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disaccord, disagree, discord

Often used in the same context:
recheck, verify, paystub, log, inspect, scan, reciept, register, cashbook, inquire, casher, printout, info, checkup, monitor, updates, checkbook, crosscheck, www, card, peruse, bankbook, cashing, account, creditcard, find, review, scrutinize, countersign, tests, logon, credit card, acct, verification, receipts, checklist, xray, cogo, poke, inspection, itemise, photocopy, tabs, countercheck, fill, sure, invoice, debits, ssn, passbook, payment, redeposit, logbook, dnr, giro, postdated, see, notify, calculator, refund, passkey, raincheck, dail, peek, screening, questionnaire, suss, watch, whack, gift certificate, carry, encash, cardiogram, checker, examination, correct, payslip, refill, oven thermometer, sign, keep, bogus, click, payee, bookmark, rsvp, examine, lookout, paypal, dfw, pronto, mislay, quadruplicate, your, assess, get, conks, mastercard, sniff, fake, hydrometer, jot, checks, corrective, entree, safeguard, preventive, checking, corroboration, cleansing, consignment, inducement, purification, recourse, weeding, clue, correction, deterrent, charge, con, required, specify, tabulated, obtainable, score, predetermined, stand, approximate, baseline, evaluate, give, indicated, inventory, occurrence, test, write, above, actual, adjust

More specific:
accede, accord, adhere, agree, align, answer, apgar score, bad check, bad cheque, bate, bear out, bed check, befit, beseem, bioassay, biopsy, blank check, blank cheque, bound, breathalyse, breathalyze, brush down, card, cashier's check, cashier's cheque, castigate, catch, certified check, certified cheque, chasten, chastise, chastize, cinch, coincide, comply, confine, conform to, conquer, consort, control, corelate, correct, correlate, corroborate, counteract, countercheck, crack, cross-check, crosscheck, curb, cut down, cut out, dampen, deadlock, delay, detain, discovered check, double-check, duplicate, fit, fit in, follow, giro, giro cheque, halt, harmonize, homologize, impasse, inhibit, keep an eye on, limit, logjam, look, medicare check, medicare payment, meet, objurgate, observe, odd-even check, overlap, papanicolaou test, pap test, parallel, parity check, pattern, paycheck, payroll check, personal check, personal cheque, poke check, receipt, redundant check, resemble, restrain, restrict, screen, skin test, snellen test, spot-check, square, stalemate, stamp down, stanch, standstill, staunch, stay, stem, stress test, subdue, suit, support, suppress, tell off, test, thermostat, throttle, train, trammel, treasurer's check, treasurer's cheque, twin, underpin, watch, watch over

Appears in the definition of:
., acceptor, arrest, astringency, bad check, bad cheque, baffle, bank, bearer, bed check, blank check, blank cheque, bounce, call, cash, cashable, cashed, cashier's check, cashier's cheque, catch, certified check, certified cheque, check-out procedure, checksum, check character, check mark, check off, check out, check stub, cheque, choke, clear, connected, contain, containment, counteract, countercheck, counterfoil, counter check, cover, cross-check, crosscheck, crossed, curb, curb bit, dampen, discovered check, dividend warrant, double-check, double check, drawee, drawer, dwarf, endorsement, endorser, examine, firebreak, fireguard, float, fore, forward, free ofp, giro, giro cheque, harness, hemostatic, holder, hold back, immediate payment, included, indorser, interlock, interlocking, invalidator, in check, keep, keep back, kite, mail, mark, mark off, medicare check, medicare payment, monitor, no-good, paycheck, payroll check, personal check, personal cheque, pilot engine, ping, presenter, proof, regulate, rein, rein in, restrain, rubber, rule, see, sieve, sift, smothered, spot check, stalemate, stifled, stop, stop payment, strangled, stub, stunt, stypsis, styptic, suppress, suppressed, syntax checker, test copy, tick, tick off, treasurer's check, treasurer's cheque, trial impression, turn back, uncrossed, unhampered, wage, write out

Part of:
hockey, hockey game, ice hockey

More general:
account, alter, analyse, analyze, appraisal, assessment, bill, bill of exchange, blemish, block, blockade, change, charge, chess move, cogent evidence, consign, criticise, criticize, cut, defect, defend, develop, draft, draw, embarrass, examination, examine, go, halt, hinder, hold back, inaction, inactiveness, inactivity, inspection, invoice, issue, keep, keep back, make grow, make out, mark, move, obstruct, obstruction, order of payment, pick apart, proof, restrain, restraint, scrutiny, stop, stoppage, study, stymie, stymy, verify, write out

agree, arrest, ascertain, assay, assure, bank check, bawl out, berate, break, bridle, check-out procedure, check into, check mark, check off, check out, check over, check up on, checker, checkout, cheque, chequer, chew out, chew up, chide, chink, chip, chit, condition, confirmation, contain, control, correspond, crack, curb, determine, discipline, dress down, ensure, find out, fit, gibe, go over, halt, have words, hitch, hold, hold back, hold in, insure, jaw, jibe, lambast, lambaste, learn, lecture, look into, mark, mark off, match, moderate, rag, rebuke, remonstrate, reprimand, reproof, retard, scold, see, see to it, stay, stop, stoppage, substantiation, suss out, tab, tally, test, tick off, train, turn back, verification, watch

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— Nouns for check: list, out, lists, valves, answers, ups, boxes, off, valve, act, box, more...

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