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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to day:   (875 results)

dark, night, nighttime

60 minutes, dark, daylight, daytime, forenoon, high noon, hour, hr, midday, morn, morning, morning time, night, nighttime, noon, noonday, noontide, twelve noon

Often used in the same context:
week, morning, month, hours, afternoon, weekend, evening, time, night, year, session, weekday, workday, summer, lunchtime, daily, midday, today, fortnight, weekly, tomorrow, minute, friday, noon, spring, monthlong, eve, lunch, moment, sunrise, monday, yesterday, anniversary, during, one, thursday, workweek, midafternoon, preholiday, season, birthday, midmorning, midnight, aday, winter, summertime, semester, thankgiving, dawn, person, tishri, weeknight, nighttime, sabbath, weatherwise, holidays, calendar, midsummer, sunup, monthly, reveille, predawn, occasion, period, meal, baisakh, routine, waking, penny, triduum, tuesday, sundown, thing, dusk, beginning, schedule, kislev, fortieth, wednesday, trip, breakfast, rosh hashanah, springtime, autumn, simhat torah, yom kippur, five, simchat torah, noontime, nightfall, saturdays, morrow, phase, nighter, start, sunday, ichthyomancy, schoolchild, summer solstice, autumnal equinox, shabbat, annual, dav, saturday, inning, days, hour, dally, twoweek, weeks, everyday, grueling, twoday, fourhour, weeklong, enjoyable, threemonth, workaday, eventful, gruelling

More specific:
admission day, afternoon, allhallows eve, all fools' day, american indian day, anniversary, april 14, april fools', april fools' day, arbor day, armed forces day, bissextile day, citizenship day, commencement day, date, davis' birthday, day of judgement, day of judgment, day of reckoning, day of remembrance, day of the month, december 31, degree day, doomsday, election day, eve, evening, eventide, father's day, february 12, february 14, february 2, february 22, feb 29, field day, first of may, flag day, groundhog day, guy fawkes day, hallowe'en, halloween, holiday, ides, inauguration day, january 19, january 20, jefferson davis' birthday, judgement day, judgment day, june 14, june 23, june 3, last day, last judgement, last judgment, leap day, lee's birthday, lincoln's birthday, lunar day, march 17, march 2, market day, may 1, may day, midafternoon, midsummer eve, midsummer night, morrow, mother's day, new year's eve, nov 5, october 24, off-day, pan american day, patriot's day, payday, polling day, rag day, robert e lee's birthday, robert e lee day, saint's day, saint patrick's day, saint valentine's day, school day, september 17, speech day, st john's eve, st john's night, st patrick's day, st valentine's day, tet, texas independence day, today, tomorrow, united nations day, v-day, valentine's day, valentine day, victory day, walpurgis night, washday, washington's birthday, washing day, wedding day, workday, working day, yesterday

