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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to narrow:   (721 results)

branch out, broad, broad-minded, broaden, diversify, wide, widen

Often used in the same context:
wide, broad, slim, unbridged, steep, constricted, slender, sloping, zigzag, tight, close, gaping, crossable, small, thin, large, lopsided, circumscribed, untraveled, unploughed, labyrinthine, hummocky, tiny, curved, cobbled, crowded, shaded, pathless, obscure, muddy, mazelike, crabbed, geographical, expansive, rectangular, tortuous, myopic, modest, unobstructed, divergent, vast, embanked, serpentine, flat, steepened, bumpy, rectilinear, short, sandy, gravelled, twisty, slanted, deep, rifted, stony, tussocky, navigable, rigid, unlighted, featureless, long, hairsbreadth, congested, bridgeable, upper, cramped, unnavigable, untrodden, dense, furthermost, circumferential, unpaved, hilly, jagged, cambered, multilane, uneven, triangular, undulating, particularistic, rutty, hyperopic, limited, straight, isosceles triangle, unswept, trapezoidal, elongated, foramen magnum, endocardial, overhung, unbridgeable, thick, longish, arcaded, crenelated, fractious, brushy, rearmost, barest, scalloped, sizeable, masker, antechamber, apex, balcony, band, base, beam, bed, bench, bend, bight, blaze, bottom, bottoms, butt, casement, chisel, concave, courtyard, crotch, narrower, narrowest, narrowing, paved, unlit, strewn, unfrequented, barricaded, shadowed, sinuous, widest, charted, railed

More specific:
bottleneck, concretize, overspecialize, strangulate, taper off, verrazano narrows

