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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to particular:   (939 results)


Often used in the same context:
specific, certain, peculiar, singular, predominant, especial, per se, the, definite, this, overriding, nutshell, similar, special, such, distinct, same, reflexive pronoun, analogous, other, vice versa, considerable, appropriate, another, generalized, unusual, whole, geographic, obvious, inherent, sociologic, pertinent, undue, characteristic, one, underlying, univocal, important, aggregative, germane, maturational, relevant, unique, atypical, individual, latter, significant, geographical, migrational, fundamental, invidious, ostensible, commensurable, different, main, prime, intrinsic, genuine, predetermined, key, overarching, typological, assortative, abovementioned, you, what, res ipsa loquitur, aversion therapy, markable, individualizing, every, neuralgic, aforementioned, primary, determinative, disfavored, sensitive, preponderant, only, paramount, specialized, tailormade, ludic, particularistic, hermeneutical, connotative, conceivable, tangential, indubitable, unobvious, peripheral, concentrated, nonsocial, slightest, real, unrelated, greatest, predisposed, scantiest, corresponding, paradigmatic, broader, particulars, attribute, circumstance, viz, desideratum, differentia, particularity, element, facts, item, actuality, fact, objection, peculiarity, ques, contingency, difference, difficulty, ticular, speciftc, specif1c, ent, seme, imaginable, definable, easiest, identifiable, lar, specifiable, ular, lastmentioned, cific

