Words and phrases that rhyme with space:   (646 results)

1 syllable:
-clase, ace, aisse, baisse, base, bass, brace, caisse, case, cayce, chace, chase, crace, dace, drace, dspace, dtrace, face, frace, glace, grace, graisse, heyse, lace, mace, mais, nace, nspace, pace, phace, place, pspace, ptrace, race, rais, stace, stase, strace, tayce, trace, vase, wace, xbase, {brace

2 syllables:
abase, airbase, airspace, air base, altace, ambase, amesace, anelace, apace, arms race, arspace, backspace, backtrace, back brace, belace, best-case, biface, big-face, birthplace, bitbrace, blackface, black race, blueface, boat-race, boat race, boldface, bongrace, bookcase, bowgrace, braceface, braincase, briefcase, broad-base, broadbase, bucase, by-place, c-base, capcase, carcase, cardcase, car race, catface, chaincase, chalkface, cheeseface, chessbase, clayface, clearcase, clock face, clubface, coalface, codebase, coface, coinbase, couchbase, crankcase, crawlspace, crunchbase, cubase, cytase, czarface, darktrace, dbase, debase, deepface, deface, degrace, deltase, disbase, discase, disgrace, dispace, displace, display ps, dogface, dollface, doorcase, doughface, dreamspace, drivespace, e-base, efface, ekstase, embase, embrace, emplace, encase, enchase, enface, enrace, erase, espace, essbase, estrace, euclase, extase, false face, fanbase, fangface, farm-place, farmplace, findface, first base, fishbase, fly-case, footrace, foot race, forebrace, foreface, foxbase, frank-chase, free-base, freebase, fuckface, full-face, gameface, gearspace, gear case, greyface, gun case, half-space, hardcase, headcase, headspace, homebase, homeplace, horse-race, horse race, i-case, imbase, incase, inchase, ingrace, inlace, in case, in place, itase, keybase, knee brace, koobface, laccase, lactase, laface, lambastes, landrace, landspace, laplace, last-place, lee pace, left-brace, lightface, livspace, lootcase, lovelace, mainbrace, maltase, meatspace, misplace, mixed-race, moonbase, moonface, myspace, n-space, namespace, neck brace, newspace, nodejs, non-place, noplace, null-space, nullspace, nutcase, off-base, onespace, on base, outface, outpace, outplace, outrace, parcase, parcplace, pecase, pectase, percase, petase, phytase, pigface, point lace, postface, pramface, proface, rackspace, rapace, rat race, re-trace, rebase, rebrace, rechase, reed mace, relace, replace, rerebrace, retrace, right-brace, rimbase, rockface, sack race, saygrace, scapegrace, scarface, scratch race, seedcase, shoelace, shoe lace, showcase, showplace, skiptrace, ski race, skull-face, slapeface, slipcase, smallcase, smearcase, snake case, snapcase, snot-face, someplace, spore case, squarespace, staircase, stake race, starbase, steelcase, stone-face, straight face, streptase, sub-base, subbase, subspace, suitcase, sunspace, supplace, surbase, sybase, take place, talkspace, tax base, test case, third base, thrombase, toolcase, tool case, torch race, touch base, transplace, trollface, tryptase, two-face, typecase, typeface, unbrace, uncase, unface, unlace, uptrace, vambrace, vantbrace, volte-face, warface, watchcase, watch case, webspace, wheelbase, whey-face, wheyface, white-face, whiteface, whitespace, white race, will & grace, wing case, woodface, workplace, workspace, worst-case, wry face, yacht race, {left-brace, }close-brace, }right-brace

