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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to increase:   (546 results)

decrease, decrement, diminish, diminution, drop-off, fall, lessen, lessening, minify, reduction, step-down

Often used in the same context:
decrease, reduction, rise, decline, uptick, spike, upsurge, drop, doubling, improvement, boost, escalation, surge, growth, skyrocket, quadrupling, hike, upswing, deline, upturn, percent, diminution, gain, falloff, lessening, increment, expansion, rate, trebling, average, rollback, dip, overestimation, per cent, influx, shortfall, dropoff, deterioration, shrinkage, shrinking, cutback, cut, slowdown, revenues, change, decine, quintupling, undercount, slash, diminishment, percentage, curtailment, eightfold, downtick, fluctuations, slackening, deferral, degression, halving, shift, softening, intensification, inflow, plateauing, enhancement, precent, meur, excess, reimposition, bump, approximate, proportion, reallocation, outflow, deceleration, double digit, arrs, underestimation, strengthening, adjustment, erosion, uptake, limit, total, fall, cire, swell, gallonage, amount, revision, discrepancy, infusion, utilization, undersupply, underspend, hectoliter, curb, levels, ratchet, surcharge, weakening, jump, increases, decreases, decrement, declines, reductions, acceleration, widening, augmentation, reduced, greater, diminished, maximal, maximum, lessened, increasing, decreased, low, insufficient, lncrease, sufficient, grearer, lowered, capita, disproportionate, enhanced

More specific:
accretion, accrual, accrue, accruement, accumulate, accumulation, addition, add to, advance, aggrandisement, aggrandizement, amass, amplification, amplify, appreciate, appreciation, augment, augmentation, blow up, boost, broaden, broadening, build, build up, climb, complement, concentration, conglomerate, crescendo, cumulate, deepen, elevation, enlarge, enlargement, escalate, escalation, exaggeration, expand, expanding upon, expansion, explode, extend, full, gain, gather, grow, heighten, hike, inclusion, inflate, intensification, intensify, jump, leap, magnify, manifold, maximisation, maximization, maximize, mount, multiplication, multiply, pile up, pullulate, pullulation, pyramid, raise, regenerate, rev, revalue, rev up, rise, scale up, shoot up, snowball, split, split up, step up, stock split, strengthening, supplement, surge, swell, tax-increase, tax boost, tax hike, teemingness, up, upsurge, wax, waxing, widen, widening, work up

Appears in the definition of:
., acceleration, accelerative, acceleratory, accretion, accumulation, acetonemia, activating agent, add, added, adorned, adrenarche, advance, agrobiology, albers-schonberg disease, alloy cast iron, alloy iron, altruist, amplification, amplify, anabolic, anabolic steroid, appreciate, appreciation, apprise, apprize, ask for, assumed, augment, augmentative, auxesis, avulsion, backdate, board, boost, broadening, builder, build up, built, bump up, card, change, change intensity, chimneypot, circuit board, circuit card, circulation, climb, common market, compaction, compression, concentration, concretion, contemporaneous, core, correction, cost-of-living benefit, cost-pull inflation, cost increase, crescendo, decalescence, decorated, demand-pull inflation, densification, deoxidise, deoxidize, detergent builder, differential cost, distill, diuretic, diuretic drug, double, double-geared, doubling, duplicate, ec, eec, ego trip, engagement, enhance, enlightening, escalate, escalation, escalator, escalator clause, eu, europe, european community, european economic community, european union, explode, explosion, extend, facilitate, fare increase, fertility drug, fisa, flap, flaps, flared, flaring, flashboard, flashboarding, follow up, foreign intelligence surveillance act, forge, fortified, fourfold, fudge factor, full, gain, gammopathy, ghrelin, glandular fever, global warming, go up, gradual, ground effect, grow, growth rate, hayrack, hayrig, heighten, heuristic, heuristic program, heuristic rule, high-protein diet, hike, hike up, hot-rod, hot rod, hyperchromic anaemia, hyperchromic anemia, hyperplasia, hypervolaemia, hypervolemia, incremental cost, indiscernible, infectious mononucleosis, inflate, inflation, inflationary spiral, informative, infrared therapy, inoculant, inoculum, instructive, intensify, intensive, invite, irrupt, irruption, jump, ketonemia, ketosis, keynesianism, kissing disease, kite, laffer curve, leap, leucocytosis, leukocytosis, lower carboniferous, lower carboniferous period, lymphocytosis, magnify, make, make pure, malthusianism, malthusian theory, manifold, marble bones disease, marginal cost, marginal utility, mark up, massage, mercantile system, mercantilism, mercerised, mercerized, missippian period, mississippian, mono, monocytosis, mononucleosis, morale booster, morale building, multiplication, multiplicative, multiply, mutagen, nifedipine, non-proliferation, nonproliferation, noted, osteopetrosis, outpace, ovulation method, ovulation method of family planning, papilledema, parkinson's law, pentoxifylline, perestroika, philanthropist, pick up, polycythemia, population growth, portal hypertension, positive reinforcer, positive reinforcing stimulus, postindustrial, potentiate, poverty trap, praiseworthy, precipitously, pressor, pressurise, pressurize, price increase, procardia, proliferate, proliferation, prove, pullulate, pullulation, purify, put on, pyramid, quadruple, quadrupling, quantum jump, quantum leap, quintuple, raise, raising, rate of growth, rationalisation, rationalization, reduce, refine, reinforced, retro, retroactive, rev, rev up, rise, rising prices, run-up, runup, scale up, second law of thermodynamics, self-aggrandisement, self-aggrandizement, serve, sideboard, slip-joint pliers, snowball, snow chains, social work, sonic barrier, sound barrier, soviets, spike, spirt, split, split up, spoiler, spurt, stack, stem, step up, stock split, stretch, sublimate, supercharge, surge, swell, tense, thoriate, threefold, thrombocytosis, tide, tire chains, torpedo, transform, treble, trental, triple, tripling, twofold, unadorned, undecorated, undulate, up-tick, upsurge, value-added, water pill, wax, waxing, widening

More general:
alter, alteration, amount, change, change magnitude, change of magnitude, indefinite quantity, modification, process

addition, gain, growth, increment, step-up

Also try:
— Nouns for increase: intake, speed, awareness, heat, rate, dose, sales, production, pressure, size, number, more...

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