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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to artificial:   (323 results)


Often used in the same context:
artifical, synthetic, unnatural, optical illusion, manmade, bioelectric, ersatz, grasslike, embryonic tissue, hevea brasiliensis, nonabsorbent, sterile, illusory, plastic, intraocular lens, transplantable, crystalline lens, sphagnum, proteinaceous, masseter, impermeable, quadrupedal, pelvic girdle, bladder sphincter, imaginary, iridescent, morphogenetic, unfertilised, diffraction grating, prosthetic, unspecialised, occlusive, ornamental, moveable, illusionary, bionic, colloidal suspension, glasslike, exclosure, prolate, desiccating, edenic, erectile tissue, zygomatic, scleral, biosynthetic, synovial joint, hypoglossal nerve, vascularized, devitalized, inflatable, natural, permeable, suprarenal, oxygenating, prestressed concrete, mucilaginous, functionless, stapes, avascular, omental, quack grass, cadaveric, intervertebral disc, ciliary body, claylike, dural, coconut matting, arboreal, luigi galvani, intrinsic, syrinx, hyperbolic geometry, proprioceptive, saline, photochemical reaction, tranquillising, common bile duct, bilaterally symmetrical, photochromatic, absorptive, humeral, antennal, tridimensional, ice rink, spongy, topiary, undulant, occluding, lifelike, robotic, photoconductive, mouldable, interspinous, amoeboid, sensate, frozen, kirlian photography, fungus gnat, medicinal leech, unapproved, acoustic impedance, literary, picturesque, colonial, lures, plantations, ranches, sur, accessories, ancient, anglo, antique, bibles, books, breed, clocks, coins, condoms, confectionery, dolls, modern, artif1cial, rudimentary, diffused, nonstandardized, nonvisual, new, simpler, unstructured, audiovisual, cleaner, electronic, hierarchic, hybrid, impersonal, adaptable, adventitious, asexual, complicated

Appears in the definition of:
., affected, affectedness, algorithmic language, antido, artificial horizon, arulo, aspartame, astrodynamics, bait casting, blaia zimondal, bright, cap, capped, cardiac resuscitation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, celluloid, chamber, cheoplastic metal, cheoplasty, cistern, communications satellite, condensation trail, contrail, contrivance, cook up, cpr, crowned, crownwork, cybernetics, de bakey, effect, embankment, enrico fermi, erie canal, ersatz, escarp, escarpment, esperantido, esperanto, europan, exacting, ex vivo, fabricate, false hair, fastidious, fermi, fisherman's lure, fish lure, flight indicator, flood, floodlight, flood lamp, flume, fly-fishing, fly casting, form division, form family, form genus, fresha, frighteningly, glass eye, gyro horizon, hairpiece, hatchery, hill, homely, ice cube, idiom neutral, ido, illuminated, inhalator, interlingua, intraocular lens, invent, in vitro, iron lung, jacket, jacket crown, jarvik artificial heart, jarvik heart, jejunostomy, kiss of life, lamp, latinesce, latino, lighted, lighting, lighting fixture, lingualumina, lingvo kosmopolita, lit, luxate, make up, manufacture, michael ellis de bakey, ming tree, monario, mound, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, natural, naturally, naturally occurring, natural phenomenon, nest egg, night game, nov-esperanto, nov-latin, novial, nuclear reactor, occidental, optez, ostomy, pasigraphy, penile implant, photoflood, pidgin, postiche, prefaded, prosthetics, prosthodontia, prosthodontics, protective embankment, reactor, respirator, resuscitation, ro, romanal, scarp, solresol, space laboratory, space platform, space station, sputnik, stagey, staginess, stagy, stemmer, streamer fly, subsidy, substitute, surf casting, surf fishing, synthetic, theatricality, uncrowned, unnatural, volapuk, watercourse, well-lighted, woolly adelgid

affected, arranged, bleached, cardboard, celluloid, colored, contrived, conventionalized, dummy, dyed, ersatz, factitious, fake, false, faux, imitation, inorganic, man-made, near, painted, semisynthetic, simulated, staged, stilted, stylised, stylized, substitute, synthetic, unlifelike, unnatural, unreal

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