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female parent, mother

Often used in the same context:
son, uncle, brother, dad, grandfather, nephew, mother, grandson, stepfather, husband, daughter, cousin, stepson, grandmother, aunt, eldest, wife, niece, stepmother, siblings, granddaughter, granddad, sister, daddy, grandpa, grandparents, godson, stepbrother, mom, fiance, grandchild, widow, fiancee, widower, grandad, boy, friend, family, parents, stepdaughter, elder, godfather, papa, boyfriend, granduncle, godchild, patriarch, inlaw, teenager, grandaunt, girlfriend, fianc, auntie, upbringing, mama, grandma, relatives, youngster, mum, stepsister, twins, hubby, goddaughter, schoolmate, grandkids, grandnephew, pal, godmother, poppa, buddy, housepainter, momma, grandniece, firstborn, aunty, children, kid, toddler, godparents, neighbor, paternal, bride, carpenter, girl, morsal, childhood, grandbaby, schoolteacher, schoolfriend, hometown, exwife, stonecutter, malachias, man, snr, pappa, classmate, laborer, him, manual laborer, paterfamilias, coalman, parent, master, lord, abbot, bridegroom, consort, adored, beloved, doting, god, honored, ailing, iny, omnipotent, outcast, reconciled, sainted, saintly, unloving, adorable, allpowerful, apostate, dear, deified

More specific:
cofounder, colonizer, dad, dada, daddy, father-in-law, foundress, old man, pa, papa, pappa, pater, patriarch, pop

Appears in the definition of:
., abducted, abraham, achiever, adjudicate, aeschylus, agnate, agnatic, alexander melville bell, alexander vi, ambrose, analysis, andreas vesalius, andres martinez, andre gide, andre paul guillaume gide, anshar, antigone, antoine laurent lavoisier, antoine lavoisier, apart, apsu, arianism, association, as a matter of fact, athanasianism, athanasius, athanasius the great, aunt, auntie, aunty, baron georges cuvier, barrymore, bastardy proceeding, befitting, begetter, bell, benefact, best, blessed trinity, borgia, bradley method, bradley method of childbirth, carlos, carlos the jackal, carlovingian dynasty, carolingian, carolingian dynasty, carve, change, charles digby harrod, chesterton, collectedly, commercialization, cuvier, dad, dada, daddy, dagda, deadbeat dad, delinquency, demetrius, demetrius i, demetrius poliorcetes, devoted, down, drawing, drew, e. h. weber, ea, edition, edward v, elder, electra complex, eliel saarinen, elizabeth, elizabeth ii, embarrassed, erebus, ernst heinrich weber, erythroblastosis fetalis, eurasian, evermore, every so often, father-figure, father-in-law, fatherhood, fatherless, fatherlike, fatherliness, fatherly, father figure, father surrogate, fear, g. k. chesterton, geb, genitor, georges cuvier, georges leopold chretien frederic dagobert cuvier, gide, gilbert keith chesterton, give away, glen gebhard, gramps, gran, grandad, grandaunt, granddad, granddaddy, grandfather, grandma, grandmother, grandpa, grandparent, granduncle, grannie, granny, great-aunt, great-uncle, great grandfather, gregory nazianzen, gregory of nazianzen, guglielmo marconi, guilt-ridden, hamlet, hang, harrod, hector hevodidbon, heedful, henry ii, henry vi, herbert blythe, herodotus, hippocrates, holy trinity, house, hyperion, iapetus, ibrahim, icarus, ilich ramirez sanchez, ilich sanchez, image, inequitably, insecurely, inspect, isaac, jacob, jaded, james mill, jnr, johann joachim winckelmann, johann winckelmann, john chrysostom, john drew, joseph, jr, judge, jules verne, junior, keb, kidnapped, king oedipus, labor coach, laertes, lavoisier, lecture, ler, lir, listen, llyr, make, male parent, marconi, mars, maurice barrymore, medea, melville bell, michael assat, mill, monitrice, more than, nativity, njord, njorth, noninterchangeable, nothing, oedipal complex, oedipus, oedipus complex, oedipus rex, older, old man, osiris, ouranos, pa, papa, pappa, parent, pater, paternal, paternal quality, paternity, paternity suit, paternity test, patricentric, patricide, patrikin, patrilineal kin, patrilineal sib, patrisib, patronymic, peleus, perturb, pestered, phaethon, philip ii, philip ii of macedon, piggy, pontos, pontus, pop, pope alexander vi, porcine, portray, posthumous birth, powhatan, priam, procession, produce, ptah, questionably, remembering, report, report card, respect, rich, rodrigo borgia, rudra, saarinen, sacred trinity, saint ambrose, saint athanasius, salim, sanchez, scolding, shadow, show, shut up, side, silenus, soft, spanker, sparing, st. ambrose, st. athanasius, st. gregory of nazianzen, st. john chrysostom, stepmother, sufficiency, surrogate, surrogate mother, taurus, tiresias, title, tom thumb, transgression, triangular, trinity, tritheism, tritheist, trust, trustingly, typhon, tyrant, unbefitting, uncle, uranus, verne, vesalius, virgin birth, volition, wahunsonacock, weber, winckelmann, withhold, younger, zeus

More general:
ancestor, antecedent, ascendant, ascendent, authority, conceiver, create, hypostasis, leader, make, mastermind, originator, parent, priest

beget, begetter, beginner, bring forth, church father, engender, father-god, forefather, founder, founding father, generate, get, male parent, mother, padre, sire

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— Adjectives for father: own, heavenly, dear, good, old, poor, real, dead, holy, foster, late, more...

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