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Words and phrases that rhyme with grates:   (937 results)

1 syllable:
-mates, ates, aytes, baits, bates, bates', cates, crates, date's, dates, eight's, eights, faits, fates, fetes, frates, freights, gaits, gates, gates', gates's, great's, greats, hates, kate's, kates, kraits, lates, mates, nate's, pates, plaits, plates, prates, rate's, rates, sates, scates, skates, slates, spates, speights, state's, states, states', straights, straits, tate's, tates, thwaites, traits, vates, waite's, waites, waits, waitz, wates, weights, yates, yeats, zaitz

2 syllables:
abates, ablates, acates, aegates, agnates, airfreights, allstate's, annates, awaits, backdates, backplates, baldpates, bedmates, berates, birthdates, birthrates, bookplates, borates, breastplates, bromates, bunkmates, carpates, casemates, castrates, caudates, cellmates, cheapskates, checkmates, cholates, chordates, chromates, citrates, classmates, clathrates, claymates, coates, cognates, collates, conflates, cordaites, corestates, creates, crewmates, debate's, debates, deflates, dictates, dilates, dire straits, domates, donates, ebates, elates, equates, estate's, estates, faceplates, fellates, ferrates, fibrates, filtrates, fishplates, fixates, flatmates, floodgates, flyweights, footplates, frustrates, furcates, gemmates, gestates, grammates, gulf states, gyrates, helpmates, hotplates, housemates, hydrates, iaits, inflates, ingrates, inmate's, inmates, instates, kuwait's, leachates, lecates, librates, lightweights, locates, lustrates, luxates, magnates, makeweights, mandates, mardaites, messmates, metates, migrates, misdates, misstates, moates, mutates, nameplates, narrates, naucrates, negates, nidates, nitrates, notates, novates, outdates, patates, phonates, phthalates, picrates, playmates, postdates, predates, primates, probates, pronates, prorates, prostates, prostrates, pulsates, pupates, quadrates, rebates, reflates, relates, restates, roommates, rotates, scabdates, schoolmates, seagate's, sedates, serrates, shipmates, soleplates, soulmates, squamates, stagnates, stalemates, stargates, striates, substrates, sulfates, sulphates, sunstates, tailgates, tannates, tartrates, teammates, testates, teutates, the fates, titrates, tomates, tractates, translates, truncates, tungstates, updates, workmates, yeates, zincates

3 syllables:
abdicates, abnegates, abrogates, acclimates, acerbates, acetates, activates, actuates, adanates, adsorbates, adulates, adumbrates, advocates, aestivates, aggravates, agitates, aguacates, alginates, allocates, altercates, alternates, amputates, animates, annotates, antedates, antiquates, arbitrates, arrogates, arsenates, aspartates, aspirates, atrebates, auscultates, auspicates, automates, bantamweights, bifurcates, bitartrates, bloviates, boilerplates, brenton thwaites, brominates, cachinnates, calculates, calibrates, caliphates, callicrates, cannulates, capitates, captivates, carbamates, carbonates, castigates, catenates, celebrates, cerebrates, chlorinates, circulates, city-states, civitates, coacervates, cogitates, colligates, collimates, collocates, commentates, commutates, compensates, complicates, concentrates, condensates, confiscates, conglobates, conjugates, consecrates, constellates, constipates, consummates, contemplates, copulates, corestates', corrugates, coruscates, counterweights, craniates, crepitates, criminates, culminates, cultivates, cumulates, cyanates, cyclamates, deaminates, decimates, decollates, decorates, decussates, dedicates, defalcates, deflagrates, delegates, delegates', demarcates, demonstrates, denigrates, denudates, deprecates, depredates, desecrates, designates, desolates, desperate straits, desquamates, detonates, devastates, deviates, dichromates, diplomates, dissertates, dissipates, distillates, dominates, duplicates, edentates, educates, eigenstates, elevates, eluates, emigrates, emirates, emirates', emulates, enervates, enolates, epilates, escalates, estimates, estivates, euprimates, eurybates, excavates, expiates, explicates, extirpates, extricates, exudates, fabricates, fascinates, featherweights, fecundates, fibrillates, flagellates, flocculates, fluctuates, fluoridates, foliates, formulates, fornicates, fulminates, fumigates, fustigates, geminates, generates, germinates, glaciates, glutamates, graduates, gravitates, guestimates, heavyweights, herniates, hesitates, hibernates, hundredweights, hydrobates, hylobates, hyphenates, illustrates, imamates, imbricates, imitates, immigrates, immolates, implicates, imprecates, impregnates, incarnates, incubates, inculcates, indicates, infiltrates, innervates, innovates, instigates, insufflates, insulates, integrates, interstate's, interstates, intestates, intonates, intubates, inundates, invocates, iobates, iodates, irrigates, irritates, isolates, iterates, jubilates, kathy bates, lacerates, legislates, levigates, levirates, levitates, liberates, liquidates, litigates, lollerskates, lubricates, lucubrates, macerates, machinates, magistrates, malonates, marginates, margravates, marinates, marquisates, masterbates, masticates, masturbates, maturates, mediates, medicates, meditates, meliorates, menstruates, microstates, middleweights, militates, miscreates, mistranslates, mithridates, mitigates, moderates, molybdates, motivates, muriates, mutilates, nation-states, nationstates, nauseates, navigates, neonates, nictitates, nominates, norman bates, nucleates, numerates, obfuscates, obligates, obviates, oleates, operates, orchestrates, orthostates, oscillates, osculates, othergates, overrates, overstates, oxalates, paginates, palmitates, pan-primates, paperweights, peculates, penetrates, pennyweights, percolates, perforates, permeates, permutates, perorates, perpetrates, personates, pherecrates, phyllobates, pollinates, polycrates, populates, postulates, potentates, predicates, priorates, procreates, profligates, propagates, pullulates, pulmonates, punctuates, pustulates, pyruvates, rabbinates, radiates, raffinates, re-creates, recreates, regulates, rehydrates, reinstates, relegates, remonstrates, renovates, replicates, resinates, resonates, retranslates, roller-skates, rollerskates, rubricates, ruminates, runagates, rusticates, salivates, satiates, saturates, segregates, separates, sequestrates, sibilates, silicates, simulates, situates, sonicates, speciates, speculates, sporulates, stablemates, stimulates, stipulates, strangulates, stridulates, subjugates, subrogates, suffocates, sulfonates, supinates, supplicates, surrogates, syncopates, syndicates, tablemates, tabulates, terminates, tessellates, tiridates, titanates, titillates, titivates, tolerates, transmigrates, transudates, triplicates, turbinates, tyler bates, ulcerates, underrates, understates, underweights, undulates, ungulates, uniates, urinates, urticates, vacillates, valerates, validates, valuates, vanadates, vegetates, venerates, ventilates, vertebrates, vesicates, vindicates, watergates, welterweights, xerobates

