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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to like:   (1962 results)

different, dislike, dissimilar, unalike, unequal, unlike

Often used in the same context:
really, weird, crazy, definitely, maybe, kind, nicer, anymore, certainly, think, differently, alright, sort, pretty, heck, okay, kinda, just, want, yeah, hey, awfully, good, always, basically, everywhere, silly, know, liken, awesome, actually, wierd, strange, something, whatnot, mean, anyway, fellahs, besides, unreal, naysay, great, unlike, see, huh, different, nowadays, else, bother, resemble, bit, classier, going, everybody, you, dunno, other, stuff, even, guess, such, probably, lot, unbelievable, odd, imagine, suppose, obviously, esque, littler, namedrop, prefer, slimier, whaddaya, grouchier, doggoned, scary, sorta, goofier, akin, happen, ala, allright, wonderful, honestly, hmph, stupid, whoa, interesting, seem, amazing, shutup, manlier, horrible, corny, frankly, greasier, putzing, all, wanna, ours, freaky, tonight, arid, guys, an, outside, take, un, aud, con, serve, devoid, feel, feelin, indoors, near, outdoors, while, \u00ab, call, iike, lar, changeable, repellent, similar, causing, hallucinatory, unusual, wormlike, humanlike, immobile, inanimate, repulsive, amoeboid, asymmetrical, describable, irritating, lifeless, machinelike, protoplasmic

More specific:
bask, care for, cotton, enjoy, fancy, go for, love, please, prefer, relish, savor, savour, take to

Appears in the definition of:
., a-bomb, abstract, abuzz, acanthoid, acanthosis nigricans, acanthous, accentor, acerola, acer pseudoplatanus, acetose, acetous, acicula, aciculate, acidic, acidulent, acidulous, acinar, acinus, act, act as, act superior, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, acute lymphocytic leukemia, adder's tongue, adder's tongue fern, addlepated, african tea, agastache foeniculum, ahead, ailanthus altissima, ailurus fulgens, airbrush, aldermanic, aldermanly, alewife, alike, allantoid, alliaria officinalis, alligator, allium scorodoprasum, all get out, almond-leaves willow, almond-shaped, aloe, alosa pseudoharengus, alula, alveolate, always, ameboid, american antelope, ammonium, ammonium ion, amoeboid, amygdaliform, amygdaloid, amygdaloidal, anabrus simplex, anchovy, aneurism, aneurysm, angelically, anile, animate, animatronics, animise, animize, anise hyssop, annular, annulate, annulated, antic, antilocapra americana, antiprotozoal, antiprotozoal drug, antique, antler moth, aphoristic, aphriza virgata, aplysia punctata, apodeme, apothegmatic, apparitional, aquiline, arabian tea, araucaria bidwillii, arborise, arborize, arcella, archaeornithes, arctonyx collaris, ardent, areolar, areolate, argentine, aristolochia durior, aristolochia macrophylla, ark shell, arrow-shaped, arthromere, arthur compton, arthur holly compton, artichoke, artocarpus altilis, artocarpus communis, arundinaceous, ascaphus trui, ascendant, ascidian tadpole, assassin, assassinate, assuming, aster, asteroid, atlantic bonito, atomic bomb, atom bomb, auricular, auricularia auricula, australian pea, author, automatic, automatonlike, avuncular, awned, awny, aye-aye, babble, babelike, baby-like, baby-wise, baccilar, bacillary, bacilliform, backward, baculiform, bad, bag, baked goods, balaeniceps rex, balancer, bandicoot, bannerlike, barb, barbados cherry, barking deer, barking frog, bartramian sandpiper, bartramia longicauda, basal, basilica, basket fish, basket star, bassariscus astutus, bassarisk, batwing, bauxite, beach flea, beacon, bead, beadlike, beady, beard, bearded, bearnaise, bear cat, beat, bee killer, behave, bellbird, bellow, bellowing, bell magpie, bell toad, bergamot mint, bestialise, bestialize, bilby, bilgy, billfish, billyo, bird-on-the-wing, bird of minerva, bird of night, biscutalla