Words and phrases that have a meaning related to tendency:   (275 results)

Often used in the same context:
propensity, proclivity, inclination, disinclination, reluctance, predilection, predisposition, temptation, unwillingness, inability, hesitance, instinct, eagerness, reticence, preoccupation, willingness, aversion, oftentimes, ability, immaturity, herd instinct, trait, unhealthiness, mentality, egocentrism, timidity, desire, hesitancy, characteristic, overeagerness, contrariness, laziness, compulsion, proneness, inconsistency, complacence, egotism, irrationality, cautiousness, aggressiveness, diffidence, generalization, ineffectuality, passiveness, unreadiness, resentfulness, impatience, negativism, reluctancy, dilettantism, infantilism, fidgetiness, biases, impulse, attitude, pluralization, looseness, sentimentalism, selfishness, immoderation, bipolarity, moodiness, priggishness, fearfulness, ponderousness, fastidiousness, inertia, taciturnity, dogmatism, gendering, superficiality, defensiveness, uptightness, fickleness, elusion, disinterest, pusillanimity, idiosyncrasy, obsessions, overindulgence, shyness, penchant, fallacy, distractedness, inconsistence, unfriendliness, obtuseness, insularity, lassitude, arrogance, overabundance, touchiness, narcissism, rabidity, antipathies, clannishness, sloppiness, can, idolization, philistinism, chubbiness, liberalness, trend, emphasis, antipathy, ambivalence, preference, tendencies, viz, concern, meaning, repugnance

More specific:
bent, call, desire, devices, direction, disapproval, disfavor, disfavour, dislike, drift, favor, favoritism, favour, favouritism, impartiality, leaning, literalism, nonpartisanship, partiality, partisanship, predisposition, proclivity, propensity, set, stainability, sympathy, trend, understanding

Appears in the definition of:
., absorbent, absorbent material, absorptive, adsorbent, adsorbent material, adsorptive, alkalotic, basophilia, bead fern, be given, bleeder's disease, borderline schizophrenia, brightness constancy, catatonia, catatonic schizophrenia, catatonic type schizophrenia, changeability, changeable, changeableness, changeful, changelessness, clannishness, cliquishness, closure, collocate, color constancy, colour constancy, complaisance, compliance, compliancy, constancy, corrosive, credulity, credulousness, critical, curliness, deference, delinquency, denominationalism, dereliction, direction, disposition, drift, elasticity, electrochemical series, electromotive force series, electromotive series, electronegativity, errancy, exclusiveness, factor xi, fatigability, forgetfulness, forgivingness, fugacity, gas, gullibility, haemophilia, heart, hemophilia, incline, inclinedp, inertia, intuitive, invasive, kindness, latent schizophrenia, law of closure, lean, liquid, liquidity, liquidness, melancholy, mendacity, moment of inertia, movement, multiplicative, negativism, negativity, nocent, nonresonant, obligingness, onoclea sensibilis, perseveration, plasma thromboplastin antecedent, prone, reverberant, ringing, run, scandent, self-preservation, sensitive fern, shape constancy, size constancy, skin effect, snap, sociability, sociableness, sociality, solid, solidness, sorbent, sorbent material, spirit, straightness, suffer, surface-assimilative, syncretic, syncretical, syncretistic, syncretistical, tend, tendencious, tendentious, tenderness, trend, unchangeability, unchangeableness, unchangingness, unexpansive, unreverberant, willful neglect, wind, wrestle

More general:
attitude, direction, inclination, mental attitude, way

disposition, inclination, leaning, propensity, trend

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— Adjectives for tendency: general, natural, strong, same, central, greater, marked, slight, similar, constant, present, more...

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