Appears in the definition of:
., abies concolor, abies lowiana, academic, acerate, acerose, achillea millefolium, acicular, aegir, agnail, agrostis canina, aisle, albatross, alley, alleyway, alpine gold, alpine goldenrod, alpine hulsea, amber lily, amphora, anthericum torreyi, arete, argyroxiphium sandwicense, asclepias verticillata, asperula odorata, athyrium pycnocarpon, australian grass tree, back street, baguet, baguette, balloon, balloon flower, barrier island, basil mint, beach aster, bead and quirk, beam, belgian endive, berm, big-toothed aspen, bigtoothed aspen, bigtooth aspen, bird's-eye bush, biscayne bay, bitter pecan, black salsify, boar, bocce, bocci, boccie, bogmat, bore, bottle, bottleneck, bowler, bowler hat, brevicipitidae, broadcloth, broom snakeroot, broom snakeweed, brown bent, buckthorn, butterfly fish, cabbage tree, california white fir, canadian aspen, canal, canal boat, carangidae, carya aquatica, catwalk, champagne flute, channel, chap, charybdis, chink, chinked, cigar band, cleft, clitocybe subconnexa, close call, close shave, coarctation, cold chisel, collie, colorado fir, comb, coniferales, constriction, contract, cook strait, cordyline australis, cornet, couch, cove, crack, cranny, crevice, cuttle, cuttlefish, cymbid, cymbidium, dart, daylily, day lily, defile, demijohn, denominationalism, derby, diffraction, diplazium pycnocarpon, directional antenna, ditch, ditch spade, dogmatically, dog bent, donnish, dotted gayfeather, dwarf gray willow, eager, eagre, eelgrass, egg noodle, elastic, elastic band, elecampane, elongate, english plantain, epilobium angustifolium, equid, equine, equus zebra zebra, erigeron divergens, erigeron glaucous, erigeron speciosus, erlenmeyer flask, escape, family brevicipitidae, family carangidae, family microhylidae, family naiadaceae, family najadaceae, felucca, filefish, fillet, fineness, fingerboard, fiord, firebreak, fireguard, fireweed, fire pink, firth, fissure, fjord, flame-flower, flameflower, flame flower, flask, florida yew, flume, flute, flute glass, footboard, fragrant bedstraw, french endive, french heel, fretsaw, fritillaria recurva, funnel, furrowed, galium odoratum, gallery, gambia, gantlet, gap, gastrophryne, geebung, genus gastrophryne, genus grammatophyllum, genus scorzonera, giant willowherb, glade fern, glen, goldfields, gondola, gorge, graminaceous plant, gramineous plant, grammatophyllum, grandfather clock, grass, grass tree, grass wrack, groove, gulch, gurgle, gutierrezia sarothrae, hangnail, hatch, hawkmoth, hawk moth, helianthus angustifolius, hidebound, hobble skirt, hogback, horn, horseback, horsetail, hulsea algida, hummingbird moth, illiberal, illiberally, inland sea, intolerant, intolerantly, inula helenium, iron, ironing board, isthmus, isthmus of corinth, isthmus of kra, jack-a-lantern, jack-o-lantern, jack-o-lantern fungus, jackknife clam, japanese tree lilac, jetting, jigsaw, jug, kakemono, knawe, knawel, knife-edge, knife-handle, knifelike, lake chelan, lancelike, lanceolate, lancet window, lane, large-toothed aspen, large tooth aspen, larix russica, larix siberica, lasthenia chrysostoma, lath, leaf spring, length, leptorhine, leptorrhine, leptorrhinian, leptorrhinic, liatris punctata, liman, line, linear, loch, long-handled spade, longcase clock, lough, lowbush penstemon, machaeranthera bigelovii, machaeranthera tanacetifolia, machaeranthera tortifoloia, mare's tail, microhylidae, milfoil, mohria caffrorum, mojave aster, mollymawk, monkey bridge, mother-in-law's tongue, mountain zebra, mud midget, naiad, naiadaceae, naiad family, najadaceae, narrow-leaf penstemon, narrow-leaved plantain, narrow-leaved spleenwort, narrow-minded, narrow-mindedly, narrowboat, narrowed, narrowing, narrowly, narrowness, narrow boat, narrow down, narrow escape, narrow goldenrod, narrow wale, neck, necktie, needle-shaped, nerium oleander, new look, new moon, new phase of the moon, nose, ochna serrulata, oleander, omphalotus illudens, order coniferales, panhandle, paper tape, parietaria difussa, parochially, pea shooter, pedantic, pellitory, pellitory-of-the-wall, penstemon centranthifolius, penstemon fruticosus, penstemon linarioides, penstemon palmeri, petty, pigmy talinum, pinnatisect, pixie, pixy, plantago lanceolata, plate rail, plug hat, plumb rule, point jam, populus grandidentata, pseudobombax ellipticum, pycnanthemum virginianum, pyxidanthera barbulata, pyxie, quercus falcata, quirk, quirk bead, rabbit-weed, rabbitweed, racing gig, racing shell, radio beam, rapier, ravine, razor-backed, razorback, razor clam, reduce, refectory table, republic of the gambia, rhode island bent, ribbon, ribgrass, ribwort, richea dracophylla, rickrack, ricrac, ridge, rift, rima, ripple-grass, ropewalk, rope yard, rosebay willowherb, rose bay, round-bottom flask, router plane, rubber band, runner, running board, runway, saddle feather, saddle hackle, sage willow, salix tristis, sandglass, sansevieria trifasciata, scaphocephaly, scarlet bugler, scarlet fritillary, scented fern, scented penstemon, scilla, scissure, scleranthus annuus, scorzonera, scorzonera hispanica, scroll saw, scrub plane, scylla, seaside daisy, sea wrack, sectarianism, sedge, set chisel, shank, sharpie, shaving-brush tree, shell, shoulder, showy daisy, shrubby penstemon, siberian larch, silene virginica, siliqua, silique, silversword, silvery spleenwort, single-breasted, ski, skis, slashed, slender, slip, slit, slit trench, small-minded, small-mindedly, snakeweed, snake plant, solidago multiradiata, solidago spathulata, sound, soundtrack, soutache, southern red oak, spatula, spatula-shaped, spatulate, spatulate leaf, sphingid, sphinx moth, spike heel, spit, spouting, spreading fleabane, spurting, squeak, squeaker, squill, squirting, stem, sticky aster, stiletto heel, stopped-up, stopping, straight and narrow, strait, straplike, strap fern, stretch mark, string tie, strip, style, sulcate, sulcus, surfboard, sus scrofa, swaddling bands, swaddling clothes, swamp red oak, swamp sunflower, sweatbox, sweet woodruff, syringa amurensis japonica, syringa reticulata, taenia, tagliatelle, tahoka daisy, talinum aurantiacum, talinum brevifolium, tansy leaf aster, tape, tapeline, tape measure, taxus floridana, telopea speciosissima, tenia, tern, the gambia, thin, thinness, third ventricle, thrip, thripid, thrips, tidal bore, tie, tighten, toboggan, tongue, traditionalist, tragopogon dubius, trondheim fiord, trondheim fjord, trough, trump, trumpet, tuck, turkey oak, turpentine weed, unswerving, velvet bent, velvet bent grass, vermis, vermis cerebelli, verrazano narrows, viper's grass, waist, waldmeister, wall pellitory, waratah, wasp, water bitternut, water hickory, water nymph, webbing, whaleboat, white fir, white zinnia, whorled milkweed, wickup, wild boar, window box, witloof, wolffiella gladiata, woodruff, yarrow, yellow salsify, zinnia acerosa, zostera marina

More general:
alter, change, determine, strait, tighten, vary

bare, careful, close-minded, closed-minded, constrict, constricting, constrictive, constringe, contract, dogmatic, dogmatical, illiberal, intolerant, limited, little, marginal, minute, nail down, narrow-minded, narrow down, narrowed, narrowing, opinionated, opinionative, peg down, petty, pin down, self-opinionated, slender, small, small-minded, specialize, specify, strait, tapered, tapering, thin

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— Nouns for narrow: streets, range, limits, strip, band, path, sense, street escape, road, passage, more...

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