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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to second:   (637 results)


millisecond, msec

Often used in the same context:
third, fourth, fifth, first, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, eleventh, thrid, tenth, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, final, fifteenth, seventeenth, last, half, fith, nineteenth, consecutive, sixteenth, eighteenth, penultimate, nine, twentieth, another, six, three, lone, top, next, halfway, seven, four, after, eight, one, five, late, atwo, previous, the, fiftieth, scoreless, single, early, socred, only, notched, fastest, two, latter, prior, fth, eightieth, overall, quarterfinal, straight, slowest, mid, youngest, semifinal, shortest, bluffy, capped, this, edged, en route, middle, longest, fewest, sixtieth, eigh, successive, subsequent, fortieth, mucic, thirtieth, left, highest, eventual, preliminary, initial, when, umpteenth, following, round, weakest, decisive, total, worst, winning, rst, pipped, double, lowest, provisional, triple, wild card, same, ex, minute, pre, serving, approximate, con, long, seconds, super, \u00ab, commercial, ibid, none, ftrst, f1rst, lirst, tirst, flrst, 2nd, thitd, fecond, ist

More specific:
blink of an eye, climax, culmination, flash, instant, jiffy, latter, leap second, new york minute, pinpoint, psychological moment, split second, time, trice, twinkling, wink

Appears in the definition of:
., 23rd, 2 chronicles, 2 kings, 2 samuel, 3rd, aba transit number, aboard, ac, admission, adventism, africa, algol, alpha centauri, alpha geminorum, alpha orionis, alternatea, alto, al madinah, american gray birch, ampere-second, anal phase, anal stage, anamnestic reaction, anamnestic response, anne boleyn, antichrist, antistrophe, argentina, argentine republic, attosecond, backstairs, baisakh, bandwidth, bank identification number, baritone, baritone horn, baritone voice, basia, basra, battle of cynoscephalae, battle of pittsburgh landing, battle of shiloh, battle of zama, baud, baud rate, benjamin west, beta, beta centauri, beta crucis, beta test, betelgeuse, betula populifolia, bharat, biennial, bigamous, bin, biyearly, blood pressure, boer war, boleyn, book of deuteronomy, book of exodus, bottom, bottom of the inning, break, british imperial system, british system, brocket, brumaire, bull, byblos, callisto, canopus, capital of tanzania, castor, cat and mouse, cat and rat, celestial longitude, cherub, chiasmus, ci, city of the angels, close, coat, commissioned, commit, complement fixation, conjunct, consolation, corinth, coriolis force, correlation table, coulomb, countercheck, countersign, countersignature, counter conditioning, cover, cps, curie, cycle, cycles/second, cycle per second, cynoscephalae, dar es salaam, declaration of independence, degree, demisemiquaver, deservedly, deuteronomy, disjunct, double, double dribble, double reverse, electrical relay, emend, english system, entrepot, ethernet, exacta, executive officer, exodus, extension, ezo, fae, favor, femtosecond, filename extension, file name extension, flip-flop, flop, follow-on, four-stroke engine, four-stroke internal-combustion engine, franco-prussian war, frequence, frequency, fuel-air explosive, gal, gc, gemara, genus ichthyostega, ghz, gigacycle, gigacycle per second, gigahertz, goeteborg, goteborg, gothenburg, gravida ii, gray birch, ground, g clef, halftime, hannibal, henry, hertz, heshvan, heterodactyl, heterodactyl foot, hipparchus, hoactzin, hoatzin, hokkaido, honeycomb tripe, however, hz, ii chronicles, ii corinthians, ii john, ii kings, ii peter, ii samuel, ii timothy, india, inertial mass, interlingual rendition, international system, international system of units, ionian order, ionic order, isaac, iyar, iyyar, joule, kc, kepler's second law, khz, kilocycle, kilocycle per second, kilohertz, korinthos, lake onega, last half, laterally, latter, lattera, laver, leap second, lightning, light second, light speed, line roulette, logos, lone-star state, lords temporal, los angeles, louis vii, luteal phase, mark, marriage, maui, maui island, maxwell's demon, mc, medina, mediocrity, megacycle, megacycle per second, megahertz, metaphase, metaurus river, metric system, mhz, microsecond, middle finger, millisecond, mindanao, mips, mon, monday, moonlight, mother's day, movement, msec, musculus scalenus, mutual induction, nagasaki, nanosecond, narration, nebiim, nemean games, new testament, nonsyllabic, number cruncher, oftenness, one-and-one, one-to-one, onega, on base, operation, opisthocomus hoazin, palaeolithic, paleolithic, paleolithic age, pallas, palooka, parsec, pass, passion sunday, perfecta, picosecond, place, place bet, planck's constant, pluto, poise, power, predicate, pricket, prime, production, prophets, publius cornelius scipio, publius cornelius scipio africanus major, pusan, quadratic, quadratic polynomial, quadric, quadric surface, ra, rachel, rajanya, ray, re, rebirth, recount, redevelop, reevaluation, reincarnation, relay, rendering, republic of india, reticulum, reversion, right ascension, rigil, rigil kent, rising trot, rodney george laver, rod laver, rondeau, rondel, roulette, round, runner-up, runner-up finish, rutherford, safaqis, safar, saint mark, salaah, salaat, salah, salat, salonica, salonika, salt ii, salutatorian, salutatory speaker, saphar, scalene muscle, scalenus, scipio, scipio africanus, scipio africanus major, scipio the elder, second-best, second-class, second-hand store, second-place finish, second-rater, second-year, secondary, secondary syphilis, secondly, secondo, second adventism, second base, second baseman, second best, second class, second epistel of john, second epistle of paul the apostle to the corinthians, second epistle of paul the apostle to timothy, second epistle of peter, second epistle to the corinthians, second epistle to timothy, second estate, second fiddle, second gear, second growth, second half, second hand, second period, second power, second reading, second sacker, second stomach, second thought, second wind, secpar, secretory phase, secundigravida, sfax, shiloh, si, silver, silver age, silver medal, sinornis, si system, son, sophomore, sophomorea, sophomore class, speed of light, square, st. mark, stage, stinkbird, stumblebum, subclinical absence, superfetation, supertonic, support, sweep-second, sweep hand, systeme international, systeme international d'unites, taurus, taurus the bull, temple of jerusalem, temple of solomon, terahertz, tertiary, texas, thanksgiving, thanksgiving day, thessalonica, thessaloniki, the argentine, third, third-rate, thirty-second note, three-day event, thriftshop, throw, thz, time exposure, titration, transitivity, translation, treble clef, tues, tuesday, twenty-third, two-bagger, two-baser, two-base hit, tx, underboss, united states customary system, unsyllabic, unweaned, vacation home, vaisakha, valparaiso, variance, venus, version, watt, watt second, weak, west, william ii, william rufus, word, work, worry, worse, yearling, yezo, zama, zygodactyl, zygodactyl foot, zygotene

Part of:
arcminute, auto, automobile, car, machine, min, minute, minute of arc, motorcar

More general:
agreement, angular unit, attendant, back up, gear, gear mechanism, merchandise, point, point in time, position, product, rank, support, time, time unit, unit of time, wares

2d, 2nd, arcsecond, back, bit, endorse, endorsement, forward, indorse, instant, intermediate, irregular, minute, moment, ordinal, s, sec, second base, second gear, secondly

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