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several, countless, innumerable, various, myriad, multiple, many, numberous, numerable, umpteen, few, some, assorted, innumerous, other, two, these, frequent, such, three, uncountable, all, extensive, four, recent, slue, endless, ranging, seven, sporadic, periodic, copious, numberless, varied, eight, five, multitudinous, significant, rash, substantial, nine, six, whatnot, widespread, similar, past, conflicting, considerable, certain, continual, scattered, large, separate, subsequent, multifarious, occasional, infrequent, major, well, lengthy, thirteen, untold, notable, respective, enumerable, nineteen, manifold, commonplace, seventeen, persistent, unspecified, morethan, specific, inordinate, diverse, ample, checkered, previous, unharmonious, sundry, overlapping, different, rife, unsavoury, enormous, fourteen, intermittent, limited, semiweekly, minor, divergent, noteworthy, ad nauseam, unsavory, abovementioned, nonliterary, across, carious, related, aforementioned, researched, simultaneous, accesses, adaptations, addresses, affronts, aids, algebraic, analogies, analogs, assaults, attacks, behavioral, benefits, caches, carcinogens, challenges, channels, chemical, clashes, cognitive, confrontations, manv, diese, hese, odier, oiher, oilier, selected, tew, most

Appears in the definition of:
., adapin, al-fatah, albizia, albizzia, ambrosia, anthony vandyke, artaxerxes, artaxerxes ii, asphodeline, asteroid, aster dumosus, autumn pumpkin, avicennia marina, azalea, baal, babies'-breath, baby's breath, baby rose, barbados-gooseberry vine, barbados gooseberry, barberry, barrel cactus, bass, bastard toadflax, bearded iris, beardless iris, bee, beefsteak geranium, begonia, begonia rex, begonia tuberhybrida, belemnite, berry, bird-footed dinosaur, bird of paradise, bird of prey, bisayan, bitterweed, black cypress pine, black mangrove, bladderwort, blood-red, blowfish, blue, blueberry, blueberry bush, boxfish, bream, brown bat, bryophyte, bunting, bushy aster, butterfish, butterwort, calendula, callitris calcarata, callitris endlicheri, caper, caprine animal, carmine, catfish, cedar, cedarwood, cedar tree, cerise, chaparral mallow, charles franklin kettering, charles kettering, cherry, cherry-red, cherry tree, chilopoda, chloris truncata, chrysanthemum, cinquefoil, citrous fruit, citrus, citrus fruit, citrus tree, class chilopoda, class diplopoda, class myriapoda, clematis virginiana, clupeid, clupeid fish, cnpz, cockroach, coffee roll, collembolan, comandra pallida, combretum, common bean, common horehound, common milkwort, comoro islands, convolvulus, cooking oil, coral fungus, coreopsis, countless, cowrie, cowry, crabapple, crab apple, cranberry, crane's bill, cranesbill, creeping snowberry, creeping windmill grass, cress, crimson, crocus, crystallite, cuckoo, cucurbita pepo, cudweed, cultivated crab apple, curly grass, curly grass fern, cymbid, cymbidium, cypress, cypress tree, dabbler, dabbling duck, daffodil, daisy, daylily, day lily, devil's darning needle, dinosaur, diplopoda, dove, doxepin, doxepin hydrochloride, draba, duck-billed dinosaur, dung beetle, earwig, elapid, elapid snake, elasmobranch, elder, elderberry bush, eln, encephalartos, euphorbia caput-medusae, euphorbia medusae, false wintergreen, family rosaceae, fatah, fern, fibrous-rooted begonia, figwort, finch, first cranial nerve, five-finger, flatfish, flycatching warbler, foliaceous, foliaged, foliose, fruit fly, gand flower, garter snake, gaultheria hispidula, geebung, genus asphodeline, genus scolytus, geranium, gesneriad, glade mallow, gladiola, gladiolus, globefish, goat, goldenrod, gourd, grape, grapevine, grass snake, greenhood, green snake, ground cherry, growth, gypsophila