Definitions of thick:
  • noun:   the location of something surrounded by other things
  • adjective:   (of darkness) very intense
    Example: "Thick night"
  • adjective:   not thin; of a specific thickness or of relatively great extent from one surface to the opposite usually in the smallest of the three solid dimensions
    Example: "An inch thick"
  • adjective:   relatively dense in consistency
    Example: "Thick cream"
  • adjective:   abundantly covered or filled
    Example: "The top was thick with dust"
  • adjective:   abundant
    Example: "A thick head of hair"
  • adjective:   spoken as if with a thick tongue
    Example: "The thick speech of a drunkard"
  • adjective:   hard to pass through because of dense growth
    Example: "Thick woods"
  • adjective:   wide from side to side
  • adjective:   closely crowded together
    Example: "Thick crowds"
  • adjective:   heavy and compact in form or stature
    Example: "A thick middle-aged man"
  • adjective:   used informally
  • adverb:   in quick succession
    Example: "Misfortunes come fast and thick"
  • adverb:   with a thick consistency
    Example: "The blood was flowing thick"

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