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Often used in the same context:
pinot noir, sparkling wine, chardonnay, pinot, winery, vino, sauvignon blanc, merlot, winemaker, winemaking, grape, cabernet, riesling, zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon, champagnes, vintners, grand cru, sauvignon, vintages, prosecco, shiraz, beaujolais, syrah, malbec, viognier, chianti, pinot blanc, wine tasting, moscato, beer, grappa, vineyards, tasting, barbera, brandies, chenin blanc, oenological, chablis, spumante, cava, viticulture, oenophile, winegrowing, yquem, bordeaux, cognac, armagnac, sherry, muscadet, whiskeys, liqueur, zin, viniculture, muscat, eau de vie, sommelier, winegrower, vigneron, rioja, sauternes, malt whiskey, soave, liebfraumilch, tripel, valpolicella, barolo, malvasia, pinotage, oenology, grenache, chenin, rye whiskey, tequila, sancerre, bourbon, microbrew, muscat grape, eiswein, grigio, absinthe, amontillado, eaux de vie, saint emilion, vinification, chalone, mezcal, malt, lambrusco, tokaj, tokay, ale, madeira, tipples, clarets, saintsbury, languedoc, liquor, carignan, verdicchio, montrachet, malolactic, cider, claret, wines, brandy, champagne, lemonade, tea, bread, burgundy, chocolate, honey, rum, soup, sausage, coffee, vinegar, ware, butter, cloth, coal, jelly, oyster, pint, sugar, cheese, currant, ink

More specific:
altar wine, blush wine, bordeaux, bordeaux wine, burgundy, burgundy wine, california wine, cotes de provence, dessert wine, fortified wine, jug wine, macon, maconnais, mulled wine, pink wine, plonk, red wine, retsina, rhone wine, rose, rose wine, sacramental wine, sake, saki, sparkling wine, table wine, tokay, vermouth, vintage, white wine

Appears in the definition of:
., abronia maritima, acetum, agree, amphora, arenga pinnata, aristotelia racemosa, aristotelia serrata, bacchus, beach pancake, bearnaise, beaujolais, beef bourguignonne, bercy, bercy butter, bishop, bistro, blush wine, boatload, bodega, boeuf bourguignonne, borassus flabellifer, bordeaux, bordelaise, bota, bourguignon, bourguignon sauce, boysenberry, boysenberry bush, brandy, brasserie, bring, brown onion sauce, bubbly, burgundy, burgundy sauce, burgundy wine, cabernet, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet sauvignon grape, canary wine, carafe, ceremony, chablis, champagne, champagne cup, chardonnay, chardonnay grape, cheese fondue, chianti, chicken marengo, choice, claret, cobbler, cold duck, common dandelion, common grape vine, complement, consubstantiation, cooler, coquilles saint-jacques, coq au vin, cork, corkage, corked, corky, cotes de provence, crewet, cruet, cupbearer, dandelion green, deaden, debauch, decanter, define, demi-glaze, demiglace, dessert wine, dionysus, domestic, doped, double-magnum, drink up, dubonnet, enologist, enology, estaminet, eucharist, eucharistic liturgy, expansive, fermentologist, fine, finer, finish, flagon, fortification, fortified, fortified wine, gauge, german pancake, glug, gomuti, gomuti palm, goodish, grapey, holy eucharist, holy sacrament, hunter's sauce, jeroboam, jug wine, libation, liebfraumilch, light-headed, liturgy, longar palm, lontar, lord's supper, lyonnaise sauce, macon, maconnais, madeira, madeira cake, madeira sponge, magnum, make, makomako, malmsey, malvasia, marchand de vin, marinade, marsala, matelote, mature, medoc, merlot, montrachet, moselle, mother, mulled wine, muller, muscadel, muscadelle, muscadet, muscat, muscatel, muscat grape, mushroom wine sauce, mussel, nebuchadnezzar, negus, neohygrophorus angelesianus, new zealand wine berry, normal, oblation, oenologist, oenology, offertory, oporto, osso buco, pall, palmyra, palmyra palm, penstemon whippleanus, periwinkle, pfannkuchen, pink wine, pinot, pinot blanc, pinot chardonnay, pinot grape, pinot noir, plonk, port, porto, port wine, potable, prizewinning, rack, ratafee, ratafia, red bordeaux, red wine, religious offering, resinated, retsina, riesling, rioja, rose, rose wine, run through, saccharomyces ellipsoides, sack, sacrament of the eucharist, saint emilion, sanctified, sangaree, sangria, sauce chausseur, sauterne, sauternes, sauvignon blanc, sensuously, shatter, sheer, sherry, sillabub, smitane, soave, sommelier, sparkling wine, spot, spritzer, stain, steak and kidney pie, stew, still, stopper, straw wine, sugar palm, sultana, sweet woodruff, syllabub, table wine, tap, taraxacum officinale, taraxacum ruderalia, tasting, thereby, thrace, tipsy cake, toddy palm, tokay, transubstantiate, transubstantiation, tread, treat, trifle, ullage, unclouded, uncork, verdicchio, vinaceous, vinegar, vinery, vineyard, viniculture, vinifera, vinifera grape, vinification, vinify, vinous, vintage, vintager, vintner, vin ordinaire, vitis vinifera, vouvray, waldmeister, wassail, whipple's penstemon, white burgundy, white wine, wine-colored, wine-maker's yeast, wineberry, wineglass, winemaker, winemaking, winery, wineskin, winey, wine bar, wine barrel, wine bottle, wine bucket, wine cask, wine cooler, wine maker, wine merchant, wine palm, wine sauce, wine steward, wine vinegar, wine waiter, winkle, winy, work, yquem, yugoslav, yugoslavian, zinfandel, zymurgy

More general:
alcohol, alcoholic beverage, booze, dark red, drink, fuddle, inebriant, intoxicant

vino, wine-colored

Also try:
— Adjectives for wine: red, white, good, new, more, port, little, old, sweet, much, dry, more...

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