Words and phrases that rhyme with report card:   (394 results)

1 syllable:
-barred, ard, baard, bard, barde, barred, byard, carde, chard, charde, charred, gard, garde, garred, giard, gnarred, guard, hard, huard, jarred, lard, marred, nard, p-card, paard, parde, parred, phard, sarde, scard, scarred, shard, sparred, starred, suard, tarde, tarred, varde, vcard, waard, waarde, warred, yard, yarde, zwaard

2 syllables:
adguard, aircard, alard, amtgard, archard, armguard, asgard, backyard, bankcard, barnard, barnhard, barnyard, bedard, beghard, beguard, belgard, bellard, benard, berard, bernard, berrard, bestarred, bevard, billard, blackguard, blafard, blancard, blow-hard, blowhard, boatyard, boilard, bolyard, bombard, bombarde, boneyard, bongard, borchard, bossard, bouchard, boucharde, bouffard, bouffarde, bovard, boyard, bozard, brancard, brickyard, brocard, brochard, bromyard, brossard, brouillard, broussard, bunyard, burchard, burnard, busard, buzard, canard, cashcard, chainguard, chauffard, chocard, chouinard, churchyard, close-barred, co-starred, coast-guard, coastguard, cobarde, cocarde, costarred, couillard, coulthard, courtyard, crossbarred, crossguard, crowbarred, dai-guard, damgard, debarred, decard, deckard, deeryard, denard, dennard, dewaard, diehard, dillard, dinard, disbarred, discard, dockyard, dooryard, drawcard, drouillard, dungyard, e-card, eckard, eckhard, edvard, einhard, ekkehard, embarred, enguard, enlard, erard, esguard, false-card, farmyard, fauchard, fayard, filecard, fireguard, fishguard, flashcard, foreyard, fugard, gabbard, gallard, garard, gaspard, geghard, gelbard, gerard, gerhard, gibbard, gillard, gilyard, ginyard, girard, giscard, glowbard, godard, gossard, graveyard, greencard, grignard, grognard, grossbard, guerard, guichard, guinyard, guiscard, hillyard, hilyard, homard, hopyard, hortyard, hucard, icard, ill-starred, innyard, instarred, jackyard, jacquard, jarrard, junkyard, kailyard, kaleyard, keycard, kirkyard, lazard, legard, lienhard, lifeguard, maillard, mansarde, marquard, mccard, meinhard, melgaard, menard, meteyard, milliarde, minard, mouchard, moutarde, mouthguard, mudguard, mulard, mullard, musard, newhard, newsguard, ni-hard, noseguard, notecard, np-hard, off-guard, outguard, panhard, phonecard, picard, piccard, pickard, pickguard, pockarred, postcard, poulard, punchcard, racecard, railcard, railyard, rear-guard, rearguard, regard, reinhard, renard, rennard, retard, revard, ricard, rocard, rock-hard, rouillard, rutgard, safecard, safeguard, sauvegarde, schoolyard, scorecard, scotchgard, scrapyard, scratchcard, shinguard, shipyard, shurgard, sinyard, smartcard, sneezeguard, splash-guard, splashguard, stableyard, stack-guard, stackyard, steelyard, stockyard, studtgard, suchard, sungard, suscard, switchyard, tabard, tilt-yard, tiltyard, timecard, travelcard, unbarred, unguard, unscarred, unstarred, upcard, utgard, valeyard, vanguard, vuillard, waste-yard, wasteyard, watchguard, whinyard, wild-card, wildcard, willyard, wirecard, wireguard, woodyard, zinecard

3 syllables:
advance-guard, afterguard, agobard, appleyard, avant-garde, avant-guard, avantgarde, banlieusard, barclaycard, battle-scarred, beauregard, bellegarde, blvd, body-guard, bodyguard, boulevard, cabochard, campagnard, castle-guard, cattleguard, charliecard, colombard, counterguard, credit-card, creditcard, datacard, daughtercard, ddos-guard, disregard, drakengard, engelhard, eurocard, expresscard, hildegard, hildegarde, hypercard, isengard, isracard, julliard, k-svd, langobard, leather-hard, leotard, lettercard, longobard, lumberyard, mailing-card, mastercard, metacard, metrocard, microcard, misregard, mocvd, molly-guard, moneycard, montagnard, no-holds-barred, overcard, overgaard, passegarde, paysafecard, pericard, self-regard, semihard, telecard, telengard, timberyard, tonocard, undercard, undersparred, vieillard, waldegard, westergaard, yellow-card, yellowcard

4 syllables:
adenocard, camelopard, colichemarde, videocard

5 syllables:

6 syllables:

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (162 results)

1 syllable:
burred, furred, laird, beard, sward, nerd, weird, curd, geared, cared, blurred, dared, chord, herd, fjord, lured, slurred, third, word, eared, mired, bird, gourd, sherd, stirred, horde, hoard, floored, lord, sheared, sword, gird, stared, board, ford, spurred, scored, spared, smeared, stored, aired, haired, paired, byrd, shared, bored, scared, cleared, squared, gourde, ward, feared, cord, cured, chaired, heard, bared, flared, baird, cheered, fared, hurd, njord, poured, roared, soared, there'd, toured, where'd

2 syllables:
unheard, adored, toward, matured, absurd, afford, revered, preferred, restored, impaired, declared, reward, expired, ignored, inured, attired, unpaired, incurred, endured, aboard, laboured, begird, afeared, assured, appeared, interred, prepared, repaired, conferred, referred, wired, secured, award, deferred, reword, transferred, explored, retired, insured, accord, record, afeard, compared, back-geared, besmeared, blackbeard, deterred, dog-eared, goatsbeard, light-haired, longbeard, obscured, occurred, one-third, quick-eared, salt-cured, sharp-eared, smoke-cured, unaired, uncleared, uncured, ungeared, unmarred, unshared, unsheared

3 syllables:
disappeared, reassured, unexplored, undeclared, untoward, required, unprepared, uninsured, volunteered, unsecured, prerecord, unimpaired, undeterred, overheard, uncolored, disaccord, double-geared, engineered, interfered, pioneered, self-assured, twenty-third, unattired, undergird, underscored, unrepaired, unrestored

4 syllables:

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