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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to sharp:   (539 results)

dull, flat, natural

Often used in the same context:
steep, slight, dramatic, sharpened, strong, blunt, steady, mild, rapid, noticeable, deft, precipitous, forceful, hefty, swift, quick, jarring, fierce, modest, weak, savage, crisp, muted, lackluster, startling, sluggish, gradual, flat, snappy, downward, sudden, sizable, nasty, abrupt, heavy, solid, stunning, straight, drastic, precipitious, big, nifty, knifelike, jagged, tepid, weakish, stark, surging, stinging, subtle, ferocious, smooth, choppy, intense, spectacular, torrid, brisk, streaky, rash, brutal, deep, barbed, fresh, discernible, stiff, withering, soft, sideward, tough, buoyant, substantial, sizeable, robust, whippy, jittery, notable, perceptible, unexpected, quickening, dazzling, swordlike, broad, erratic, surprising, severe, huge, meteoric, massive, rough, trenchant, significant, steepened, prolonged, perceptive, subdued, canny, painful, relentless, lacerating, uncharacteristic, dour, adroit, roberts, robinson, scott, clarke, wilson, cameron, campbell, collins, cooper, hawkins, holmes, parker, rogers, russell, stewart, thompson, wright, adams, burton, carey, sharper, sharpest, blunted, blurred, pronounced, accentuated, edged, marked, serrated, blurry, corresponding, fharp, honed, intonational, pointed

Appears in the definition of:
., abrupt, acanthopterygian, acanthopterygii, accidental, acerbity, acrid, acrimony, acuate, aculeus, acuminate, acute, acuteness, aegilops triuncalis, alca torda, angularity, angular shape, angulate, anhinga, arete, astringence, astringency, athrotaxis selaginoides, axseed, bang, battle-ax, battle-axe, big dipper, bite, bitter, bitterness, blunt, bodkin, breccia, bright, brilliant, buck-and-wing, burin, burn, butcher knife, cancel, cant dog, carcharias taurus, carduelis spinus, carnassial tooth, center bit, centre bit, ceratosaur, ceratosaurus, chirp, chute-the-chute, clack, clap, claw, clawed, clear-sighted, cleave, clinking, clip, clovis culture, colter, contrasty, coronilla varia, coronoid process, corrugated fastener, coulter, crack, cracking, crackle, crackling, crazy bone, crepitation, crocodile, crotchet, crown vetch, cut, cutlassfish, cutting, cutting edge, darter, desmodus rotundus, diffraction, dig, dip, disconnected, distinctness, dogleg, dorothy parker, dorothy rothschild parker, drill, drop, drop-off, dry point, dull, eastern red cedar, edge, edge tool, elbow, empale, english, exquisite, falchion, fall, file, fishhook, flick, flinders, flip, flue, flue pipe, free fall, frost fish, fulgurating, funny bone, gad, gash, geniculate, genus pedioecetes, goat grass, gore, grate, grater, greater stitchwort, ground loop, hairtail, hedgehog, hedgehog cactus, high-pitched, high-resolution, hippotragus niger, hiss, hook, horsebean, hunting knife, icepick, ice pick, impaction, impale, impingement, impulse, incised, incisive, intense, in focusp, irruption, jab, jabbing, jacamar, jag, jaundice, jerusalem thorn, jog, juniperus virginiana, jut, karate, keen, khukuri, kingfisher, king william pine, kink, knee-jerk reflex, knee jerk, knife, knifelike, knife edge, knife thrust, knock, labial pipe, lancetfish, lancet fish, lancinate, lancinating, marsupial mouse, marsupial rat, moodily, natural, needle, needlelike, nip, nutcracker, nuthatch, obtuseness, odontaspis taurus, pang, parer, paring knife, parker, parkinsonia aculeata, parmesan, patellar reflex, peavey, peavy, pedioecetes, picea sitchensis, pick, pierce, piercing, pike, pinch, ping, pinpoint, pins and needles, pitchfork, ploughshare, plowshare, point, pointedness, pointless, poke, poking, pop, popping, porcupine, pouched mouse, pricker, pricket, prickle, processus coronoideus, pull, pulsation, pulse, pulsing, punctuate, puncture, pungency, pungent, rasp, rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat-tat, rat-tat, razor-backed, razor-billed auk, razor-fish, razor-sharp, razorback, razorbill, razorblade, razor edge, razor fish, red cedar, red juniper, refocus, rejoinder, renal colic, report, resonance, rive, roller coaster, round shape, sable antelope, sand shark, sand tiger, sawfish, scratch awl, scream, screaming, screech, screeching, scribe, scriber, seif dune, set, share, sharp-cornered, sharp-limbed, sharp-pointed, sharp-worded, sharpen, sharpened, sharpness, shattered, shoeshine, shoot, shriek, shrieking, shrill, sibilate, side, siskin, siss, sitka spruce, sizz, slash, sliver, slivery, smashed, snag, snakebird, snap, snapper, snarl, snide, sour, spike, spiked, spine, spiny-finned fish, splinter, splintered, splintery, split, spud, spur, stab, stabbing, stake, starkly, starwort, steak knife, steel trap, steep, stellaria holostea, sticker, sting, stinger, stitch, stitchwort, strike, strike hard, stump spud, stung, stylus, suddenly, superorder acanthopterygii, surgical knife, swat, sword grass, tack, talon, tartness, thorn, thornbill, thrust, thrusting, thunderclap, transfix, tree shrew, trousers, twang, twinge, twirl, twist, twitch, unpointed, whack, whipping, wiggle nail, wolffish, wood file, wrench, yelp, yelping, zag, zig, zigzag

More general:
musical notation, sewing needle

abrupt, acerb, acerbic, acuate, acute, astringent, astute, carnassial, crisp, cutting, discriminating, distinct, edged, forceful, fulgurating, high, high-pitched, incisive, intelligent, intense, keen, knifelike, penetrating, penetrative, perceptive, piercing, pointed, precipitous, salt, scratching, sharp-worded, sharpened, sharply, shrewd, shrill, smart, sour, stabbing, steep, sudden, tart, unpleasant

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