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urban area

demesne, domain, estate, estate of the realm, grazing land, land, lea, ley, midland, pasture, pastureland

Often used in the same context:
nation, continent, region, world, globe, national, republic, western hemisphere, homeland, balkan peninsula, state, province, foreign, motherland, hemisphere, heartland, countrymen, subcontinent, countryside, kingdom, metropolis, communities, economy, continental, fatherland, british isles, government, archipelago, democracy, cities, bloc, planet, overseas, peninsula, towns, balkanise, island, emirate, regional, international, microstate, global, sector, worldwide, valley, britian, foreigners, society, monocracy, villages, banana republic, commonwealth, midwest, metroplex, industry, armed forces, iraqi kurdistan, superpower, zambia, borders, hinterland, per capita, europeans, exporter, pauperisation, emerald isle, chari river, territories, muslim ummah, populace, caribbean island, diaspora, democratic, moslems, federation, misgovern, chechen republic, eldorado, plains, iraqis, kazakstan, area, sheikhdom, decade, africans, america, neighborhoods, confederation, beleaguering, regime, transylvanian alps, wartimes, destabilisation, polity, prosperity, ruritania, exchequers, compatriots, kirghizia, coastlines, rift valley, irrawaddy river, coun, countries, nations, city, county, parish, pasture, diocese, lands, township, bank, district, states, continents, kibbutz, town, backcountry, outback, intercity, intercountry, cohort, coast, crosssectional, interregional, multicountry, nordic, sectional, upcountry, circuitous, crosscultural, distance, interindustry, latinamerican

More specific:
african country, african nation, ally, anchorage, anchorage ground, antigua and barbuda, arena, asian country, asian nation, australia, backwoods, back country, bahamas, bahama islands, bedground, block, boondocks, british, british people, brits, broadcast area, buffer country, buffer state, burkina faso, cape verde, center, centre, ceylon, city block, city state, clear, commonwealth of australia, comoros, corner, countryside, country of origin, cuba, cyprus, danger, disaster area, dominica, dominican republic, dutch east indies, english, english people, european country, european nation, eye, farming area, farmland, fatherland, fiji, fireside, free port, free zone, french, french people, friendly islands, great power, grenada, haiti, hangout, haunt, heart, hearth, hinterland, holiday resort, homeland, hunting ground, iceland, indonesia, irish, irish people, israel, jamaica, kingdom, kiribati, major power, maldives, malta, marshall islands, mauritius, middle, motherland, mother country, native land, nauru, new hebrides, new zealand, no-man's-land, north american country, north american nation, no man's land, open, papua new guinea, philippines, plane section, playground, power, quadrant, refuge, reich, repair, republic of the philippines, resort, retreat, russia, sachsen, safety, saint christopher-nevis, saint kitts and nevis, saint lucia, saint vincent and the grenadines, samoa, samoa i sisifo, sao thome e principe, sao tome e principe, saxe, saxony, scene, scrubland, sea power, section, seychelles, shrubbery, solomon islands, south american country, south american nation, soviet union, space, spanish, spanish people, sri lanka, st. christopher-nevis, st. kitts and nevis, st. lucia, st. thomas and principe, st. vincent and the grenadines, staging area, stamping ground, superpower, suzerain, swiss, swiss people, the british, the english, the french, the irish, the swiss, tonga, trinidad and tobago, turkey, turkmen, turkmenia, turkmenistan, turkomen, tuvalu, ukraine, ukrayina, union of soviet socialist republics, ussr, vacation spot, vanuatu, weald, western samoa, winner's circle, wold, world power, yisrael, zion