laevigata, bitchery, bitter, bitumenoid, bituminoid, bizarre, black caraway, bladelike, blanket, blenny, blower, board, boat bug, bombshell, bonnet macaque, bonnet monkey, bonxie, boom, boomerang, boorishly, borage, borago officinalis, bottleneck, bottom fish, botuliform, boulder fern, bovine, bowery, bowl, bowl-shaped, box camera, box kite, box kodak, boyishly, boylike, brace wrench, branch, breadfruit, breadfruit tree, breaker, break one's back, breath of fresh air, brevoortia tyrannis, brisling, broad-leafed, broad-leaved, broadleaf, broad arrow, brotherhood, brotherlike, brotherly, brush cut, brussels sprout, brussels sprouts, buccaneer, buckler mustard, buckle down, buffalofish, buffer, buffoonery, buffoonish, bulblike, bulbous, bulbous iris, bullethead, bulrush millet, bulwark, bulwarks, bunya bunya, bunya bunya tree, burmanniaceae, bursiform, bushbuck, bustard quail, butcherbird, butterfly, button-quail, buttonlike, buttony, button quail, butyraceous, buzzing, caaba, cabbage palm, cabinet, cackly, cacomistle, cacomixle, caddice-fly, caddice fly, caddis-fly, caddis fly, caecal, caiman, caiman lizard, calcium hydride, calidris ferruginea, calocarpum zapota, calocedrus decurrens, calochortus elegans, calypter, camomile tea, campanular, campanulate, campanulated, canalicular, cancerous, candied apple, candy apple, candy kiss, canopy, cantharellus floccosus, cape, capeline bandage, cape dagga, capped macaque, caprimulgus carolinensis, caproic acid, caramel apple, cardamom, cardamon, cardamum, carduelis flammea, carduelis hornemanni, carinate, carinated, carissa plum, carpet, carpinus betulus, carrier, cartwheel, cascade, cascade down, casuaridae, cat, cat's-ear, catapultian, catapultic, catfish, cattail millet, cat bear, cavetto, cavitied, cayman, cecal, celery cabbage, cellophane, celtuce, cementitious, centropus phasianinus, cerapteryx graminis, ceriman, cestode, cetacean, cetacean mammal, ceylon gooseberry, chain lightning, champ, chapati, chapatti, charina bottae, chartaceous, checkered adder, checkered daffodil, chela, chelicera, chervil, chevrotain, chicle, chicle gum, childishly, chimeral, chimeric, chimerical, chinese cabbage, chinese celery, chinese date, chinese jujube, chinese parsley, chipper, chlamydomonas, chloris truncata, chocolate pudding, chondritic, christianly, christmas pudding, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, chronoperates paradoxus, chuck-will's-widow, chunky, cicada, cicala, cilantro, cingulum, circinate, circuit breaker, circular, civet cat, civil, clamshell, claret, class cryptophyceae, class tardigrada, clavichord, claw, cleansing, clear, clevis, clinking, cloche, clothes hanger, clowlike, clown, clowning, clownish, clown around, clupea sprattus, clypeus, coatdress, coat hanger, cobbler's last, coccoid, cohune nut, colaptes chrysoides, columnar cell, columnar epithelial cell, comb, comb-footed spider, combining form, combtooth blenny, comb jelly, companionate, compartmentalize, complaisant, compton, concertina, conduct, coney, constellate, continent, contrastive, cony, coon cat, coordinating conjunction, coquettish, coquilla nut, coral fungus, corbel step, corbie-step, corbiestep, cordate, cordiform, corgi, coriander, corkscrew flower, coronary, corythosaur, corythosaurus, costate, coucal, coupling, courser, courtelle, cousinly, coy, crab, crawdad, crawfish, crayfish, creamy, creeping windmill grass, crenelate, crenelated, crenellate, crenellated, crepuscular, croak, croaking, croaky, cronk, crotchet, crowding, crowfoot grass, crown monkey, crown of thorns, crow step, cruciate, cruciform, cryptophyceae, ctenidium, ctenophore, cube-shaped, cubelike, cubical, cubiform, cuboid, cuboidal, cuboidal cell, cuboidal epithelial cell, cuckoo, cuckoo clock, cucumber tree, cucurbita maxima turbaniformis, cuffed, cumuliform, cuneal, cuneiform, cup-shaped, cupular, cupulate, cup of tea, curet, curette, curlew