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Words and phrases whose definition contains tissue:   (531 results)

., ablation, abscess, abscessed tooth, abscise, abscission, accessory fruit, adenoid, adenomatous polyp, adenopathy, adenosine triphosphate, adhesion, adipose, adipose tissue, adipose tumor, adventitia, agglutination test, allograft, als, alveolar bed, amyloid, amyloid plaque, amyloid protein plaque, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, anaplasty, anasarca, angiosarcoma, animal tissue, anosmia, aplasia, approximation, areola, areolar, areolar tissue, astringe, astringent, astroglia, atp, autograft, autoplasty, bast, bone, bone marrow, break, bringing close together, bruise, bryophyta, buccula, burn, buttock, cadaverine, calcification, callus, cambium, capillary bed, carcinoma, carcinoma in situ, cardiac muscle, cardiac pacemaker, cartilage, cartilage bone, caseate, caseous, cataplasia, caustic, cauterant, cauterisation, cauterise, cauterization, cauterize, cautery, cell-mediated immune response, cellulitis, chalaza, cheek, cheloid, chemosurgery, chorionic villus, chorionic villus biopsy, chorionic villus sampling, chronic glossitis, cicatrice, cicatrix, cigarette paper, clapper, clostridial myonecrosis, cold gangrene, collagen, compound fracture, confined, connective tissue, contrast material, contrast medium, contuse, cork, corneal graft, corneal transplant, corpus luteum, cortex, cosmetic surgery, creatin, creatine, cryocautery, cryopathy, cryosurgery, curet, curettage, curette, curettement, cutaneous vein, cutting out, cytologic smear, cytosmear, debridement, decidua, dehiscence, dentin, dentine, deossification, dermatosclerosis, diapedesis, dilatation and curettage, dilation and curettage, disseminated lupus erythematosus, division bryophyta, division spermatophyta, donor, double chin, dropsy, dry gangrene, d and c, eagle ray, ecchymosis, ectoblast, ectoderm, edema, edible fat, elastic tissue, elastosis, electrocautery, embryonic tissue, emphysematous gangrene, emphysematous phlegmon, encephalocele, endocrine, endoneurium, endosperm, engram, epikeratophakia, epithelial tissue, epithelioma, epithelium, erectile, erectile organ, erectile tissue, excision, exoderm, extirpation, facelift, face lift, face lifting, facia, facial tissue, family secotiaceae, fascia, fat, fatty tissue, fat embolism, faucial tonsil, fibroblast, fibrocalcific, fibrocartilage, fibroid tumor, fibroma, fibromyositis, fibrosis, fibrous dysplasia of bone, fibrous tissue, firm, firmness, fix, fixation, fixing, flag smut fungus, flap, flesh, food, founder, fracture, freeze-dried, freeze-drying, frostbite, gall, gangrene, gangrenous, gangrenous emphysema, gas gangrene, gas phlegmon, genetic fingerprinting, genetic profiling, germ, gingiva, glans clitoridis, glans penis, glia, glossa, graft, granulate, granulation, granulation tissue, granuloma, gray matter, gray substance, grey matter, grey substance, gristle, ground substance, growth, gum, hardening, haversian canal, heart muscle, hernia, herniation, heterograft, histidine, histiocyte, histocompatibility, histoincompatibility, hodgkin's disease, homogenate, homograft, homologous, hormone, host, hyaluronic acid, hyaluronidase, hyazyme, hydrops, hymen, hypertonia, hypertonic, hypertonicity, hypertonus, hypotonia, hypotonic, hypotonicity, hypotonus, ig, immune gamma globulin, immune globulin, immune serum globulin, immunofluorescence, immunoglobulin, implant, incompatibility, induration, infantile amaurotic idiocy, infection, intercellular substance, internal secretion, interstitial pneumonia, interstitial