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bull, bull's eye, pfennig

Often used in the same context:
record, eclipsing, plateau, milestone, bests, midpoint, rubicon, threshold, highs, marker, fortieth, quincentenary, finish, sixtieth, tally, herald, score, annals, nadir, zenith, silver jubilee, topping, notching, goal, calender, crosses, eighth, furst, whisker, clocking, fiftieth, pinnacle, midway, ema, barrier, centenaries, thirtieth, point, anniversary, hundredth, fifth, anniv, streak, lead, commemoration, history, tie, eightieth, apogee, tenth, seventh, start, debut, cusp, end, twelfth, diamond jubilee, sixth, odometer, averages, exclamation mark, edging, exclamation point, fifteenth, leap, hurdle, calendar, climax, ninetieth, asterisk, lows, autumnal equinox, aphelion, career, millennium, pace, date, seventeenth, deadline, stamp, solstices, hindenburg line, totals, epoch, ninth, peak, bluffy, chart, punctuation mark, millionth, sixteenth, target, upthrust, feat, second, post, hairsbreadth, collegiate, kick, celestial equator, chalk, countdown, marks, badge, sign, long, token, card, key, place, char, note, pitch, con, cut, emblem, imprint, incentive, object, pre, stake, benchmark, copyright, present, dollar, limit, negotiable, applicable, assumed, call, comparable, derivative, descriptive, inconsistent, instruction, landmark, odd, original, possessory, set, tive

More specific:
arrow, assay-mark, asterisk, authentication, badge, bar sinister, bend sinister, bespot, brand, broad arrow, buoy, cairn, call mark, call number, cancel, caret, characterize, check, check mark, cicatrize, clout, cloven foot, cloven hoof, code, crisscross, delineate, demerit, describe, diacritic, diacritical mark, dimension, dimple, distinguish, ditto, ditto mark, dollar mark, dollar sign, dot, draw, drogue, earmark, flag, footmark, footprint, gummed label, hallmark, head, hoofmark, hoofprint, invalidate, label, line, milepost, milestone, outline, peg, pin, pip, pockmark, point, pointer, post, postmark, pressmark, punctuation, punctuation mark, raddle, receipt, red-ink, scarify, scribe, signalize, signpost, speck, spot, stake, star, step, sticker, striate, stripe, stroke, take notice, tip, trace, trademark, watermark

Appears in the definition of:
., acacia xanthophloea, accent, accent mark, actias luna, acute, acute accent, ague, ampersand, amyloid plaque, amyloid protein plaque, antonine wall, apostrophe, appreciate, arrow, assay-mark, asterisk, augustus, authentication, autograph, bar sinister, battle of philippi, benchmark, bench mark, bend sinister, bespeckle, bespot, black widow, blaze, blemish, blob, blot, blotch, bookmark, bookmarker, brand, breve, broad arrow, buoy, cairn, calibrate, call mark, call number, caret, cedilla, celebration, chatter mark, check, checker, check mark, check off, chequer, chip, cicatrice, cicatrix, cigarette burn, circumflex, cleopatra, cloven foot, cloven hoof, colon, comma, comma butterfly, commemorate, crack, crisscross, dash, date, date-mark, dateline, datemark, decorate, defect, delimit, delimitate, delineate, demarcate, demerit, describe, diacritic, diacritical mark, diaeresis, diagonal, dieresis, differentiate, dimple, distinguish, distinguishing, ditto, ditto mark, dog-ear, dollar mark, dollar sign, dot, draw, earmark, easy, evangelist, exclamation mark, exclamation point, fanion, fever tree, flag, fleck, footmark, footprint, foreshore, foundation stone, freckle, french chalk, full point, full stop, gaius julius caesar octavianus, gaius octavianus, grave, gravestone, grave accent, hacek, halfway, hallmark, handstamp, hannibal, head, headstone, heaviness, heavy, hickey, highlighter, huckleberry finn, huck finn, huffy, hyphen, impress, imprint, indelibly, individual, individualise, individualize, initial, inscribe, interrogation point, intertidal, inverted, inverted comma, jell-o, jello, jubilation, kill, lag, landmark, large, latrodectus mactans, launderette, laundromat, letter, line, love bite, luna moth, lyre snake, macron, mar, marked, marker, marking, mark off, mark of cain, mark out, mimeo, mimeograph, mimeograph machine, mintmark, mottle, neritic zone, obliterate, octavian, peg, period, pfennig, philippi, pin, pip, pit, plurality, pock, pockmark, point, pointer, polygonia comma, post, postmark, postum, pressmark, procellaria aequinoctialis, proofreader, pseudonymous, question mark, quotation mark, quote, raddle, reader, receipt, red-ink, revalue, roneo, roneograph, rubber stamp, rubricate, rule, scar, secern, secernate, seedy, semicolon, separate, separatrix, severalise, severalize, shove-ha'penny, shove-halfpenny, shovel board, sign, signet, signpost, single quote, slash, smoke bomb, smoke grenade, solidus, speckle, splash, spot, stake, stamp, star, stencil, step, stigmatise, stigmatize, stone, stop, streak, stress mark, striate, stripe, stroke, subscribe, subtilize, sulcus, swung dash, tell, tell apart, thickness, tick, tick off, tilde, tip, tiresome, tombstone, tom sawyer, trace, trail, umlaut, unmarked, virgule, vowel point, wale, watermark, weal, wedge, welt, wheal, white-chinned petrel, white line, wide, wide of the mark, wipe out, write

Part of:
new testament

More general:
add, alter, appraise, assess, attach, bespeak, betoken, blemish, celebrate, change, characterize, clew, clue, comprehend, cue, deface, defect, disfigure, dupe, effect, enter, establish, evaluate, evaluation, evangel, german monetary unit, gospel, gospels, impression, incise, indicate, indication, keep, label, lay down, make, marking, measure, notch, observe, perceive, point, point of reference, printed symbol, put down, qualify, rating, record, reference, reference point, signal, success, symbol, take away, take out, valuation, value, victim, written symbol

bell ringer, brand, bull's eye, check, check off, chump, commemorate, crisscross, cross, cross off, cross out, denounce, deutsche mark, deutschmark, differentiate, distinguish, fall guy, fish, fool, gospel according to mark, grade, gull, label, mark off, marker, marking, mug, nock, note, notice, patsy, pit, pock, punctuate, scar, schlemiel, score, scrape, scratch, set, shlemiel, sign, soft touch, stain, stigma, stigmatize, strike off, strike out, sucker, tag, target, tick off

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