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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to letter:   (461 results)

address, destination, name and address, postscript, ps

Often used in the same context:
memo, missive, memorandum, statement, telegram, correspondence, document, letterhead, press release, message, petition, cablegram, affidavit, mailer, flier, communique, emails, bulletin, pamphlet, epistle, postcard, complaint, directive, reply, proclamation, declaration, note, addendum, communiqu, mails, notices, obituary, remarks, poem, rejoinder, leaflet, request, article, brochure, report, newsletter, questionnaire, salutation, resignation, demarche, fax, apology, summons, flyer, papers, handbill, essay, transcript, codicil, proposal, quote, counterproposal, eulogy, notification, notepaper, citation, xerox copy, deficiency letter, booklet, screed, dissenting opinion, clarification, paragraph, foreword, invitation, ultimatum, retraction, amicus curiae brief, rebuttal, blurb, handbook, blank check, addressees, quitclaim deed, invoice, excerpt, corrigendum, diatribe, newssheet, sincerely yours, rogatory, obit, envelopes, countersign, admonition, correspondance, editorial, flyleaf, warranty deed, indictment, advertisement, telex, preface, inscription, column, intimation, bookplate, letters, memoir, despatch, interview, circular, lecture, meeting, dispatch, lettee, plate, discourse, fable, principle, psalm, sonnet, canto, genus, number, genesis, xiii, cameo, lesson, chatter, pace, pack, december, isaiah

More specific:
aerogram, aerogramme, airmail letter, air letter, aitch, aleph, alpha, ayin, beta, beth, block capital, block letter, business letter, chain letter, chi, consonant, crank letter, daleth, dead letter, delta, digraph, ell, encyclical, encyclical letter, epistle, epsilon, eta, form letter, gamma, gimel, he, heth, initial, iota, kaph, kappa, lambda, lamedh, letter of intent, mem, mu, nu, nun, omega, omicron, open letter, pastoral, pe, personal letter, phi, pi, polyphone, polyphonic letter, psi, qoph, resh, rho, round robin, sadhe, samekh, shin, sigma, sin, tau, taw, teth, theta, upsilon, vowel, waw, xi, yodh, zayin, zed, zee, zeta

Appears in the definition of:
., absently, acrophony, adjoin, aerogram, aerogramme, airmail letter, air letter, aleph, alpha, ambiguously, apology, appreciate, apropos, ascender, assert, ayin, banker's check, beta, beth, billet, billet doux, block capital, block letter, buildup, business letter, cachet, capital, capital letter, cedilla, chain letter, chi, chiasm, chiasma, clevis, colon, commercial letter of credit, comprehend, confusedly, consonant, covering letter, cover letter, crank letter, cursive, daleth, date, dateless, decipher, decussation, delta, descender, diacritic, diacritical mark, disturbingly, double-u, duplicate, enclosure, encyclical, encyclical letter, engrave, epistle, epistle of jeremiah, epsilon, eta, exile, express, ezed, fan letter, format, form letter, frank, gamma, gimel, glowingly, grade, grade point, h-shaped, he, heth, i-beam, immediate, inclosure, indent, indicate, initial, inst, instead, investment letter, iota, izzard, kaph, kappa, khi, l-plate, l-shaped, lambda, lamedh, legalism, letter-perfect, letterman, letter of intent, letter of jeremiah, lettre de cachet, line, lipogram, literatim, love letter, mailbag, mailing, majuscule, mark, mem, misdirect, modify, moil, moving, mu, newsletter, newssheet, newsy, note, nu, nun, offhanded, offhandedly, omega, omicron, open, open letter, page, pastoral, pe, personal letter, phi, pi, pillar box, point, polyphone, polyphonic letter, post-office box number, postbag, posting, postscript, po box no, po box number, procrastinate, pro forma, ps, psi, purloined, purport, qoph, quad, qwerty keyboard, register, resh, return address, rho, round robin, rubricate, s-shape, s-shaped, sadhe, salutation, samekh, scarlet letter, score, scrabble, scrape, seal, see, sense, shin, short letter, sigma, sigmoid, sign, signed, sin, sincerely, sincerely yours, small cap, small capital, space, spell, st. anthony's cross, staff, stiff, stilted, syncopate, t-shaped, tau, tau cross, taw, tee hinge, teth, theta, thrust, tilde, tone down, touch, traveler's check, traveler's letter of credit, traveller's check, traveller's letter of credit, triplicate, type, t hinge, u-shaped, ult, unconfirmed, unentertaining, unseal, unsent, upper-case letter, upper case, upsilon, v-shaped, vowel, v neck, w-shaped, waw, write, xi, y-shaped, yodh, zayin, zed, zee, zeta

Part of:
correspondence, mail, spelling

More general:
accolade, award, character, earn, garner, grapheme, graphic symbol, honor, honour, impress, laurels, literal interpretation, print, write

alphabetic character, letter of the alphabet, missive, varsity letter

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