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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to enter:   (395 results)

chuck up the sponge, drop out, exit, get out, give up, go out, leave, quit, throw in, throw in the towel

Often used in the same context:
reenter, leave, participate, join, register, reentering, engage, exiting, enroll, reentered, partake, send, proceed, infiltrate, submit, delve, open, wade, occupy, advance, flee, sneak, reopen, venturing, reach, initiate, apply, heading, compete, obtain, attend, penetrate, wander, rejoin, migrate, establish, renew, convert, descend, seek, get, begin, abandon, sign, arrive, christen, forge, induct, ascend, return, incorporate, activate, into, monopolize, introduce, expand, bring, extend, select, withdraw, commence, take, relocate, prequalify, invade, operate, utilize, construct, commit, gatecrash, stay, integrate, invite, roam, walk, forsake, enlist, carry, reenters, move, embark, reoccupy, explore, vacate, locked, enclose, merge, navigate, pursue, inject, negotiate, transform, come, escape, reemerge, closes, emerge, build, assemble, develop, choose, receive, delete, next, click, compare, continue, go, byte, f2, filename, tab, button, login, password, save, write, alt, float, var, display, include, print, specify, int, format, =, alphanumeric, copy, identifier, compute, correct, hashed, insert, item, predesignated

More specific:
accession, board, book, call at, chronicle, clock in, clock on, clock up, crested screamer, dock, document, draft, embed, encroach upon, engraft, enlist, file, file away, file in, film, get on, imbed, implant, inscribe, instil, instill, intrude, intrude on, invade, irrupt, jump, keep, log, log up, maintain, mark, matriculate, muster in, notch, obtrude upon, out in, penetrate, photograph, plant, plug, pop in, post, punch in, re-enter, record, register, ring up, sandwich, score, secure, shoot, snap, stop up, take, take the field, take up, take water, tape, turn in, videotape

Appears in the definition of:
., access, accession, admission, admit, admittable, admittance, admittible, airspace, allow in, ask in, attempt, barge in, become, bother, bounce, break, break in, burglarise, burglarize, burgle, cabal, calendar, call at, call in, capture, charge, click, come, come home, commercial bribery, commonplace book, complot, conjure, conspire, contract, covenant, crash, credit, creep, creep in, customhouse, customshouse, dawn, debit, demur, door, doorway, draft, empanel, enlist, entree, fall into place, falter, fat embolism, federalise, federalize, federate, file in, foray, foray into, free throw lane, gate-crash, get, get across, get through, go, gota canal, heist, hilum, hilus, hookworm, hookworm disease, impanel, indian rat snake, infiltrate, input, instil, instill, intervention, intromit, intrude, invisibly, invite, irrupt, jump, kickback, kick in, leak, let in, liberty chit, log, log-in, log in, log on, lungless salamander, machinate, muster in, no-go area, nudge, open marriage, out in, oxidate, oxidise, oxidize, pass, passport, penetrate, plead, plea bargain, plea bargaining, plenarily, plethodont, poke into, polling booth, pop in, port, porta hepatis, possess, post, ptyas mucosus, raid, re-enter, region, register, representation, room access, root canal, sacrilegious, see, set about, set in, sink in, slate, sneak in, stiffen, take orders, take water, tense, threshold, ticket, tonnage, tonnage duty, trespass, tunnage, undertake, virtual reality, visa, walk-ina, walk in

More general:
act, be, begin, commence, conserve, get, penetrate, play, preserve, register, represent, save, set about, set out, start, start out

come in, embark, enrol, enroll, figure, get in, get into, go in, go into, infix, inscribe, insert, introduce, move into, participate, put down, record, recruit

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— Nouns for enter: number, text, name, password, value, data, amount, information, key, mail, date, more...

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