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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to soul:   (532 results)

anatomy, bod, build, chassis, figure, flesh, form, frame, human body, material body, personality, physical body, physique, shape, soma

Often used in the same context:
psyche, soulfulness, earthiest, hearts, atman, goodness, spirit, longing, supernal, gospel, overcomer, yearning, conscience, blessedness, brokenness, blissfulness, gutbucket, poeticism, lyric, humanness, transcendent, redeemer, forgiver, lovingkindness, inmost, duende, salvation, beatitude, spirituality, je ne sais quois, sensualist, sunniness, effulgence, sensibility, beingness, sublimity, proudness, beastliness, essence, rawness, catholicity, joyousness, lyricism, subconsciousness, demons, funk, hungers, balladry, godhead, melancholy, lonesomeness, sentimentalist, hassidism, wholeheartedness, blues, emotiveness, devilishness, rastaman, transfiguring, selfhood, christocentric, brassiness, oneness, sprit, interiority, forlornness, humanity, love, whiteboy, daimon, incubus, sorrowing, jazzer, virtuousness, griefs, troubadour, sinlessness, moroseness, lust, songwriting, transcendence, melodist, bluesman, carnality, soulmate, ballads, hallowing, afterworld, mournfulness, immanence, wholeness, foremother, groover, fulness, righteousness, romanticism, honkytonk, upbuilding, intellect, balladeer, psalmist, torchy, souls, heart, pilgrim, jesus, virgin, christ, ghost, moses, mother, penitent, sisterhood, being, charity, fatherland, helen, manhood, mind, spiritual, noumenal, astral, disembodied, diviner, uncreated, indestructible, transcendental, existent, incorporeal, perfected, primal, supersensuous, triune, unchanging, creaturely

More specific:
achiever, acquaintance, actor, adjudicator, adult, adventurer, adversary, advisee, advocate, african, amateur, anomaly, antagonist, ape, aper, applicant, applied scientist, applier, appointee, appointment, attendant, authority, autodidact, baby, baby boomer, baby buster, bad guy, bad person, baldhead, baldpate, baldy, battler, bedfellow, beholder, belligerent, best, biter, blond, blonde, bodybuilder, boomer, brunet, brunette, bullfighter, buster, candidate, capitalist, captor, carrottop, case, caucasian, celebrant, celebrater, celebrator, charmer, child, clumsy person, combatant, commoner, common man, common person, communicator, compeer, complexifier, compulsive, consumer, contestant, contriver, controversialist, copycat, coward, creator, creature, cross-dresser, dead person, dead soul, deceased, deceased person, decedent, defender, deliverer, demander, denizen, departed, deviser, differentiator, discriminator, disputant, dissenter, dissident, doer, doormat, double, dribbler, dupe, dweller, ectomorph, elizabethan, emotional person, endomorph, engineer, entertainer, equal, european, expert, explorer, exponent, face, faddist, female, female person, fiduciary, fighter, first-rater, follower, forerunner, freewheeler, free agent, free spirit, friend, fugitive, gambler, gay, gem, gentile, ghost, good guy, good person, grantor, grownup, guardian, guinea pig, handicapped person, hater, have, hebrew, heterosexual, heterosexual person, hoarder, homemaker, homo, homosexual, hope, image, imitator, immune, individualist, inexperienced person, inhabitant, innocent, intellect, intellectual, interpreter, jew, jewel, juvenile, juvenile person, killer, kneeler, large person, leader, learner, left-hander, lefty, life, linguist, literate, literate person, lover, machine, malcontent, male, male person, man, man jack, masturbator, match, mediocrity, mesomorph, middlebrow, millionaire, miracle man, miracle worker, mixed-blood, modern, money dealer, money handler, musclebuilder, namesake, national, native, neighbor, neighbour, neutral, nondescript, nonmember, nonparticipant, nonreligious person, nonworker, nude, nude person, objector, observer, occultist, onanist, opponent, outcaste, owner, party, peer, perceiver, personage, persona non grata, personification, person of color, philosopher, pistoleer, planner, polyglot, possessor, precursor, primitive, primitive person, proponent, propositus, prospect, protector, protester, pussycat, quarter, quitter, receiver, recipient, recoverer, redhead, redheader, registrant, relation, relative, religionist, religious person, repeater, rescuer, rich person, right-hander, romanticist, roundhead, ruler, runaway, saver, scholar, scourge, scrapper, searcher, second-rater, seeker, self, sensualist, sentimentalist, signatory, signer, simple, simpleton, six-footer, skin and bones, slav, slave, slayer, sleeper, sleepyhead, slumberer, small person, sort, sounding board, southpaw, sphinx, stigmatic, stigmatist, straight, straight person, subject, success, survivor, suspect, technologist, tempter, terror, testate, testator, thin person, third-rater, threat, thrower, tiger, toreador, transfer, transsexual, transvestite, traveler, traveller, trier, unfortunate, unfortunate person, unskilled person, unusual person, unwelcome person, victim, victorian, vouchee, waiter, ward, warrior, weakling, wealthy person, white, white person, wiggler, wight, winner, worker, wriggler

Appears in the definition of:
., assume, assumption, awful, beadsman, bedesman, biddable, chantry, christ within, commit, confirm, desolate, discerp, elusive, faust, faustus, ghost, gospel, gospel singing, heart, heart and soul, heavenward, inner light, inspirational, intangible, interior, jainism, light, light within, mephistopheles, metempsychosis, out-of-body experience, psyche, quickener, rebirth, reincarnationism, requiescat, saved, sinning, soul-destroying, spiritual, tartly, theosophy, totalitarian, transmigration, unearthly

More general:
being, embodiment, feeling, life form, living thing, organism, spirit

human, individual, mortal, person, psyche, somebody, someone, soulfulness

Also try:
— Nouns for soul: mates, searching, force, making, food, books, life, winning, loss, music, mate, more...

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