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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to excessive:   (515 results)

Often used in the same context:
unreasonable, inordinate, unnecessary, excess, unjustified, improper, disproportionate, exorbitant, inappropriate, unwarranted, unrestrained, insufficient, undue, imprudent, disproportional, unbridled, unhealthy, obscene, inadequate, unjustifiable, reckless, overzealous, extravagant, heavy, arbitrary, irresponsible, irrational, extreme, unsustained, undesirable, immoderate, abnormal, unacceptable, uncontrolled, unfair, outsized, unsustainable, outrageous, needless, inflated, copious, unsafe, wanton, irregular, lavish, unneeded, wrongful, overreaching, unbalanced, punitive, outsize, justifiable, harmful, exaggerated, extortionate, indiscriminate, adequate, appropriate, unnatural, unmanageable, wasteful, overzealousness, intolerable, frivolous, enormous, imbalanced, overheated, unallowable, lax, distractive, unavoidable, overabundant, overcautious, unmerited, oppressive, unlawful, unsuitable, inefficient, hefty, widespread, postural hypotension, unwise, counterproductive, overgenerous, counteractive, unadvisable, negligent, unfounded, unseemly, uncurbed, high, impermissible, unapproved, uncontrollable, gratuitous, unprecedented, reasonable, ungodly, rampant, incorrect, overblown, illegal, decrease, increasing, lessened, everincreasing, maximal, maximum, moderate, reduced, allowable, constant, increase, decreased, diminished

Appears in the definition of:
., abuse, acetonuria, acquired hemochromatosis, adiposis, adust, albuminuria, alcoholic abuse, alcoholism, alcoholism abuse, alcohol abuse, alcohol addiction, allergic, allopurinol, ammoniuria, amour propre, anglomania, antithyroid, autoimmune diabetes, a bit muchp, baby, bacchanal, bacchanalia, backslap, backslapper, baked, bellyacher, binge, binge-purge syndrome, binge-vomit syndrome, bloat, bout, brandy nose, bulimarexia, bulima nervosa, bust, butchery, caffeinism, caffiene intoxication, carcinoid, carnage, cheloid, clinker, clock-watching, coccidioidomycosis, coccidiomycosis, cocker, cocksure, coddle, coddled, coddler, colicky, complainer, conceit, congestion, copper nose, corpulence, cosset, cover, crapulent, crapulous, crumbliness, crybaby, cushing's disease, cushing's syndrome, damping off, debauch, debauchery, decadent, defensiveness, dehydrated, desert rheumatism, devastation, de trop, diabetes, dote, drink, dropsical, dropsy, drug abuse, drunkenness, drunken revelry, ecclesiasticism, edacity, edema, edematous, effeminate, effete, engulfed, esurience, exaggerate, excess, excessively, excitability, excrescent, exorbitance, extravagance, fair, fairish, fall all over, fanatic, fanatical, fanaticism, fatigue fracture, featherbed, fetich, fetish, flattery, flatulence, flatulency, flatulent, flooded, fluorosis, flux, friability, fulsomeness, garishness, gas, gassy, gaudiness, giantism, gigantism, gloominess, grandiloquence, grandiosity, greed, greediness, growth-onset diabetes, grumbler, grundyism, gynecomastia, habit, haemoglobinemia, hammer nose, hardness, harshness, haunted, heatstroke, heat hyperpyrexia, hemoglobinemia, highlife, highly-sexed, high life, hirsuteness, hirsutism, hoggishness, housemaid's knee, hydric, hydrops, hyperacidity, hyperactivity, hyperadrenalism, hyperadrenocorticism, hypercalcaemia, hypercalcemia, hypercalcinuria, hypercalciuria, hyperemesis, hyperhidrosis, hyperidrosis, hypermotility, hypernatremia, hyperparathyroidism, hyperpituitarism, hypersecretion, hypersensitised, hypersensitive, hypersensitivity reaction, hypersensitized, hyperthyroidism, hypertrophic rosacea, hypervelocity, hypoglycaemia, hypoglycemia, hypothrombinemia, hysteria, hysterical, iddm, immoderateness, immoderation, incestuous, inclemency, indulge, inebriation, inebriety, insolation, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, insulin reaction, insulin shock, intemperate, intoxication, inundated, inventory control, irritability, juvenile-onset diabetes, juvenile diabetes, keloid, ketoacidosis-prone diabetes, ketoaciduria, ketonuria, ketosis-prone diabetes, lambdacism, lather, lavishness, lead poisoning, lecherous, licence, license, limited, load, loan shark, logomania, logorrhea, lugubriousness, macerate, magniloquence, malnutrition, massacre, mass murder, menstruation, metabolic alkalosis, misuse, moaner, moderate, mollycoddle, mollycoddler, momism, moneylender, muscle-bound, mushiness, nocturia, nycturia, nymphomaniac, nymphomaniacal, obsessed, oedema, orgy, osteitis deformans, outrageousness, over-correct, over-crowding, overactivity, overanxiety, overanxious, overburden, overcome, overcompensate, overcompensation, overconfident, overcrop, overcultivate, overcurious, overdo, overdrive, overemphasise, overemphasize, overexertion, overfeeding, overgrowth, overheating, overindulgence, overload, overly, overpowered, overprotection, overreaching, overreaction, oversexed, overshielding, oversimplification, oversimplify, overstress, overweight, overwhelmed, overzealous, paget's disease, pamper, pampered, pamperer, parched, perfectionism, pernickety, persnickety, piggishness, platitudinarian, plumbism, polydipsia, polyhidrosis, positive, possessiveness, potato nose, preoccupied, primness, prodigality, profiteer, proteinuria, prudery, prudishness, ptyalism, pyramiding, rabid, ravaging, ravenousness, reasonable, redound, repetitiousness, repetitiveness, rhetoric, rhinophyma, rigor, rigour, riot, rococo, romanticist, rum-blossom, rum nose, salicylate poisoning, saturnalia, saturnism, schmaltz, schmalz, scorched, scrape, scraping, self-love, self-satisfied, sensitised, sensitized, sentimentalist, severity, shmaltz, shylock, simon legree, siriasis, slanguage, slaughter, slave driver, smarm, smug, smugness, sniveller, sober, sober up, solicitousness, solicitude, speed, spoil, spoiled, spoiler, squawker, stiffness, stoutness, stress fracture, substance abuse, sunbaked, sunstroke, supersensitised, supersensitive, supersensitized, surcharge, swamped, taken upp, take advantage, tear, temperament, thermal pollution, thermic fever, thyrotoxicosis, tipsiness, too, too muchp, tope, toper's nose, to a fault, tremolo, trespass, type i diabetes, unction, usurer, uxoriousness, valley fever, vanity, vaulting, verboseness, verbosity, voraciousness, voracity, weak, whiner, zeal, zealotry, zyloprim

extravagant, exuberant, immoderate, inordinate, overweening, undue, unreasonable, unrestrained

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