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Words and phrases whose definition contains common:   (1617 results)

1 letter:

2 letters:
cf, cl

3 letters:
bus, daw, dog, iga, iva, mew, mus, pox, ram, wen

4 letters:
adps, baya, body, bond, call, camp, clap, club, cold, fold, folk, form, kind, line, ling, mass, merl, nous, opec, orca, pack, part, pleb, pool, pout, reid, rook, root, ruff, sept, sole, sort, syph, tang, whin, wise

5 letters:
adder, basil, brain, broom, capiz, chara, clade, class, cobol, cough, fiord, fjord, front, furze, gorse, koine, mavis, merle, money, ousel, ouzel, share, split, stand, swift, tansy, totem, unify, unite, wheat

6 letters:
absurd, acheta, allied, allies, aranea, better, bridle, busbar, chanal, chanar, clique, coaxal, cockle, conyza, cunner, dunlin, duplex, earthy, empire, etymon, family, frijol, gallus, ginger, goanna, gunnel, gypsum, hickey, honker, jocote, killer, latino, league, louvar, masses, milvus, minnow, mombin, monnet, morion, mutual, paigle, people, pepper, pernis, pimple, public, pyrite, rabble, radial, ragtag, rattus, series, shaker, shared, simple, wisdom, zircon

7 letters:
actinia, animism, anomaly, apatite, araneus, bannock, bergall, boxwood, bulrush, buzzard, calcite, chewink, coaxial, combine, commons, coterie, cowslip, demotic, diceros, dyeweed, fanwort, firefly, freight, frijole, general, generic, gothite, grampus, graylag, greylag, hawkbit, heather, homarus, imagism, ingroup, jackdaw, jawfish, jaybird, kafocin, kinfolk, licitly, may bug, meeting, mirasol, moorish, oldwife, overlap, palmate, pardner, partner, patella, pedicel, pedicle, phratry, pie-dog, pigweed, pinnate, platoon, product, pye-dog, pyramid, red eft, red fox, related, rosette, ruddles, sea mew, sharing, special, stemmer, sturnus, syncarp, terrace, triumph, unusual, variety, warrant, whooper, yttrium

8 letters:
abutting, adhesion, adjacent, alliance, assembly, attached, atypical, bigarade, blue jay, bourtree, bullhead, bullrush, cabasset, calamine, cancroid, caprifig, category, cenobite, cheewink, chlorine, congener, coughing, cow lily, credible, disjoint, dog bent, donation, earthnut, evensong, faithful, familiar, federate, fleabane, folksong, folktale, freetail, frequent, gaywings, goethite, haminoea, hawfinch, heal all, hepatica, homogeny, hornpout, housefly, impetigo, indirect, interest, jack oak, june bug, kinsfolk, lawfully, lead off, longhorn, mahayana, markweed, mew gull, movement, mushroom, nitrogen, nocturia, normalcy, nycturia, ordinary, osculate, palometa, pinnated, plebeian, populism, pyroxene, quantise, quantize, rallying, redbrush, redshank, red deer, relative, riffraff, rock elm, roof rat, rose bug, sapience, sea wolf, sensible, serotine, snowdrop, sowbread, sparling, stampede, stellate, syphilis, throstle, toadflax, together, totemism, uncommon, vinifera, wax bean, wild oat, wiseness, woodbine

9 letters:
adjoining, anomalous, apatosaur, apus apus, bilharzia, blackbird, blackbuck, blackjack, blackseed, black rat, blue chip, blue crab, blue flag, boil smut, box elder, brown rat, bufo bufo, bullfinch, bull pine, camachile, catatonia, chickweed, chondroma, coenobite, commonage, communion, community, cooperate, corncrake, crex crex, crotonbug, cub shark, deerberry, eccentric, especiala, esperanto, folk song, folk tale, framboise, genus mus, gonorrhea, goosander, greenweed, greenwing, guano bat, gypsyweed, half rest, harp seal, head cold, helicidae, horsetail, horseweed, huamachil, iguanodon, interface, in common, irregular, jock itch, judicious, lake duck, land rail, mouse ear, multiplex, multitude, nerveroot, normality, oldenberg, old squaw, perennial, peripatus, pica pica, pneumovax, ponderosa, pulicidae, red osier, row house, sand flea, sand sole, satyridae, sea aster, seif dune, semibreve, simpleton, soft rush, spearmint, specially, stellaria, stonechat, surcharge, sweatshop, thecodont, toadstool, twistwood, vulgarise, vulgarize, water bug, water elm, water rat, whitetail, white elm, woadwaxen, woodwaxen, wood tick, xiphiidae

