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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to early:   (687 results)

belatedly, late, later(a), middle, tardily

Often used in the same context:
late, mid, eary, after, initial, when, first, last, subsequent, final, eventual, following, second, earnest, starting, tentative, uneventful, next, close, accelerated, onward, preliminary, overnight, delayed, prior, brief, the, crucial, fitful, untimely, pivotal, soonest, half, slow, latter, erratic, aggressive, eventful, extended, third, eventless, successional, genetic profiling, inauspicious, pre, quick, auxiliary boiler, sporadic, likely, belated, but, middle, unsuccessful, nascent, peaked, gustiest, fourth, low, lethargic, mild, through, opportune, halcyon, en route, sluggish, informal, sputtered, atypical, apparent, exploratory, tardy, lackluster, till, uncharacteristic, reminiscent, abbreviated, abrupt, unofficial, lengthy, summerlike, promising, prolonged, round, some, this, iffy, widespread, decisive, cautious, unexpected, scrappy, nineteenth, unlikely, torrid, for, transitionary, short, fortuitous, premature, impending, overconfident, quiet, little, com, ex, napoleon, 19th, august, c., hon, jackson, long, may, put, western, a., brooke, central, coll, colonial, han, earlv, eariy, earliest, later, earlier, previous, eatly, past, 1945, ago, recent, vious, 1918

