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broad, across, narrow, diagonal, gaping, angled, deep, cross, acute angle, open, vast, sighter, footed, large, threaded, sclaffed, vertical, huge, scuffed, lofted, looped, expansive, horizontal, entire, encompassing, mistimed, skyed, massive, neat, nutmegged, miskick, daisy cutter, mazy, chested, onside, arching, ghosted, sidewards, resultant, slotted, sweeping, outstretched, unguarded, widthwise, widish, slaloming, widespread, rippled, sizeable, unchallenged, interocular, through, cleanly, shallow, ricochet, quick, kickable, unmarked, exocet, the, wraparound, centimetric, tight, untouched, diverse, full, geographic, verticle, shinned, rifled, big, long, palmed, thick, short, unobstructed, blank, sharp, goalmouth, ample, overlapping, loose, latitudinal, scragged, fierce, small, net, thunderous, unsighted, right, gigantic, square, geographical, whole, stunning, limited, snaffled, upright, unspotted, backhanded, superb, tracer bullet, col, board, motorway, cafeteria, frontage, risers, swath, turnpike, university, waterway, bottoms, ditch, e, front, gallery, hank, hookup, j, networking, widest, wider, narrower, hroad, broader, broadest, narrowest, restricted, worldwide, narrowing, extensive, vaster, broadened, nationwide

Appears in the definition of:
., 16 pf, abbe condenser, acceptance, aflare, agapep, agate line, agnes de mille, agnes george de mille, al-qa'ida, al-qaeda, al-qaida, albatrellus dispansus, alpine totara, amicus curiae, antimony, arethusa bulbosa, ascot, atomic number 30, atomic number 51, avenue, away, baldric, baldrick, barrage jamming, bartolomeo vanzetti, base, bell-bottoms, bellbottom trousers, bill, blunderbuss, board, bog rose, border, boulevard, broadband, broadbill, broadcast, broadloom, broadly, broadness, broadsheet, broadside, broad arrow, bull tongue, bunyaviridae, callistephus chinensis, caretta caretta, carpenteria, carrizo, cavalier hat, chalet, china aster, chrome-nickel steel, circular, citrus mealybug, clubbing, cluster bomb, common reed, conacaste, concourse, constancy, cooking pan, country store, cowboy hat, cupressus guadalupensis, cup morel, dermochelys coriacea, de mille, diffuseness, digressive, diomedea exulans, disciotis venosa, discursive, ditch reed, divarication, double bed, dragon's mouth, drive, duct tape, e-mail, electronic mail, elephant's ear, elinvar, email, encompass, encyclical, energy, enterolobium cyclocarpa, epiphytotic, erlenmeyer flask, estuary, euonymous alatus, excursive, expanse, far and wide, fescue, fescue grass, festuca elatior, ficus sycomorus, flagpole, flanker, flanker back, flare, flaring, flier, flyer, flying, friend of the court, frigate bird, frogmouth, gape, gaping, garter belt, general store, genus vitis, globalise, globalize, grass-covered, great australian bight, guadalupe cypress, gulf, gulf of carpenteria, gulf of sidra, handbill, heavy, huntsman's horn, huntsman's horns, internet site, intranet, ipomoea nil, james watt, japanese morning glory, japanese red pine, japanese table pine, jar, java, juncus tenuis, knock-kneed, large, lasagna, lasagne, leatherback, leatherback turtle, leathery turtle, leccinum fibrillosum, line, loggerhead, loggerhead turtle, lookout, lookout station, machinist's vise, man-of-war bird, meadow fescue, metalworking vise, moated, mouth, mulberry fig, narrow, nicola sacco, observation post, observation tower, observatory, opsanus tau, oscitance, oscitancy, outsell, overcast, pan, pandemic, parkia javanica, parkway, pennant, phragmites communis, picture hat, pinus densiflora, plank, planococcus citri, ployurethan, podocarpus nivalis, polished, polyurethane, popular music, popular music genre, pre-eminently, push broom, qaeda, quercus virginiana, rambling, rana sylvatica, range pole, ranging pole, rectangular, refined, rijstafel, rijstaffel, rijsttaffel, ripcord, road roller, round-eyed, sacco, sally, sarracenia flava, saucer-eyed, sb, scan, scapular, scapulary, scarf bandage, scattershot, schmidt camera, schmidt telescope, shame, shank, silicone, silicone polymer, silicone rubber, sinus, site, sixteen personality factor questionnaire, slender rush, sling, slinging, slouch hat, snowfield, sophist, sophisticated, sou'wester, soup plate, southern live oak, spread, spreading, squat, stare, steamroller, steel, stole, stretched, suksdorfia violaceae, summary, surf, surplice, suspender belt, svelte, sweep, sweeping, sycamore, sycamore fig, tank top, ten-gallon hat, thick, throwaway, toadfish, tomato streak, trading post, triangular bandage, trumpets, unbridgeable, uniform resource locator, universal resource locator, unsectarian, urbane, url, valparaiso, vanzetti, venous sinus, versatility, videotape, violet suksdorfia, vitis, vocabulary, waist, walloper, wandering albatross, wats, wats line, watt, waving, web page, web site, welwitschia, welwitschia mirabilis, white, whitehall, wide-awake, wide-open, wide-ranging, wide-spreading, wideband, wideness, wide of the mark, wide wale, wild pink, windsor knot, windsor tie, winged spindle tree, wood-frog, wood frog, writing board, yam, yaw, yawn, yawning, yellow pitcher plant, yellow trumpet, zinc, zn

across-the-board, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-inclusive, ample, astray, beamy, big, bird's-eye, blanket, broad, citywide, comfortable, comprehensive, considerable, countrywide, countywide, covering, deep, encompassing, extended, extensive, fanlike, full, heavy, in breadth, in width, inaccurate, large, nationwide, open, opened, overhanging, overspreading, panoptic, panoramic, round-eyed, spacious, spreading, statewide, stretching, sweeping, thick, wide-cut, wide-screen, wide-spreading, wide of the mark, widely

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— Nouns for wide: range, variety, open, spread, area, world, variation, field, distribution, spectrum, eyes, more...

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