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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to private:   (317 results)


Often used in the same context:
public, semipublic, pubic, semiprivate, privatized, wealthy, nongovernmental, commercial, voluntary, nonprofit, corporate, governmental, lavish, confidential, chartered, unregulated, discreet, owned, nonbusiness, nationalized, funded, unaccountable, local, subchapter s corporation, small, subsidized, quasi, individual, personal, residential, palatial, monied, informal, pro bono publico, unbeholden, posh, separate, privileged, real estate, parochial, exempt, institutional, venture capital, usufructuary, nonpublic, civic, large, declarable, trusteed, pooled, viatical settlement, secretive, nonresidential, ritzy, municipally, reputable, municipal, swanky, secluded, privat, philanthropic, nonreligious, foreign, independent, payer, aliquant, regulated, nonfinancial, disserving, unethical, intimate, noncommercial, moneyed, exclusive, lucrative, corporative, religious, discretional, heeled, shady, pursuable, federal, swank, stakeholder, undertaxed, noninstitutional, hoi polloi, accredited, nonpaying, biomedical, irrevocable trust, health care, clandestine, nonindustrial, specialized, charitable, consenting adult, entrepreneurial, adjoining, collectivised, eminent domain, rarified, privates, corporal, super, carpenter, civilian, commoner, trooper, volunteer, cadet, cadets, com, serving, sub, captain, j, lieutenant, mp, pound, prisoner, servants, vate, ptivate, pnvate, nonstate, nationalised, transnational, affiliated, diversified, profit, stateowned, footloose

Appears in the definition of:
., academy, adam smith, backroom, bahaism, balmoral castle, billet, black economy, boardinghouse, boarding house, boarding school, boudoir, bounce, box, buck, capitalism, capitalist economy, cashier's check, cashier's cheque, church school, civil action, cloakroom, closet, coach, communisation, communism, community, communization, confidant, confide, confidential, connecting room, credit bureau, curtain lecture, day school, denationalisation, denationalise, denationalization, denationalize, dirt, divulgement, divulgence, drawing room, drive, driveway, eavesdropper, eminent domain, establishment, family room, fifth amendment, financial institution, financial organisation, financial organization, finishing school, fire brigade, fire company, fisc, front room, giveaway, governess, gutter press, hack, head-to-head, heart-to-heart, hotel detective, house detective, house dick, huddle, ifc, impounding, impoundment, inquiry agent, inside, insider, international finance corporation, internment, intimate, intranet, invasion of privacy, inwardly, in camera, in private, irregular, jawan, lance corporal, laney, letters of marque, letter box, letter of mark and reprisal, letter of marque, living-room, living room, loge, lucy craft laney, machine politician, mailbox, malicious gossip, mews, mixed economy, mixed nuisance, nationalisation, nationalization, national trust, nt, officiate, ombudsman, pall mall, parlor, parlormaid, parlour, parlourmaid, parochial school, personal, political hack, poundage, powwow, preparatory school, prep school, preserve, privately, private instructor, private nuisance, private road, privatise, privatize, proposition, public, public school, reception room, residential area, residential district, roomette, scandal, school, secret, security director, seminary, sitting room, smith, snoop, snooper, soiree, special assessment, state socialism, store detective, teapot dome, teapot dome scandal, tete-a-tete, treasurer's check, treasurer's cheque, tutor, undesirous, undue, vested interest, voting booth, ward-heeler

More general:
enlisted man

backstage, buck private, clannish, cliquish, cloistered, close, closed-door, closet, clubby, common soldier, confidential, individual, insular, inward, nonpublic, offstage, one-on-one, personal, privy, reclusive, secluded, secret, sequestered, snobbish, snobby, tete-a-tete

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— Nouns for private: sector, property, life, schools, enterprise, practice, companies, ownership, individuals, investment, school, more...

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