10 letters:
adp system, alkali bee, amino acid, anticlinal, astigmatic, barycenter, beach flea, bird vetch, black buck, blue-belly, bobbysoxer, brontosaur, brown bent, bull shark, certiorari, chain pike, clammyweed, collateral, commonness, common law, concentric, congenator, contiguous, cooperator, coordinate, copperhead, corn poppy, cottontail, cradle cap, croton bug, cuckoopint, derogation, divergence, divergency, elderberry, esox niger, especially, federalise, federalize, fellowship, freightage, garden pea, generalise, generalize, genus bufo, gingerroot, gonorrhoea, grassroots, grass frog, gray skate, greasewood, green bean, half blood, heartsease, hoi polloi, house wren, in concert, lease-lend, lend-lease, marsh hawk, may beetle, melanoplus, mucoraceae, natterjack, nominalism, norway rat, ocean pout, orange bat, osculation, paregmenon, pariah dog, part-owner, peculiarly, peppercorn, pilar cyst, plantation, poison ivy, poison oak, polyanthus, popularise, popularize, prevailing, radiatinga, raja batis, refreshing, rhinorrhea, ring ouzel, ring snake, sandhopper, scrub pine, shaggymane, shaggy cap, shortgrass, slate club, sloth bear, smut grass, starflower, stepsister, stink bell, sugar beet, tithe barn, town house, twist wood, uncommonly, wake-robin, water vole, white tail, whole note, whole rest, whorlywort, wild pansy, wild thyme, winter urn

11 letters:
abstraction, amphictyony, anas crecca, anser anser, apatosaurus, appellative, aspergillus, avena fatua, ball nettle, bed-wetting, bitter dock, black birch, black elder, black sumac, bootlegging, bull nettle, buteo buteo, calnada pea, canada lily, channel cat, chokecherry, collaborate, combination, common-lawp, commonality, common bean, common cold, common land, common rush, communalism, concentrate, convergence, convertible, cooperative, coreference, corn cockle, cryptomonad, cryptophyte, customarily, dead nettle, devil's urn, dwarf sumac, engelmannia, english elm, euphemistic, exceptional, family line, field pansy, field poppy, folk ballad, fool's gold, formication, frosted bat, generically, genus chara, grass finch, grass roots, grass snake, half sister, hazel alder, heath aster, hebephrenia, hemp nettle, hen harrier, herring hog, homocentric, horned pout, house mouse, interchurch, interlingua, involvement, irish gorse, iron pyrite, jean monnet, jersey pine, join forces, june beetle, kenya fever, kidney bean, large civet, larus canus, leaf insect, lemon shark, lion's foot, marsh elder, meadow lily, middle term, mombin tree, monasticism, oral cancer, overlapping, palm-shaped, particulara, pharaoh ant, phrase book, pitch apple, predominant, red dogwood, red snapper, rhus glabra, ring thrush, river prawn, rose beetle, rose chafer, rupturewort, sand hopper, sand lizard, scarlet haw, sea swallow, sea trifoly, short-grass, silversides, sleepy dick, small civet, solid angle, song thrush, sour orange, spatterdock, spring frog, spruce pine, sweet basil, sweet birch, sweet elder, synchronous, thimbleweed, thomas reid, velvet bent, velvet worm, wheat berry, whitethroat, white stork, whole snipe, wild spurge, wood rabbit, wood thrush, wood violet, yellow dock, yellow flag, yellow iris