tissue, invasive, isthmus, juice, keloid, keratoplasty, kernicterus, kite, kuru, labrocyte, laminitis, lard, le, leaf-miner, leaf miner, lenticel, lift, ligament, ligneous, lignum, lingua, lip, lipectomy, lipoma, lou gehrig's disease, lumpectomy, lupus erythematosus, luschka's tonsil, lymphatic tissue, lymphoid tissue, lymphoma, lyophilisation, lyophilise, lyophilised, lyophilization, lyophilize, lyophilized, macerate, macroglia, maidenhead, malacia, malignant neuroma, mammogram, marrow, mass-action principle, mass action, mastocyte, mast cell, matrix, medawar, medullary ray, membrane, membrane bone, memory trace, meningocele, meristem, mesenchyme, mesoblast, mesoderm, mesomorphic, mi, microglia, microgliacyte, mons, mons pubis, mons veneris, mortified, mucopolysaccharide, mucous, mumification necrosis, mummification, muscle, muscular, muscular tissue, myocardial infarct, myocardial infarction, myocardial inflammation, myocarditis, myoma, myosarcoma, myositis, myringoplasty, myxoma, nec, necrolysis, necrose, necrotic, necrotizing enterocolitis, needle biopsy, neoplasm, nerve tissue, nervous tissue, neural tube, neuroanatomic, neuroanatomical, neuroglia, neuroglial, neuromuscular, neurosarcoma, nip and tuck, noli-me-tangere, nonflowering plant, nonvascular organism, nutrient, ochronosis, oedema, oligodendria, oligodendroglia, opacify, open fracture, os, osseous, ossification, osteoblastoma, osteoclast, osteogenesis imperfecta, osteoma, osteoporosis, ovotestis, pacemaker, pacinian corpuscle, palatine tonsil, palatopharyngoplasty, papilla, parametritis, parenchyma, pars intermedia, pathologic, peduncle, peel, perfuse, perfusion, periarteritis nodosa, perineurium, perisperm, perithelial, perithelium, peter medawar, pharyngeal tonsil, phellem, phloem, photocoagulation, phyllo, physiological sphincter, pinguecula, plant tissue, plastic surgery, plastinate, polyarteritis nodosa, potato scab bacteria, ppp, preinvasive cancer, progressive emphysematous necrosis, protective fold, proud flesh, psammoma, pseudocarp, pteridophyte, radiigera fuscogleba, raw wound, receptor, reconstructive surgery, refuse, regenerate, regeneration, reject, rem, resist, respiratory syncytial virus, ret, rhytidectomy, rhytidoplasty, rind, rolling paper, sachs disease, sand tumor, sarcoma, sawfly, sa node, scar, scar tissue, schwann, scleredema, scleroderma, sclerosis, sclerotic, searing iron, secotiaceae, secretase, section, selective lipectomy, sinew, sinoatrial node, sinusoid, sir peter brian medawar, skin, sle, slough, smear, smooth muscle, soundness, specimen, spermatophyta, sphacelus, spreading factor, squamous cell, stratum, streptomyces scabies, stretch receptor, stria, striated muscle cell, striated muscle fiber, striated muscle tissue, striation, stroma, submucosa, substantia alba, substantia grisea, sulcus, systemic lupus erythematosus, tay-sachs, tay-sachs disease, tease, tendon, theodor schwann, thermocautery, thermocoagulation, third tonsil, thymosin, tissue layer, tongue, tonic, tonsil, tonsilla, tonsilla adenoidea, tonsilla pharyngealis, trabecula, trachoma, transpirate, transpire, transplant, transurethral resection of the prostate, truncocolumella citrina, tumefaction, tumescent, tumor, tumour, tunic, tunica, turp, ulcer, ulceration, uppp, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, vascularisation, vascularization, vascular ray, vascular system, vascular tissue, vena cutanea, very low density lipoprotein, virginal membrane, vital capacity, vldl, white matter, xenograft, xenotransplant, xenotransplantation, xylem

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