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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to shape:   (930 results)


Often used in the same context:
fit, contours, form, sculpt, reshaping, remold, tiptop, dimensions, size, flux, physique, positioning, slenderness, disintegrating, look, picture, lumps, fashioning, conformation, condition, jell, limber, fettle, posture, tweak, curves, curvature, wedgy, direction, heathy, silhouette, molding, weight, proportions, mind, fluidness, wasp waist, tact, footing, alignment, graces, structure, dynamics, mirror, corseting, springiness, texture, pen nib, equilateral triangle, chunkier, roundness, geometry, hipbones, shapen, balance, prognosis, bend, stead, trimmer, morph, parallelograms, buffeting, composition, things, bentwood, characteristics, knickerbocker, preparation, rhomboids, diameter, bilaterally symmetrical, complexion, feeling, omen, lankier, sidecut, blueprint, meld, condyles, shipshape, outline, pontil, stouter, acclimates, mess, holdfast, hoofprint, snugness, bulges, stonelike, weathers, envisioning, hyperbolic geometry, part, aerodynamic, chisel, concave, concretion, engrain, slimming, workout, widthwise, shapes, configuration, type, arrangement, location, object, kind, recipe, contour, layout, modus, setup, situation, wav, place, combination, roughness, brightness, morphological, stiffness, textural, compositional, landform, loudness, morphologic, phonological, semantic, syntactic, component, microstructural, perceptual, phenotypical, topological, buffer, content

More specific:
adult body, amorphous shape, angularity, angular shape, beat, block, blow, bluntness, cast, chip, circle, coil, column, concaveness, concavity, cone, connection, connexion, convexity, convexness, crookedness, crystallize, culminate, cup, curvature, curve, decide, deform, dimension, dish, distort, distorted shape, distortion, draw, dullness, dulness, encircle, female body, figure, fitness, flare, flatten, fork, fractal, gestalt, good condition, good shape, handbuild, hill, index, individuate, juvenile body, keenness, line, link, lobularity, machine, male body, model, mold, mosaic, mould, mound, narrowing, natural shape, pace, person, physical fitness, pillar, plane, plume, predetermine, puddle, remold, reshape, ridge, roll, roughcast, round, roundness, round off, round out, round shape, scallop, scollop, sculpt, sculpture, sharpness, sheet, sinter, sliver, solid, square, square up, straightness, strain, strand, strike, swage, terrace, throw, tie, time, topography, tower, twist, upset

