Words and phrases that have a meaning related to failure:   (430 results)

achiever, success, winner

Often used in the same context:
inability, unwillingness, refusal, failings, incompetence, malfunctioning, inadequacy, reluctance, lack, unreadiness, deficiencies, incapability, insufficiency, inaction, ineffectiveness, shortcomings, rejection, miscalculation, mismanagement, inattention, neglect, abandonment, negligence, bungling, incapacity, ineptness, disinclination, fiascos, recalcitrance, ineptitude, lapses, defect, intransigency, underestimation, inefficiency, undercapitalization, misjudgment, mishandling, shortsightedness, noncompliance, inefficacy, debacle, downfall, omission, unresponsiveness, oversights, demise, enfeeblement, eagerness, underachievement, abdication, disconnect, inflexibility, fecklessness, malfeasance, collapse, flameout, setback, slowness, loss, dysfunction, stupidity, unfeasibility, tardiness, willingness, disintegration, faults, problems, untimeliness, ability, misreading, unreliability, flaws, incoherence, inconsistency, recklessness, maladministration, intransigence, ineffectuality, disorganization, carelessness, tone deafness, breaches, inattentiveness, vacillation, impatience, misallocation, breakdown, incompetency, attempt, derelictions, determination, indifference, inaptitude, disappointment, inconsistence, must, fruitlessness, spinelessness, apathy, shortfalls, unpunctuality, failures, stagnation, discomfiture, disorganisation, exhaustion, defeat, demoralization, frustration, malfunction, shipwreck, destitution, disaster, disillusionment, retrieval, error, counting, locomotory, noncontact, return, adaptational, autotrophic, bacteriologic, complaint, compute, deformation, diffusive, dispersal, ductile, event, incentive, lax, lognormal

More specific:
abortion, backsliding, bankrupt, bankruptcy, bank failure, breach, breakdown, bust, copout, crop failure, dashing hopes, default, disappointing, disappointment, downfall, dud, equipment failure, error, failing, flop, insolvent, lapse, lapsing, loss, malformation, malfunction, miscarriage, miscreation, misplay, miss, missfire, naught, nonconformity, nonpayment, nonremittal, out, recidivism, relapse, relapsing, reversion, reverting, underdog, washout

Appears in the definition of:
., aberration, abortion, absence, acute kidney failure, acute renal failure, addison's disease, addison's syndrome, alibi, amrinone, anarchy, androgenesis, androgeny, anhidrosis, anhydrosis, aplasia, aplastic anaemia, aplastic anemia, apresoline, asystole, atelectasis, atenolol, backsliding, bafflement, bank closing, battle of soissons-reims, battle of the aisne, battle of the chemin-des-dames, befuddlement, bemusement, bewilderment, blackout, body odor, body odour, breach, breach of contract, breach of promise, breach of the covenant of warranty, break, breathing apparatus, breathing device, breathing machine, bust, calan, capoten, captopril, cardiac arrest, cardiac glucoside, cardiac glycoside, cardiopulmonary arrest, cardizem, carelessness, carvedilol, case study, catalepsy, child neglect, chronic kidney failure, chronic pyelonephritis, chronic renal failure, circulatory failure, civil contempt, collapse, confidence, confusion, cooke, copout, creation, crepitation rale, crop failure, cryptorchidism, cryptorchidy, cryptorchism, dashing hopes, dead duck, default, demerit, despondent, digitoxin, digoxin, diltiazem, disappointment, disconnect, disconnection, discouragingly, discourtesy, disobedience, distortion, divine, doom, downfall, emergency landing, error, exculpation, excuse, fail-safe, failing, fall, famine, fault, flame-out, flop, foolproof, forced landing, forfeit, forfeiture, forgetfulness, gulf, gynogenesis, haemodialysis, hemodialysis, hepatojugular reflux, hooky, hydralazine, hyperkalemia, hypoadrenalism, hypoadrenocorticism, impute, inadvertence, infallible, inocor, ischemic anoxia, ischemic hypoxia, isoptin, isordil, isosorbide, jay cooke, jinx, lanoxin, lapse, lapsing, last laugh, lawlessness, lopressor, louis xvi, malfunction, melt, metoprolol, michelson-morley experiment, miscarriage, misfire, misplay, miss, monorchidism, monorchism, mystification, naught, near thing, neglect, negligence, nephroangiosclerosis, nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, nephrosclerosis, nerve deafness, no-win, nonappearance, nonattendance, noncompliance, nonconformity, nondevelopment, nondisjunction, nonfeasance, nonpayment, nonperformance, nonremittal, obfuscation, obligation, offence, offense, offensive activity, oppressed, optical aberration, out, oversight, pkd, polycystic kidney disease, power failure, power outage, pragmatist, precautional, precautionary, prepossess, process, protection, puzzlement, readjust, recognisance, recognizance, relapse, relapsing, reset, reversion, reverting, ride, ruin, ruination, sacrifice, security, self-justification, sensorineural hearing loss, severely, shiftlessness, shipwreck, skimming, soissons, stagnant anoxia, stagnant hypoxia, success, summons, suppression, surcharge, take it on the chin, tax, tax evasion, tenormin, total, traceable, transfusion reaction, truancy, undismayed, unfailing, unfulfilled, ungrateful, unnaturally, unrealised, unrealized, unresponsiveness, unrighteousness, ventilator, ventricular septal defect, verapamil, weakness

More general:
circumstances, destiny, fate, fortune, happening, lot, luck, natural event, nonaccomplishment, nonachievement, occurrence, omission, portion, skip, unfortunate, unfortunate person

loser, nonstarter, unsuccessful person

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— Adjectives for failure: renal, congestive, acute, chronic, cardiac, respiratory, complete, total, hepatic, severe, left, more...

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