4 syllables:
50 first dates, abbreviates, abominates, absquatulates, accelerates, accommodates, accumulates, acidulates, acuminates, adjudicates, administrates, adulterates, affiliate's, affiliates, agglomerates, agglutinates, alienates, aluminates, amalgamates, ameliorates, aneuniates, annihilates, another-gates, anticipates, apostolates, appreciates, appropriates, approximates, asphyxiates, assassinates, assimilates, associates, attenuates, ausuciates, authenticates, barbituates, bicarbonates, bisphosphonates, calumniates, capacitates, capitulates, cardinalates, chelicerates, chronoperates, circumvallates, co-operates, coagulates, coelomates, collaborates, commemorates, commiserates, communicates, concatenates, conciliates, confabulates, conglutinates, congratulates, consolidates, contaminates, contraindicates, cooperates, coordinates, corroborates, deactivates, debilitates, decapitates, decelerates, decrepitates, defenestrates, defibrillates, deliberates, delineates, demodulates, demotivates, denominates, depopulates, depreciates, deregulates, desalinates, desegregates, desiderates, detoxicates, devaluates, dilapidates, discriminates, disintegrates, disseminates, dissimulates, domesticates, edulcorates, effectuates, ejaculates, elaborates, electroplates, eliminates, elucidates, emaciates, emancipates, emasculates, encapsulates, enucleates, enumerates, enunciates, episcopates, equilibrates, equivocates, eradicates, evacuates, evaluates, evaporates, eviscerates, exacerbates, exaggerates, exasperates, excogitates, excoriates, excruciates, exenterates, exhilarates, exonerates, expatiates, expatriates, expostulates, expropriates, exsanguinates, extenuates, exterminates, extrapolates, extravasates, exuviates, facilitates, felicitates, habilitates, habituates, halogenates, hemichordates, hemihydrates, homogenates, homologates, humiliates, hydrogenates, hydrolysates, hypothecates, illuminates, impersonates, inactivates, incarcerates, incinerates, incorporates, incriminates, indoctrinates, inebriates, infatuates, infuriates, ingratiates, innoculates, inoculates, inseminates, instantiates, intercalates, interpellates, interpolates, interrelates, interrogates, intimidates, intoxicates, invaginates, invalidates, invertebrates, investigates, invigilates, invigorates, irradiates, licentiates, linoleates, lixiviates, manipulates, misallocates, miscalculates, miseducates, necessitates, negotiates, noviciates, obliterates, obnubilates, officiates, order primates, orientates, originates, oxygenates, pantothenates, participates, perpetuates, polypedates, polysorbates, pontificates, potentiates, precipitates, predestinates, predominates, prefabricates, premeditates, presbyterates, procrastinates, prognosticates, proliferates, propionates, proportionates, qamaits, quadruplicates, reactivates, recalculates, reciprocates, recuperates, redecorates, reduplicates, reformulates, refrigerates, regenerates, regurgitates, reincarnates, reintegrates, rejuvenates, remunerates, renominates, repatriates, repudiates, resuscitates, retaliates, revalidates, reverberates, self-replicates, sextuplicates, ss united states, stereobates, subordinates, substantiates, system of weights, thiosulfates, transliterates, united states, vesiculates

