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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to hair:   (672 results)

hairline, part

Often used in the same context:
tresses, mane, hairdo, hairstyle, braids, wig, coif, ponytail, dreadlocks, beard, barnet, hairstyles, skin, haircut, curls, mustache, eyelashes, sideburns, toenails, bouffant, perm, coiffure, fauxhawk, brows, cornrow, frizzing, pubes, whiskers, hair dye, quiff, mohawk, plaits, cuticles, goatee, eyeliner, pubic hair, relaxer, baldness, updo, bangs, hairpiece, cowlick, mascara, hairline, fingernails, salon, afro, falsies, topknot, bedhead, platinum blonde, freckles, ringlets, blond, titian, lippie, dandruff, hairstylist, straighteners, uncombed, scrunchie, stubble, tousle, underarms, hairspray, pompadour, nail polish, shaven, clippers, depilation, shampoo, cheekbones, earlobes, makeup, muttonchops, hairdresser, cheeks, curling tongs, auburn, tache, unshorn, ducktail, vandyke beard, hairband, chignons, pigtails, merkin, follicle, tufts, zits, mullet, nail varnish, rattail, complexions, teeth, scalp, toupee, manicure, alopecia, hair gel, forehead, pigmentation, fur, mop, locks, manes, pelt, forelock, beards, moustache, eyebrows, fuzz, bristle, blue, red, yellow, brownish, buffy, gaudy, hairlike, lilac, magenta, multicolored, brown, colored, dress, hempen, light, mauve, purple, scratchy, snowwhite

More specific:
beard, bristle, brow, bush, cilium, coat, coiffure, coma, cowlick, curl, eyebrow, eyelash, face fungus, forelock, foretop, guard hair, hairball, hairdo, hair ball, hair style, head of hair, lock, mane, moustache, mustache, pilus, pubic hair, ringlet, sensory hair, seta, stinging hair, supercilium, vibrissa, whisker, whiskers, whorl