12 letters:
acer negundo, alnus rugosa, american elm, american ivy, asynchronous, bald cypress, barn swallow, bell heather, betula lenta, bilharziasis, black bryony, bladderwrack, blue pointed, bobby-socker, bonito shark, brine shrimp, brontosaurus, brown thrush, canada goose, cardiomegaly, carpet grass, cat squirrel, celiac trunk, cherry birch, chile bonito, chlorpyrifos, clusia major, clusia rosea, collaborator, common elder, common front, common shrew, common snipe, common stock, common thyme, common touch, common viper, complication, concentrical, conglomerate, congregation, conterminous, contribution, corn campion, culvers root, devil's flax, domestic dog, double helix, duplex house, dyer's-broom, erica vagans, european elm, fibroadenoma, freight rate, galium verum, genus-milvus, genus acheta, genus aranea, genus conyza, genus gallus, genus pernis, genus rattus, get together, green lizard, green monkey, ground cedar, heather bell, hedge violet, hemimorphite, horse nettle, house martin, hypertension, inner circle, intersection, in agreement, kidney vetch, killer whale, legitimately, leopard frog, lesser scaup, manila grass, meadow pipit, mus musculus, neighboringa, onychophoran, orcinus orca, osteoporosis, osteosarcoma, otitis media, palmate leaf, pansy violet, parthenogeny, particularly, pinnate leaf, poison camas, pot marigold, pyrola minor, ragged robin, rana pipiens, red squirrel, rights issue, ringed snake, rubus idaeus, salix lucida, scented fern, sea milkwort, sea starwort, sheep sorrel, silver maple, smooth alder, smooth sumac, song sparrow, spring cress, stinky squid, tinea cruris, tree sparrow, trichuriasis, tufted vetch, unreasonable, vicia cracca, vinegar tree, viola pedata, vipera berus, voting right, walking leaf, water-shield, whooper swan, wild cabbage, wild spinach, wood anemone

13 letters:
acne vulgaris, alder dogwood, american crow, american toad, anomalousness, anonymous ftp, bitter orange, blackjack oak, bladder fucus, breast cancer, brown creeper, bufo calamita, cardium edule, celiac artery, cephaloglycin, chlamydomonas, cold medicine, commensurable, common people, common shiner, compound leaf, cornish heath, corn marigold, creeping bent, crow pheasant, cuckoo flower, culex pipiens, culver's root, customs union, cygnus cygnus, devil's cigar, draw together, dwarf juniper, edible cockle, egretta albus, erica cinerea, erolia alpina, european toad, false ragweed, field cricket, field sparrow, french sorrel, garden spider, genus actinia, genus araneus, genus diceros, genus homarus, genus patella, genus sturnus, greylag goose, hallucination, indian turnip, interlanguage, juniper berry, klammath weed, lightning bug, lingua franca, mountain fern, natrix natrix, nonconcentric, nuphar advena, participation, perdix perdix, pharaoh's ant, popular front, primula veris, rainbow smelt, random memory, rattus rattus, red goosefoot, rhus radicans, rusty woodsia, sandbar shark, scarlet sumac, sciatic nerve, scots heather, shining sumac, sorex araneus, steatocystoma, stock warrant, strangler fig, striped skunk, swamp cypress, trichodesmium, turdus merula, ulmus procera, ursus ursinus, varicose vein, virginia deer, virginia pine, vulpes vulpes, wild geranium, wild tamarind, window oyster, zygnemataceae

14 letters:
ameiurus melas, american egret, american elder, american smelt, artemia salina, arum maculatum, aspergillaceae, aster arenosus, atlantic manta, aythya affinis, bidens connata, black bindweed, black felt cup, black rockweed, black saltwort, bring together, brown thrasher, bubonic plague, canada anemone, canadian goose, cathartes aura, cervus elaphus, cetonia aurata, chain pickerel, chilean bonito, circus cyaneus, common ragweed, corporate bond, creeping thyme, culvers physic, edible-pod pea, european elder, european smelt, european swift, evening prayer, field marigold, field mushroom, field wormwood, flanders poppy, freetailed bat, french spinach, generalisation, generalization, genus haminoea, geranium molle, glaux maritima, golden buttons, gray partridge, hedge bindweed, hooker's onion, iliamna remota, interest group, isurus glaucus, johnny-jump-up, junco hyemalis, juncus effusus, kelp greenling, lacerta agilis, lemon geranium, marvel-of-peru, mentha spicata, milk chocolate, mountain sumac, mucoviscidosis, multiple fruit, oblong woodsia, onchocerciasis, osteoarthritis, painted turtle, papaver rhoeas, plantago major, poison mercury, ponderosa pine, praying mantid, praying mantis, precious metal, pulex irritans, ragweed pollen, rhus copallina, ring blackbird, sambucus nigra, sebaceous cyst, setaria glauca, seville orange, sexual assault, sheep's sorrel, shining willow, speckled alder, sterna hirundo, stinking elder, tamus communis, texas longhorn, thunder lizard, tramp's spurge, tringa totanus, turkey buzzard, turkey vulture, ulex europaeus, uruguay potato, vesper sparrow, vinifera grape, viola arvensis, viola tricolor, virgin's bower, vitis vinifera, wayfaring tree, whitetail deer, wild hollyhock, wild oat grass, wild raspberry, woolly mammoth, yellow foxtail

