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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to rough:   (425 results)

cut, smooth

Often used in the same context:
rocky, bumpy, tough, dicey, harsh, tricky, treacherous, stormy, shaky, difficult, brutal, rough sledding, rutty, hard, bad, slippery, turbulent, muddy, nasty, soft, uneven, good, blowy, choppy, iffy, sloppy, testy, hellacious, rought, gustier, gnarly, hairy, ragged, sandy, smooth, torturous, rutted, solid, decent, miserable, horrendous, unforgiving, harrowing, windy, perilous, murky, torrid, horrid, terrible, foggy, boggy, tumultuous, wet, thick, messy, roughened, scary, gritty, bleak, unsteady, lousy, chilly, crummy, mucky, horrible, steep, hellish, jarring, callused, growing pains, rusty, toughened, painful, grueling, coarse, hazy, bramble bush, ugly, dreadful, nightmarish, sidehill, levigated, unkind, hardscrabble, mild, lumpy, challenging, nice, tumble, hardpan, dirty, unpolished, awful, wild, atrocious, slippy, jagged, kinder, scrappy, frustrating, deep, unsmooth, manger, arms, blank, borderline, butt, cockpit, dice, elbows, great, heels, house, large, mockeries, mop, mouth, road, sidewalk, small, street, wool, rougher, roughest, smoothest, roughish, slick, smoother, damp, quieter, darkish, drenched, dusty, lonesome, pocked, scorched

Appears in the definition of:
., amsinckia, ancient pine, arctium lappa, arrhenatherum elatius, aster linarifolius, barky, beefsteak geranium, beggar's lice, beggar lice, begonia rex, bigeye, black gum, black mallee, black sally, boisterous, border terrier, bouviers des flandres, bouvier des flandres, bramble, bumpy, bunk, burr, cairn, cairn terrier, cartroad, cart track, cavy, choppy, clammy locust, coarse, cocklebur, common wart, coneflower, corrugated fastener, costate, country-bred, creeping snowberry, cucurbita maxima, cynoglossum, cyperus longus, deckle, deckle-edged, deckled, deckle edge, deerhound, designed, diffused, dress, dressing, engelmann's spruce, engelmann spruce, english elm, equisetum hyemale, equisetum hyemale robustum, equisetum robustum, eucalytus stellulata, european elm, evergreen grass, false oat, featheredged, fell, felled seam, french rye, frost, galangal, galingale, gastroboletus scabrosus, gaultheria hispidula, genus amsinckia, genus anchusa, genus cynoglossum, genus gnetum, gossypium peruvianum, grate, greater burdock, great burdock, ground glass, harshness, heaving, heavy, helianthus laetiflorus, homespun, homespunp, homespun fabric, hubbard squash, idea, intact, irish wolfhound, jack plane, jarring, jeep, jewfish, jolting, jolty, jostle, jotter, king begonia, knockabout, landrover, landward, lean-to, lepidote, leprose, linsey-woolsey, litmus, litmus test, maidenhair berry, marred, moxie plum, mycteroperca bonaci, nogging, nubbly, nubby, oyster, pacific newt, painted-leaf begonia, personal foul, peruvian cotton, picea engelmannii, pinus longaeva, raucous, red elm, rex begonia, ribbed, robinia viscosa, robust, rough-and-tumble, rough-dry, rough-hew, rough-house, rough-sand, rough-textured, roughcast, roughen, roughish, roughly, roughness, rough horsetail, rough sledding, rowdy, ruggedise, ruggedize, sapodilla, sapodilla plum, sapota, scabrous, scaly, scarred, scottish deerhound, scouring rush, scullery, scurfy, shagged, shaggy, shantung, shove, showy sunflower, skidder, slippery elm, slubbed, splintery, stiff aster, stone wall, tall meadow grass, tall oat grass, terry towel, tibetan mastiff, tick trefoil, track, turkish towel, tweedy, ulmus procera, ulmus rubra, unshadowed, whaleboat, wiggle nail

Part of:
golf course, golf links, links

More general:
compose, indite, land site, pen, prepare, site, write

abrasive, aggressive, alligatored, angulate, approximate, approximative, barky, bidentate, biserrate, boisterous, bouldered, bouldery, broken, bullate, bumpy, cacophonic, cacophonous, chapped, ciliate, ciliated, corded, corduroy, costate, cracked, cragged, craggy, crenate, crenulate, crenulated, crispate, crude, crushed, dentate, denticulate, difficult, draft, emarginate, erose, fierce, fimbriate, fringed, grating, gravel, gravelly, hard, harsh, hilly, homespun, imbricate, imbricated, inexact, jagged, jaggy, jarring, jolting, jolty, lacerate, lacinate, lepidote, leprose, lined, log, mountainous, notched, nubbly, nubby, outline, pectinate, pique, pocked, pockmarked, potholed, puckered, pugnacious, rasping, raspy, ribbed, rocky, rough-textured, rough in, rough out, roughened, roughish, roughly, rugged, rugose, runcinate, sandpapery, saw-toothed, scabby, scabrous, scalloped, scaly, scratchy, scurfy, seamed, serrate, serrated, serrulate, shagged

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