Appears in the definition of:
., acadian, acts, acts of the apostles, adult tooth, african-american music, akhenaten, akhenaton, algeria, algerie, alliteratively, allium cepa viviparum, allium fistulosum, alpha, ambrose, ambulation, amenhotep iv, american federalist party, american pasqueflower, american pulsatilla, amphibiotic, analytical cubism, anal personality, anal retentive personality, anemone ludoviciana, anicius manlius severinus boethius, annotate, antakiya, antakya, antediluvian, antediluvian patriarch, anticipation, antioch, apostle, appalachians, appalachian mountains, archaeornithes, arisaema dracontium, armilla, armillary sphere, arum maculatum, asa gray, asbat al-ansar, ashcan school, ash can, aster linosyris, astrolabe, augustine, augustine of hippo, autoimmune diabetes, awakening, babyhood, band of partisans, basilica, basket maker, bayt lahm, bebop, beowulf, bethlehem, bethlehem-judah, bethlehem ephrathah, billy mitchell, bioscope, birdnest, birthplace, black gum, black hand, black music, blastodermic vesicle, blastula, blazing star, bloodroot, bloomsbury group, blue tulip, boethius, boletus, bop, boskop man, branched chain ketoaciduria, breakfast, bush, caducous, caloscypha fulgens, canicular days, canicule, caryophylloid dicot family, caryophylloid dicot genus, cataphyll, categorize, charleston, child prodigy, chilliness, chiroptera, chorionic villus biopsy, chorionic villus sampling, cinnamon fern, civilization, class, class dicotyledonae, class dicotyledones, class magnoliopsida, clavichord, coca, collins, colon cancer, colossae, come, common buttercup, comte de mirabeau, conceptus, cool, cowslip, cradle, crocanthemum canadensei, crude, crystal set, cuckoopint, cumberland gap, dada, dadaism, daguerreotype, date, day, dead, decolonize, democratic-republican party, democratic and popular republic of algeria, despond, detection, development, dicotyledonae, dicotyledones, dog days, dpt vaccine, dwarf tulip, earlier, earliest, earliness, early-morning hour, earlyish, early bird, early childhood, early days, early on, early warning radar, eastern pasque flower, ebionite, egyptian onion, elamite, elias howe, embryo, embryology, embryonic, embryotic, emma hart willard, entoloma aprile, ephesus, equus caballus gomelini, eranthis hyemalis, erica carnea, euronithopod, euronithopoda, eusebius, eusebius hieronymus, eusebius of caesarea, eusebius sophronius hieronymus, evening, evensong, expressionism, eye opener, familial hypercholesterolemia, fanny wright, farmer-labor party, fechner, fechner's law, federalist party, federal party, feelingly, fernand leger, fertilized egg, fiddlehead, fiddlehead fern, field-sequential color television, field-sequential color television system, field-sequential color tv, field-sequential color tv system, flammulina velutipes, foreman, foretaste, forewarn, forewarning, forsythia, frambesia, framboesia, frances wright, french canadian, frost-weed, frostweed, frostwort, fruit, funky, gambit, gatling gun, genus boletus, genus eoraptor, genus herrerasaurus, genus ischigualastia, genus pisanosaurus, genus pluteus, genus proterochampsa, genus psittacosaurus, genus saurosuchus, godard, golden boy, goldilocks, goldilocks aster, gospel according to luke, gospel of luke, grape hyacinth, gray, green dragon, growing pains, growth-onset diabetes, gullible, gustav theodor fechner, gyromitra gigas, habitual, hcg, head, head start, helianthemum canadense, hepatica, hereditary cerebellar ataxia, hieronymus, high renaissance, high tea, honduras, honeymoon, honore-gabriel victor riqueti, horsecar, horseless carriage, howe, hudson, hudson river, human chorionic gonadotrophin, human chorionic gonadotropin, hyla crucifer, hyperbetalipoproteinemia, ichyostega, iddm, iguanodon, ikhanaton, imagism, immature, imogene coca, imprinting, inca, incan, inconvenient, induction, infancy, infantile amaurotic idiocy, infant prodigy, inka, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, iron horse, ischigualastia, italian renaissance, jack-in-the-pulpit, jacquemier's sign, japanese leek, japanese lilac, jean luc godard, jerome, juvenile-onset diabetes, juvenile amaurotic idiocy, juvenile diabetes, kerugma, kerygma, ketoacidosis-prone diabetes, ketosis-prone diabetes, knock, koinonia, langley, leger, lepidodendrales, lignosae, link trainer, linosyris vulgaris, lion's beard, liverleaf, lords-and-ladies, lore, low-down, ludi saeculares, luke, mad, magic lantern, magnoliopsida, mandola, manipulative, maple syrup urine disease, marlowe, mary wollstonecraft, mary wollstonecraft godwin, matchlock, mcintosh, megalosaur, megalosaurus, mentzelia laevicaulis, mentzelia livicaulis, miles standish, mirabeau, mishna, mishnah, mitchell, mods, morning sickness, myles standish, narthex, nazarene, nestorius, new, nonconformist, nyssa sylvatica, oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy, old, old latin, olmec, oncoming, one-step, onset, oral personality, order chiroptera, order lepidodendrales, ordinary, ordinary bicycle, oriflamme, ornithopoda, orphanage, osage, osmunda cinnamonea, paigle, papanicolaou test, pap test, patriarch, patristic, patristical, patristics, patrology, pepperidge, permanent tooth, philippi, philip marlowe, picador, ping, pink, pixie, pixy, place of origin, planetesimal, pluteus, prairie anemone, pre-raphaelite, preclinical, precocious, predacious, premature, premature ejaculation, premonition, presymptomatic, previse, primitive, primitive person, primula veris, prodroma, prodrome, proterochampsa, provenance, puccoon, puka inti, pulsatilla patens, pumpkin, pyxidanthera barbulata, pyxie, quintus septimius florens tertullianus, ramify, ranunculus bulbosus, ranunculus glaberrimus, redroot, red sun, regulation, republic of honduras, romanticism, roof mushroom, rude, rumble seat, sachs disease, sagebrush buttercup, saint ambrose, saint augustine, saint jerome, samnite, samuel pierpoint langley, sanguinaria canadensis, sarcodes sanguinea, saurosuchus, saxon, school day, secular games, seed, self-contained, semiaquatic, set, shed, siesta, smear test, snow plant, solo man, sol rojo, song, sour gum, spark lever, spark transmitter, spielmeyer-vogt disease, spinet, spinning jenny, spring heath, spring peeper, sprout, st. ambrose, st. augustine, st. jerome, stage, standish, start, stylite, subclass archaeornithes, suborder euronithopoda, suborder ornithopoda, superslasher, supper, sworn, syringa villosa, tammany, tammany hall, tammany society, tarpan, tay-sachs, tay-sachs disease, tell, tertullian, tetterwort, thracian, tiffany glass, top onion, totipotency, tree onion, trombiculiid, trophoblast, tulipa armena, tulipa suaveolens, turkey trot, turn, type i diabetes, unnaturally, unofficial, unreliable, untimely, utahraptor, vannevar bush, veda, vedic literature, velocipede, venus, vespers, wakening, waker, weber-fechner law, wee, welsh onion, werdnig-hoffman disease, wild crocus, wilkie collins, willard, william mitchell, william tell, william wilkie collins, winter aconite, winter heath, winter mushroom, wire recorder, wollstonecraft, wonder boy, wonder child, work, wright, yaws, young, youth

old, aboriginal, advance, ahead of time, archaean, archaeozoic, archaic, archean, archeozoic, azoic, baby, beforehand, beginning, betimes, crude, earlier, earliest, early on, earlyish, embryo, embryonic, embryotic, former, future, immature, in embryo, inchoate, incipient, matutinal, new, novice, other, past, precocious, premature, previous, primaeval, primal, primeval, primitive, primordial, proterozoic, proto, rude, too soon, untimely, wee, young

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