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Words and phrases that rhyme with levitated:   (426 results)

2 syllables:
baited, bated, dated, fated, gaited, gated, grated, hated, mated, plaited, plated, rated, sated, slated, stated, waited, weighted

3 syllables:
abated, ablated, alated, awaited, bald-pated, belated, castrated, caudated, chelated, collated, created, crenated, cuspated, debated, deflated, dictated, dilated, donated, elated, frustrated, hydrated, ill-fated, inflated, lobated, located, mandated, migrated, outdated, pinnated, related, rotated, sedated, serrated, stalemated, steel-plated, striated, translated, truncated, undated, unmated, unsated, unstated, updated, vacated, x-rated

4 syllables:
abdicated, activated, actuated, addlepated, advocated, aggravated, aggregated, agitated, allocated, alternated, amputated, animated, annotated, annulated, antiquated, arcuated, armor-plated, armour-plated, arrogated, aspirated, automated, bifurcated, bilobated, blood-related, calculated, calibrated, camphorated, cancellated, capsulated, captivated, carbolated, carbonated, carinated, castellated, celebrated, chlorinated, ciliated, circulated, compensated, complicated, concentrated, confiscated, conjugated, consecrated, constipated, consummated, contemplated, cooperated, correlated, corrugated, crenelated, crenellated, crenulated, cultivated, cuspidated, decorated, demonstrated, deprecated, desecrated, desegrated, designated, desolated, detonated, devastated, dissipated, dominated, educated, elevated, emigrated, enervated, escalated, estimated, excavated, expurgated, extirpated, extricated, fabricated, fascinated, federated, fenestrated, fimbriated, flagellated, floriated, foliated, formulated, generated, graduated, granulated, hyphenated, illustrated, imbricated, implicated, impregnated, indicated, indurated, infiltrated, insulated, integrated, inundated, irrigated, irritated, isolated, lacerated, laminated, liberated, liquidated, litigated, lubricated, mediated, medicated, medullated, mentholated, mitigated, moderated, motivated, mutilated, nauseated, nodulated, nominated, nucleated, obfuscated, obligated, ocellated, operated, orchestrated, overrated, overstated, penetrated, perforated, permeated, perpetrated, pixilated, populated, postulated, promulgated, radiated, rattlepated, regulated, reinstated, renovated, sacculated, satiated, saturated, segregated, separated, simulated, situated, speculated, stimulated, stipulated, strangulated, subjugated, sublimated, suffocated, syncopated, syndicated, terminated, tessellated, thoriated, titillated, tolerated, trilobated, tripinnated, ulcerated, unabated, unaerated, uncastrated, uncreated, underrated, understated, undulated, ungulated, unrelated, venerated, ventilated, vitiated

5 syllables:
abbreviated, accelerated, accommodated, accumulated, acidulated, aculeated, adjudicated, adulterated, affiliated, agglomerated, alienated, alleviated, amalgamated, ammoniated, annihilated, anticipated, appreciated, appropriated, articulated, asphyxiated, assassinated, assimilated, associated, asteriated, attenuated, authenticated, binucleated, carunculated, certificated, coagulated, communicated, congratulated, consolidated, contaminated, corroborated, debilitated, decaffeinated, decapitated, defoliated, delineated, depreciated, dilapidated, discriminated, disseminated, dissociated, domesticated, eliminated, emaciated, emancipated, emasculated, encapsulated, eradicated, evacuated, evaluated, evaporated, exacerbated, exaggerated, exasperated, exhilarated, exonerated, expropriated, exterminated, facilitated, hand-operated, humiliated, hydrogenated, illuminated, inaugurated, incarcerated, incinerated, incorporated, indoctrinated, inebriated, infatuated, infuriated, initiated, inseminated, interpolated, interrelated, interrogated, intimidated, intoxicated, invalidated, investigated, invigorated, iodinated, irradiated, manipulated, myelinated, negotiated, noncarbonated, nonintegrated, nonsegregated, obliterated, operculated, opinionated, orientated, originated, oxygenated, participated, pedunculated, precipitated, prefabricated, premeditated, reanimated, refrigerated, reiterated, remunerated, repudiated, resuscitated, reticulated, self-educated, self-generated, self-pollinated, sophisticated, subordinated, substantiated, trifoliated, unagitated, unanimated, uncamphorated, uncarbonated, uncompensated, uncomplicated, unconcentrated, unconsecrated, unconstipated, unconsummated, uncultivated, undecorated, undedicated, uneducated, unexpurgated, unguiculated, unillustrated, unimpregnated, unintegrated, unlubricated, unmitigated, unmodulated, unmotivated, unmutilated, unobligated, unregulated, unsatiated, unsaturated, unsegregated, unventilated, vermiculated, well-educated, well-situated

6 syllables:
deteriorated, differentiated, incapacitated, misappropriated, monounsaturated, rehabilitated, reinvigorated, self-opinionated, superannuated, supersaturated, unadulterated, unaffiliated, unanticipated, unappreciated, unappropriated, unarticulated, unconsolidated, uncontaminated, undelineated, underestimated, undomesticated, unelaborated, unilluminated, unincorporated, uninebriated, uninitiated, unintimidated, unintoxicated, unmyelinated, unoxygenated, unpremeditated, unreciprocated, unregenerated, unsophisticated, unsubstantiated

7 syllables:
polyunsaturated, undifferentiated

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