Appears in the definition of:
., aba, aba cloth, acoustic nerve, affenpinscher, agal, aggravatingly, albinism, albino, alopecia, alopecic, angora, angora goat, angora rabbit, antimacassar, antineoplastic, antineoplastic drug, arctictis bintourong, ash-blonde, auburn, auditory nerve, aureate, awned, awny, backswept, bald, bald-headed, bald-pated, baldness, bang, barbate, barber, barbershop, barrette, bathing cap, bearcat, beard, bearded, beardless, bewhiskered, bikers, binturong, black-haired, blond, blonde, blow, blow-dry, blow drier, blow dryer, blue, blueing, bluing, bob, bobby pin, body hair, bonnet macaque, bonnet monkey, bootboys, bouffant, bouncy, braid, brilliantine, bristle, brow, brown-haired, brunet, brunette, brush, brushed, brushing, burr-headed, bush, bushy, camel's hair, camelhair, camlet, cancer drug, capillary, capped macaque, capuchin, carrottop, carroty, cebus capucinus, ceratin, cercopithecus aethiops, chestnut, chignon, chiller, chlamyphore, chlamyphorus truncatus, clipper, clippers, close, close-cropped, clumber, clumber spaniel, coat, cocker, cocker spaniel, coiffure, comal, comate, comb, comb-out, combed, combing, comose, condition, conditioner, construction, cosmetic surgery, costume, cowlick, crabs, crimp, crimper, crop, crotch hair, crown monkey, curl, curler, curliness, curling iron, curly, cut, damocles, dander, dark, dark-haired, delilah, depigmentation, depilate, depilation, depilator, depilatory, disarranged, dock, down, dreadlock, dress, dye, dyestuff, eighth cranial nerve, electrocute, electrologist, electrolysis, english cocker spaniel, epilate, epilating wax, epilation, epilator, erinaceus europaeus, erinaceus europeaeus, exotic, exuviate, eyebrow, facelift, face fungus, face lift, face lifting, fair, fairish, fairy armadillo, false hair, feminisation, feminization, fineness, flaxen, flow, flower people, floxuridine, fluff, flyaway, folliculitis, forelock, ginger, gingery, glabrescent, glabrous, glandulae sebaceae, glossy, gold, golden, gorgon, gray, gray-haired, gray-headed, grey, grey-haired, grey-headed, grip, grivet, grizzly, growth, guenon, guenon monkey, habit, hair's-breadth, hair-raiser, hair-trigger, hairball, hairbrush, haircare, haircut, hairdo, hairdresser, hairdressing, hairgrip, hairiness, hairless, hairlessness, hairline, hairnet, hairpiece, hairpin, hairstylist, hairweaving, hairy, hair ball, hair care, hair coloring, hair curler, hair drier, hair dryer, hair dye, hair follicle, hair gel, hair grease, hair mousse, hair oil, hair shirt, hair slide, hair spray, hair style, hair tonic, handle-bars, hand blower, hatpin, head of hair, hedgehog, henna, hijab, hippies, hipsters, hirsute, hoar, hoary, horripilate, horsehair, horsehair lichen, horsetail lichen, hypersensitivity reaction, ingrown hair, jauntily, kempt, keratin, keratinisation, keratinization, kerion, lanugo, leather, leontocebus rosalia, lift, light-haired, lock, locket, long-haired, ludicrous, lusterless, lustrous, lymantriid, macaca radiata, makeover, male-patterned baldness, mammal, mane, mange, marcel, minge, mods, mohair, mohican, mohican haircut, molt, molter, monkey dog, monkey pinscher, moult, moulter, mouse-colored, mousse, moustache, moustachio, muss, mustache, mustachio, nervus vestibulocochlearis, nip and tuck, nit, nonhairy, nude mouse, nutbrown, pageboy, papilla, paraphysis, part, pediculosis pubis, pelage, perm, permanent, permanent wave, permed, peroxide, peroxide blond, peroxide blonde, phalacrosis, pichiciago, pichiciego, pigtail, pilar, pile, pilosebaceous, pin curl, plain, plait, plaiter, plastered, platinum-blonde, poliosis, pomade, pomaded, pompadour, ponytail, postiche, progeria, psilosis, pubic hair, puffy, punks, queue, radiation, radiation sickness, radiation syndrome, rake, rastafari, rastas, rat, red-header, reddish-brown, redhead, redheaded, redheader, retouch, rhodesian ridgeback, rhytidectomy, rhytidoplasty, ringlet, ringtail, rinse, rockers, roll, roller, sable, sable's hair pencil, sable brush, saki, sandy, scalp lock, sebaceous follicle, sebaceous gland, secondary sex character, secondary sex characteristic, sensory hair, seta, shag, shagginess, shaggy, shampoo, shave, shaved, shaven, shaving, sheared, shed, shock, shock-headed, shorn, short-haired, shower cap, silky tamarin, silver, silvery, skinheads, skye terrier, slick, slicked, slim, slough, smooth, smooth-faced, smooth-haired fox terrier, snood, spirit gum, staff, stinging hair, straggly, straight, straightener, straightness, streaked, style, styler, stylist, supercilium, sweptback, swimming cap, switch, tactual, tangled, tease, teasing, tenuity, thatch, thick, thinning shears, thread, tidy, tinter, tinting, topknot, tousle, towel, towheaded, tress, trichobezoar, trichotillomania, trim, trimmed, tudung, tuft, tussock, tussock moth, tweeze, twined, twist, unbleached, unbraid, unbrushed, uncolored, uncombed, unconventional, uncropped, undercoat, underfur, unkempt, unpermed, uprise, velvet ant, venerable, vestibulocochlear nerve, vibrissa, wave, wear, whisker, whiskered, whiskers, whiskery, white, white-haired, whitened, whorl, wig, winnow, wire-haired, wire-haired fox terrier, wire-haired terrier, wirehair, wirehaired terrier, wisp, wizen, wizened, wool, woolen, woollen

Part of:

More general:
appendage, body covering, cloth, enation, fabric, material, outgrowth, plant process, process, small indefinite amount, small indefinite quantity, textile

fuzz, hair's-breadth, hairbreadth, haircloth, tomentum

Also try:
— Nouns for hair: brush, breadth, follicles, raising, cells, loss, dresser, cloth, pins, splitting, follicle, more...

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