sandpiper, currawong, cuscus, cusk, cyclohexanol, cyclophorus lingua, cynodontia, dactyloctenium aegypticum, daddy longlegs, dagga, dance, dandify, daphnia, dart thrower, das, dassie, daubentonia madagascariensis, davit, deck, deification, deify, deltoid leaf, demon, dendrobium, dennstaedtia punctilobula, deoxyribonucleic acid, desoxyribonucleic acid, dewberry, diamagnetism, dickensian, dictyophera, dictyosome, different, diffidently, dig, din, ding, dingdong, dipogon lignosus, diptych, disc, disciform, discount, dish, dish-shaped, dished, disk, dissimilar, dissimilation, division cynodontia, dna, do, dogtrot, dog wrench, dolichos lignosus, dolichotis patagonum, domesticated, domino effect, dong, dormouse, dot, doughnut-shaped, dovyalis hebecarpa, downlike, downy, dredger, dress hanger, droning, duck-billed dinosaur, durian, dutchman's-pipe, dyslogistic, earth, ear fungus, eau de cologne mint, ebonise, ebonize, echoic, echolike, ecrevisse, egg-shaped, egotrip, egyptian grass, either, electroscope, elegant cat's ears, elephant seal, elk-wood, elkwood, elliptic, elliptical, elliptic geometry, elliptic leaf, embattled, ending, ensiform, epigrammatic, eretmochelys imbricata, escolar, european hornbeam, eurypterid, euterpe oleracea, evanescent, explode, faithfully, falcate, falciform, falcon, family burmanniaceae, family casuaridae, family mysidae, family ophidiidae, family pseudococcidae, family squatinidae, fancy, fanlight, fan vaulting, fatherlike, fatherly, faveolate, federal, feel, feel like, felt, felt fern, felt up, fender, ferret badger, ferromagnetism, fez, fibrocartilage, ficus deltoidea, ficus diversifolia, fiery, filefish, fin, fins, fish, fission bomb, fistular, fistulate, fistulous, flagellum, flail, flatbrod, flathead, flavin, flipper, flippers, flirtatious, floccose chanterelle, flossy, flowering wintergreen, fluctuate, flue, fluffy, fluffy omelet, fluke, fly, flying opossum, flying phalanger, flying squirrel, foil, fold, foliage, foliation, following, fondness, fondu, fondue, force, forcipate, forest goat, fork, forked lightning, formalized, formicate, fraternal, fringed polygala, frisky, fritillaria meleagris, frivolity, frogfish, frogmouth, fungible, fungus gnat, fury, fuscoboletinus paluster, fuss, fuzzed, galea, gallfly, gall gnat, gall midge, gamopetalous, ganoidei, gar, garden nasturtium, garfish, garlic mustard, garpike, gas giant, gate, gaywings, gelatinlike, gelatinous, gelatinousness, genip, genus chlamydomonas, genus dictyophera, genus leucaena, genus mertensia, genus penelope, genus plumeria, genus pseudoryx, genus surnia, genus ustilaginoidea, gerundial, geyser, ghost, ghostlike, ghostly, giant garlic, gibe, gilded flicker, gilding, gilt, girlishly, glans, glass, glass over, glaze, glaze over, gleam, glide, glimmer, globe artichoke, globular, glowworm, glutinosity, glutinousness, gnu, goat antelope, god, goldbrick, golden, golgi apparatus, golgi body, golgi complex, gooseberry, gooseneck, gothic, gouge, grain, graining, granular, grapey, grapple, grapy, grave, great maple, griffin, grille, grindstone, groundbreaking, groundfish, ground sloth, growler, growth regulator, grunt, gryphon, guan, guggle, guib, guinea-hen flower, guttural, ha-ha, hadrosaur, hadrosaurus, hall's honeysuckle, halter, haltere, hand-hewn, hare, harlequinade, harpoon gun, harvestman, hastate, hastate leaf, haunt, haw-haw, hawk, hawkbill, hawksbill, hawksbill turtle, hawk nose, hawk owl, hay-scented, hay-scented fern, headfish, heart-shaped, hedge garlic, hee-haw, heights, hemipode, herbal tea, herb tea, herd, heterometabolic, heterometabolous, hewn, hexanoic acid, hierarchical data structure, hierarchical structure, high, hippocampus, hissing, hive, hobble, hog, hog-nosed badger, hog badger, holla, holler, hollering, hollo, holloa, holly fern, honeycomb, honeycombed, honey badger, honk, hooked, hoop