Appears in the definition of:
., abroad, abuja, acceptance, acres, adapt, addis ababa, adiantum tenerum farleyense, adoptive, advantageous, afars and issas, afghanistan, aggressive, agrestic, airforce, air force, air power, albanian capital, alien, all-terrain bike, allegiance, ambassador, american, antigua and barbuda, apart, apostolic delegate, arcadian, argentina, argentine republic, armory, armoury, arms control, arsenal, assimilate, attorney general, autobahn, autostrada, aviation, a people, bahamas, bahama islands, bahrain, bahrein, balance of international payments, balance of payments, balance of trade, balkan country, balkan nation, balkan state, banana republic, banish, barbados maidenhair, barnstorm, barnstormer, barn dance, baronetize, barrio, base, belize, benighted, benin, betray, bharat, bithynia, blowback, bluegrass, borderland, border district, border patrol, border patrolman, brasil, brazil, breathing room, brief, british honduras, brobdingnagian, bucolic, bumpkinly, burkina faso, bushman, cabotage, caller, camp, campestral, canaan, canton, cape verde, capital of benin, capital of ethiopia, capital of indiana, capital of nigeria, capital of norway, capital of tennessee, cappadocia, cargo ships, catalyst, central africa, central african republic, channelize, chateau, chatelaine, chief of state, china, christiania, citify, citizenry, civil liberty, civil war, colchis, collaboration, collaborationism, colonialism, colonist, colony, commonwealth of dominica, commonwealth of the bahamas, communist china, comoros, compatriot, constitutionalize, consul, costume, costumed, country-style, countryman, countryseat, countrywide, countrywoman, country doctor, country house, country of origin, cracker-barrel, criollo, crna gora, crooked, cross-country, cross-country jumping, cross-country riding, cross country, customhouse, customshouse, cyprus, dacha, dahomey, dangling participle, decimalize, defect, defence, defence policy, defence program, defense, defense policy, defense program, defensive measure, deliver, demesne, democratic people's republic of korea, demonetisation, demonetization, departure tax, dependency, depict, deport, deportation, deportee, desert, destabilisation, destabilization, devaluation, diplomatic immunity, dirt bike, disinvestment, disloyal, displaced person, dissent, disunify, diverse, djibouti, domestic, domestic flight, domestic terrorism, dominica, dp, dprk, dreamland, dreamworld, drench, drive in, dwell, eas, economically, elam, embassador, emergency alert system, emigrant, emigrate, emigration, emigre, emigree, entrant, equatorial guinea, eritrea, erupt, espionage agent, estate, estate of the realm, etruria, evacuate, exchanger, exchange rate, exclude, exile, expansionism, expatriate, expatriation, expedition, expel, export, exportation, exporting, export credit, extradite, extradition, eyre, f. d. roosevelt, faineant, far, farley maidenhair, farley maidenhair fern, father, fatherland, fdr, fealty, federal islamic republic of the comoros, federal republic of nigeria, federate, federated states of micronesia, federation of saint kitts and nevis, federative republic of brazil, fence mending, firm, first strike, flanders, folk, folksy, foreign-born, foreigner, foreign agent, foreign bill, foreign correspondent, foreign draft, france, franklin delano roosevelt, franklin roosevelt, french republic, friendly, frontier, frost, gaddafi, galatia, geostrategic, glory fern, glut, govern, government-in-exile, grand turk, gray, grind down, guestworker, guest worker, guillotine, gunrunning, hank williams, harsh, head of state, heartland, highlanda, high commission, high commissioner, hillbilly music, hiram king williams, hiram williams, holland, holy land, home, homea, homeland, homespun, home front, hostile, hostile expedition, immigrant, immigrate, immigration, import, importation, importee, importer, importing, import credit, in-migration, indelibly, india, indianapolis, infrastructure, inland bill, intercept, interior, interiora, internal, international flight, international terrorism, international wanted notice, invisible balance, irredenta, irredentism, irridenta, irridentism, islamic republic of mauritania, islamic state of afghanistan, isolation, jamaica, jamaican, journalistically, junta, katar, khadafy, kingdom, kingdom of nepal, kingdom of thailand, kingdom of the netherlands, kuznets, lake eyre, land, landed estate, landler, landlocked, langlauffer, laputan, lilliputian, lindsay, liverpool, lodge, longways, longways dance, lowland, loyal, mainland, mainland china, march, marchland, mauritania, mauritanian, mauritanie, mauritian, medium