15 letters:
abscessed tooth, aggregate fruit, agrostis canina, alder buckthorn, alectoris ruffa, alnus serrulata, american copper, arteria celiaca, aster ericoides, aster tripolium, atlantic puffin, atomic number 7, audubon warbler, australian pine, ball nightshade, beach goldenrod, black turnstone, blue-chip stock, bufo americanus, bush nasturtium, butter-and-eggs, cauliflower ear, channel catfish, chimney swallow, chrysemys picta, ciconia ciconia, claes oldenberg, coming together, common marigold, common mosquito, common nuisance, common plantain, computer system, consubstantiate, corvus monedula, cow-tongue fern, cuculus canorus, culver's physic, cystic fibrosis, dandelion green, dark-eyed junco, delichon urbica, eastern hemlock, european cuckoo, european curlew, european magpie, european rabbit, european roller, european shrike, fasciolopsiasis, free-tailed bat, fuller's teasel, genus stellaria, grampus griseus, harbor porpoise, hepatic tanager, hernaria glabra, hirundo rustica, house centipede, incommensurable, inguinal hernia, iris versicolor, ischemic stroke, iva xanthifolia, juniper berries, lacerta viridis, lamb's-quarters, lesser centaury, longtail weasel, manila tamarind, manta birostris, manx shearwater, meadow mushroom, moccasin flower, musca domestica, mustela frenata, necklace poplar, nomia melanderi, old man's beard, opisthorchiasis, pacific sardine, parthenogenesis, pink of my john, pinus ponderosa, pityriasis alba, public nuisance, rana temporaria, rights offering, river blindness, ruddy turnstone, salt reed grass, sambucus pubens, schistosomiasis, scotch marigold, social movement, spanish needles, stellaria media, thymus vulgaris, turkish boxwood, ulmus americana, ustilago maydis, viola sylvatica, virginia oyster, viverra zibetha, whiteman's foot, wild snapdragon, yellow bedstraw, yellow cleavers, zoysia japonica, zoysia matrella

16 letters:
acer saccharinum, acheta assimilis, american creeper, american dogwood, anemone nemorosa, anthus pratensis, apocynum pumilum, aranea diademata, ash-leaved maple, atomic number 17, atomic number 39, bidens bipinnata, bird-on-the-wing, black elderberry, black greasewood, bracketed blenny, calluna vulgaris, canadian hemlock, canis familiaris, cart-track plant, centaurium minus, chipping sparrow, chokecherry tree, citrus aurantium, clammy chickweed, classified stock, common chickweed, common or garden, common speedwell, common stinkhorn, common sunflower, computing system, coprinus comatus, counterintuitive, data multiplexer, dipsacus sativus, dusky salamander, dyer's greenweed, ebony spleenwort, emberiza aureola, eurasian hamster, european creeper, family helicidae, family pulicidae, family satyridae, family xiphiidae, flowering spurge, fragrant woodsia, fringed polygala, genus melanoplus, german cockroach, glottochronology, granny's bonnets, hypogastric vein, immunoglobulin a, internationalism, iris pseudacorus, ischaemic stroke, kaposi's sarcoma, lanius excubitor, lexicostatistics, lilium canadense, linaria vulgaris, little brown bat, lords-and-ladies, love-in-idleness, mantis religioso, marmalade orange, marseilles fever, marsh bellflower, melursus ursinus, mergus merganser, mirabilis jalapa, myeloid leukemia, northern harrier, northern mammoth, numenius arquata, old world rabbit, painted terrapin, painted tortoise, pieris protodice, pinus virginiana, placuna placenta, rhamnus frangula, robin's plantain, rumex acetosella, sarda chiliensis, sciurus vulgaris, southern cypress, spizella arborea, spizella pusilla, summer snowflake, thymus serpyllum, toxostoma rufums, tropaeolum minus, truncus celiacus, tsuga canadensis, turdus torquatus, vespertilionidae, viburnum lantana, virginia creeper, white-man's foot, wild meadow lily, wild sarsparilla, wild yellow lily, woodsia ilvensis, yellow clintonia, yellow pond lily

