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Common multi-word phrases that nearly rhyme with mater:

2 syllables:
arched her,
are her,
arms were,
arts were,
art were,
baht per,
barns were,
bars were,
blocks were,
bombs were,
bonds were,
bought her,
bs mtar,
calmed her,
calm her,
cards per,
cards were,
cars per,
cars were,
carts were,
caught her,
caused her,
cause clbre,
cause her,
charge per,
charles kerr,
clark kerr,
clocks were,
clot bur,
cocked her,
com ver,
cops were,
costs per,
costs were,
cost her,
cost per,
crops per,
crops were,
dar fur,
docks were,
dogs were,
dolls were,
donned her,
dots per,
dropped her,
drops per,
drop her,
farms were,
fox fur,
frogs were,
gods were,
god were,
got her,
guards were,
harm her,
har wer,
hearts were,
heart were,
hogs were,
jars were,
jobs were,
john burr,
john crerar,
john ker,
john kerr,
john were,
karl maeser,
knocked her,
la fleur,
loch morar,
locked her,
locks were,
lots were,
marks per,
marks were,
mocked her,
mosques were,
nach der,
not her,
not per,
not stir,
odds were,
on her,
on sir,
on were,
palms were,
parts per,
parts were,
part were,
par leur,
plots were,
popped her,
pots were,
pot scourer,
propped her,
psalms were,
robbed her,
rocked her,
rocks were,
rods were,
scots were,
sharks were,
shocked her,
shops were,
shots were,
shot her,
slavs were,
soft fur,
sox were,
spots were,
squads were,
stars were,
start her,
star bur,
stocks were,
stock were,
stopped her,
stop her,
targ yer,
trotz der,
wants her,
want her,
washed her,
wash her,
was her,
was sir,
watched her,
watch her,
watts per,
yards per,
zahl der,
acts were,
act were,
ads were,
als der,
am chur,
am jur,
anche per,
ants were,
asked her,
asked sir,
asks her,
ask her,
as per,
at her,
at sir,
at tur,
aunts were,
back her,
back were,
bags were,
bands were,
band were,
banged her,
banks were,
bank were,
baths were,
blacks were,
black fur,
blanks were,
calves were,
camps were,
camp were,
caps were,
cap chur,
cast her,
catch her,
catch per,
cats were,
clamped her,
clans were,
clapped her,
clasped her,
clasp her,
class were,
craft were,
dabbed her,
dab der,
dams were,
dans leur,
dass der,
das der,
drafts were,
dragged her,
drag her,
facts were,
fact were,
fans were,
fat per,
flags were,
flaps were,
flashed her,
flasks were,
flats were,
france were,
francs per,
franks were,
gangs were,
grabbed her,
grabs her,
grab her,
grafts were,
grams per,
gram per,
grants were,
grant her,
grasped her,
had her,
had were,
half her,
half per,
half were,
hands were,
hand her,
hand were,
hapff eur,
has her,
hats were,
hat der,
have her,
kann der,
lads were,
lambs were,
lamps were,
lands were,
land per,
land were,
man were,
maps were,
masks were,
mass per,
masts were,
matched her,
match her,
mats were,
pants were,
pan scourer,
passed her,
pass her,
past her,
past were,
planks were,
plans were,
plants per,
plants were,
plant were,
plan were,
plaques were,
racked her,
ranks were,
ran her,
rats were,
sand bur,
scans were,
scratched her,
shafts were,
slabs were,
slammed her,
slam er,
slapped her,
slap her,
smacked her,
snapped her,
snatched her,
snatch her,
sprache der,
stabbed her,
staffs were,
staff were,
stamped her,
stamps were,
stand der,
tanks were,
tapped her,
tasks were,
thanked her,
thank her,
than her,
than were,
that her,
that per,
that sir,
that were,
tracked her,
tracks were,
traps were,
van der,
wagged her,
wrapped her,
wrap her,
yanked her,
age were,
aides were,
aims were,
bade her,
bathed her,
bathe her,
bei der,
blades were,
blamed her,
blame her,
braced her,
brains were,
brakes were,
break her,
case were,
caves were,
chains were,
changed her,
change her,
change were,
chased her,
che per,
claimed her,
claims were,
claim her,
craned her,
danes were,
dates were,
days per,
days were,
day her,
day per,
day were,
draped her,
eight per,
eight were,
faced her,
face her,
face were,
failed her,
faith were,
fake fur,
fates were,
flakes were,
flames were,
frage der,
frames per,
frames were,
gains were,
games were,
gates were,
gave her,
grades were,
grains per,
grains were,
grain per,
grapes were,
graves were,
grazed her,
great stir,
hates her,
hate her,
jails were,
james kerr,
james schouler,
kay sir,
k dur,
lage der,
laid her,
lake er,
late sir,
lays her,
lay her,
made her,
made were,
maids were,
mails were,
makes her,
make her,
males per,
males were,
mates were,
nails were,
named her,
names were,
name her,
name were,
paid her,
pained her,
paise per,
pay her,
placed her,
place her,
place were,
plagued her,
planes were,
plates were,
played her,
plays were,
play her,
praised her,
race were,
raids were,
rails were,
raised her,
raise her,
raked her,
raped her,
rates per,
rates were,
rate per,
rate were,
rays were,
sails were,
saints were,
sales per,
sales were,
saved her,
saves her,
save her,
say her,
scales were,
scale were,
shakes her,
shake her,
slaves were,
space were,
spain were,
stage were,
stakes were,
states were,
state were,
strains were,
takes her,
take her,
tales were,
tapes were,
they were,
trade were,
trailed her,
trains were,
traits were,
trays were,
wage per,
wake her,
waved her,
waves were,
ways were,
way her,
way were,
weights were,
weight per,
whales were

3 syllables:
atop her,
beyond her,
forgot her,
involved were,
massaged her,
regard her,
remarks were,
upon her,
yuan per,
attacked her,
attacks were,
began her,
canals were,
command were,
demands were,
distract her,
exams were,
implants were,
japan were,
perhaps her,
assailed her,
assays were,
awaits her,
await her,
away her,
became her,
betrayed her,
betrays her,
betray her,
brigades were,
campaigns were,
campaign were,
complaints were,
crusades were,
debates were,
details were,
detain her,
dissuade her,
embraced her,
embrace her,
escaped her,
escape her,
essai sur,
essays were,
estates were,
est per,
explained her,
explain her,
forbade her,
forgave her,
forsake her,
grenades were,
maintained her,
maintain her,
malays were,
mistakes were,
obeyed her,
obey her,
obtained were,
persuades her,
persuade her,
reclaim her,
regained her,
regain her,
remains were,
repay her,
restrain her,
retain her,
retraced her,
surveys were,
survey were,
today were

4 syllables:
charles aznavour,
entourage were,
anupam kher,
christian laettner,
kendrick lamar,
neha kakkar,
niamh algar,
understand her,
agm-183 arrw,
entertain her,
eva gabor,
metadate er

5 syllables:
ludivine sagnier,
alyssa naeher

6 syllables:
thomas brodie-sangster

7 syllables:
anirudh ravichander

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