5 syllables:
acoelomates, borosilicates, cephalochordates, circumnavigates, circumstantiates, coelenterates, decontaminates, dehydrogenates, deteriorates, differentiates, dinoflagellates, disaffiliates, disambiguates, disassociates, disorientates, disproportionates, excommunicates, glucosinolates, glycoconjugates, hyperventilates, incapacitates, interpenetrates, isocyanates, list of sovereign states, melinda french gates, misappropriates, overcompensates, overestimates, overregulates, phyllosilicates, post-soviet states, pseudocoelomates, recapitulates, red states and blue states, rehabilitates, reinvigorates, renegotiates, supersaturates, thiocyanates, thioglycolates, w. b. yeats, war between the states, william butler yeats

6 syllables:
enemy at the gates, immunoconjugates, intercommunicates, iodoacetates, list of socialist states, oxaloacetates, polyunsaturates, southern united states

7 syllables:
aluminosilicates, crime in the united states, isothiocyanates, northeastern united states, sports in the united states, time in the united states

8 syllables:
big five personality traits, culture of the united states, islam in the united states

9 syllables:
cabinet of the united states, capital of the united states, cinema of the united states, commonwealth of independent states, history of the united states, politics of the united states, president of the united states, religion in the united states, slavery in the united states

10 syllables:
2021 in the united states, constitution of the united states, economy of the united states

11 syllables:
organization of american states

12 syllables:
attorney general of the united states

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (206 results)

1 syllable:
grace, bass, vase, lace, ace, glace, dace, place, space, trace, chase, base, case, race, thrace, master race, face, brace, pace, mace

2 syllables:
misplace, embrace, test case, debase, efface, replace, horse race, prophase, take place, straight face, tax base, discase, point lace, in place, reed mace, wing case, subbase, plaice, reface, first base, unlace, null space, third base, air base, deep space, erase, disgrace, retrace, in case, deface, sack race, encase, arms race, touch base, unbrace, carcase, rat race, displace, apace, back brace, black race, blank space, boat race, braincase, car race, clock face, disc space, disk space, false face, foot race, gear case, gun case, horse-race, knee brace, neck brace, on base, relace, rerebrace, scapegrace, scratch race, shoe lace, ski race, spore case, stake race, swap space, tool case, torch race, uncase, vambrace, watch case, white race, wry face, yacht race

3 syllables:
hiding place, harness race, hilbert space, queen anne's lace, upper case, outer space, brussels lace, pencil case, just in case, lower case, out of place, paper chase, breathing space, relay race, enlace, poker face, second base, metric space, coup de grace, human race, knowledge base, herb of grace, interlace, face-to-face, claiming race, polling place, ankle brace, army base, at that place, bobbin lace, breathing place, case-by-case, demiglace, dispatch case, display case, dressing case, eating place, enclosed space, glasses case, holy place, human face, hurdle race, in one case, landing place, letter case, living space, lurking place, meeting place, mental case, navy base, negroid race, nesting place, oblique case, packing case, parking space, pillow lace, rocket base, roman pace, royal brace, sailing-race, selling race, senate race, skiing race, slavic race, state of grace, stay in place, stone life face, storage space, subject case, trophy case, welfare case, year of grace, yellow race

4 syllables:
in the first place, watering place, memory trace, obstacle race, antitrust case, attache case, bicycle race, caucasian race, chariot race, charity case, cigarette case, custody case, fall into place, gathering place, governor's race, indian race, in any case, mongoloid race, objective case, overnight case, possessive case, potato race, prisoner's base, visual space

5 syllables:
accusative case, at a lower place, automobile race, geometric pace, grammatical case, instrumental case, interstellar space, in a higher place, military pace, mongolian race, to a higher place, to a lower place, trespass on the case

6 syllables:
amerindian race, imaginary place

7 syllables:
interplanetary space

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