of exchange, mercenary, merchant marine, merchant vessels, meritoriously, micronesia, midland, migrant, migrate, migration, migrator, militarise, militarize, military-industrial complex, military control, military expedition, military governor, military intelligence, military junta, missionary, missioner, mobilization, monarchial, monetary system, monetisation, monetise, monetization, monetize, money changer, montenegro, motherland, mother country, mountain bike, mountain trail, muammar al-qaddafi, muammar el-qaddafi, multiculturalism, muritaniya, nasalize, nashville, nation, national, nationalism, nationalist, nationalistic, nationwide, native land, neocolonialism, nepal, netherlands, neutralisation, neutralization, never-never, never-never land, new flower, new zealand, nicholas vachel lindsay, niger, nigeria, nigerian capital, noncitizen, nonnative, normalize, north american country, north american nation, north korea, north vietnam, occupation, occupier, off-roader, oiled, old country, olympiad, olympics, olympic games, open, oran, originate, oslo, out-migration, outback, outgoer, outlander, overproduce, overseas, palestine, panama tree, parthia, partitionist, passport, pastoral, patriot, patriotic, patriotism, peasant, people, people's republic of china, peripatetic, phenicia, phoenicia, phrygia, phrynosoma cornutum, piggyback, plainspoken, play-actor, playactor, pocket-size, police state, political liberty, pony-trekking, poor, populate, population, port, porto novo, prc, preference, present, president franklin roosevelt, president roosevelt, pretentious, probably, promised land, provincial, qaddafi, qadhafi, qatar, quislingism, rambler, rape, rapine, rate of exchange, re-enter, readmit, rearm, recall, recognition, reconquer, rededicate, red china, red notice, reel, reform, regent, regionalism, reject, repatriate, repatriation, republic of benin, republic of cape verde, republic of cyprus, republic of djibouti, republic of equitorial guinea, republic of india, republic of niger, republic of san marino, republic of singapore, reshape, reunify, reunite, rhodesian, roadbook, robert frost, robert lee frost, rock, rock'n'roll, rock-and-roll, rockabilly, rock 'n' roll, rock and roll, rock music, rock wren, romance, romanian, roosevelt, roumanian, ruin, rumanian, rural, ruritanian, russia, rustic, rusticate, rustication, saint christopher-nevis, saint kitts and nevis, saint lucia, saint vincent and the grenadines, salpinctes obsoletus, san marino, scour, scrambler, sectionalize, see, self-determination, self-government, self-rule, settler, shipping, shooting box, shooting lodge, siam, silva, simon kuznets, simple, singapore, sitsang, sleeper, soldier of fortune, source, south vietnam, soviet, sovietise, sovietize, soviet union, spanish guinea, spread, square dance, square dancing, squire, st. christopher-nevis, st. kitts and nevis, st. lucia, st. vincent and the grenadines, stalinization, stateless person, states general, state capital, state of bahrain, state of eritrea, state of katar, state of qatar, sterculia apetala, strafe, strip alert, stunt flier, stunt pilot, substantiate, sufficiency, sultan, sultanate, summer camp, summer house, sunday, surround, susiana, suspend, sweepingly, sylva, system, systeme international, systeme international d'unites, tammy wynette, tammy wynetter pugh, tax haven, tc, terrasse, texas horned lizard, thailand, the argentine, the netherlands, thibet, thomas gray, thrace, three-day event, throe, tibet, tinpota, tirana, togolese, topographically, townee, trade balance, trade gap, trail, trail bike, traitor, tramontane, transmigrate, treasonist, trekker, trouper, truman doctrine, trusteeship, trusteeship council, trust territory, tt, tyrannise, tyrannize, undocumented, unfocused, union of soviet socialist republics, unpatriotic, unpretentious, unscrupulous, up-country, upcountry, upland, upper volta, ussr, vachel lindsay, vicereine, viceroy, villa, virginia reel, visa, visible balance, visit, walk-in, war of greek independence, weald, westernize, whistle-stop tour, whistlestop, williams, windhoek, winding, wold, wynette, xizang, yugoslav, yugoslavian, zurich

More general:
administrative district, administrative division, geographical area, geographical region, geographic area, geographic region, people, political unit, region, territorial division

a people, area, body politic, commonwealth, country-bred, country-style, folk, hillbilly, land, nation, nationality, nonclassical, res publica, rural, rural area, state, western

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