More specific:
highlight, high spot

Appears in the definition of:
., about, abreast ofp, abstract, accentual system, acoustic spectrum, acquired immunity, acreage, act, adaptable, adapted, adapter, advantageous, aficionado, age, age norm, allergic reaction, allergy, alliance, allocation, allocation unit, allow, almanac, alter, altered, ambiance, ambience, anatomical structure, anonym, appliance, application, apply, appropriate, appurtenances, area, arena, argot, around, arranged, arrangement, arranger, artistic style, assemblage, assimilation, atmosphere, attentiveness, attire, autochthony, au courant, au fait, avifauna, avifaunal, avifaunistic, away, awayness, azonic, badge, bag, balance sheet, ballgame, bar, barndoor, bent, beta software, bill of particulars, biodiversity, biology, bionic, biota, block of metal, bloomer, bodily structure, body structure, bond issue, bond rating, breed, bring, brotherhood, browse, browser, budget, building permit, business deal, business line, call, calling, call in, campaign, cant, canuck, capability, capacity, career, cast, casting, catch, cause, center, centre, certiorari, challenge, change, characterisic function, characteristic curve, charity, chatroom, chat room, chef's salad, church, circuit, circumscribed, civilisation, civilization, clinic, closed primary, closing, closure, code of behavior, code of conduct, codon, coin collecting, coin collection, coin collector, come off, committed, community, compile, complement fixation test, complex body part, conclusion of law, concurring opinion, condemn, condition, configure, consonantal system, consonant system, consuetudinal, consuetudinary, consultancy, consultation, contour sheet, contraindication, contraption, contrivance, convenience, couch, country, craft, craft union, craving, cross section, crusade, cry, culture, cult of personality, custom-built, cyclopaedia, cyclopedia, dance step, date, day, deal, dealership, death toll, deduction, deductive reasoning, delimited, denizen, denominational, denominationalism, descriptive, detail, detailing, detail file, device, diathesis, diet, dieting, differentiation, dilation, dimension, discourse, discussion, dish, display, domain, domestic, dossier, drape, dress, dresser, drive, drive around, dweller, earmark, effort, eld, elicitation, employ, employment agency, employment office, encyclopaedia, encyclopedia, endemic, endemical, endemic disease, endemism, episteme, epizootic, evocation, ex, exact, exclusive, exclusive right, expedition, experimental procedure, expression, expressive style, exwife, facility, family history, fancy, fauna, fee tail, field, field capacity, field of operation, finding of law, fitted out, fitted sheet, fitter, fitting, fix, flamen, flooding, flora, floral, focalise, focalize, form, formation, forth, for one, for one thing, frame, franchise, fraternity, freeze, full, function, functional, futures contract, gadget, game, garb, gasometer, gastronomy, gas meter, gate, gear, gear up, general, genetic constitution, genetic screening, genome, genotype, geological horizon, gestalt law of organization, gestalt principle of organization, get, gismo, gizmo, glow lamp, glow tube, go, good, governed, go fish, go for, go off, go over, guardian angel, guardian spirit, guide fossil, ha, half-life, half life, hamadryad, hatted, headcount, head count, healer, heed, help out, higher national diploma, high holiday, high holy day, hnd, home, homegrown, home appliance, hookup, horned, horoscope, hour angle, household appliance, hunting season, hyperlink, idiolect, idiom, immune, implosion therapy, in-joke, inappropriate, incarnation, index fossil, indicator, indigen, indigene, indigenousness, individualised, individualized, induction, inductive, industry, industry analyst, indweller, infernal machine, infrared therapy, ingot, inhabitant, inoculant, inoculum, inspiration, installation, instant, instantiate, interdict, intonate, intone, intralinguistic, in particular, jargon, job-oriented terminal, journal, joyride, judgement in rem, judgment in rem, jurisdictional, just then, kick in, king, kludge, knowledge base, knowledge domain, koinonia, kokoi venom, landmark, land area, language, language system, law, lay out, legal community, legal profession, lexicalized concept, lie, light, limited audit, line, line of business, line of inquiry, line of merchandise, line of products, line of questioning, line of thought, line spectrum, lingo, lipogram, literature, local, localisation, localisation of function, localisation principle, localise, localised, localism, localization, localization of function, localization principle, localize, localized, locally, located, locus, locution, logic bomb, logic gate, logistic assessment, loose cannon, lunitidal interval, made-to-order, magnetic declination, magnetic variation, mail, major, man, maneuver, manoeuvre, market, market penetration, medium of exchange, metal bar, methodological analysis, methodology, metric, migrator, military campaign, minute, misogynist, misogynous, missionary, modality, mode, moment, monetary system, monoclonal antibody, monograph, moralisation, moralization, moralizing, morbidity, morphophonemic system, movement, musical arrangement, napkin ring, narrow-minded, national, nationalist, nationalistic, nationality, native, native speaker, nature, new ballgame, nomenclature, nom de guerre, nondenominational, nonresident, nucleolar organiser, nucleolar organizer, nucleolus organiser, nucleolus organizer, number, numismatics, numismatist, numismatologist, numismatology, objection, object code, obligate, occasion, occupant, occupation licence, occupation license, occupier, odor, odour, off, officiate, olfactory perception, olfactory sensation, onea, onomatomania, operation, opportune, orbit, ordered, organ, outfitted, overflight, palette, pallet, paracelsus, paradigm, paralanguage, paralinguistic communication, parametric statistic, paraphernalia, part, particularisation, particularism, particularity, particularization, partisan, partition, paternity test, path, patois, paying attention, payola, peace march, pencil, perambulate, perforation, periarteritis nodosa, perquisite, personal, personalised, personalized, phase, phase angle, phase of the moon, philippus aureolus paracelsus, philosophizing, phoneme, phonemic, phonetic symbol, phone number, phonological system, phonologic system, photo finish, place, placed, planting, platform, play, police headquarters, police office, police precinct, police squad, police station, polyarteritis nodosa, polymyxin, population, position, position paper, post, power pack, practical application, predisposition, prepare, prerogative, preserved, print, private, privilege, probative, procedure, process, prodigy, product, product line, profiling, projection, property, proper name, proper noun, prosodic system, proteome, provider, provincialism, pseudonym, purpose-built, purpose-made, put, racial immunity, racial profiling, read, readiness, reading, ready, recasting, recursion, recuse, redact, regard, regional, regionalism, registration, regulator, relatedness, relegation, repertoire, repertory, rephrasing, represent, reputation, requirements contract, reservation, reserve, reserved, reserve clause, residence time, resident, rewording, rig, right, ripe, role, roleplaying, roots, run, sale, saying, scene, scenery, science, scientific discipline, screening, script, searchlight, seasonal, second, sectarianism, sectionalism, sector, selective amnesia, sense modality, sensitise, sensitize, sensory activity, sensory system, session, set, set aside, set in, set up, sex-linked, shaping, shibboleth, shoes, show, sidereal day, situated, slag code, slang, slicer, slick up, smarten up, smell, social security number, sodality, solubility, sort, sound, sound spectrum, source code, space, special, specialisation, specialism, specialization, special act, special interest, specific, specificity, sphere, sporting goods, sports equipment, spruce, spruce up, squadron, stand, standinga, star chart, state-of-the-art, stater, state of the art, station, station house, status, step, stirring, stockholder of record, stock issue, stopper, stroke, structural, structure, style, stylisation, stylist, stylization, supplier, supremacist, surf, syllabicity, symptom, synchronic, synthesis, system of measurement, tactic, take, take to, tangram, taret organ, task force, tax benefit, tax break, technique, telephone number, tense system, term, terminology, tersely, textual criticism, theme, theological system, theology, theophrastus philippus aureolus bombastus von hohenheim, therapist, time, time bomb, time of life, tip sheet, tomograph, tonal system, tone system, tool, tool around, total, touch system, touch typing, tour, track record, tract, trade, trade magazine, traffic, train, transaction file, transcriber, treatment, tricked-out, turnout, type, unbecoming, undenominational, uniform, unlocated, unrelatedness, unspecialised, unspecialized, unstudied, unsuitable, up onp, use, utilise, utilize, variation, vary, vegetation, vehicle traffic, vehicular traffic, vernacular, version, virtue, visored, vocation, voice, vowel system, walk about, walk around, wallah, want, water meter, wherein, widget, wish, woman, woman hater, worktable, work table, write about, write of, write on, writ of certiorari, writ of prohibition, yard, year, youth subculture

More general:
component, component part, fact, part, portion

careful, detail, especial, exceptional, fastidious, finical, finicky, fussy, individual, item, peculiar, primary, special, specific, uncommon

Also try:
— Nouns for particular: case, interest, attention, type, importance, form, kind, group, problem, situation, area, more...

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