Appears in the definition of:
., abruptly-pinnate, acrocephaly, acuminate, adz, adze, aigret, aigrette, alphabet soup, ameboid, amoeboid, amorphous, amorphous shape, anchor ring, angular, angularity, angular shape, angulate, aniseikonia, anisogamic, anisogamous, annulet, annulus, anulus, apiculate, arborescent plant, arc, arch, arise, arrow-shaped, articulation, aspheric, aspherical, asymmetrical, auriform, awkward, awkwardness, bad condition, balance, ball, ball-shaped, balloon seat, barrel, bead, beat, bee orchid, bell, bell-shaped, bell seat, bell shape, bend, bevel, bipinnate, bird-scarer, block, blockish, blocky, block of metal, blow, bodoni, bodoni font, body, bow, bowl, bowl-shaped, branch, buckle, bunglesome, c-clamp, campana, candy cane, capitate, capitate bone, carbon nanotube, cartilaginous structure, carving, caryatid, cast, cat's eye, caudate, centromere, chamfer, change form, change of shape, change shape, charina bottae, circle, circular, clipping, clubfoot, clumsy, coefficient of elasticity, coil, coiling, coil spring, coldwork, cold work, column, concaveness, concave shape, concavity, concha, cone, cone shape, conformal projection, connection, connexion, conoid, consistence, consistency, contort, contorted, contortion, contour feather, convexity, convexness, convex shape, convolution, cornu, corona, correspondence, craniologist, crank, crease, crescent, crescent-cell anaemia, crescent-cell anemia, crescent-shaped, crescenta, crimp, crooked, crookedness, crosswise, crotchet, crush, cryptic coloration, crystalise, crystalize, crystallise, crystallize, cube, cumbersomeness, cuneate, cuneus, cup, cuplike, curl, curlicue, curl up, cushioning, cut, cutting, cut out, cyclopean masonry, cylindric, cylindrical, cytoskeleton, defining, deform, deformation, deformational, deformed, delineate, deltoid, determine, develop, die, die out, dimension, disc, disciform, discoid, discoidal, dish, disk, disklike, distort, distorted, distorted shape, distortion, dolabrate, dolabriform, dome, dot, doughnut, draw in, drepanocytic anaemia, drepanocytic anemia, droop, drop, drum, durable-press fabric, durable press, dust, ear-shaped, earthstar, eccentricity, egg-and-anchor, egg-and-dart, egg-and-tongue, elastic, elasticity, elasticity of shear, elastic device, elastic modulus, elastomer, ellipsoid of revolution, elliptic, ellipticity, elongate, even, even-pinnate, extrude, eyeliner, fanned, faun, fernlike, ferny, fiddle-shaped, figure, figure eight, figure of eight, fit, fitness, flair, flare, flexure, fluent, fluid, fold, folding, folsom culture, fork, form, formation, formed, formless, foundation, foundation garment, frame, full-fashioned, fully fashioned, funnel, funnel shape, gall of the earth, gas, genus pluteus, geodesy, geometrically, geometrical irregularity, gingerbread man, global, globe, globose, globular, go, gobiesox strumosus, good condition, good shape, grave, graven, grotesque, grow, gyre, halo, hastate, heave, helical, hemicycle, hew, hew out, hex nut, hook, horse, hunk, hyperboloidal, igloo, iglu, ill-proportioned, ill-shapen, imparipinnate, incurvation, incurvature, individuate, influence, ingot, iron-tree, ironwood, ironwood tree, iron tree, irregularity, isomorphism, isomorphy, jafnea semitosta, jew's harp, join, joint, jointer, jointer plane, jointing plane, junction, juncture, keel arch, kidney-shaped, kinetochore, knight, knob, lancelike, lanceolate, leaf form, leaf shape, leg, lemon drop, limn, linear, link, lion's foot, liquid, lombardy poplar, long plane, loop, lopsided, lump, lunate, lyrate, lyrebird, machine, malformed, mash, mass, math, mathematics, maths, matterhorn, mechanical press, meld, melt, metal bar, mihrab, miller, milling machine, miscreate, misshapen, modern, modern font, modulus of elasticity, mold, monstrous, moon-round, moonlike, morph, mould, mouth bow, mud pie, nabalus serpentarius, nanotube, natural shape, nonrigid, nutlike, oblanceolate, oblateness, oblong, obovate, obtuse, odd-pinnate, ogee arch, one-sided, ophrys apifera, optical prism, orb, orbicular, originate, orthomorphic projection, os capitatum, outline, ovate, oxbow, oxycephaly, padding, palm-shaped, palmate, palmatifid, palpation, pandurate, panduriform, pantile, paper doll, paraboloidal, paripinnate, peak, pear-shaped, pearl, pedate, peltate, permanent-press fabric, permanent press, petrifaction, petrification, phrenologist, phrenology, phylliform, physical fitness, pill, pillar, pinnate, pinnated, pinnately, pinnatifid, pinnatisect, pip, pipe, plait, plane, plane figure, pleat, plication, plum tomato, pluteus, pocket, point, pointedness, pommel, poor shape, populus nigra italica, preform, prenanthes serpentaria, press, pretzel, prism, process, projection, protein folding, proteus, punch press, purse, pyramidically, quinquefoliate, ramification, reamer, recognition, regulate, remold, reniform, reshape, resilience, resiliency, rifle ball, rim, ring, ringlet, ringlike, rise, roll, roof mushroom, rotund, rough, roughcast, round, rounded, roundel, round bone, round shape, rubber boa, runny, sad, sag, sagittate, sagittiform, saucer, scallop, scarecrow, scarer, scollop, scoop, scroll, sculpt, sculpted, sculpture, sculptured, semicircle, semilunar, shaped, shapeless, shapelessness, shapely, shape constancy, shaping, sheet, shield-shaped, shoetree, sickle-cell anaemia, sickle-cell anemia, sickle-cell disease, sickle cell, skeletal frame, skeleton, skilletfish, skillet fish, smooth, snap, snood, solid, solidness, solid figure, sow bug, spatula-shaped, spatulate, spearhead-shaped, spheric, spherical, spheroid, spiral, spiraling, spot, spread-outa, spring, spring up, square, squarely, square block, square nut, squash, squeeze, squeeze out, squelch, state, state of matter, stone, strain, strawman, straw man, stretchable, stretchy, strickle, sugar shell, sugar spoon, swirl, switch, symmetric, symmetrical, symmetricalness, symmetry, taboret, tabouret, tabulate, tactual exploration, take shape, talipes, taper, teepee, tepee, ternate, three-dimensional figure, throat, thunderbird, tip, tipi, toby, toby fillpot jug, toby jug, torsion, tortuosity, tortuousness, tow-headed snake, tower, transformation, translation, trans fatty acid, tremella reticulata, triangle, trifoliate, trifoliated, trifoliolate, trilobate, trilobated, trilobed, trim, trimming, tripinnate, tripinnated, tripinnatifid, trough, tube, tubular cavity, turbinate, turn, twine, twist, twisted, two-dimensional figure, underframe, uneven, unfitness, unformed, ungainly, unmalleable, unmanageable, unnatural, unshapely, unwieldiness, unwieldy, uprise, variform, volute, voluted, volute spring, vortex, v neck, warp, warped, waveform, wave form, wave shape, wedge, wedge-shaped, wedge shape, well-turned, whirl, whorl, whorled, wigwam, windblown, wineglass heel, winglike, work, work on, wring, zag, zig, zigzag

Part of:
human, individual, mortal, percept, perception, perceptual experience, person, somebody, someone, soul

More general:
alter, appearance, attribute, body, cause, change, concrete representation, concretism, create from raw material, create from raw stuff, do, good health, healthiness, make, organic structure, physical structure, spatiality, spatial property, structure, visual aspect

anatomy, bod, build, cast, chassis, condition, configuration, contour, determine, embodiment, figure, flesh, forge, form, frame, human body, influence, material body, mold, mould, pattern, physical body, physique, regulate, soma

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— Nouns for shape: dough, factor, memory, constancy, mixture, changes, analysis, change, optimization, shifter, alloys, more...

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