snake, hooter, hopple, horselaugh, horseshoe crab, hot potato, house, house snake, however, husbandly, husk tomato, hydrogen cyanide, hydrolith, hygienic, hylactophryne augusti, hyrax, ice, ice-cream cake, icebox cake, ichthyosaur, idea, igneous, ilex paraguariensis, ilk, imitate, imitation leather, immense, impishness, incense cedar, indented, indian cress, infrequently, inner, innovational, innovative, insinuate, insinuatingly, in a sense, iridescent, ironlike, iron maiden, irresponsible, jaboticaba, jack-by-the-hedge, jackknife, jackson, jack salmon, jaggedness, jangling, jangly, java finch, java sparrow, jellylike, jew's-ear, jew's-ears, jibe, jingling, jingly, jovian planet, jujube, jumentous, jumping plant louse, kaaba, kai apple, kangaroo rat, kat, keeled, keratosis nigricans, ketembilla, ketembilla tree, keyboard, khat, kidney pie, killifish, king crab, kitambilla, kite, kitembilla, kittenish, knock, knuckle down, krill, laborsaving, lac dye, lamblike, lampropeltis triangulum, lancelike, lanceolate, lanceolate leaf, lancet, lancetfish, lancet arch, lancet fish, lantern-fly, lantern fly, lasiocampid, lasiocampid moth, last, lattice, laurel oak, leatherette, lectin, leglike, lemonlike, lemony, lemon mint, lens culinaris, lenticular nucleus, lentiform nucleus, lentil, lentil plant, leonotis leonurus, leper lily, lepidocybium flavobrunneum, lepisosteus osseus, lesser panda, leucaena, libocedrus decurrens, lidless, life saver, light, lightship, lignified, ligule, likable, likeable, likewise, like blue murder, like clockwork, like crazy, like hell, like sin, like the devil, like thunder, limulus polyphemus, lingulate, lisp, literal, lizardfish, logical topology, loiter, lonicera japonica halliana, look, looped, lord it over, lovage, loverlike, loverly, lovesick, lumpy, lunette, macaca radiata, machinelike, macrotis lagotis, magnolia acuminata, magnolia tripetala, make, make believe, malanga, mallet, mammee, mantle, mantra, mapinguari, mara, marble, marbleisation, marbleise, marbleising, marbleization, marbleize, marbleizing, marmalade tree, marmoreal, marmorean, martyr, martyrise, martyrize, mastodon, mastodont, mat, mate, matt-up, matte, matte up, mat up, mealybug, mealy bug, meaty, mechanically, medlar, medulla spinalis, meerkat, megalithic, megathere, mellivora capensis, menhaden, mental, mentha aquatica, mentha citrata, mentum, meow, meretricious, mertensia, meteoric, mew, mexican husk tomato, miaou, miaow, micelle, midge, mierkat, milk adder, milk snake, miner's cat, mirrored, mirrorlike, mischievousness, mistletoe fig, mistletoe rubber plant, mocking thrush, mola, molasses kiss, monkey bread, monosaccharide, monosaccharose, monstera deliciosa, mormon cricket, mortally, moss agate, mother, motherlike, mountainous, mouse-eared bat, mouse deer, mousseline de sole, mulberry, muntjac, murmuring, mushroom, mushroom-shaped cloud, mushroom cloud, musicality, musicalness, musical box, music box, muskrat, musk hog, musquash, mussel shrimp, mysidae, nacreous, nan, napoleonic, natal plum, navicular, neo, nephoscope, network army, neutral, new, new world sparrow, nigella sativa, nipper, nonverbal, north, notched, nothing, nuclear, nudibranchia, nutmeg flower, nyctereutes procyonides, oblongness, obsess, oceanic, ocean sunfish, octagonal, octangular, officiously, oligodendria, oligodendroglia, ondatra zibethica, onion dome, on paper, opalesce, opalescent, opaline, ophidiidae, opossum shrimp, order ganoidei, order nudibranchia, order pulmonata, order therapsida, organiser, organizer, organ stop, ormolu, ornithischian, ornithischian dinosaur, orzo, ostracod, otus asio, oval, ovate, overprotect, oviform, ovoid, owl, ox-eyed, pad, padda oryzivora, paddle, palatal, palatial, panda, pandanus, papaya, paperlike, papery, paper wasp, papilliform, paraguay tea, paramagnetism, paramilitary, parochialism, partiality, passionless, pattern, pda, peach-leaved