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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

arrayed, bade, bayed, braid, cade, dade, fade, fayed, frayed, gade, grade, hade, haid, heyd, heyde, jade, kade, lade, laid, made, maid, mayde, paid, prayed, preyed, raad, rabe, race, rad, radde, rader, rady, rael, rafe, rage, raged, raiche, raider, raids, raiff, rail, raile, railed, rain, raine, rained, raise, raised, rait, raith, raitt, rake, rape, rase, rate, rathe, rave, raved, ray's, raya, rayl, rayle, rayne, rays, raze, razed, re's, read, reade, red, reda, redd, reed, reid, reier, reign, reigned, reil, rein, reine, reined, res, reyer, rhame, rhoad, rhode, rhude, rid, ride, ried, riede, road, rod, rodd, rode, roed, rohde, rood, roode, rowed, royd, rud, rudd, rude, ruud, schade, schrade, shade, they'd, trade, wade, waid, waide, weighed, wrage, wrede, zaid, rayed, labe, lade, laib, laich, laid, laide, laique, lake, lape, late, lead, leard, lech, lechwe, leck, lecke, led, leg, legg, legge, leight, lek, lep, lepp, lerch, let, lett, lette, lurk, rabe, rague, raide, rait, raitt, rake, rape, rate, rayed, read, reade, rec, recche, rech, reck, red, redd, redde, reg, rejig, rep, repp, ret, rette, rhett, rheydt, wrecche, wreck

See raid used in context: 100+ rhymes, several books and articles.

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