17 letters:
actitis macularia, allium acuminatum, american crayfish, american dog tick, aralia nudicaulis, audubon's warbler, blue-headed vireo, boutonneuse fever, branta canadensis, brassica oleracea, broad-leaved dock, california privet, calystegia sepium, canadian fleabane, cardamine bulbosa, carolina moonseed, cartesian product, certhia americana, chenopodium album, clangula hyemalis, common bean plant, common grape vine, conyza canadensis, coracias garrulus, corvus frugilegus, cottontail rabbit, cricetus cricetus, cyanide poisoning, desert paintbrush, earning per share, eczema herpeticum, eczema marginatum, edible-podded pea, family mucoraceae, fine-leaved heath, fucus vesiculosus, gall of the earth, genista tinctoria, genus aspergillus, great white heron, green-winged teal, helianthus annuus, hyaline cartilage, indian tick fever, innominate artery, korean lawn grass, lesser scaup duck, loggerhead shrike, long-clawed prawn, mahayana buddhism, melospiza melodia, mephitis mephitis, muscicapa grisola, muscicapa striata, myotis leucifugus, new england aster, notropis cornutus, oakleaf goosefoot, osmerus eperlanus, phallus impudicus, phocaena phocaena, phoxinus phoxinus, pond bald cypress, populus deltoides, prairie sunflower, primula polyantha, prunus virginiana, puffinus puffinus, pull one's weight, pyrrhula pyrrhula, rattus norvegicus, read/write memory, red-berried elder, red osier dogwood, rhode island bent, rift valley fever, rufous rubber cup, saxicola torquata, seaside goldenrod, spondias purpurea, spotted sandpiper, squaw huckleberry, statutory offence, statutory offense, tanacetum vulgare, thecodont reptile, tracheobronchitis, troglodytes aedon, turdus philomelos, urge incontinence, velvet bent grass, white-tailed deer, wild sarsaparilla, windowpane oyster, yellow water flag

18 letters:
agrostemma githago, agrostis palustris, american merganser, american red elder, anemone canadensis, anemone cylindrica, aquilegia vulgaris, arenaria interpres, arvicola amphibius, assortative mating, bird's-foot violet, bitter orange tree, california pompano, centropus sinensis, certhia familiaris, chenopodium rubrum, citellus lateralis, clintonia borealis, cocculus carolinus, common denominator, convolvulus sepium, cornus stolonifera, creeping bentgrass, crown-of-the-field, cypripedium acaule, dendroica auduboni, eastern cottonwood, european blackbird, european brown bat, european raspberry, false sarsaparilla, fasciolopsis buski, florida strap fern, fratercula arctica, galeopsis tetrahit, geranium maculatum, hart's-tongue fern, hypogastric artery, jack-in-the-pulpit, lepus californicus, lesser wintergreen, long-tailed weasel, luvarus imperialis, lychins floscuculi, mirabilis uniflora, mojave rattlesnake, nasal decongestant, nervus ischiadicus, offsetting balance, osteogenic sarcoma, palaemon australis, palometa simillima, phaseolus vulgaris, philomachus pugnax, plethodon cinereus, ragtag and bobtail, regulatory offence, regulatory offense, rumex obtusifolius, sardinops caerulea, scott's spleenwort, semidetached house, sphaeralcea remota, spizella passerina, spotted coral root, spotted cranesbill, spotted flycatcher, stemming algorithm, subscription right, taxodium distichum, tursiops truncatus, tympanuchus cupido, viverricula indica, wild morning-glory, writ of certiorari, zigadenus nuttalli, zirconium silicate

19 letters:
agaricus campestris, antilope cervicapra, arisaema atrorubens, arisaema triphyllum, aster novae-angliae, blattella germanica, burweed marsh elder, cabomba caroliniana, carcharhinus leucas, castilleja chromosa, charred pancake cup, chenopodium glaucum, clematis virginiana, common four-o'clock, compatible software, coryphaena hippurus, crotalus scutulatus, cyanocitta cristata, eptesicus serotinus, erigeron canadensis, erigeron pulchellus, euphorbia corollata, external iliac vein, gallinago gallinago, genus chlamydomonas, glottochronological, hashimoto's disease, herpes encephalitis, high blood pressure, hungarian partridge, ictalurus punctatus, interdenominational, internal iliac vein, japanese lawn grass, joint-stock company, lanius lucovicianus, little brown myotis, lutjanus blackfordi, lycaena hypophlaeas, lychnis flos-cuculi, mouse-ear chickweed, our lady's bedstraw, pancreatic fibrosis, parainfluenza virus, phasianus colchicus, ploceus philippinus, polygala paucifolia, pooecetes gramineus, quercus marilandica, sambucus canadensis, shaggymane mushroom, slate-colored junco, solanum carolinense, sporobolus poiretii, streptopelia turtur, swampy beggar-ticks, vaccinium stamineum, vespertilio murinus, western yellow pine, whorled loosestrife, yellow bristlegrass