willow, peachleaf willow, pearlescent, pearl millet, pearl sago, peccary, peck, pecker, peck at, pectinate, pelvis, penelope, pennisetum americanum, pennisetum glaucum, pennyroyal oil, penny bank, pentagonal, pentangular, pen up, peristalsis, perkily, personal digital assistant, personal organiser, personal organizer, petrify, phalangium opilio, phalarope, phallus ravenelii, phantasmal, phaseolus caracalla, pheasant coucal, pheasant cuckoo, phenacomys, phenotype, phocomelia, phosgene, phytohormone, piagetian, pick at, pick up, piddock, pig, piggy bank, pig it, pike-perch, pike perch, pincer, ping, pink, pipe vine, pistol grip, pitted, plantain, plant hormone, plash, plasmacyte, plasma cell, play, plumeria, plumiera, plum pudding, plutonium bomb, poephila castanotis, pole, polygala paucifolia, polyphone, polystyrene, pomolobus pseudoharengus, poncho, ponytail, pop, popinjay, popishly, pouch, pouch-shaped, pouchlike, pouteria zapota, prank, prawn, predictably, prefer, pretend, progestational, prolate, prongbuck, pronghorn, pronghorn antelope, prostaglandin, protoavis, psammoma, pseudococcidae, pseudoryx, pseudoryx nghetinhensis, psychedelic, psylla, psyllid, puckishness, pull along, pulmonata, pulpy, pump, pun, purifying, pursued, putrid, putty, put on airs, pycnogonid, pyramidal tent, pyrrosia lingua, qat, quadrangular, quaking, quat, queen it over, quercus imbricaria, quiet, quilted bedspread, quivering, quotidian, rabbit-eared bandicoot, rabbit bandicoot, raccoon dog, raccoon fox, radial, radical, radiolarian, raining, ramify, rat-tail file, ratel, rat kangaroo, reaction, rectangularity, redefinition, redpoll, red bordeaux, red cedar, red dagga, red flag, red panda, reecho, regenerate, register, remodeled, renal pelvis, renew, resemble, resilient, restoration, retaliate, retrospectively, rhomboid, rhomboidal, rhonchus, ribbed, ribbed toad, ribbonfish, ricebird, ricotta, ride, ridged, riemannian geometry, ring-shaped, ring-tailed cat, ringed, ringtail, roar, roaring, robber fly, robber frog, robotlike, rocambole, rock, rocket, rod-shaped, roguishly, roman coriander, romper, rompers, romper suit, rooseveltian, rootlike, rotifer, rubber boa, rubber cement, rue, runcible spoon, rustle, rustling, sabayon, saclike, saddle, saddleback, sagittate, sagittate-leaf, sagittiform, sagittiform leaf, saiga, saiga tatarica, sailfish, salamandriform, salix amygdaloides, salt, salty, salute, salvia verbenaca, sandgrouse, sandhopper, sand badger, sand flea, sand grouse, sand hopper, sand leek, sand tumor, sapote, sarda sarda, sauce-alone, saucer, saurischian, saurischian dinosaur, sausage-shaped, savagely, saw-toothed, sawfly, scaphoid, scat, scat singing, scented fern, schism, schlep, scleroderma flavidium, scorpion fly, scottish maple, screech owl, screw, screw pine, sculpt, sculpture, seal limbs, sea cow, sea elephant, sea hare, sea snake, sea spider, seed shrimp, self-contained, sell, semidesert, semirigid, semitrance, semivowel, senecan, serflike, serrate, serrated, serrate leaf, shad, shaft, shaking, shaky, shallot, share, sheep, sheepish, sheeplike, sheet web, shepherd, shingle oak, shiny, shipworm, shirtdress, shivering, shlep, shoebill, shoebird, shoemaker's last, shortly, shot, shroud, shtik, shuttlecock, sial, sibilant, sibilant consonant, sickle-shaped, sigh, sigmoid, silhouette, silicic acid, siluriform fish, similarly, simple sugar, sin, siren, sirenian, sirenian mammal, sison amomum, sisterlike, sisterly, sizzle, skimmer, skipjack, skua, skyrocket, slam, slap, slave, sleeping bag, sleeping hibiscus, smack, smelt, snail-flower, snailflower, snail bean, snail flower, snake, snake's head fritillary, snake-fish, snakefish, snowshoe, snuggled, sodium iodide, solmizate, solomon's-seal, sororal, sour, sourish, sour gourd, sow bug, spadefoot, spadefoot toad, spaghetti squash, spanish