paniculata, hadrosaur, hadrosaurus, harrier eagle, hawkweed, helmet orchid, horseshoe bat, huitre, husk tomato, hyacinth, hybrid tuberous begonia, iles comores, increase, increment, indian mutiny, infinite, innumerable, innumerous, iraqi mukhabarat, japanese rose, jellyfish, kettering, kingsnake, king begonia, king snake, lake, larch, larch tree, lark, larkspur, limicoline bird, little club moss, little golden zinnia, liverwort, loosestrife, madderwort, maidenhair berry, malacothamnus fasciculatus, mammoth, manakin, mangrove, maple, maranta, marine animal, marine creature, marrubium vulgare, marsupial mouse, marsupial rat, masdevallia, mason bee, maxillaria, medusa, medusa's head, medusan, melon, milkweed, millepede, milliped, millipede, minor planet, mite, mother-of-thousands, mouse, moxie plum, multiflora, multiflora rose, multitudinous, mushroom, myeloblastic leukemia, myriada, myriapoda, napaea dioica, narcissus pseudonarcissus, national liberation army, nervii olfactorii, nestor paz zamora commission, nettle, neurofibromatosis, nightshade, nonvascular plant, nudibranchia, numberless, odontoglossum, old man's beard, olfactory nerve, ommatidium, onychophoran, orchid, orchidaceous plant, order nudibranchia, oyster, paeony, painted-leaf begonia, panfish, parakeet, paraquet, paroquet, parrakeet, parroket, parroquet, pasta sauce, penelope, peony, perch, percoid, percoidean, percoid fish, pereskia aculeata, peripatus, petunia, piciform bird, pierid, pierid butterfly, pine, pippin, planetoid, plantain, plantain lily, pleurothallis, plover, plum, plumed thistle, plume thistle, polyester, polygala vulgaris, polypody, pomace fly, poplar, poplar tree, pouched mouse, primrose, primula, puffer, pumpkin, pumpkin vine, pyrola americana, pyrola rotundifolia americana, ragweed, rail, raptor, raptorial bird, rattlesnake orchid, red, reddish, red cypress pine, red oak, requiem shark, rex begonia, rhizomatous begonia, rhizophora mangle, riddled, ring-necked snake, ringneck snake, ring snake, roach, rockrose, rock rose, rosaceae, rosa multiflora, rose family, rubiaceous plant, rubus fruticosus, ruby, ruby-red, ruddy, sandpiper, saxifraga sarmentosam, saxifraga stolonifera, scarabaean, scarabaeid, scarabaeid beetle, scarlet, schizaea pusilla, scirpus cyperinus, scolytus, scorpaenid, scorpaenid fish, scorpion shell, sculpin, seal, sea animal, sea bream, sea catfish, sea creature, sea snake, selachian, seminiferous tubule, sepoy mutiny, shark, shenandoah valley, shiner, shorebird, shore bird, short-toed eagle, shrike, silkweed, siluriform fish, sinequan, sir anthony vandyke, spaghetti sauce, sphaeralcea fasciculata, spider crab, spikemoss, spike moss, spiny lizard, springtail, spurge, squash, squash vine, star grass, stelis, strawberry geranium, strawberry saxifrage, stuffed mushroom, st john's wort, sucker, sulfur butterfly, sulphur butterfly, sunfish, superfamily tyrannidae, sweet roll, sword lily, syconium, tanager, theropod, theropod dinosaur, thistle, thrift, tick-weed, tickseed, tickweed, tortricid, tortricid moth, towhee, tree creeper, tree fern, triggerfish, true blackberry, true fungus, trunkfish, tuberous begonia, tulip, turreae, tyrannidae, umbellifer, umbelliferous plant, umpteenth, umptieth, umteenth, uncounted, unnumberable, unnumbered, unnumerable, unperformed, vanda, vandyke, vanilla, van dyck, vegetable, veggie, velvet worm, verbena, vervain, viola, violet, virgin's bower, visayan, von recklinghausen's disease, wallflower, water beetle, water moccasin, whiptail, whiptail lizard, white horehound, white oak, wild apple, willow, willow tree, windmill grass, wood-creeper, woodcreeper, woodhewer, woolly bear, woolly bear caterpillar, wool grass, worm, yew, zinnia grandiflora


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