20 letters:
african green monkey, anemone quinquefolia, anthyllis vulneraria, apatosaurus excelsus, artemisia campestris, blacktail jackrabbit, compensating balance, conopodium denudatum, convertible security, corvus brachyrhyncos, dove's foot geranium, family zygnemataceae, fritillaria agrestis, hamamelis virginiana, hylocichla mustelina, hypericum perforatum, mexican freetail bat, monomorium pharaonis, moorish architecture, nabalus serpentarius, oak-leaved goosefoot, orange horseshoe bat, pelargonium limoneum, pithecellobium dulce, pneumococcal vaccine, polanisia dodecandra, polanisia graveolens, random-access memory, random access memory, red-backed sandpiper, red-legged partridge, retrobulbar neuritis, ring-necked pheasant, sciurus carolinensis, veronica officinalis, western fence lizard, yellow bristle grass

21 letters:
asplenium platyneuron, astreus hygrometricus, broad-leaved plantain, calendula officinalis, campanula aparinoides, carcharhinus plumbeus, chrysanthemum segetum, corallorhiza maculata, crataegus biltmoreana, cyclamen hederifolium, cyclamen neopolitanum, delusions of grandeur, deviated nasal septum, dryopteris oreopteris, eastern gray squirrel, european central bank, external iliac artery, family aspergillaceae, flowering wintergreen, geoffroea decorticans, glaucous bristlegrass, helianthus petiolaris, internal iliac artery, japanese carpet grass, least common multiple, ligustrum ovalifolium, mammuthus primigenius, marchantia polymorpha, mouse eared chickweed, oryctolagus cuniculus, scutigera coleoptrata, solidago sempervirens, spartina cynosuroides, tadarida brasiliensis, viola reichenbachiana, virginian witch hazel

22 letters:
acute myeloid leukemia, agkistrodon contortrix, arenaria-melanocephala, casuarina equisetfolia, degenerative arthritis, dermacentor variabilis, devil's darning needle, lysimachia quadrifolia, negaprion brevirostris, odocoileus virginianus, oreopteris limbosperma, piranga flava hepatica, prenanthes serpentaria, pseudocolus fusiformis, rocky mountain dogbane, stock-purchase warrant, toxicodendron radicans, white-throated sparrow, zonotrichia albicollis

23 letters:
ambrosia artemisiifolia, common stock equivalent, contributory negligence, family vespertilionidae, ficus carica sylvestris, greater prairie chicken, hexagrammos decagrammus, macrozoarces americanus, mantled ground squirrel, ornithogalum umbellatum, pipilo erythrophthalmus, rhinonicteris aurantius, sarcobatus vermiculatus, sceloporus occidentalis, squamous cell carcinoma, tautogolabrus adspersus, viverricula malaccensis, yellow-breasted bunting

24 letters:
delusions of persecution, pagophilus groenlandicus, veronicastrum virginicum

25 letters:
acute myelocytic leukemia, hebephrenic schizophrenia, macrodactylus subspinosus, notophthalmus viridescens, pisum sativum macrocarpon, ventricular septal defect

26 letters:
acute lymphocytic leukemia, degenerative joint disease, disorganized schizophrenia, going-out-of-business sale, psettichthys melanostichus, southern cabbage butterfly

27 letters:
atlantic bottlenose dolphin, chronic myelocytic leukemia, deoxycytidine monophosphate, herpes simplex encephalitis, juniperus communis depressa, mergus merganser americanus, neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, parthenocissus quinquefolia, vireo solitarius solitarius

28 letters:
acute lymphoblastic leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, deoxyadenosine monophosphate, deoxyguanosine monophosphate, deoxythymidine monophosphate, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, pseudohypertrophic dystrophy

29 letters:
coccothraustes coccothraustes, duchenne's muscular dystrophy, eastern red-backed salamander

30 letters:
cercopithecus aethiops sabaeus, crimea-congo hemorrhagic fever

31 letters:
disorganized type schizophrenia

32 letters:
anonymous file transfer protocol, automatic data processing system

33 letters:
acute inclusion body encephalitis, hyperbilirubinemia of the newborn

34 letters:
oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy

35 letters:
fibrocystic disease of the pancreas

36 letters:
musculus sphincter ductus choledochi

40 letters:
organization of petroleum-exporting countries

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