordinate, interpenetrate, isocyanate, kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate, meclofenamate, methylphenidate, misappropriate, multinucleate, oblanceolate, overcompensate, overcultivate, overestimate, oxalacetate, polycarbonate, re-incorporate, recapitulate, reevaluate, rehabilitate, reinvigorate, renegotiate, supererogate, supersaturate, thiocyanate, tintinnabulate, transubstantiate, trifoliolate, underestimate, uninitiate, unregenerate

6 syllables:
intercommunicate, oxaloacetate, telecommunicate

7 syllables:
alkylbenzenesulfonate, isothiocyanate

Words that almost rhyme :   (2 results)

4 syllables:
accentuate, eventuate

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