garlic, spanish lime, sparkling, spat, spear, spearhead-shaped, spear thrower, spear up, spectral, specular, sphenodon punctatum, spheroid, sphingine, spinal cord, spindle horn, spinous, spiral spring, spiritual, spirit world, splash, splint bone, sponge, spongelike, spongy, spoonbill, spoonflower, spork, sprat, squamous cell, squareness, squatinidae, squawky, squeeze, squirming, squirrelfish, star-shaped, starless, star earthball, star grass, star sapphire, star tulip, stellate, stick, stiff upper lip, stinging hair, stizostedion vitreum, stone, stonewall jackson, stone parsley, straightjacket, straitjacket, straplike, stravinskian, stravinskyan, straw, stream, streptocarpus, strike back, string, strontium 90, strut, stud, stylet, subclass archaeornithes, subordinate conjunction, subordinating conjunction, success, suety, sulfamethazine, sulfamezathine, sunfish, surfbird, surinam cherry, surnia, surnia ulula, susurrous, swallow-tailed, sweet, sword-shaped, swordlike, sword of damocles, sycamore, sympetalous, tabular, taffy apple, tailed frog, tailed toad, tailwort, tangible, tangy, tannia, tantra, tantrism, tapeworm, tarboosh, tardigrada, tart, taste, teardrop, tee hinge, teleprinter, teletypewriter, teletype machine, telex, telex machine, telocentric chromosome, temper, tench, tentacle, teredinid, terminal emulation, termite, terrestrial planet, tetragonal, therapsida, theridiid, the like, the likes of, thing, thomas j. jackson, thomas jackson, thomas jonathan jackson, thoreauvian, thrasher, threadfin, thresh, throwing board, throwing stick, thunderer, thundering, tiara, tick, ticktack, ticktock, tide, tinca tinca, tinkling, tinkly, tintinnabulate, title, toffee apple, tomatillo, tongue-shaped, tongue fern, toothed, tooth shell, toroidal, tortoise, tortoiseshell turtle, tow-headed snake, tracheal, tragelaphus scriptus, trapped, treasonable, tree creeper, tree of heaven, tree of the gods, trembling, triangular, triangularity, tricked-out, tropaeolum majus, trumpet, tuatara, turban squash, turtle, tusk shell, twisting, t hinge, umbilicate, umbrella magnolia, umbrella tree, unable, unchristianly, unchristlike, undulation, unknown, unlearn, unlikable, unlike, unlikeable, unrhymed, unstratified language, upland plover, upland sandpiper, urbanise, urbanize, ustilaginoidea, valve, valvelet, valvula, valvule, vanilla bean, vanilla pudding, variable, vegetate, venter, verbal, vermiculation, vernix, vernix caseosa, vervain sage, vesture, vigna caracalla, vinegary, vitrify, volcanically, voyeuristically, waddler, walleye, walleyed pike, warble fly, warmhearted, water-mint, water boatman, water flea, water mint, wave, waxmallow, wax mallow, weaver, weaverbird, weaver finch, wedge, wedge-shaped, welsh corgi, welwitschia, welwitschia mirabilis, west indian cherry, whelk, whimsicality, whining, whirligig, whirring, whisper, whispering, whitefish, white ant, whiting, whizbang, whizzbang, whorled, wicket, wiggling, wiggly, wildebeest, wilde dagga, wild clary, wild pea, wild sage, wilton, wilton carpet, windmill grass, window seat, wind tee, wistfully, wolffish, wood-creeper, woodcreeper, woodgraining, woodhewer, woodpecker, woody, woolly adelgid, woolly aphid, woolly plant louse, wrapped, wren warbler, wriggling, wriggly, writer, writhing, wynnea americana, xanthosoma atrovirens, xanthosoma sagittifolium, xiphosurus polyphemus, yautia, yoghourt, yoghurt, yogurt, yoke, yokel-like, yowl, zabaglione, zany, zebra finch, zooflagellate, zoomastigote

More general:
approve, consider, desire, reckon, regard, see, view, want

alike, care, comparable, corresponding, equal, equivalent, ish, like-minded, ly, same, similar, suchlike, wish, y

Also try:
— Nouns for like: manner, structure, structures, appearance, cells, nature, substance, form, effect, factor, material, more...

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