Words and phrases that rhyme with stds:   (994 results)

1 syllable:
's, -esce, -less, -ness, b's, b.'s, b.s, be's, beas, bee's, bees, beese, bes, bess, besse, bless, blesse, breas, brees, breese, breeze, bress, bresse, breze, bries, briese, c's, c.'s, c.a.s, c.i.s, c.s, cees, cesce, cesse, ce eas, chees, cheese, cheeze, ches, chess, creaze, crees, creese, cress, crpes, d's, d.'s, d.s, ddass, deas, dee's, dees, deese, deis, desse, diese, drees, dreese, dreis, dress, e's, e.'s, e.s, ease, es, ess, esse, f.a.s, feaze, fees, feese, feeze, feize, fess, fesse, fleas, flees, fliese, fnese, fr-sscs, freas, frease, freeh's, frees, freese, freeze, freis, frese, fress, friese, frieze, friis, frise, g's, g.'s, g.i.s, g.s, gee's, geez, geeze, gess, gesse, ghess, gies, glees, gless, gmres, grees, greeze, greis, greiz, grese, gress, griese, guess, hcfcs, hcpcs, he's, hees, heese, heeze, hess, hesse, jees, jeez, jeeze, jess, keas, kee's, kees, keese, kess, key's, keyes, keyes', keys, klee's, klees, kless, kneads, knees, kness, kreis, kress, kresse, kriese, leas, lecce, lee's, lees, les, less, lesse, li's, liese, mease, mees, meis, mess, messe, ncees, neas, nease, nees, neese, neeze, neighs, neis, nes, ness, nesse, niehs, niese, p's, p.'s, p.s, paese, peas, pease, pees, pesce, pheese, pieze, pleas, please, plese, pless, preas, prees, preis, prese, press, press', presse, qiyas, ques, reais, reas, rees, reis, ress, rf eas, rheas, riese, riise, s, s., saez, screes, sea's, seas, sease, sees, seese, seize, she's, sheas, sies, sieze, skees, skis, sleaze, sneeze, speas, spease, spees, speese, spiess, sprees, squeeze, squizz, stees, stress, t's, t.'s, t.s, teas, tease, tees, tenesse, tess, thee's, thees, these, thess, thies, three's, threes, treas, trease, trees, treese, tress, tresse, tweese, tweeze, v's, v.'s, v.s, vees, vess, vlees, vries, wease, weese, wes, wess, wheeze, wiese, yeas, yes, z's, z.'s, zeese, zeis

2 syllables:
abbesse, abscess, access, accresce, address, adpress, adresse, aggress, agnese, agrees, agrise, aguise, alesse, almesse, altesse, amess, amies, andries, anees, annie's, appease, arese, ashis, assess, attests, at ease, avise, azeez, aziz, baytree's, beebe's, beebes, belize, bench press, bernese, bibi's, blue cheese, bouchees, bradlees, brick cheese, britney's, brunjes, burmese, c.d.s, c. d.s, cabesse, cacheing, cadiz, caprese, capri's, caress, casease, cds, chaldees, cheese press, chemise, chinese, compress, concresce, confess, contests, correze, coulees, cream cheese, de-access, decrees, deep freeze, defrees, defries, degrees, depress, digests, digress, disease, displease, distress, dominees, donees, draftees, drop press, duchesse, duvrees, eddie's, egress, ekspress, ellesse, eneas, enfreeze, epees, esplees, esprit's, etess, excess, express, express', faries, farm cheese, feces, fejes, fiances, finesse, fluoresce, forbess, foresees, francies, fresh breeze, frondesce, full dress, furches, fusees, fuzees, goat cheese, goldress, grammies, grantree's, greenlees, grindlays, hafeez, hand cheese, hardee's, headcheese, headdress, hisss, humvee's, humvees, ids, imprese, impress, ines, ingress, jaycees, jeunesse, kameez, kenny's, kermesse, kompresse, kubes, l'express, ladies', land cress, largesse, lessees, light breeze, lily's, liquesce, log z's, louise, ls, lutece, lyness, maggie's, mallees, maltese, mareis, marie's, markey's, marsh cress, masseuse, mcclees, mcgee's, mckee's, mclees, mcnease, mcnees, medrese, menees, midrise, misease, misguess, mongeese, monsees, mores, mountleigh's, munchies, nestle's, noblesse, obsess, oppress, ortiz, outguess, parties', pavesse, pawnees, payee's, payless, pc's, pcs, porpesse, portesse, possess, pot cheese, prepress, process, profess, progress, promesse, protests, punch press, rameez, ramesses, ramses, ranees, re-press, recess, redress, refreeze, regress, relesse, repress, reprise, requests, reseize, ricky's, rock cress, rowntree's, ruiz, rupees, sarees, scorsese, scortese, sea breeze, selfies, sienese, siennese, siese, signees, simplesse, sinise, soonyi's, spring cress, stogies, stone cress, store cheese, string cheese, striptease, strong breeze, stylise, success, sunday's, sundays, sunnis, suppress, swiss cheese, talese, tepees, testes, thirty's, topees, tornese, trainees, transgress, trapeze, trustee's, trustees, trustees', ts, tt's, tumesce, tv's, tvs, u. s., uchees, ulee's, unbless, undress, unease, unfreeze, unless, vertrees, v s, wage freeze, wiki's, wikis, withies, word stress

