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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to school:   (599 results)

classroom, schoolroom

Often used in the same context:
elementary, shool, kindergarten, classroom, teacher, students, college, pupils, preschool, scool, district, highschool, kindergarteners, kindergartners, kindergartner, homeroom, busing, curriculum, classmates, interscholastic, prekindergarten, parents, edhs, university, education, graduation, scholl, kindergartener, electives, cashs, academic, headmaster, tutoring, scholastic, schooler, teaching, cafeteria, grades, kids, truancy, classes, lunchroom, principals, high school, graders, horace mann, semester, cafetorium, schoolchildren, preparatory school, athletics, prep, extracurricular activity, proms, algebra, campuses, academy, yearbook, precalculus, math, seminary, pretests, gymnasium, paraprofessional, eduction, educators, vocational, jhs, schoolwork, dropout, grps, latchkey, madrasa, superintendents, playschool, gym, cheder, textbooks, playground, tuition, valedictorian, truants, matriculation, montessori, instructional, headmistress, girls, schoolyard, administrators, alma mater, varsity, phys, intersession, gradate, amole, daycare, diploma, schoolhouse, coeducational, gompers, ascham, madrasah, schools, colleges, hospital, educa, class, academies, com, family, institute, kindergartens, libraries, library, orphanage, preparatory, publicschool, old, graduate, polytechnic, postgraduate, tutorial, undergraduate, writing, apprentice, business, collegiate, elementaryschool, grade, junior

More specific:
academy, alma mater, conservatoire, conservatory, correspondence school, crammer, dance school, dancing school, day school, driving school, elementary school, flying school, grade school, graduate school, grammar school, gymnasium, historical school, language school, lycee, lyceum, middle school, night school, nursing school, primary school, private school, public school, riding school, sabbath school, school of nursing, secondary school, secretarial school, seminary, sophisticate, sunday school, tech, technical school, training school, veterinary school

Appears in the definition of:
., 11-plus, abstract expressionism, academically, academic department, academic freedom, academic session, academic term, academic year, academy, accelerated, action painting, after-schoola, age, alma mater, aloof, alum, alumna, alumnus, amazingly, anthem, antiseptic, application, artistic style, art nouveau, art school, asanga, at the same time, audiovisual, a level, badly, ball, bar exam, bar examination, baseball, blackfish, black whale, blazer, boarder, boarding school, borstal, bound, bryan, bundling, bunk off, bus, business college, business school, canteen, catastrophe, catholic school, charter school, choir school, chopin, church school, cimabue, classmate, classroom, classroom project, class fellow, cleanthes, clemence sophia harned lozier, colors, common blackfish, common room, complacently, composite school, comprehensive school, conservatory, consolidated, constructivist, contemplate, contrast, copy, correspondence course, correspondence school, crammer, cup, curtail, dance school, dancing school, day boarder, day school, dazedly, debar, decentralized, deconstructivism, delay, delinquent, demerit, dental school, desegregate, detention, direct-grant school, disrepute, doctrine, drift, driving school, dropout, drop out, dynamize, education, elementary education, elementary school, eleven-plus, empathetic, engineering school, eton college, expend, expulsion, eyck, faculty, finishing school, first-year, first grade, flying school, fortunate, fourth-year, frederic francois chopin, freshman, freshman class, gallaudet, games-master, games-mistress, gate, gig, giovanni cimabue, globicephala melaena, grad, grade school, graduate, graduate nurse, graduate school, grad school, grammar school, grant-in-aid, gropius, gymnasium, gymslip, half-term, hall pass, head, headmaster, head teacher, hershey, high, high-flown, highschool, high school, hinayana, hippocratic, historical school, history, home-school, homecoming, homework, hooky, hooky player, housemaster, hudson river school, idiom, ill-equipped, impressionism, improvement, infant school, integrate, ism, ivy leaguer, jacopo robusti, jan van eyck, juniora, junior class, junior high, junior high school, junior school, kindergarten, knock, krasner, laney, language school, latchkey child, law, law degree, law school, law student, lee krasner, letter, letterman, loiter, lollipop lady, lollipop woman, lost, lozier, lucy craft laney, luminism, lycee, lyceum, mahayana, mainstreamed, master, medical school, medical student, medicine, medico, mentally retarded, mentor, merit pay, middle school, milton snavely hershey, mischievous, monistic, music school, next-to-last, night school, nonsectarian, normal school, nouvelle cuisine, numeral, nursing school, off, old boy, old school tie, open university, out-of-school, outfitted, o level, pain, palette, pallet, paola caliari, paolo veronese, parochial school, permissible, pesantran, pesantren, phd, philosophical system, philosophy, piggyback, pilot whale, plan, plato's academy, play-box, playbox, playful, play hooky, pointillism, polytechnic, polytechnic institute, pop art, post-impressionist, postimpressionist, practice of law, practice of medicine, prep, preparation, preparatory school, prep school, preschool, pride, primary school, principal, private school, progress, prom, promenade, public school, punks, pupil, purse seine, push, quarter, rabbinic, rabbinical, ready, regurgitation, religious right, religious school, respect, riding school, romantic realism, sabbath school, say, schola cantorum, school-age child, schoolbag, schoolboy, schoolchild, schooldays, schoolfellow, schoolfriend, schoolgirl, schooling, schoolmaster, schoolmate, schoolroom, schoolteacher, schooltime, schoolwide, schoolwork, schoolyard, school assignment, school bus, school crossing, school day, school newspaper, school of dentistry, school of law, school of medicine, school of music, school of nursing, school of thought, school paper, school phobia, school principal, school superintendent, school system, school teacher, school term, school year, scopes trial, secession, second-year, secondary education, secondary modern school, secondary school, secretarial school, see, segregated, selective, seminary, seniora, senior class, senior high, senior high school, session, sezession, site, smarta, socialize, sophomorea, sophomore class, sports coat, sports jacket, sport coat, sport jacket, spring break, spurious correlation, staff, stoic, study hall, subvert, suffice, sunday school, sunday school class, supply-side economics, suprematist, surgery, suspend, teachers college, tech, technical school, term paper, theological system, theology, the boy orator of the platte, the great commoner, third-year, thomas hopkins gallaudet, tintoretto, titian, tiziano vecellio, trade school, trained nurse, training college, training school, transcript, truancy, truant, tuck box, united states air force academy, united states military academy, united states naval academy, unprofessional, unsectarian, unsupervised, us air force academy, us military academy, us naval academy, van eyck, varsity letter, veronese, veterinary school, vocational, vocational school, walter gropius, whang, william jennings bryan, winchester college, year, yearbook, zen, zeno, zeno of citium, zen buddhism

Part of:
school system

More general:
amount of time, animal group, body, building, down, edifice, educate, education, educational institution, fine-tune, period, period of time, polish, refine, time period

civilize, cultivate, educate, schoolhouse, schooling, schooltime, shoal, train

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— Nouns for school: house, room, boy, teacher, children, master, books, houses, community, days, boys, more...

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