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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to quantity:   (625 results)

Often used in the same context:
amount, quality, supply, chlorate, consignments, sum, grams, proportion, number, kilocalorie, stockpile, absorbability, tonnage, amphetamine sulphate, oxidized ldl cholesterol, potency, calorific value, saltpetre, batches, abundance, fineness, ferrous sulphate, xanthone, cannabis sativa, safrole, kilograms, scope, benzoates, substitutability, pyridoxal, volume, kilos, unsaturated fatty acid, scarcity, methaqualone, concentration, scale, cache, tons, extent, availability, shipment, nitrogenous, methylamine, psilocin, gallonage, substance, wettability, karats, size, monohydrate, foodstuffs, amont, intensiveness, eluent, packets, potassium sulphate, quintals, truckloads, macronutrient, cyanate, dosage, acetic anhydride, disproportion, sylvite, enargite, ethyl ether, doses, sinsemilla, thiourea, calcium fluoride, haylage, cuttable, gramme, gangue, value, raffinate, pennyweight, discrepancy, solubility, calcium sulphate, dilaudid, potability, rareness, cartons, hexafluoride, bulk, ketamine hydrochloride, pyrites, scarceness, feedstuff, cannabis resin, perishability, harmfulness, stoichiometry, potassium bromide, freshness, polyphenol, stash, manpower, bicarbonates, eddoes, quantities, amounts, numher, percentage, thickness, length, depth, magnitude, numbers, quantum, wattage, width, increment, thicknesses, saturation, equilibrium, expenditure, trigonometrical, benefit, demand, inventory, kinematic, moment, parameter, sales, sampling, thermodynamic, trigonometric, bilinear, linear, longrun, period, space

More specific:
abundance, adequacy, amount, amount of time, binomial, constant, constant quantity, copiousness, cordage, definite quantity, difference, indefinite quantity, interval, linear measure, long measure, magnetic flux, mathematical product, numerical quantity, octane number, octane rating, operand, parameter, period, period of play, period of time, play, playing period, product, proof, proportional, quotient, relative quantity, sufficiency, sum, system of measurement, term, time interval, time period, time unit, total, unit of time, variable, variable quantity, volume

Appears in the definition of:
., 1000, 12, 20, 500, abound in, abundance, abundant, accentual, add, added, addition, add up, admeasure, aliquant, aliquant part, aliquot, aliquot part, amount, amount of money, answer, approximation, armful, aught, a billion, a hundred thousand, a million, a thousand, bag, bagful, barea, barnful, barrel, barrelful, barrow, barrowful, basin, basinful, basket, basketful, benweed, bessemer process, big, billion, bin, binful, binomial, bit, block, bottle, bottleful, bowl, bowlful, box, boxful, breakage, bucket, bucketful, burster, bursting charge, busload, calorie, can, canful, capful, cardinal, cardinal number, carful, cartload, carton, cartonful, case, caseful, cask, caskful, catch, chance variable, charge, charge unit, chlorinity, cipher, colorimeter, come, complement, compound number, considerable, constant, constant quantity, containerful, contraction, conversion factor, copious, copiousness, correction, crate, crateful, crumb, cup, cupful, cutback, cypher, dab, dearth, deep, deficiency, deficient, derivative, derived function, differential, differential coefficient, dip, direct, dish, dishful, do, dominate, dosage, dose, dose rate, double, dozen, driblet, drop, dustpan, dustpanful, electric charge, elimination, enlargement, enough, enthalpy, entire, entropy, equal, equality, estimate, estimation, excess, expand, expansion, explosive charge, exponent, exponentiation, extend, extensive, extreme, factory-made, fall, fifth, figure, fill, first derivative, fistful, five hundred, flask, flaskful, force, free fall, fritter, fudge factor, full, fully, gage, gain, gauge, glass, glassful, gold standard, goose egg, gradient, gram-atomic weight, gram atom, gram calorie, halfa, half a dozen, half dozen, handful, haul, headful, heat content, heavy, heighten, helping, hundred thousand, idea, illimitable, inadequacy, increase, indefinite quantity, index, infinitude, insufficiency, insufficient, inverse, involution, in full, issuance, issue, issuing, ix, jar, jarful, jug, jugful, keg, kegful, kettle, kettleful, known, laden, ladened, lapful, large, large indefinite amount, large indefinite quantity, less than, light, lightly, limitless, liothyronine, little, littlea, load, loaded, loading, lower limit, malnourish, mass-energy equivalence, mass-produced, massive, math, mathematical product, mathematics, maths, maximum, measure, measureless, measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system, meter, million, minimum, more than, morsel, mouthful, mucha, muchness, mug, mugful, multiple, multiplicative, nada, naught, nil, nimiety, nine, nix, noa, nonequivalent, nothing, null, number, numerical quantity, ocean, odd, one thousand, operand, order, order of magnitude, output, overabundance, overmuch, overmuchness, ovulation method, ovulation method of family planning, pail, pailful, parameter, partitive, paucity, pick, picking, piecework, pipeful, pitcher, pitcherful, planking, plate, plateful, plentiful, pluviometer, pocketful, poisonous plant, portion, pot, potful, power, precipitation, predominate, prevail, prime factor, product, production, productivity, pullulate with, pulsation, put away, quadratic, quadratic equation, quadruple, quantification, quantifier, quantify, quantise, quantitative, quantity unit, quantize, quantum, quire, ragweed, ragwort, rain gage, rain gauge, raising, randomness, random variable, ream, reciprocal, redound, reign, relative quantity, residual, roomful, rule, sack, sackful, same, saturation, scalage, scalar, scant, scanty, scarce, scoop, scoopful, sea, senecio jacobaea, serve, serving, shovel, shovelful, signal, silver standard, six, skepful, skimp, slender, slim, small, small calorie, small indefinite amount, small indefinite quantity, solubility, somea, spadeful, spare, splash, splatter, spot, spray, spraying, standard of measurement, stochastic variable, stretch, suffice, sufficiency, sufficient, sum, sum of money, superabundance, supplement, supplementation, surplus, surplusage, tallyman, tally clerk, tankage, tansy ragwort, teemingness, teem in, ten thousand, term, thinly, thousand, tintometer, total, total heat, to a higher degree, to a lesser degree, trainload, transpose, transposition, triiodothyronine, triple, tuck away, tuck in, twelve, twenty, udometer, under, undernourish, understock, unequal, unit, unit of measurement, unknown quantity, unmeasured, upper limit, value, variable, variable quantity, variant, variate, vector, vi, voluminous, water meter, waveform, wave form, wave shape, worth, xii, xx, yield, zero, zero point, zilch, zip

More general:
abstraction, amount, concept, conception, construct

amount, measure, quantum

Also try:
— Nouns for quantity: production, combination, relationship, theory, combinations, relationships, generators, discounts, frequency, quality, time, more...

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