3 syllables:
about-face, aboutface, acid-base, aerospace, aftertastes, anatase, ankle brace, annagrace, anyplace, arcaspace, army base, arobase, arrobase, aspartase, at that place, baby-face, babyface, basketcase, battlespace, blurryface, bobbin lace, boniface, bouillabaise, bouillabaisse, brazenface, breathing place, brussels lace, camelcase, case-by-case, cityplace, claiming race, clean-in-place, clinoclase, commonplace, convertase, counterbrace, country-base, coup de grace, createspace, cyberchase, cyberspace, database, david chase, demi-glace, demiglace, diabase, diastase, dioptase, dispatch case, display case, dnase, double-face, double-space, dressing case, dwelling-place, dynatrace, eating place, ecospace, eigenface, eigenspace, elastase, enterlace, evergrace, everspace, everyplace, face-to-face, firebase, fireplace, foam-in-place, fritzl case, glasses case, gopherspace, gynobase, hackerspace, hammerspace, harness race, hatchet-face, herb-of-grace, herb of grace, hiding place, holy place, human face, human race, hurdle race, hydratase, hydro-base, hydrospace, hyperbase, hyperspace, in-your-face, index case, innerspace, instabase, interbase, interface, interlace, interplace, interspace, invertase, in one case, isobase, jadagrace, jonbenet's, just in case, kilobase, kissy-face, knowledgebase, knowledge base, landing place, leatherface, leslie grace, letterspace, letter case, liquibase, lithoclase, lower-case, lowercase, lower case, lurking place, maggie grace, market-place, marketplace, meeting place, megabase, mental case, monospace, nancy mace, navy base, needlecase, negroid race, negro race, nesting place, notecase, oblique case, open-face, orthoclase, out of place, overgrace, packing case, paleface, panabase, paperchase, paper chase, pencil case, periclase, phosphatase, pillow-case, pillowcase, pillow lace, planetbase, poker face, polling place, polyspace, pudding-face, puddingface, quarterpace, queen anne's lace, rain-in-the-face, reductase, reed-mace, reembrace, relay race, rheobase, rocket base, roman pace, royal brace, sailing-race, sclerobase, second base, secretase, selling race, senate race, single-space, skiing race, slavic race, solvespace, state of grace, stay in place, steeplechase, stoneface, stone life face, subject case, sulfatase, sulphatase, superbase, superspace, swinecase, synaptase, syntax-case, synthetase, tablespace, tallow-face, taserface, the good place, the staircase, thorough-brace, three days grace, transcriptase, translocase, triple-space, trophy case, underbrace, uniface, upper-case, uppercase, upper case, uricase, usace, welfare case, whatshisface, xpercase, year of grace, yellowface, yellow race, zero-base, {open-brace

4 syllables:
aconitase, agent-in-place, anorthoclase, antitrust case, arianespace, aromatase, as-interface, attache case, a quiet place, bicycle race, caucasian race, chariot race, charity case, cigarette case, custody case, cyberespace, dehydratase, duke lacrosse case, electrospace, fall into place, gathering place, google workspace, governor's race, graph database, indian race, in any case, in the first place, isomaltase, mckenna grace, memory trace, mongoloid race, moving staircase, noomi rapace, nucleobase, objective case, obstacle race, oligoclase, operabase, overnight case, pegloticase, plagioclase, polymerase, possessive case, potato race, prisoner's base, rasburicase, reiterates, rupaul's drag race, streptokinase, tamam shud case, triphosphatase, watering place

5 syllables:
accusative case, at a lower place, automobile race, c3-convertase, dihydroorotase, ferrochelatase, freelance marketplace, geometric pace, grammatical case, instrumental case, in a higher place, military pace, mongolian race, open fireplace, pyrophosphatase, to a higher place, to a lower place, trespass on the case, user interface

6 syllables:
amerindian race, central park jogger case, command-line interface, command line interface, computer database, enumclaw horse sex case, fructose-bisphosphatase, garth marenghi's darkplace, imaginary place, lexical database, oxidoreductase, parallel interface, terri schiavo case, thefutureembrace

7 syllables:
3000 metres steeplechase, electronic database, histidinol-phosphatase, o. j. simpson murder case, relational database, wizards of waverly place

8 syllables:
graphical user interface, guantanamo bay naval base, unified payments interface

9 syllables:
small computer system interface

12 syllables:
musical instrument digital interface

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (20 results)

1 syllable:
bates, cates, dates, fates, gates, mates, nates, plates, rates, skates, states, straits, waits, weights

2 syllables:

4 syllables:
united states

5 syllables:
war between the states, william butler yeats

9 syllables:
commonwealth of independent states

11 syllables:
organization of american states

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