3 syllables:
a. b. c.'s, abc's, abcs, abductees, abeles, abs, absentees, abts, achinese, acquiesce, adoptees, adorees, amboinese, amputees, angeles', annamese, antifreeze, antithese, apc's, appellees, applebee's, appointees, attendees, aujourd'hui's, b. b. c.'s, baiomys, balinese, battle dress, belle isle cress, bhutanese, binaries, bitter cress, black disease, blood disease, bouncing bess, bramalea's, bright's disease, briony's, bumblebees, c. b. s., cantonese, caribees, catch some z's, catholicness, cbs, ccs, celanese, ceylonese, cheddar cheese, cherokee's, cherokees, cheshire cheese, coalesce, cocktail dress, conferees, congolese, contactless, convalesce, cottage cheese, cps, damocles, deliquesce, delouis, deportees, designees, detainees, devotees, dinner dress, diocese, dioceses, disagrees, disk access, dispossess, diving dress, downy chess, dss, due process, dvds, e. d. s., elouise, elysees, emphases, enlistees, enrollees, escapees, evening dress, expertise, eye disease, faithfulness, fancy dress, farmer's cheese, filigrees, franchisees, franchisees', fujianese, fukienese, g. o. p.'s, g. p. s., garden cress, garlic press, gentle breeze, gland disease, goanese, gps, grated cheese, guarantee's, guarantees, guaranties, guaranty's, h. h. s., hard to please, hawaii's, heart disease, hercules, honeybees, honorees, hyades, hygienise, i. n. s., i. r. s., idolise, ill at ease, indices, inductees, internees, interpress, intumesce, inverness, invitees, in progress, ionise, irs, japanese, javanese, jeanlouis, jeremy's, journalese, katangese, khotanese, laurentiis, lcs, lebanese, letterpress, licensees, lyme disease, lyonesse, lyonnesse, maccabees, machetes, maionese, manatees, manganese, matterease, mcaleese, mcnally's, meadow cress, memories', mentalese, mercedeses, misadvise, more or less, morning dress, n. b. c.'s, nepalese, nipponese, nobodies, nobody's, nominee's, nominees, nonetheless, notarise, novelese, o. a. s., oas, obelise, overdress, overseas, oversees, p. b. s., parolees, penikese, pink disease, plant disease, plant process, pleiades, polonese, portuguese, potpourris, printing press, processed cheese, process cheese, public press, purple cress, rameses, rapparees, re-release, reassess, recrudesce, refenes, referee's, referees, reinvests, repossess, resignees, retiree's, retirees, retirees', returnees, ring disease, riotise, rocket cress, room access, rwandese, sachs disease, safety squeeze, salsifis, scs, secondees, sensualise, sentence stress, seven seas, siamese, sinapise, sinhalese, skin disease, sms, socialise, socrates, sos, standing press, street address, sudanese, suv's, suvs, t. b. s., taiwanese, tennessee's, timorese, tin disease, tonkinese, torinese, tower cress, u. s. s., underseas, unkindness, uss, valorise, veronese, vertices, vip's, vips, wannabees, wannabes, watercress, wedding dress, wedowee's, weil's disease, wilt disease, winter cress, with success, yavlinski's, yavlinsky's, yieldingness

4 syllables:
(parentheses, abdulaziz, abts, actuaries, adss, analyses, anopheles, antigone's, antigones, apostrophes, ascomycetes, black lung disease, board of trustees, body process, bureaucratese, business address, by small degrees, calliopes, carbon process, catabolise, cat scratch disease, champs elysees, christmas disease, civilian dress, cmos, delaurentiis, diabinese, durable press, dutch elm disease, federalese, florida keys, hansen's disease, hces, hodgkin's disease, human process, hydraulic press, hyphomycetes, hypotheses, incline bench press, indian cress, indochinese, internetese, interviewees, isosceles, japanese chess, keynote address, kidney disease, kissing disease, lapd's, liver disease, loco disease, mailing address, mental disease, moderate breeze, name and address, nevertheless, officer's mess, oligochaetes, orogenies, parallelise, parentheses, parrot disease, pedioecetes, permanent press, plectomycetes, pleuritides, pony express, powerpcs, powerpcs', printing process, realities, return address, rhinoplasties, rotary press, sammarinese, schizomycetes, senegalese, serum disease, social disease, solvay process, suicide squeeze, surinamese, symbionese, tcas, transverse process, wasting disease, with expertise, work in progress, ws, zhirinovsky's

5 syllables:
(in-parentheses, )close-parentheses, )end-parentheses, )un-parentheses, actinomycetes, addison's disease, alzheimer's disease, american cheese, american cress, animal disease, autoimmune disease, bessemer process, blue point siamese, bodily process, chemical process, cognitive process, common garden cress, common watercress, computer address, contagious disease, cyanide process, cystic breast disease, damsel in distress, early winter cress, fractional process, freedom of the press, freedom of the seas, garden pepper cress, genetic disease, glandular disease, green monkey disease, huntington's disease, infectious disease, linguistic process, lou gehrig's disease, mandarin chinese, marble bones disease, memory access, military press, mountain watercress, natural process, newcastle disease, organic process, parkinson's disease, potato disease, right to due process, service of process, surreptitiousness, unconscious process, yellow watercress

6 syllables:
(open-parentheses, abdominocyesis, acrasiomycetes, alveolar process, congenital disease, deficiency disease, economic process, hemiascomycetes, idiosyncrasies, inaugural address, inherited disease, irreclaimableness, macaroni and cheese, metabolic process, nanotechnologies, proletarianise, territorialise, venereal disease

7 syllables:
american watercress, basic cognitive process, biological process, communicable disease, geological process, higher cognitive process, inflammatory disease, mathematical process, neurological disease, pathological process, periodontal disease, respiratory disease, valedictory address

8 syllables:
cardiovascular disease, degenerative joint disease, heterobasidiomycetes, maple syrup urine disease, psychoanalytic process, representational process

9 syllables:
coronary artery disease, pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted disease

11 syllables:
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (12 results)

1 syllable:
bets, gets, jets, lets, metz, nets, sets, sweats

2 syllables:
decease, diseased, regrets, rillettes

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