Appears in the definition of:
., 11 november, 24/7, 60 minutes, 6 june 1944, 9-11, 9/11, absentee ballot, admission day, aegospotami, aegospotamos, afternoon, alertly, alibi, allhallows, allhallows eve, allhallowtide, all day long, all saints' day, all souls' day, angelus, annunciation, annunciation day, april 14, april fool, arbor day, armistice day, ascension, ascension day, ascension of christ, ascension of the lord, ash wednesday, aside, assume, assyria, august 1, aurora, avoid, away, bath, bathe, beautiful, beautify, berit, berith, big, birthday, bissextile day, blue, blustery, breakfast, break of day, break of the day, bright, bris, briss, brith, brood, brush, brushed, bum, by the day, calendar day, calendar method, calendar method of birth control, candlemas, candlemas day, carol, cestrum diurnum, chair car, chance, channukah, channukkah, chanukah, chanukkah, chopin, christ's resurrection, christmas, christmas day, christmas eve, circumcision, circumscribe, civil day, claim, clear, clear liquid diet, clock, clock dial, clock face, closing price, closing time, closure, cloudlessness, cockcrow, coffee break, colostrum, commencement day, commentator, complain, confine, content, cool, corrupt, cough, cover, crack of doom, crepuscle, crepuscule, crochet, d-day, daily, daily double, daily round, daily variation, daisy chain, date, david garrick, dawn, dawning, day-after-day, day-old, day-to-day, daybed, dayboy, daybreak, daycare, daygirl, daylily, daylong, dayspring, daytime, day by day, day care, day in and day out, day jessamine, day laborer, day labourer, day lily, day off, day of atonement, day of judgement, day of judgment, day of reckoning, day of rest, day of the month, day return, day school, day shift, day watch, da gamma, december 31, december 8, dec 24, dec 25, degree day, design, dhu'l-hijja, dhu al-hijja, die, dien bien phu, digressive, diligently, dinner, discordant, diurnal, diurnal variation, divan bed, dock, dominating, dominical, dominicus, doomsday, draw, drawing-room car, drill, drink, drippy, drizzly, drudge, drumming, dun, dusk, each day, earlier, easter day, easter sunday, economy, eke out, election day, ember day, emergence, enact, end of the world, ephemera, ephemeron, equinoctial, equinox, erebus, eve, evenfall, evening, eventful, eventide, every day, every night, excitement, exhausted, extend, fall, fast day, fast of ab, fast of av, fatal, feast day, feast of dedication, feast of lights, feast of sacrifice, feast of the circumcision, feast of the dedication, feast of weeks, february 12, february 14, february 2, february 22, february 29, feb 2, feel like, feria, festival, festival of lights, fete day, field day, first light, first trimester, flying dutchman, folks, following, foremilk, forever and a day, for sure, fri, friday, frigid, frontier, gaetan vestris, gaius plinius caecilius secundus, gamma, garrick, genus commelina, genus hemerocallis, get, get up, gloaming, gloomy, groundhog day, guy, guy fawkes day, ha, hack, half-holiday, hallowe'en, halloween, hallowmas, hallowmass, hannukah, hanukah, hanukkah, happy hour, hard, helios, hemerocallis, hemerocallis flava, hemerocallis lilio-asphodelus, high noon, hippo, hippo regius, hobble, holiday, holy day, holy day of obligation, holy saturday, homefolk, hour, hour angle, hr, id al-adha, id al-fitr, immaculate conception, inapplicable, inauguration day, incessant, intercalary, january 1, january 20, jewish new year, judgement day, judgment day, jumping-off place, june 23, june 24, kind, lady day, lag b'omer, lammas, lammas day, last day, last judgement, last judgment, latchkey child, latter-day, leap day, leave, lemon lily, letter telegram, limit, lincoln's birthday, livelong, look, lord's day, lost, lucky, lunar time period, mail, make, manifest, march 17, march 19, march 25, mardi gras, market day, martinmas, maundy, maypole, may queen, meeting, menstrual phase, michaelmas, michaelmas day, midday, midsummer's day, midsummer day, midsummer eve, midsummer night, mindlessly, mirabilis oblongifolia, modern, modern-day, mon, monday, morning, morning glory, morning sickness, morrow, mountain four o'clock, muadhdhin, muazzin, muezzin, naegele's rule, nag, name day, narco-state, near, newspaper, new year's, new year's day, new year's eve, nightfall, nightly, night letter, night school, ninth of ab, ninth of av, nippy, none, noon, noonday, noontide, note, november 1, november 11, november 2, numidia, nuptial, octave, october 24, oenothera fruticosa, off-day, order book, order of the day, order paper, other, outing, paint, palace car, pancake day, pan american day, paper round, paper route, parlor car, parlour car, party, payday, penitential, pentecost, perfume, per diem, pflp, picnic, pin money, pittance, plain, play, playschool, play group, pleasantness, pliny, pliny the younger, pocket money, polling day, popular front for the liberation of palestine, prepare, preussen, prussia, pullman, pullman car, purim, put in, quartan, quarter day, queen of the may, rag day, rainy day, ramanavami, rare, ration, recommend, red-letter day, reenact, refresher, rejoicing, rejoicing in the law, rejoicing of the law, rejoicing over the law, religious holiday, remuda, report, rest day, resurrection, resurrection of christ, reviewer, rhythm, rhythm method, rhythm method of birth control, ride, rogation day, rosh hashana, rosh hashanah, rosh hashona, rosh hashonah, round, routine, rush hour, sabbath, sabbatic, sabbatical, sabbatum, saint's day, saint agnes's eve, saint joseph, saint patrick's day, saint valentine's day, salaah, salaat, salah, salat, salute, sat, saturday, saturn, school day, scorcher, see, sept. 11, september 11, september 29, sep 11, shabuoth, shape-up, shavous, shavuot, shavuoth, shell, shimchath torah, shrove tuesday, sidereal day, sidereal hour, simchas torah, simchat torah, simhath torah, simhat torah, situation comedy, skulk, snoopy, solemnity of mary, solemnize, some other, soup du jour, speech day, spending money, spew, square meal, statement, stormy, stripper, stripper well, study hall, st john's day, st john's eve, st john's night, st joseph, st martin's day, st patrick's day, st valentine's day, subsist, sumer, sun, sunday, sundrops, sunny, sunrise, sunup, system clock, tacitly, take, tea break, tertian, th, theorize, think, this evening, this night, three-day event, thriftlessly, thursday, tide, timecard, tishah b'ab, tishah b'av, tisha b'ab, tisha b'av, today, tomorrow, tonight, transit, trying, tube, tues, tuesday, twelfth night, twelve noon, twilight, unfeelingly, unfortunately, ungroomed, united nations day, unshadowed, v-day, valentine, valentine's day, valentine day, vanish, vasco da gamma, vegetate, vestris, veterans' day, victoria day, victory day, vigorous, visigoth, walpurgis night, wash, washday, washington's birthday, washing day, wear, weather condition, wed, wedding anniversary, wedding day, wednesday, weekday, whit-tuesday, whitmonday, whitsunday, whitsun monday, whitsun tuesday, winnow, wordy, workday, working day, work day, xmas, yesterday, yom kippur

Part of:
mean solar day, solar day, twenty-four hours

More general:
amount of time, calendar day, chance, civil day, epoch, era, opportunity, period, period of time, time, time period, time unit, unit of time, work time

daylight, daytime, mean solar day, sidereal day, solar day, twenty-four hours

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